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Third Generation

Children of William Douthid and 1) Sarah Jobe

Thomas Job Douthit (1773-1857) m. Mary Jones (1776-1863),
d/o Robert Jones and Elizabeth Elrod (died in Moniteau Co., MO)
John Douthit (1774-1828)
William Douthit (1776-1859) m. Lovy Cooper (1775-1858) (died in Cass, Bartow, GA)
Mary Douthit (1779) m. Robert Jones in 1803
James Douthit (1782-1837) m. Priscilla Peebles, d/o Nathaniel Peebles of Davidson Co., NC
Joseph D. Douthit (1780-1818) (twin) m. Alphonsie (Siner) Clemmons (1789-1827)
Stephen Douthit (1785-1820) (twin)
Jacob Douthit (1787) m. Nancy Jane (Polly) Moreland (abt.1789 - bef. 1830)
Sarah Douthit (1787) m. Ephraim Sparks

Fourth Generation

Children of Thomas Job Douthit and Mary Jones
Ambrose Douthit (1798-1865) m. 1) Polly O. Coleman (1802-1837),
d/o Samuel Coleman and Mildred (Milly) Coffey;
2) Julia Watson (1799-bef. 1850); 3) Nancy Dye Smith Boling/Bowling (1817-1909)
Dr. William Douthit (1800-1881) m. 1) Nancy T. Douthit (1801-bef. 1845); 2) Lucinda McFarland (1823-1846);
3) Mary (Nancy) Tripp (1800-?), widow of Henry Tripp
Cynthia Ann Douthit (1801-1881) m. James Eddleman (1799-1846) (Cynthia died in Denton Co., Texas)
Dr. David Douthit (1804-1834) (died of over work during a cholera epidemic)
Dr. John Presley Douthit (1806-1841) m. 1) Ann Coleman (1808-bef. 1839); 2) Elizabeth Huff
Stephen Ellis Douthit (1808-1865) m. 1) Anne Brizendine (?-abt. 1839); 2) Mary Bell Edwards (1809-1862),
d/o Richard and Nancy Edwards (Mary Bell was born in Chatham Co., NC)
Allen G. Douthit (1810-1836) (died on his way to the Alamo)
Sarah Emily Douthit (1813-1863) m. 1) John Colbert; 2) Alford B. Shepherd (died in Johnson Co., MO)
Green Lee Douthit (1816-1882)
James Melville Douthit 1818-1894)
George Grandison Douthit (1821-1881) m. Elizabeth Douthit (1828-?)


Chhildren of William Douthit and Lovy Cooper
Thomas J. Douthit (1797-1854) m. Elizabeth Kerby
James Douthit (1800)
Jincy Douthit
Francis Douthit (1805-aft. 1850) (died in Paulding Co., GA)
Polina Douthit (1808-aft. 1850)
Sarah H. Douthit (1811)
William Gilbreath Douthit (1812-1863) m. Amerllus Earl Harral (1821-?) (died in Corinth, MS)
Ann W. Douthit (1816)
Newton Charles Washington Douthit (1819-1878) m. Nancy Hutchings (died in Bartow Co., GA)


Children of James Douthit and Priscilla Peebles
Hubbard Pebbles Douthit (1813-1865)
Nathaniel Foster Douthit (1817-?)


Children of Joseph D. Douthit and Alphonsie Clemmons
Stephen Douthit (1809-1870) m. Jane (Jincy) Moore Eakels (1810-30) (lived in Yadkin County)
Benton Clemmons Douthit (1811-1873) m. Perlina G. Eakels (died in Kingsville, Johnson Co., MO)
Comfort Douthit (1813-1814)
Alpha Douthit (1816-1833)


Children of Jacob Douthit and Nancy Jane (Polly) Moreland
Lucinda Douthit (1811) m. Hutchins Johnson (may have had a son, Jacob Johnson)
John F. Douthie (abt. 1812 - bet. 1840/44) m. Jemima Sale
Uriah J. Douthit (1817-bet. 1860/80) m. 1) Sarah Campbell, d/o P. and Tabitha Campbell;
2) Sarah M. Smith, (1826-1912), d/o Rev. Samuel Powell Smith & Amelia Martin
Mary Job Douthit (1818) m. Gabriel Marshall
Elizabeth Ann Douthit (1822) m. Thomas Roberts
Nancy Jane Moreland Douthit (1824-1869) m. Samuel/Emanuel Alspaugh (1812-1856)

Fifth Generation

Children of Ambrose Douthit and 1) Polly O. Coleman
John Coleman Douthit (1824-1849)
Lucy Watson Douthit (1826-aft. 1901) m. 1) Absolum George Comer (1815-bef. 1874);
2) Allen M. Elston (1818-1879)
Samuel Howard Douthit (1827-bef. 1860) (living in Bowie Co., Texas in 1850)
Presley Jett Douthit (1829-bef. 1900) m. Rosanna Johns (1840-?) (died in Colorado)
Polly Susan Douthit (1831-bef. 1901) m. 1) John Wilkinson Sherwood (1818-1853),
s/o Jonathan Sherwood & Margaret Dicus of Rutherford Co TN.; 2) Darby Henley Johnson (1815-1901)
Ambrose Evan Douthit (1835-1862) (born and died in Texas)

