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Elrod Family

Note: early records usually spell the name ELLROTH. By the late 18th century, ELROD appears to have been more usual, and has been used throughout this page.

First Generation

John Teter Elrod was born ca. 1684. Sources disagree on whether he was from Hessen, Germany, or from Switzerland. "Johan Dider Elroot", wife and one child, also "Johan Willem Lergerseiler", wife and one child, all sailed from Rotterdam 15 July 1709. Wilhelm Lerchenzeiler was the father, or possibly the brother, of John Teter's wife Maria Magdalena Lerchenzeiler. Both families settled initially in New Castle Co., Delaware, where they are listed as communicants in Holy Trinity Church.

Maria Margaretha apparently died about 1721, and John Teter married again, to (probably) Sarah Wood Smith, daughter of Robert and Catherine Wood and widow of John Smith of Cecil Co. MD. There is some question among Elrod researchers as to whether this is really his second wife's name, and when they married. Dr. Parker Elrod, who researched this family for many years, said that John Elrod and wife Maria M. were listed as communicants at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church from 1714-1719, but he appears alone in the 1720 communicant list. The baptism of a child, George Arendt Elrod, one month old, is registered on 4 March 1722 with parents listed as John Teter and Sarah Elrod. Dr. Parker Elrod concluded that Maria Magdalena had died in 1721 at the birth of her son Christopher, and that George Arendt was the oldest child of the second marriage. No death record seems to have been found for her.

The next baptism, of John Teter Elrod Jr., is registered in Lancaster Co. PA in 1733. Thus the family must have moved some time between 1722 and 1733, and it is possible that there were children born in this interval whose birth and baptismal records have not been found. We show Catharina and Thomas as children of the first marriage, but we now think they could be Sarah's. Is Robert from the second marriage? His birthdate is given in some sources as 1712, which would make him Margaretha's son, but he didn't die until 1809, and his children seem to be born in the 1750s and 1760s, suggesting that perhaps he too was one of Sarah's children.

Second Generation

Children of John Teter Elrod and Maria Magdalena Lerchenzeiler
Wilhelm Elrod (ca. 1708-1768) m. Anna Beschel in 1726, Warwick twp, Lancaster Co. PA
Jeremias Elrod (ca. 1710-1769) m. ? 1) Elizabeth? 2) Catherine Douthit in 1737, Lancaster Co. PA
Robert Elrod (1712?-1809) m. Sarah Scott (widow Wilson); Robert d. in Fayette Co. KY
Agneta Elrod (1714-?)
Anna Catharina Elrod m. James Conner in 1742 in Frederick MD
Thomas Elrod(?), probably died in childhood
Elizabeth Elrod (1718-1785) m. Heinrich Bischoff (1713-1790)
Christopher Elrod (1721-1785) m. Aaltje Soelle (1724-1804), probably the daughter of Adam Soelle

Children of John Teter Elrod and (?) Sarah Wood
George Arendt Elrod (1722-?)
John Teter Elrod (1733-after 1810?) m. Mary Muse (1729? -1828), settled Mason Co. KY
Anna Margaretha Elrod (1736-1775) m. George Hauser (1730-1801) in 1753 in Frederick MD, came to NC
Hannah Elrod (1738-?) m. John Parke

Third Generation

Children of William Elrod and Anna Beschel
Samuel Elrod (1737-?)
William Elrod (ca. 1738-?), settled Deep River NC
Elizabeth Elrod (1739-?)
Susanna Elrod (1741-?)
Catherine Elrod. m. James King
Conrad Elrod (1750-1817) m. Mary??, lived Wilkes Co. NC


Children of Jeremias Elrod and Catherine Douthit
Adam Elrod (1753-?) m. Catherine Elizabeth Milligan , moved to South Carolina
Jeremiah Elrod (1755-1841) m. Anna Catharina Barbara Vogler (1761-1842).


