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Earnest (Ernst, Ernest) Family

First Generation

This name is consistently spelled Ernst in the Moravian Records but appears in census and other civil records primarily as Earnest.

Christian Philip Earnest (1802-1884) lived in the South Fork district in southern Forsyth county and was a member of Friedberg Moravian Church, but seems to have joined it as an adult. We don't know who his parents were. He married first Anna Louisa (Lois) Herrman (1796-1858), with whom he had at least five children. In 1859 he married Rachel Jane Jones (1821-1896), widow of Solomon Rominger.

Christian Earnest apparently had a hot temper. The Moravian records mention several incidents when he quarreled with other men. At one point the Friedberg Committee considered excluding him from the congregation but eventually decided to exclude him only from taking communion. His wife Lois Ernst is also mentioned as a participant in a quarrel with another woman, which was resolved by the pastor, and there are two diary entries referring to objectionable behavior by their daughter Catharina. There seems to have been an ongoing dispute in particular between the Earnest family and that of Barnabas Kimel.

Second Generation

Children of Christian Earnest and Louisa Herrman
Anna Catharina Earnest (ca. 1825-?) m. Harrison Morris Swaim in 1852 (ca. 1827-?)
Sanford Daniel Earnest (1827-1863) m. Julia Mary Swaim (ca. 1830-?)
*Angelina Charlotte Earnest (ca. 1829-?) m. Robert L. Reich (1828-1890), lived West Salem IL
Horatio Earnest (ca. 1838-?)
Henry Francis Earnest (1841-?)

An adopted daughter, Anna Hill, is also mentioned in the Records of the Moravians. In the 1850 census she appears with the Earnest family, age 19. This is clearly written. The Moravian records for 1850 suggest that she is still a child, however.

*Angelina Earnest accompanied Edwin Senseman and his wife on their move to West Salem, Illinois, in January 1852. The Records of the Moravians report a letter written home by Br. Senseman after his arrival, stating that their journey had been slow and difficult, and delayed in particular by the serious illness of Angelina Ernst, who had been taken along to help on the journey. He asked for reimbursement from the Salem NC congregation for her medical care. This request was granted, but grudgingly. She appears to have recovered, and remained in Illinois, where she married Robert Reich, son of Solomon Reich who had moved there from NC some years previously. Susan Jane Earnest (1860-?)
Levy Allen Earnest (1864-1935) m. Josephine Dulcina Longworth (1865-1938)

Second Generation

Children of Sanford Daniel Earnest and Julia Mary Swaim
Darius Scales Earnest (1857-?) m. Emily Vest (ca. 1856-?)
Theodore Mannassah Rights Earnest (1859-?) m. Priscilla Longworth
John Rufus Earnest (b. & d. 1861)
William Sandford Harrison Earnest (1863-1864)


Children of Levy Allen Earnest and Josephine Dulcina Longworth
Grover Earnest m. Bertha Teague
Wilburn Earnest m. Irene Watkins
Paul Earnest m. Mary Ayers
Ruth Earnest (d. 1974) m. Henry Fishel (d. 1872), s/o Samuel Wesley Fishel and Emma Moorefield
Naomi Earnest (d. 1972) m. James Bargiol or Bargoil
Lilly May Earnest m. Frank Jarr
Luther Earnest
Bynum Earnest


Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, volume; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Forsyth Co. NC census records

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