Children of Ambrose Douthit and 2) Julia Watson
David Jim Lee Douthit (abt. 1840-1862) (served in Civil War, died in McKinney, Texas)

Children of Ambrose Douthit and 3) Nancy Smith Boling/Bowling
Lee Morris (Dink) Douthit (1852-1946) m. 1) Nancy California Dawson (?-1880); 2) Emma Bicknell
Smithey R. Douthit (1854)
James Taylor Douthit (1856-bef. 1913) m. Dollie Hart (1872-?)
Joseph White Douthit (1859-1937) m. Kathrine Christian (1874-1964) (lived in Clay Co., Texas)

Ambrose Douthit lived in Kentucky until about 1826. He moved to the Texas side of the Red River in about 1830 as a member of the Wavells Colony. He managed to aquire considerable acreage in Texas of which 4,605 acres were in Red River County. In Lafayette County, Arkansas he became a Justice of the Peace and a Magistrate but in 1842 was accused of neglecting his duties as a estate administrator and he was to be held liable on his bond. In 1858 in connection with the settlement of his fathers estate, Ambrose was in Collin County, Texas. About the murder of Ambrose, as told by Pat Sanford, great-granddaughter of Sanford George Bowling - Ambrose was known to beat his wife and on one ocassion the two boys were at the corral and heard one of the beatings and George Bowlings grabbed the axe and he and his brother ran to the house and the results was that Ambrose died at the hands of his stepsons.


Children of Dr. William Douthit and Nancy T. Douthit
female Douthit (bef. 1825-?) m. Edmund Stinson
Isaiah G. Douthit (abt. 1826-?)
Dr. David W. Douthit (abt. 1827)
Lousia Douthit (1832)
Lutietia Douthit (1834) m. John Carter (married in Randolph, AR)
Nancy T. Douthit (1836)
(The children born in Mississippi)


Children of Dr. John Presley Douthit and Ann Coleman
Mary U. Douthit m. Willis Green Suggs


Children of Stephen Ellis Douthit and Anne Brizendine
Jasper Douthit (1833-1907)
Mary A. E. Douthis (1838)

Children of Stephen Ellis Douthit and Mary Bell Edwards
Thomas E. Douthit (1841-1914)
Nancy Isabelle Douthit (1845)
John William Douthit (1849)


Children of William Gilbreath Douthit and Amerllus Earl Harral
Newton G. Douthit (1842-1843)
Sarah Christina Douthit (1844) m. Edmond White
Lovey Ann Douthit (1844)
Mary Francis Douthit (1846)
Elizabeth Virginia Douthit (1848)
Tolina Arsenath Douthit (1849-1849)
Absolum Douthit (1850-1850)
Adaline Josephine Douthit (1851)
William Pearce Douthit (1853)
Jincy Douthit (1855)
Eliza Agness Douthit (1856)
Taphana Cooper Douthit (1859)
(All of these children born in Tishamingo Co., Mississippi)


Children of Stephen Douthit and Jane Moore Eakels
Jane Eakels Douthit (1830-1911) m. William W. Long (1837-1874) (lived in Yadkin County)
Jacob Douthit (1841-1872)


Children of Benton Clemmons Douthit and Perlina G. Eakels
Dr. J. E. Douthit m. Dora Crenshaw (moved to Rockland, Texas from MO sometime after 1873)


Children Uriah J. Douthit and 1) Sarah Campbell
Mary E. M. Douthit (abt. 1840)
Fanny L.T. J. Douthit (abt. 1842)
Uriah A. Douthit (abt. 1845)
Sarah A. Douthit (abt. 1847)
Columbus C. Douthit (abt. 1849) m. Susan (1848)


Children of Uriah J. Douthit and 2) Sarah M. Smith
Julius C/L. Douthit (abt. 1854) m. Mary P. (1862)
Ella Douthit (1858-1949) m James Ellis Cline (1856-1903)
Alice Bell Douthit (1861-1936) m. James Bradford Keever (1852-1940)
Samuel P. Douthit (abt. 1866)

Sixth Generation:

Children of Julius Douthit and Mary P.
Julius Douthit (1878)
Beatrice Douthit (1880)
Tom P. Douthit (1893)

Ella Douthit Cline & her family and Sarah M. Smith Douthit are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Hickory, Catawba Co NC

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Death Notices from the People's Press (Salem, North Carolina) 1851-1892), Compiled and Edited by Robert M. Topkins, Published by the Forsyth County Genealogical Society.


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