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Fishel Family

First Generation

Johannes Fischel (1703-1786), son of Lorenz and Anna Fischel, was born in Essenheim near Mainz in the Palatinate and married Maria Elisabeth Schmidt (1707-1787) there in 1728. They immigrated in 1742 on the Loyal Judith, and settled at York PA. Both are buried at York Moravian Church.

Second Generation

Children of Johannes Fischel and Maria Elisabeth Schmidt
Johann Adam Fishel (1730-1802) m. Ursula Catharina Thomas (1738-1815), came to NC 1779, settled near Friedberg
Maria Elisabeth Fischel (1733-?) may have died in childhood
John Michael Fischel (1736-1804) m. Juliana Lanius (1740-1812)*
Johannes Fischel (1739-?) probably died young
Anna Maria Fischel (1741-?) died in infancy
Anna Maria Fischel (1743-1807) m. John Andreas Borhech
Anna Margaretha Fischel (1745-1772) m. Heinrich Lanius (1738-1808)*
Maria Rosina Fischel (1747-1821) m. George Geyer (1742-?), lived Gettysburg PA
John Fischel (1750-?)
Helen? Fischel (does not appear in all lists of children in this family)

*John Getz has more information on this family.

Third Generation

Children of Johann Adam Fishel and Ursula Catharina Thomas
Anna Maria Fishel (1758-1848) m. Michael Rominger (1759-1818)
Catharina Fishel (1760-1833) m. 1) Jacob Danner (1756-1796), 2) Heinrich Kritzfeezer (d. 1803)
John Fishel (1762-1845) m. 1) Elisabeth Tesh (1764-1808), 2) Maria Catharina Fiedler (1776-1854)
stillborn infant, 1763
Jacob Fishel (1765-1836), wife's name unknown
John Adam Fishel (1768-1843) m. Catharina Zimmerman (1771-1843), no children
Eva Fishel (1770- 1803) m. Valentine Miller (1766-1835)
Anna Margaret Fishel (1772-1825) probably m. 1) Tobias Boeckel (1768-1807), 2) John Henry Shore (1768-1826), his second wife
Henry Fishel (1774-?) m. 1) Anna Maria Boyer, 2) Catherine Magdalena Fuhrmann, moved to Indiana
Conrad Fishel (1777-1846) m. 1) Elisabeth Spach (1781-1804), 2) Susanna Spach (1787-1848), Elizabeth's sister
Daniel Fishel (1780-1859) m. 1) Sarah Elisabeth Ziegler (d. 1806), 2) Maria Magdalena Schneider (1781-1853)
Philip Fishel (1782-1850) m. Rachel Elizabeth Miller (1793-1855)

Fourth Generation

Children of Jacob Fishel and his wife
Solomon Fishel (1805-1856)
[error on death date corrected 5/30/05] m. Barbara Williams (1812-1892)
David Adam Fishel (1806-1878) m. 1) Polly Cheatham (d. about 1837), 2) Lydia Clodfelter (1812-1892), moved to Illinois


Child of John Fishel and Maria Catharina Fiedler
Gottfried Fishel (1812-1858) m. Regina Hartman (1813-1889)


Children of Conrad Fishel and Elisabeth Spach
Anna Maria (Mary) Fishel (1803-1889) m. Nathaniel Vogler (1804-1872)

Children of Conrad Fishel and Susanna Spach
George Fishel (1805-1880) m. Anna Catharina Miller (1806-1873)
Friedrich Emanuel Fishel (1807-1835)
Joseph Fishel
Catherine Salome Fishel (1811-1847)
Louisa Matilda Fishel (1815-1882) m. Jesse Miller (1810-1870)
Johann Thomas Fishel (1818-1896) m. 1) Anna Hoffman (1817-1875), 2) Mary Hoffman (1823-1884)
Edward Fishel (1820-1903) m. Margaret Vogler (1826-1905), moved to Bartholomew Co. IN
Conrad Fishel (1829-1900) m. Lydia Wesner (1814-1886)
[error corrected 5/30/05]
William Traugott Fishel probably died in childhood


Children of Daniel Fishel and Sarah Elizabeth Ziegler
*Jacob Fishel (1804-1891) m. Susannah Woosley (1812-1868), d/o William Woosley and Catherine Amburn
Maria Elizabeth Fishel (ca. 1806-?)

