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John Douthit, Jr. and his wife and family moved to South Carolina between 1783 and 1790. He sold his 220 acres of land to Martin Hanes. In South Carolina he acquired more than 1,000 acres, situated northeast of Table Rock Mountain and just north of the south fork of Saluda River in what is now Greenville County, South Carolina.

Third Generation:

Children of Rev. John Douthit Jr (1740-1813) and Elinor (Nellie) Davis (1741-1806)
Rev James Douthit (1766-1850) m. Susannah Howard (1779-1871) (moved to SC)
Solomon Douthit (1767-1836) and Mary
John Douthit III (1768-1860) m. 1) Elizabeth Lucinda Bobo (1755-?); 2) Catherine
Evan Douthit (1769, SC-1849, TX) m. Sarah McCulloh (1774-1878,TX) (moved to TN, then Texas)
Anna Douthit (1771-?)
Mary Eleanor Douthit (1773) m. Robert Orr
Joseph G. Douthit (1775-1843) (who did he marry)
Samuel Douthit (1777-1852) (moved to TN)
Enoch Douthit (1782-1864) (moved to TN)
Elizabeth Douthit (1783-?) m. John Stanton

Fourth Generation:

Children of Rev. James Douthit and Susannah Howard
Mary Howard Douthit (1804) m. Elias Elrod
Elizabeth Alston Douthit (1807-1886) m. Marmaduke Kimbrough (1828-1842)
Benjamin Howard Douthit (1810-1895) m. Desdamonia Gambrell (1818-1892)
Susanna Eleanor Douthit (1812) m. Larkin Gambrell (1809),
s/o James Gambrell (ca. 1785) and Mary Reid (ca. 1785)
Sarah Richardson Douthit (1814,SC-1875,AL) (Photo) m. Thomas Jefferson Wilkinson (1812-1874)
s/o Dr. John Wilkinson and Lucy Wilkinson
James Harrison Douthit (1816-1893) m. Lueza M. Osborn
John William Douthit (1818-1893) m. Emily M. Watson (1819-1868)
Samuel Davis Douthit (1821-1874) m. Margaret Pepper (1831-1896) (buried in Graves Co., KY)
d/o Elijah Pepper and Sarah Breazeale
Maria Harrison Douthit (1823) m. 1) Henry L. Gaines; 2) Robert E. MacWhorter


Children of Solomon Douthit and Mary
John Douthit (1798-1851) m. Lilly Ann McClure (?-aft. 1855) of Pickens District, SC
Rebecca Douthit (1800-bef 1830) m. Allen Keith (1790-1861)
Margaret Douthit m. James Bogan Purdy McJunkin (1803-aft 1841)
Eleanor Douthit (1804-1884) m. Daniel M. McJunkin, Jr. (1800-1882)
Davis Douthit
Robert Douthit
Silas Douthit
Andrew Douthit
Mary Ann Douthit (abt 1813-aft 1880) m. Benjamin Edward Burgess (1812-1864)
Lucy Douthit m. Samuel Erwin
Solomon Douthit (?-1835) m. Mary Ann Linn

Steve Garrent provided the information for Solomon Douthit's family. Steve is a descendant of Solomon's through the McJunkin/Fortner lines. His e-mail address is:


Children of John Douthit III and 1) Elizabeth Lucinda Bobo
James Eden Douthit (1793-1868) m. 1) Jane Hixon; 2) Jemima Easte; 3) Cynthia Nesbitt Snow (died in Colbert Co., AL)
Absalom Douthit (1795-1880) m. Jane Day (died in Tishomingo County, MS)
Jane Douthit (1797)
Nancy Douthit (1799)
Martia Stacy Douthit (1807-1885) m. James Ellis
Samuel Douthit (1809-1867) m. Catherine (1809)
Campbell Douthit (1815-aft. 1860) m. 1) Margaret M. Stegall; 2) Elizabeth Fox (moved to Jefferson Co., IL, ca. 1860)
Mary Douthit (1818)
Lucinda Douthit (1819)
Margaret Douthit

Children of John Douthit III and 2) Catherine
James B. Douthit (1827-1880) m. Mary
Riley W. Douthit (abt. 1830-abt. 1882) m. Eliza A. Gilbert
John Hamilton Douthit (1832-1926) m. 1) Mary A. Gorham; 2) Provie Ann Privett
Nancy J. Douthit m. 1) Cobbs; 2) Ives
Woody T. Douthit m. 1) Henrietta Ione Pruitt; 2) Effie G. Williamson
Campbell Sanford Douthit (abt. 1839) m. Sarah J. Morgan
Richard P. Douthit (1842-1865)


Children of Evan Douthit and Sarah McCulloh
James Douthit (1818,TN-1870) m. Mary Daniel (1818,TN-1870) (died in Elkhart, Texas)

I have her bonnet and her bloomers that she wore cross country in a covered wagon, given to me by my great Aunt Lessie Douthit -- Doris Douthit Grace, e-mail address:


Children of Joseph G. Douthit and unknown
Jose G. Douthit (1811) m. Catherine Shadwick (1814)

Fifth Generation

Children of Elizabeth Alston Douthit and Marmaduke Kimbrough
Mary Susannah Kimbrough (1828-1842) m. John Thornton
Sarah Kimbrough (1829-1913) m. Capt James T. Smith (1827-1892)
James D. Kimbrough (1831-1877)
George R. Kimbrough (1833)
Elizabeth Davis Kimbrough (1835) m. William Stith Hardy
Martha Clarinda Kimbrough (1837) m. William Lunsford Toney
Anna Mariah Kimbrough (1840) m. H. H. Kavanaugh
Frances Theodocia Kimbrough (1843)


