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Peddycoard/Peddycoart Family

It appears that John Peddicoat was the son of William Peddicoat. According to Dorsey Family of Maryland, compiled by Dorsey and Nimmo, William Petticoat was transported into Maryland by Cornelious Howard by 1667. The Bristol Servant's Register has a William Petticoat on p. 2223, 25 Oct 1666, bound for 4 years to Nicholas Wyatt to serve for passage to Virginia. Nicholas Wyatt was a neighbor (conclusion drawn from records) of Cornelius Howard of Anne Arundel County.

First Generation:

Children of William Peddicord and Unknown
John Peddycoard (abt. 1669-aft. 1732) m. Sarah Dorsey Norwood (widow of John Norwood)
d/o Col. Edward Dorsey Sarah Wyatt

Second Generation:

Children of John Peddycoard and Sarah Dorsey Norwood
John Peddycoat Jr. (abt. 1702-bef. 1735) m. Mary (or Jannet) (moved to Stafford, VA)
William Peddycoat (abt. 1703-1776) m. Sarah Belt (1707-aft. 1793),
d/o John Belt and Lucy Lawrence
Keturah Peddicoart (abt. 1706-?) m. Zebediah Baker (1700-1774), s/o Wm. Baker and Elizabeth Floyd
Nathan Peddycoard (abt. 1710-1759) m. Sarah Lucas (1715-1790), d/o Thomas Lucas Jr & Ann Hungerford
Nicholas Peddicoard (abt. 1712-aft. 1778) m. Anne Jacks, d/o Thomas Jacks and Elizabeth Huett
Dorsey Peddicoart (abt. 1714-abt. 1790) m. Sarah

Third Generation:

Children of William Peddycoat and Sarah Belt
Nathan Peddicoart (1729-bef. 1796) m. Hannah Owings (1729-1796)
Nicholas Peddicoart (1733-?) m. Elizabeth Shelmerdine, d/o of John and Sarah Shelmerdine
Jasper Peddicoart (1731-?) m. Rebecca (Becky) Belt, d/o Higginson and Sarah Belt
Althea Peddicoart (1735-?) m. William Sellman, s/o Thomas Sellman and Ruth Shipley
Esther Peddicoard (1737-?) m. John Murphey
Humphrey Peddicoard (1739-?) m. Elizabeth Parish
Cassandra Peddicoard (1743-?) m. Jerermiah Johnson, Jr.
William Peddicoart (1745-1779) m. Sophia Barnes
Caleb Peddicoart (after 1749) m. Rachel Barnes


Children of Nathan Peddycoard and Sarah Lucas
Greenberry Peddycoard (1752-1832)
Sarah Peddycoard (1753-1816) m. 1) Simon Danz; 2) Johann Lehnert
William Barton Peddycoard (1739-1807) m. Margaret Richardson (1739-1790)
d/o Richard Richardson & Margaret Cole
Basil Peddycoard (1740- abt. 1801) m. Sophia Elizabeth Richardson Matthews (1734-1797)
d/o Richard Richardson & Margaret Cole
Eleanor Peddycoard (1744-aft. 1790)
Thomas Peddycoard (1745-aft. 1790)
John Jacob Peddycoard (1750-1822) m. Ann Slater (1773-1809)
Louisa/Lucy Peddycoard (1755-1800) m. Horatio Hamilton

(When Lucy Peddycoard "was four years old, on the very day that her father departed this life, she experienced a Particular Providence. She fell, namely, in a large pot of boiling lye, which hurt her much but not dangerously." - Moravian Archives, Winston Salem, NC)

Fourth Generation:

Children of Nathan Peddicoart and Hannah Owings
*Nathan Peddicord m. Margaret
Leakin D. Peddicord
William Peddicord (abt. 1765-1849) m. Mary Collier
Altheia Peddicord m. unknown Davis
Rachel Peddicord m. Stephen Davis

(* Is this the Nathan Peddicord that married Elizabeth Boyer?)


Children of William Peddicord and Sophia Barnes
Adam Peddicord m. Elizabeth Zimmerman
Jasper Peddicord (1750/60-1844) m. Amelia Hobbs (1767-1841)
d/o Capt. Thomas Hobbs and Nancy Baker
William Peddicord m. Elizabeth Hobbs
Pleasant Peddicourt m. Michael Elder, s/o John Elder and Honor Dorsey
Benedict Peddicourt (1777-abt. 1785)


Children of William Barton Peddycoard and Margaret Richardson
Milca Peddicoart (1763-1821) m. Henry (Maas) Moss (1751-1822), s/o of Peter Maas
Mary Peddicoart (abt. 1764-?)
Richard Peddicoart (abt. 1766-?)
Thomas Peddycoard (1767-?) m. Frances Holt (c1770-?)
Elizabeth Peddycoard (abt. 1770-c1857) m. Jacob Holt (c1770-1846)
Sarah Peddycoard (1772-1830) m. Ephraim Holt (1768-1845)
Greenberry Peddycoard (1775-1847) m. Mary (Polly) Hyer (Ca. 1780-1846)
Horatio Peddycoard (1777-?)
William Peddicord (1780-1830) m. Elizabeth Hamilton (1787-1869)
Lucy Peddycoard (1783-?) m. John Knauss (1778-1836),
s/o Joseph Knauss and Magdalene Boeckel