Children of Robert Elrod and Sarah Scott
Elizabeth Elrod (1751-1843) m. John Jones (1742-1824), went to Lincoln Co. KY, and when 82 moved to Howard Co. MO
Mary Elrod, m. ? Jones
Hester Elrod, m. ? Tanbush
Susannah Elrod, m. ? Rainey
Rachel Elrod m. Peter Eddleman


Children of Christopher Elrod and Aaltje Soelle
Adam Elrod (1744-1812) m. Rachel Wainscott (1747-1816)
Elizabeth Elrod (b. & d. 1745)
Sarah Elrod (1747-1832) m. Thomas Butner (1741-1781)
Catharina Elrod (1750-1804) m. John Wainscott (1749-1802), moved to Owen Co. KY
Margaret Elrod (1752-1820) m. Joseph William Boner (1747-1786)
Mary Elrod (1755-1819), did not marry
Christopher Elrod (1757-1827) m. Sarah Douthit (1759-1821)
Robert Elrod (1759-1828) m. Elizabeth Riddle (1763-?), d/o Stephen Riddle, Sr. (moved to Orange Co. IN)
John Elrod (1762-probably bef. 1850) m. Sarah Ann Riddle (1767-aft. 1850), d/o Stephen Riddle, Sr. (moved to Washington County, IN)
Aaltje Elrod (1764-1790) m. Frederick Doll/Dull
Lydia Elrod (1767-1844) m. Roger McKnight (1767-?) moved to Orange Co. IN
stillborn child Elrod, ca. 1769

Fourth Generation

Children of Jeremiah Elrod and Anna Catharina Barbara Vogler
Maria Elrod (1781-1785
Catherine Elrod (1783-1783)
Elizabeth Elrod (1784) m. Jonathan Chandler
Michael Elrod (1786-1849) m. Elizabeth Davis
Jeremiah Elrod (1788-1857) m. Susannah Harris
Anna Elrod (1790) m. Clytus B. Brown
Salome Elrod (1792) m. Nicholas Harris (Wayne Co, KY)
Herman Elrod (1794-1889) m. Jane McKee (Warren Co. KY)
Adam Elrod (1795) m. Jane McCarley (Morgan Co, AL)
Rachel Elrod (1797)
Joseph Elrod (1800-1835) m. Catherine Swaim (Wayne Co, IN)

Petition of A. C. Barbara Elrod states that she married Jeremiah Elrod, by whom she had ten children, but unfortunately said Jeremiah took home a certain Mary Corner and since has sold his property and moved to the western countries taking said Mary with him. Petitioner prays for an Act vesting in her the sole and exclusive right of what property she now has or may hereafter acquire. Dated 1 December 1803. In House, 12 December, 1803, and referred to Committee. In Senate, 13 December 1803, and ordered to be laid on table. (GASR No.-Dec.1803, Box 1 - Folder "Petition, divorce.") Bill to secure A. C. Barbara Elrod (formerly of Stokes County, North Carolina) such property as she now has or may hereafter acquire, as if she had never been married to said Jeremiah. In House, 2 December, read first time and passed. (GASR Nov.-Dec. 1803, Box 1 - folder "House Bills, 2 Dec.".) -- Extracted from The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Volume XVIII, No. 4, November, 1992, pg. 229.

(Note: Jeremiah Elrod, aged 60, living in McCracken County, KY, 1850.)


Children of Adam Elrod and Rachel Wainscott
Aaltje Elrod (1765-1847) m. George McKnight (1765-1847)
Abraham Elrod (1767-?) m. Margery Stanton (1767-?)
Isaac Elrod (1769-1843) m. Nancy Elizabeth Stanton
Jacob Elrod (1771-1816?) m. Apphia Martin (1772?-1835?)
Adam Elrod (1773-?) m. Eleanor Cooper, d/o Elizabeth Padgett and John Cooper
Sarah Elrod (1775?-?)
Rachel Elrod (1778-?) m. Andrew Cooney
Elizabeth Elrod (1780-?) m. Abraham Fletcher
Mary Elrod (1782-?) m. John Tennert
Ann Elrod (1785-?)
Susanna Elrod (1787-?) m. Thomas Blake (1787-1854), moved to Indiana
Lydia Elrod (1790-1816) m. John Johnson (1787-1835)


Children of Christopher Elrod and Sarah Douthit
Lydia Elrod (1781-1845) m. James Johnson (ca. 1757-1830)
John Elrod (1783-1856) m. Nancy Miller, moved to Indiana
Joseph Elrod (1786-1832) m. Rosina Beroth (1785-1849)
Jacob Elrod (1788-1855) m. Mildred Cooper (1793-1852), moved to Indiana
Christopher Elrod (b. & d. 1791)
Thomas Benton Elrod (1792-1856) m. Mary Jane Blevins (1800-1861), moved to Maries County, Missouri, about 1846
[error corrected 11/3/08; thanks to LaVaughn Zimmer]
Sarah Elrod (1795-1834) m. John Johnson (1787-1835)
David Elrod (1798-?) m. Sarah Binkley (1802-?) moved to Washington Co. VA
Maria Christine Elrod (1801-?)