*The possibility has been raised that Jacob is son of Philip Fishel rather than Daniel. However, he is living next to Daniel and second wife Magdalena in 1850, and his June 1804 birthdate fits nicely with Daniel's first marriage in April 1803, whereas there isn't much room in Philip's family between son William born about 1803 and son Daniel born December 1805.

Children of Daniel Fishel and Maria Magdalena Schneider
Rebecca Fishel (1808-1862) did not marry
Anna Fishel (1811-?)
Nathaniel Fishel (1812-?) m. Mary Magdalena Amburn (ca. 1806-?)
Sophia Salome Fishel (1816-1898) did not marry
Michael Fishel (1818-1890) m. Mary Catherine Rothrock (1823-1868)
Jonathan Fishel (1821-1891) m. 1) Louisa Spach (1829-1879), 2) Charity Tesh (1834-1894)
Jesse Fishel (1824-1906) m. Caroline Elizabeth Tesh (1827-1872)

Jonathan's first wife Louisa Spach was daughter of Catherine Spach, who in turn was the daughter of Johannes Spach and Catharina Barbara Lang. His second wife Charity Tesh was daughter of Heinrich Tesh and Susanna Barbara Rothrock. Caroline Elizabeth Tesh, wife of Jesse Fishel, was Charity's sister.


Children of Philip Fishel and Rachel Elizabeth Miller
William Fishel (ca. 1803-?)
Daniel Fishel (1805-1881) m. 1) Catherine Eliza Mock (1820-1859), 2) Nancy Gorden (1820-1891)
Anna Christina (or Catharina?) Fishel (1808-1888) m. Daniel Spach (1805-1882)
Sarah Fishel (1813-1862) m. David Hanes (1810-1874), s/o Phillip Hanes and Susannah Frey
Francis Thomas Fishel (1815-1894) m. Anna Catharina Knouse (1821-1889) (who were her parents?)
Adam Fishel (1818-1897) m. Elizabeth Lydia Rominger (1823-1894), moved to Bartholomew Co. IN
William Fishel (1821-1879) m. Regina Vogler (1821-1888), moved to Richland Co. IL after 1850.

Fifth Generation

Children of Solomon Fishel and Barbara Williams
Wesley Sanford Fishel (1844-1915) m. Sarah Catherine James (1863-1930)


Children of David Adam Fishel and Polly Cheatham
Mary Ann Fishel (1834-1890) m. 1) Matthew Nading (1827-1865), 2) William J. Hoeszel (1839-1916), Illinois
Jacob Timothy Fishel (1835-1915) m. Anna Margaretha Rothrock (1830-1909)
David A. (Andrew?) Fishel (ca. 1837-?)

Children of David Adam Fishel and Lydia Clodfelter
Romulus Augustine Fishel (1841-?) m. Martha Carver, Illinois
Eliza Elvina Fishel (1843-1924) m. John Henry Nading (1842-1918) in IL, moved to Boone Co. Arkansas
Melvina Dulcena Fishel (1847-1909) m. Samuel Nading, died in Oregon
Mary M. Fishel (ca. 1852?)


Children of Gottfried Fishel and Regina Hartman
Anna Rosina Fishel (1844-1876) m. William Gardner
Mary Fishel (1849-1880) m. John Henry Tesh (1852-1928)
Alexander Augustus Fishel (1851-1924) m. Emma Louisa Fishel (1848-1923), d/o Francis Thomas Fishel
Lewis Edwin Fishel (1857-1930) m. Paulina Spaugh (1857-1919)


Children of George Fishel and Anna Catharina Miller
Susan Rebecca Fishel (1836-1884) m. John Floyd
Caroline Catherine Fishel (1838-1906)
Christian Conrad Fishel (1840?-1916) m. Susanna Regina Spach (1831-1898)
Zachariah Fishel (1841?-1930) m. Sarah Louise Knouse (1853-1926)

Zachariah Fishel's obituary states that he was born in September 1840, which is inconsistent with brother Christian's birth (from cemetery records) of August 1840. In the 1850 census, Christian is age 9 and Zachariah is 8, so we are guessing that Zachariah may have been born in 1841 or 1842.


