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Thomasson or Thomason Family

Spelling of this family name is most often Thomason in census records, but Thomasson and Thomerson also appear. In a few cases they are incorrectly labeled as Thompson.

First Generation

John Thomason, who died in Stokes Co. NC in 1827, is believed to be the son of George Thomason and Mary Pollard of Louisa Co. VA. John's will names one son, Pleasant, and five daughters, but Thomason researchers credit John and his wife Edith with four additional children.

First Generation

Children of John and Edith Thomason
George Thomason (d. 1814 Stokes Co. NC) m. Milly Howell. After his death she moved to Tennessee.
John Thomason (d. ca. 1843 Greene Co. TN) m. Elizabeth Howell, Milly's sister
Martha Thomason m. Lydall Eastes
Nancy Thomason m. ? Harrolds
Fleming Thomason (ca. 1776-1853) m. Sarah Gomer
Judith Thomason m. William Hendricks
Eleanor (Nelly) Thomason m. Willy (Wiley?) Snipes
Sarah Thomason (d. 1835, Stokes Co. NC)
Pleasant Thomason (d. ca. 1839, Greene Co. TN) m. Lavinia Snipes
name unknown Thomason

Sarah Thomason's will names a niece, Elizabeth Lawner. Since all the other sisters can be accounted for, and none married a Lawner, Elizabeth's mother is thought to be a tenth sister, already deceased. We can't rule out however that Elizabeth is someone else's daughter and herself married by 1835.

Second Generation

We follow here the descendants of Fleming Thomason, thought to be the son of John and Edith although he is not named in John's will. Fleming married Sarah Gomer in Caswell Co. NC in 1799. In 1850 they are living in Forsyth County with a married daughter Jatha Browning. Both Fleming and Sarah are buried at Love's Methodist Church in Walkertown, Forsyth Co. Sarah's age at her death in February 1863 is given on her gravestone as 71 years 11 months 18 days (according to the Forsyth Co. cemetery records book), but census records suggest birth around 1780, which would be consistent with marriage in 1799.

Children of Fleming Thomason and Sarah Gomer
Andrew Thomason (1804-bef. 1867) m. Leah Hauser (1807-bef. 1881)
Martha Thomason (1805-aft. 1873) m. James Snipes
Wiley Thomason (1808-bef. 1850) m. Elizabeth Henley (ca. 1808-aft. 1870)
Mary Thomason (ca. 1809-1846)
Fleming Thomason (1812-1873) m. Parthenia Pegram
Elizabeth Thomason (1815-1843) m. James Browning in 1836
Jatha Thomason (ca. 1821-?) m. James Browning in 1848
Mahala Thomason (ca. 1822-1879) m. John E. Jordan (ca. 1819-aft. 1880)

Were they also the parents of

Austin H. Thomasson (1809-1880) m. Nancy Crews (1818-1886)

Fourth Generation

Children of Andrew Thomason and Leah Hauser
Wiley W. Thomason (1827-1865) m. Virginia Caroline Cuthrell (1840-1911); she m. (2) Wilson Hauser
Basil Armstrong Thomason (1829-1862) m. Mary Ann Bell, lived Yadkin Co. NC
Martha M. Thomason (1832-bef. 1870) m. Alexander C. Johnson, lived Yadkin Co. NC
William Clark Thomason (1834-1861) m. Nancy E. Hampton, lived Wilkes Co. NC
Mary P.C. Thomason (1840-aft. 1870) m. Ezekiel Williams, moved to Indiana
Eliza Ann Thomason (1842-1931), m. John Groce, d. Parke Co. IN
Emory Caleb Thomason (1845-aft. 1920) m. Mary M. Pardue, moved to Oklahoma
Joseph A. Thomason (ca. 1849-?)


Children of Wiley Thomason and Elizabeth Henley
Frances Thomason (1832-1930) m. William Walker (1824-1888), s/o Alves Walker and Peggy Pratt
Malissa Thomason (ca. 1840-aft. 1880) m. 1) Hartwell B. McGee (ca. 1826-bef. 1870), 2) John H. Reich
Henry Wiley Thomason (1843-1924) m. Julia E. Huffman (1844-1902)


Children of Austin H. Thomasson and Nancy Crews
Sarah A. Thomasson (c1838-1928)
Emily J. Thomasson (ca. 1842-?)
Francis E. Thomasson (ca. 1845-?)
Nancy E. Thomasson (ca. 1847-?)
William H. Thomasson (ca. 1849-?)
Ellen Thomasson (ca. 1852-?)
Mary V. Thomasson (ca. 1856-?)
Lilia Thomasson (1860-1940)

Austin and Nancy appear in the Forsyth Co. census in 1850, thereafter in Yadkin Co. They are buried in Yadkinville Cemetery with the spelling Thomasson.

There is another Thomason ("Thomasan") family in Yadkin Co. in 1880, J.L. age 29 with wife Carry age 20. This may be Joseph Leonidas Thomason 1856-1941 with wife Martha Caroline 1858-1955, both buried St. Paul Methodist, Yadkin Co. Is he another son of Austin and Nancy?

Fifth Generation

Children of Wiley W. Thomason and Virginia Caroline Cuthrell
Victor W. Thomason (ca. 1859-?)
Ellen Thomason (1861-1943) m. Philip Turner Mock (1857-1935)
Martha Thomason (ca. 1865-?) probably married Jacob Henry Mock, Philip's brother


Children of Henry Wiley Thomason and Julia Huffman
*Wiley W. Thomason (1870-1926) m. Lizzie Crews (1878-1906)
Charles A. Thomason (1872-1905) m. Lucinda Ledford (1872-1952)
Henry Alex Thomason (1874-1911) m. M.W. Stoltz
Martha E. Thomason (ca. 1877-?)
John Thomason (1879-?)
Rufus L. Thomason (1885-1906)

*Wily Thomason was one of the first sunday school superintendents for Oak Summit Methodist Church

This list based on the 1880 census and cemetery records. There may be additional children born after 1880.

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Thanks to Carol Jacobson and Ann Holladay for information on this family. We also obtained information from several WorldConnect pages, notably the one by Patty Mulder

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