Children of Robert Elrod and Elizabeth Riddle
Elizabeth Elrod (1783-?)
Stephen Elrod (1787-?)
Benjamin Elrod (1790-?)
Sarah Ann Elrod (1794-?)
Robert Elrod (1800-aft. 1870) m. Paulina (abt. 1807-aft. 1870) living in Burnett, Santa Clara, CA. 1870
Mary Elrod (1804-?)
Noah Elrod (1807-?)


Children of John Elrod and Sarah Ann Riddle
Mary Elrod (1787-1861) moved to Iowa
Anna Elrod (1788-?) m. Aquilla Standiford
William Elrod (1790-1851) moved to Indiana
Stephen Elrod (1792-1847) moved to Indiana, m. Elizabeth Wyman
Samuel Elrod (1794-?)
Susanna Elrod (1797-?) m. John Owens, lived Indiana
John A. Elrod (1799-1863) moved to Indiana, then Texas
Martin Elrod (1801-1850)
Sarah Elrod (1802-1867) m. Jeremiah Sherwood in Indiana, later moved to Texas
Kesiah Elrod (1804-?) m. Jonathan Sherwood in Indiana
Eli Elrod (1807-aft. 1850) m. Rachel (moved to Fayette Co., Iowa)
Dempsey "Danny" Elrod (1809-aft. 1850) (moved to Fayette Co., Iowa)

Fifth Generation

Children of Abraham Elrod and Margery Stanton
Christopher Elrod (1789-?)
Adam Elrod (1791-?)
Ann Elrod (1793-?)
Elias Elrod (1796-?) m. Mary Howard Douthit (1806-?)
Rachel Elrod (1806-?) m. William Keith


Children of Isaac Elrod and Nancy Elizabeth Stanton
Isham Elrod
George Elrod (1791-?) m. Elizabeth Richardson Moore
John Elrod (1794-?) m. Anna Elizabeth Swords
Lavinia Elrod (1796-?)
Rachel Elrod
Adam S. Elrod (1798-?)
Jacob Elias Elrod (ca. 1801-?)
Sarah E. Elrod (ca. 1802-?)
Thomas Elrod (1804-?)
Mary Elrod
Lydia Elrod
Harriet Elrod
Elizabeth Elrod

Some children in this family from a post to the ELROD-L list by Michael Williams, 1997


Children of Jacob Elrod and Apphia Martin
Sarah Elrod (1793-?)
Richard Elrod (1795-1824). Did he marry Rebecca Norman in 1817?
Solomon Elrod (1796-?) Did he marry Sally Harper in 1829 and/or Elizabeth Boner in 1840?
Elizabeth Elrod


Children of Adam Elrod and Eleanor Cooper
Elizabeth Elrod (1801-?) m. Samuel Boner
Lydia Elrod (1803-?)
John Henry Elrod (1806-?)
Jacob Elrod (1809-?)
Aaltje Elrod (1811-?) m. James Alfred Harper
Rachel Elrod (1813-?), probably married David Holder (1808-?)
Christopher Elrod (1816-?)


Children of Joseph Elrod and Rosina Beroth
Thomas Elrod (1812-1816)
Alexander Elrod (1814-?)
Sarah Paulina Elrod (1815-?)
Christopher Van Elrod (1817-1819)
Mary Irene Elrod (1820-?)
Tempe Louisa Elrod (1823-?) (twin)
Lydia Lucinda Elrod (1823-?) (twin) m. John Harper (1806-1874)
Benton Clemmons Elrod (1825-?)


Children of Jacob Elrod and Mildred Cooper
Sarah Elrod (1810-
1865) m. Shadrack Allegre
Elizabeth Elrod
Newton Elrod
Caroline Elrod m. Riley Fox
Cyrud L. Elrod m. Sarah C. Mathers
Thomas Elrod (1817)

Sixth Generation

Children of Solomon Elrod and Rebecca
Sarah Elrod (1822-1850) m. Wiley E. Johnson (1815-1890)


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Miscellaneous ELROD material from Dr. Parker Elrod and others, accumulated from various sources, including Pauline Walters, 1971, The Elrod Family and Related Families; The Elrod Family by B.H. Wainscot; Hope NC Moravian archives; Anderson, The Douthit Family in America; Douthit, Here Come the Douthits

Walter Allen Knittle, Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration, orig. pub. 1937, reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co. 1965, cited by Martin Lawlor, e-mail 1995

Thanks also to Libby Bosley, Karen Gullish, Leontine Launer, and others for information on this family.

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