Children of Edward Fishel and Margaret Vogler
Hermina Lisette (Minnie) Fishel (1846-1928) m. William Wolff
Laura Sophia Fishel (1849-?) m. H.S. Rominger
[can anyone identify him?]
Hattie Amanda Fishel (1853-1941)
Julius Constantine Fishel (1858-1918) m. Miranda Schultz
Charles Sanford Fishel (1864-1953) m. Minnie Fritz
Ulysses Robert Fishel (1865-1940) m. Mary Atkeson

Is Laura Sophia's husband perhaps Henry Sylvester Rominger, born 1852, and listed in our files as husband of Charity Ann Yates?


Children of Jacob Fishel and Susannah Woosley
Sanford Jacob Fishel (1832-1909) m. Louisa Hoffman (1825-1910)
David L. Fishel (ca. 1834-1862/1863) m. Nancy Steward (1835-1891)
Sarah Elizabeth Fishel (1835-1926) m. David Miller (1838-1862)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1837)
Anna Sophia Fishel (1838-1887) m. Phillip Ripple (1813-1893)
Ephraim Augustus Fishel (1840-1864)
Susannah Rebecca Fishel (1843-1903) m. William David Weesner (1840-1913), lived IL
Louvinia Carolina Fishel (1844-1910) m. Jacob A. Tesh (1841-1927)
Louisa Magdalena Fishel (1847-1934) m. Franklin Theophilus Knouse (1855-1910)
Davidson Alexander Fishel (1849-1933) m. 1?) ?? Mendenhall, 2) Laura J. Hanes 3) Emma Nicholson (1861-1925)
Daniel Thomas Fishel (1853-1927) m. Emma Elizabeth Burk (1858-1945)
Adelia Jane Fishel (1855-1939) m. 1) Jacob M. Foltz (1850-1888), 2) William Krites
Benjamin Franklin Fishel (1860-1866)

David Fishel is reported to have died of disease at Richmond VA, but we have conflicting information on the date, 12 Dec 1862 or 7 Feb 1863.


Children of Michael Fishel and Mary Catherine Rothrock
Allen Alexander Fishel (1844-bef. 1850)
Belinda Julia Fishel (1845-1900) m. Philip Alexander Hege (1843-1925)
William Henry Fishel (1846-1868) m. Mary Ann Tesh (1849-1919); she m. 2) Robert Craver
John Anderson Fishel (1848-1928) m. Emeline Leonard (1848-1924)
Christian Amos Fishel (ca. 1850-?)
Killiam Thomas Fishel (1856-1876)
Jordan David Fishel (1858-1938) m. 1) Martha Alice Leonard, 2) Sarah Ann Brasington
Laura Catherine Fishel (1858-1935) m. Wesley A. Hege
Isaac Parmenio Fishel (1866-1944) m. Sarah Weisner (1872-1959)


Children of Jonathan Fishel and Louisa Spach
Emanuel Fishel (1849-1935) m. Ruth Adeline Craver (1851-1944)
Simon Fishel (1852-1921) m. Nancy Selina Woosley (1867-1926)
Sarah Maria Fishel (1854-1863)
Lucinda Magdalena Fishel (1858-1939) m. Charles Lewis Foltz (1857-1905)
Paulina Sophia Fishel (1860-1956) m. John Evander Woosley (1857-1927)
Delilah Rebecca Fishel (1863-1940)
Selina Christina Fishel (1866-1867)


Children of Jesse Fishel and Caroline Elizabeth Tesh
Julius Franklin Fishel (1859-1897)
Samuel Alexander Fishel (1861-1926)
Noah Benjamin Fishel (1863-1921)
Theresa Sophia Fishel (1865-1934)
Rufus A. Fishel (1870-1962)