Children of Benjamin Howard Douthit and Desdamonia Gambrell
James Garrison Douthit (1832-1902)
Susanna Maria Douthit
Mary Ann Douthit (b. 1837)
Sarah Elizabeth Douthit (1839-1840)
Gambrell McPherson Douthit (1841-1862)
Frances Caroline Douthit
Martha Washington Douthit
Eleanor Jane Douthit (1850-1874)
Benjamin Franklin Douthit (1853-1931)
Emily R. Douthit
Annie Louisa Douthit (1861)


Children of Sarah Richardson Douthit and Thomas Jefferson Wilkinson
Susanna E. C. Wilkinson (1835)
John Adams Wilkinson (1838-1892) m. Artiemesia Frances Jemison (1846-1904)
James Henry Wilkinson (1838-1886) m. 1) Lousia A. Thornton (1844-1875),
2) Mrs. Elizabeth J. Bonds, 3) Mrs. Martha E. Neblett
Sarah Jane Wilkinson (1840) m. Joseph Alexander White (1824-1891)
Samuel Snoddy Wilkinson (1841-1863)
Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson (1843) m. Arthur F. Thornton (b. 1842)
Mary Frances Wilkinson (1845) m. Leonidas "Lonnie" Hall (1845-1930)
Louisa Maria Wilkinson (1846) m. John E. Jordon
Andrew Jackson Wilkinson (1848) m. Alice T. Jordan (1851)
Lucy Mercilla Wilkinson (1850) m. Lewis A. Lavender (1840-1919)
Martha Isabella Wilkinson (1851-1909) m. William Henry Jemison (1850-1877)
Infant Wilkinson (1854-1854)
Cornelia Alice Amner Wilkinson (1855-1908) m. Charles Ackron Spencer (1848-1924) (lived in Greene Co., AL)
Harriett Amanda Wilkinson (1857-1902) m. Leonidus Marion Lamb (1851-1915)


Children of John William Douthit and Emily M. Watson
Lidy Douthit
Eugina Douthit (1829)
(Judge) Samuel James Douthit (1841-1887) m. Elizabeth Archibald Isbell (1842-1925)
John William Douthit, Jr. (1844- bef. 1863)


Children of Samuel Davis Douthit and Margaret Pepper
Mary Josephine Douthit (1851-1916) m. Dr. Alexander Brown (1845-1908)
Susanna Maria Douthit (1853-1933) m. Virgil Davis (1854-1930)
James Washington Douthit (1855) m. Nancy Susan Wingo (1862-1940)
Sarah J. Douthit (1857-1910) m. Robert Emerson (1854-1932)
Lawrence Jackson Lenhardt Douthit (1859-1956) m. Alice Faira Matlock (1866-1951) (died in Graves Co., KY)
Samuel Reid Douthit (1862-1927) m. 1) Mary Ewell Olive (1865-1889), 2) Amie Cosby (1868-1955)
(Samuel Reid Douthit was Sheriff of Graves Co., KY)
Emily Elizabeth Douthit (1865-1960) m. Philip Howard (1861-1907)
Howard Boone Douthit (1868-1952) m. Susan Delilah Andrus (1875-1962)
Robert Lee Douthit (1872-1949) m. Maude Glass

Howard Boone Douthit, was born with one "t" at end of name, but died with two "t's" at end of name.  His daughter, Ola Christine, thought name looked more balanced with two "t's" so forced the family to begin spelling it that way.


Children of John Douthit and Lilly Ann McClure
Andrew J. Douthit (1828-1904) m. Margaret Magness (1832-1922)
Solomon M. Douthit (1830-1888) m. Amanda E. Howard
Robert M. Douthit (1833-1850)
John M. Douthit (1837-1863) m. Martha K. Wilson (m. in Fannin Co., GA)
Davis Warren Douthit (1840-1863/64) m. Margaret J. Garren
Rebecca J. Douthit (1843) m. Columbus Weaver
Livecy A. Douthit (1844/45) m. Arthur F. Ross
Samuel T. Douthit (1847-1891)


Children of Rebecca Douthit and Allen Keith
Rosa Keith (1819-1920) m. John Odell Hendricks (1809-1848)


Children of Eleanor Douthit and Daniel M. McJunkin, Jr.
John D. McJunkin (abt 1825-?)
Polly McJunkin
Sarah McJunkin 1831-1918)
Robert C. McJunkin (abt. 1835-1862) m. Jane Rose Cassell (abt 1833-1911)
Lucretia Ann McJunkin
Nancy Rebecca McJunkin (1838-1911) m. John Masters (1818-1896)
Elizabeth McJunkin (1839-1905) m. Samuel E. Sutherland (1821-1879)
Joseph McJunkin
Jane McJunkin (abt 1840-?)
Lucy McJunkin

Children of James Douthit and Mary Daniel
George Washington Douthit (1851-1942) m. Mary Elizabeth Josephine Burke (1853-1901)

Sixth Generation

Children of Andrew J. Douthit and Margaret Magness
Solomon Davis Douthit (1860-1920) m. Virginia Emery Watson (died in Newton Co., AR)
Dr. William Napoleon Douthit (1863-1932) m. 2) Lucy Casteel
Robert A. Douthit (1872-1920)


Children of Solomon M. Douthit and Amanda E. Howard
Samuel Asbury Douthit (1882-1929) m. Agnes Nichol Moss


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