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David Crews Family

First Generation

David Crews, of Quaker background, was born in 1735 in Hanover Co. VA, son of William Crews and Hannah Sanders. He married Sarah Gooch (1743-1842), daughter of William and Elizabeth Gooch of Hanover County. They had moved to Surry Co. NC by August 1777. David Crews died in 1821 in Stokes Co. NC.

Thanks to Gray Harmon for information on this family. David Crews is distantly related to James Crews. The other main Crews lineage in this area is that of Matthew Crews.

Second Generation

Children of David Crews and Sarah Gooch
Jonathan Crews (1767-?), last seen in the 1790 census in 96 District SC
David Crews (1767-?) m. Elizabeth Russell; moved to Wayne Co. IN by 1820
Jesse Crews (1768-1770)
William Crews (1769-bef. 1810) m. Martha Greene (1783-1856)
Elizabeth Crews (1771-?) m. Charles Pidgeon
Sarah Crews (1773-?) m. her cousin Elisha Meredith, son of James Meredith and Mary Crews
Hiram Crews (1773-?) m. Hannah Unthank
Jesse Crews (1775-?) died young
Hannah Crews (1776-1814) m. Isaac Hollingsworth, lived Union Co. IN
Ursula Crews (1778-1847) m. John Rudduck, moved to KY, OH, finally IN
Joseph Crews (1782-1874) m. Elizabeth Robinson (1787-1861), d/o Jacob and Rebecca Robinson
Phebe Crews (1784-?) m. Levi Coleman
Nancy Crews (1786-?) m. Isaac Stanley
Benjamin F. Crews (1788-?) m. Mary Ross

Third Generation

Children of William Crews and Martha Greene
Jonathan Crews (1802-1874) m. Matilda Masten (1802-1870)
Mary Crews (1804-?) m. William Bell
Sarah Crews (ca. 1806-?) m. ? Henderson

William Crews and his family moved to Abbeville district SC, where they appear in the 1800 census. William probably died before 1810. Their son Jonathan Crews returned to Stokes Co. NC to live with his uncle Joseph. Martha eventually remarried and had four more children. She died in Holmes Co. MS in 1856.


Children of Joseph Crews and Elizabeth Robinson
William Crews (ca. 1802-1871) m. Millicent Hicks, moved to TN
John (or Jehu?) Crews (d. bef. 1850) m. Ruth Evans (ca. 1805-1887)
Sarah Crews (1814-1885) m. Joseph Weisner (1808-1886), lived Iredell Co. NC
Mary Crews (1811-?) did not marry; referred to in her father's will as "afflicted" daughter Polly
Nancy Crews (1817-?) m. 1) Austin H. Thomason (1809-1886), 2) Joseph Waggoner (1813-1905), her sister Elizabeth's widower
Elizabeth Crews (1822-1887) m. Joseph Waggoner (1813-1905)
Anna Crews (1824-1908) m. William Howard (1824-1896)
Joseph Peace Crews (1826-1911) m. Phebe Hester (1823-1899)

Fourth Generation

Children of Jonathan Crews and Matilda Masten
Phebe Crews (1828-1844)
Martha Crews (ca. 1830-bef. 1870) m. John A. Watson
William Crews (ca. 1831-?) m. Mary Watkins, d/o Abel Watkins and Hannah Teague, moved west after the Civil War
Jenetta Crews (1833-1857) m. John Ledford (1838-1907), s/o Spruce McKaughan Ledford and Elizabeth Sell
Jonathan C. Crews (ca. 1836-1862/1863) m. Mary Jane Morris (1827-1926), d/o Moses Morris and Cynthia Walker
Sarah Ann Crews (ca. 1838-aft. 1874), probably did not marry
Henry Harrison Crews (1841-1905) m. Paulina Hasten, d/o Peter Hasten and Nancy Hedgecock; moved to Texas after 1872
Joseph P. Crews (1843-1918) m. Lavina F. Wilson (1846-1914), d/o George W. Wilson and Julia Ann Hastings
Paul Crews (ca. 1845-?), died in childhood


Children of John/Jehu Crews and Ruth Evans
Martha Crews (ca. 1827-?)
Littleberry Crews (ca. 1829-?)
Emily Crews (ca. 1831-1854) m. Abraham M. Roeberson (ca. 1828-?)
Elizabeth Crews (ca. 1833-?) m. Robert H. Linville (ca. 1829-?)
Mary Crews (ca. 1836-?)
Anna Crews (ca. 1838-?)
Constantine Crews (1838-1905) m. Lucetta Peddicord Idol (ca. 1841-?)

The FCGS transcription of the will of Joseph Crews (dated 1861) lists son John, deceased. We now believe that he is the Jehu Creuse who married Ruth Evans in 1826,. Ruth age 45 is head of household in 1850, suggesting that her husband had died before that date. ----------

Children of Joseph P. Crews and Phebe Hester
Cornelius E. Crews (1848-1919) m. Martha Susanna Westmoreland (1852-1931)
William Jehu Crews (1857-1866)

Fifth Generation

Children of William Crews and Mary Watkins
Hannah Crews (ca. 1854-?)
Genetta Crews (1857-1937) m. William Edgar Denn, lived Indiana & Illinois
Charles P. Crews (1859-1933) m. Julia Pink Saul (1865-1938)
John William Crews (1863-1933) m. Anne Simpson, lived Texas & Arizona
Ora Belle Crews (1863-1935) m. William Wallace McClaren, lived Texas
Cora Susan Crews (1867-1947)
Mary Alice Crews


Children of Jonathan C. Crews and Mary Jane Morris
Mary Louise Crews (1858-1897) m. Calvin Lorenzo Peddicord (1853-1921)
Phoebe Elizabeth Crews (1861-1938) m. Joseph Ransom Smith, s/o Martin Van Buren Smith and Phoebe Ann Thomas


Children of Joseph Crews and Lavina Wilson
John Crews (ca. 1869-?)
Victoria Crews (1870-1942)
George Crews (1863-1929)
Zebulon Crews (ca. 1876-1952)
Charlie Crews (ca. 1877-?)
Oscar J. Crews (ca. 1878-?)


Many thanks to Gray Harmon and her book, Peddicord Junction, for information on this family. Additional information was obtained from Forsyth County census, marriage, cemetery records.

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