Children of Daniel Fishel and Catherine Eliza Mock
Charles Fishel (ca. 1843-1863, wounded at Gettysburg and died a few weeks later)
James Madison Fishel (1845-1929) m. Mary Jeanette Foltz (!847-1932)
Harriet L. Fishel (1848-1900) m. Cicero Weisner (1848-1923)
Amanda S. Fishel (1852-1924) did not marry but had a son, Lindsay Elwood Fishel
Jonas Sylvester Fishel (1857-?) m. Fannie Fisher


Children of Francis Thomas Fishel and Anna Catharina Knouse
Mary Ann Fishel (1841-1919) did not marry
Emma Louisa Fishel (1848-1923) m. Alexander Augustus Fishel (1851-1924)
Allen F. Fishel (1851-1875)

Sixth Generation

Children of Wesley Sanford Fishel and Sarah Catherine James
Clarence Fishel (1884-1960) m. Lillie May Robertson (1885-1964)
Arthur Sanford Fishel (1887-1960) m. Lettie Myers (1888-1965)
Martha Elizabeth Fishel (1889-1957) m. Albert L. Robertson
Edgar Roswell Fishel (1891-1928)
Mary Jane Fishel (1892-1946) m. Jesse Gideon Sink (1877-1962)
Lillie M. Fishel (1894-1936) m. Junius E. Spach, s/o Christian Sanford Spach and Susan Catherine Rominger
Laura Fishel (1897-?)
Flora Isabel (1901-1983)
Ella Grace (1904-1981) m. John Ray Sink


Children of Jacob Timothy Fishel and Anna Margaretha Rothrock
Sarah Catharine Fishel (1858-1884) m. Leopold Evans (1852-1888), s/o George Evans and Nancy Spach
Francis Orestes Fishel (1859-1920) m. Fannie Charles (1857-1891)
Jacob Andrew Fishel (1861-1927) m. Leah Henrietta Spaugh, d/o Traugott Heinrich Spaugh and Nancy Hanes
John Wesley Fishel (1863-1940) m. Mary Alice Mock (1863-1942), d/o Henry Christian Mock and Cornelia Siceloff
Mary E. Fishel (1865-1955) m. Armenius Sylvester Leinbach (!861-1934)
Alice Augusta Fishel (!868-1920) m. George Augustus Mock, s/o Peter Wesley Mock and Mariah Knouse
Emma Sophia Fishel (1870-1953) m. Christian Joshua Floyd (1867-1946), s/o John Floyd and Susan Rebecca Fishel


Children of Lewis Edwin Fishel and Paulina Spaugh
Henry A. Fishel (1884-1942) m. Jessie Miller, d/o G. Falze Alexander Miller and Sarah Rebecca Transou
Carrie Fishel
Harvey Fishel (1889-1960) m. Ruth Brewer
Arthur Fishel (1893-1963) m. Lida Rigsbee


Children of Christian Conrad Fishel and Susannah Regina Spach
Augusta Fishel (1868-1949) m. Benjamin Francis Tesh (1859-1917)
Noah E. Fishel (1868-1873), twin of Augusta
Elizabeth Charity Fishel (1871-1947)
Samuel Wesley Fishel (1872-1940) m. Emma Moorefield (1859-1934)


Children of Zachariah Fishel and Sarah Louise Knouse
John Thomas Fishel (1874-1913) m. Carrie Rothrock (ca. 1878-1938), d/o Daniel Martin Rothrock and Julia Hyland
Allen George Fishel (1876-1965) m. Masie (Elizabeth?) Myers (1882-1963)
Amos Fishel (1879-1896)
Mary Jane Fishel (1884-1962) m. Lindsay Elwood Fishel (1883-1938)


Children of Julius Constantine Fishel and Miranda Schultz
Herbert Fishel (1881-?) m. Dorcas Perry
Edith Fishel (1883-?) m. Harry Everoad
Charley Fishel (1885-?) m. Gertrude Rider
Robert Fishel (1888-?) m. Edith Galbraith
Warren Fishel (1890-?) m. Eugenia Thompson
Marguerite Fishel (1892-?) m. Floyd Heilman
Eugene Fishel (1898-?) m. Gamelia Mansfield
Irene Fishel m. Edward Norman

This family is in Bartholomew Co. IN in 1900.