Children of Basil Peddycoard and Sophia Elizabeth Richardson Matthews
Nathan Peddicord (1765-1832) m. Elizabeth Gordon
Mary Ann Peddicord (1768-1833) m. Johann Gottlob Schroeter (1758-1932), s/o Christopher Schroeter and Anna Stump
Ann Sophia (Nancy) Peddicord (1770) m. John Padgett, Jr. (1768-?)
Milca Susannah Peddycord (1772)
John Samuel Peddycord (1774) m. Nancy Ann Taylor (1776-1813), d/o Matthew Taylor and Mary Owens

Fifth Generation

Children of Greenberry Peddycoard and Mary (Polly) Hyer
Benjamin Peddycoart (1807-1850) m. Verona Ried (1810-1895)
Anna Peddycoart (1809-1883) m. John Henry Perrel (1804-1872)
Elizabeth Peddycoart (1811-1848) m. Johann Friedrich (Frederick) Gambold (1796-1872)
Christina M. Peddycoart (1812-1881) (did not marry)
Enoch Peddycoart (1815-?)
Irene Peddycoart (1817-?) m. Leonard Hyer (abt. 1817-?)

John L. Peddycoart (1819-aft. 1860) m. Mary (abt. 1822-aft. 1860)
Martha Peddycoart (1822-1886)
Lavinia Peddycoart (1824-1846)
Chloe Delilah Peddycoart (1829-1908)


Children of Elizabeth Hamilton and William Peddicord
Dorsey/Drusy Pedicord (1809-1862) m. Elisabeth Beason (-aft. 1860)
Horatio Hamilton Peddycord (1811-1882) m. Jane Beeson (1816-1891)
William Pedicord (1813-1817)
Lucy Ann Pedicord (1821-1876) m. John Masten (1820/21-1885)

Sixth Generation

Children of John L. Peddycoart and Mary
Phebe J. Peddicord (abt. 1842-?)
Rebecca F. Peddicord (abt. 1844-?)
Louisa M. Peddicord (abt. 1846-?)
Elizabeth F. Peddicord (abt. 1848-?)
Calvin L. Peddicord (abt. 1853-aft. 1920)
Mary A. Peddicord (abt. 1855-?)
Susan C. Peddicord (abt. 1857-?)
Sarah D. Peddicord (abt. 1859-?)

This family added to website June 17, 2004. Ages taken from 1860 Forsyth Co., NC census record.


Children of Dorsey Pedicord and Elisabeth Beason
George Peddicord (abt. 1839-1866)
Amos Peddicord (abt. 1842-aft. 1870) m. *Lucinda Myers (c1850-aft. 1870), d/o Thomas Myers
Mary Jane Pedicord (abt. 1846-?) m. William Vest

*Previously we had Lucinda's death date as 1866. Lucinda Peddicord was living in 1870 with her husband, Amos, and their two year old son, David. Corrected June 21, 2004


Children of Horatio Hamilton Peddycord and Jane Beeson
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Peddycord (1837-1923) m. Pinkney Williard (1823-1881)
*Lucy Peddycord (abt. 1839-?) m. 1) Jacob Idol, (abt. 1834-?), s/o David Idol & Sarah Hedgecock;
m. 2) Constantine Elijah Crews
*Lisetta Peddycord (1841-1912) m. 1) ___ Idol; 2) Constantine Elijah Crews (1838-1905)
William Peddycord (abt. 1845-?)
Anna Peddycord (1847-1924) m. Joseph Bradford Bodenhamer (1839-1932),
s/o Joseph Bodenhamer & Sarah Masten
Antoinette Peddycord (1849-1902) m. Andrew Gilliam
Emily Peddycord (abt. 1853-aft. 1870) m. William Riley Williard
John Peddycord (abt. 1854-aft. 1870)
Elias Peddycord (abt. 1856-aft. 1870) m. Margaret Kiser
Ann Peddycord (abt. 1858-bef. 1870)
Mary Augusta Peddycord (1860-1910)
Susan Peddycord (abt. 1862-?)

*Lucy and Lisetta appear in the 1850 census as two different children, born about two years apart. However, when Lisetta married Constantine Crews, she was named as "Lucetta Idol" on the marriage license. Her dates, from cemetery records, confirm that she is the child born in 1841. Was Jacob Idol actually her first husband, rather than her sister's? Or did she marry someone else named Idol herself." Anna Peddycord was Joseph Bradford's second wife. He first married Demaria F. Jones (1839-1879) and then married Anna in 1880. When Joseph was 92 years of age, he wrote a paper on his Bodenhamer ancestors as he remembered them. While his memory failed him occasionally, this manuscript is a wonderful collection of facts. It remains a respected source of information.


Personal communications with Lee Garlock. Lee now has a wonderful web site Descendants of William Petticoat. Additional information on related lines, such as the Dorsey, Belt, Shipley, and Barnes families are available on the first families pages on the Baltimore County and Anne Arundel County US GenWeb Pages

Hope Moravian (Old Cemetery Records)

Personal communication from Fred O. Bodenhamer concerning the Bodenhamers. His email address

Personal communications with Gray Harmon. Copies of Gray's book Peddicord Junction may be obtained through the Forsyth County Genealogical Society

Death Notices from the Peoples' Press (Salem, NC) 1851-1892, Compiled and Edited by Robert M. Topkins and Published by the Forsyth County Genealogical Society

Stokes County Wills, Southern Historical Press, Inc.

Early Charles County Maryland Settlers, 1658-1745, Marlene Strawser Bates and F. Edward Wright

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 11 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Moravian Families of Carroll's Manor, Frederick County Maryland, compiled by George Ely Russell, 1989

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