Children of Ulysses Fishel and Mary Atkeson
Edward Fishel m. Carolyn Bauer
Ulysses Fishel


Children of Sanford Jacob Fishel and Louisa Hoffman
Mary S. Fishel m. Joseph Harman
Amanda Leonora Fishel (1855-?) m. William E. Hedrick
Emma Elizabeth Fishel (1857-1929) m. Charles A. Mendenhall
Evander Samuel Fishel (1859-1919) m. 1) Harriet Jane Hege (1858-1909), 2) Hallie Hege (1881-1949)
Juliann Hermina Fishel (1861-1945) m. Amos A. Myers (1855-1936)
Clara Isabella Fishel (1862-1945) m. Lewis Samuel Snyder (1858-1927)
Reuben S. Fishel (1866-1934)
Columbus Jacob Fishel (1867-1878)
Sina J. Fishel (1872-?) m. John M. Long


Children of David Fishel and Nancy Steward
Ida Virginia Fishel (1858-1861)
Alice Victoria Fishel (1860-1946) m. Joseph Martin Craver (1858-1923)


Children of Daniel Thomas Fishel and Emma Elizabeth Burk
John Jacob Fishel (1879-1961) m. Lollie Mendenhall (1883-1971)
Ada Elma Fishel (1880-19 62) m. Peter Augustus Hartman (1876-1950)
David Eugene Fishel (1882-1976) m. Bettie Mize (1892-1988)
Grover Cleveland Fishel (1885-1891)
Cornelia Caroline Fishel (1889-1974) m. Emmett Ernest Hyatt (1875-1943)
Felix Henry Fishel (1892-1943) m. Anna Maria Leinbach (1896-1971)
Joseph Matthew James Fishel (1894-1978) m. 1) Dora Catherine (Cassie) Yokely (1897-1929), 2) Sallie Beatrice Bulla (1897-1969)
Bertha Elizabeth Fishel (1897-?) m. John Henry Shelton (1901-1961)
Grace Jennings Fishel


Children of Emanuel Fishel and Ruth Adeline Craver
Arthur Fishel (1877-1957) m. Lydia Bonham
Charles Jonathan Fishel (1878-?) m. Pearl Culler (1897-1981), d/o James Wesley Culler and Louise Catherine Holder
Turner Fishel (1879-1906) m. Mary Louella Livengood (1881-1976)
Addie Elizabeth (Lizzie) Fishel (1882-1989) m. William Turner Jones (1880-1969)
Lillie Fishel (1885-?) m. John Wood
Benjamin Harrison Fishel (1889-1973) m. Blanche Easter (1893-1982)
Arnold Fishel (1891-1943) m. Lillian Spaugh (1896-1963), d/o Enoch Spaugh and Martha Gregory
Coman Marvin Fishel (1897-1978) m. Clatie Briggs


Children of Simon Fishel and Nancy Selina Woosley
Alfred Eugene (Fred) Fishel (1889-1964) m. Fallie Tesh (1894-1983), d/o Lewis Tesh and Cornelia Daniels
Luther Fishel (1891-aft. 1910) m. Grace King
Esther Viola Fishel (1893-1975) m. Keehln? Mendenhall (1885-1968)
Martha Fishel (abt. 1895-aft. 1910) m. Stamey Craver
Ida Fishel (abt. 1897-aft. 1910) m. Alonzo Craver
This family added to page Sept., 2006


Child of Amanda S. Fishel
Lindsay Elwood Fishel (1883-1939) m. Mary Jane Fishel


Many thanks to Dan Stevenson for information on this family, including an extensive update sent in 2004. Dan's email address is

Thanks also to John Getz and B. Zimmerman

Foltz, Henry Wesley, Descendants of Adam Spach, Wachovia Historical Society, Winston-Salem NC, 1924

Forsyth Co. NC cemetery records

Stokes and Forsyth Co. NC census records and marriage bonds

Heritage of Davidson Co. NC

York Moravian Church records, York PA

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