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Kimel Family

The records from Lower Bermudian Lutheran (PA) do not include documentation of Georg and Catharina Kuemmel's marriage, only that they took communion as husband and wife in 1768. There are records which show that Johann Georg Kimmel was born in 1745 in Germany and immigrated to York Co. PA in 1751 with his father Johann Jacob. Georg and Catherine (Catharina) Kimel were probably married in York (now Adams) Co. PA circa 1765. -- Dan Kimel, e-mail :

By 1773 Catherine Kimel was married to Daniel Evans and had a son named Daniel Evans. In Catherine's will, which was probated in Rowan County 1813, she was Caty Myers, and bequeathed property to her sons, Daniel Evans, Joseph Evans and Barny Kimble. Kathleen Macknicki. Kathleen's e-mail address is:

If Catherine's husband died before 1773, then who is George Kimel who died in 1806 in Rowan (Davidson) Co. NC, age 55 years?

First Generation

Children of possibly George Kimel and Catherine Kimel
Bernhard/Barnabas Kimel (ca. 1770-1837) m. Catharine Weaver (1771-1846)

Second Generation

Children of Bernhard/Barnabas Kimel and Catharine Weaver
Christina Kimel (1795-1858) m. John George Spach
Christian Kimel (1796-?)
Margaretha Kimel m. Peter Meyer, s/o George Meier/Meyer and 1) Catherine Zerbe
Catherine Kimel m. Henry Shutt
Jacob Kimel (1799-1865) m. Nancy Boeckel (marriage record as Pickle; she was d/o Anton Boeckel and Magdalena Rominger)
Andrew Kimel (ca. 1802-? d. between 1870 and 1879) m. 1) Anna (Nancy) Bro (?) 2) Anna Rosina Beroth (1805-1879)
[error corrected 9/3/07]
Elizabeth Kimel (1806-?) m. William Peck
Barnabas Kimel (ca. 1807-1869; will probated 4 Jan 1870) m. Hannah Fischer
Lazarus Kimel (1808-?)
Alfred Kimel (ca. 1810-?)
Sarah Rebecca (Sallie) Kimel (1811-1871) m. Jesse J. Mock (1812-1866)
unknown male (1817) (probably died young)

Who is the William L. Kimball who married Elizabeth Holder in 1847? Was he really a Kimel?

Third Generation

Children of Jacob Kimel and Nancy Pickle/Boeckel
Alfred Kimel (1827-1870) m. 1) Catherine Seitz (1826-?); 2) Cynthia Jones (1838-1923), d/o Joseph Jones
Theophilus Kimel (1829-1899) m. Charity A. Longworth (1837-1908)
David C. Kimel (1831-1892) m. Sarah S. ____ (1834-1896)
Maria Elizabeth Kimel (1833-1857)
[name corrected 3/1/04] m. David Franklin Spach (1831-1865)
Sarah Kimel (1836-1864)
unknown female
Noah L. Kimel (1842-1893) m. Mary M. Yokely (1846-1933)
Daniel A. Kimel (1844-1898) m. Mary Cornelia Rominger (1851-1925)
Jonas E. Kimel (1847-1918) m. Drusilla Sink (1848-1923)


Children of Andrew Kimel and (probably) Nancy Bro
Catherine M. Kimel (1824-1911) m. Archibald Sink (1854-1873)
[death date corrected 3/1/04]
Sanford Kimel (ca. 1827-bef. ca. 1857) m. Eliza J. Brewer (ca. 1823-ca. 1857)
Caroline Kimel (1829-1858) m. James Armsworthy
Emeline Kimel (1832-?) m. 1) Lewis Nathaniel Spach (1833-ca. 1865); 2) John Joseph Walk (1814-1874)
John W. Kimel (ca. 1836-?)

Previously we stated that these were Anna Rosina Beroth's children. Davidson County census and other records make it clear that they were children of his first marriage, said to have been to Anna (Nancy) Bro. In 1850 Andrew is head of household, apparently a widower. Rosina Beroth appears as head of household "Rosanna Slater", age 44 (her first husband was Jacob Krause, married 1825; second husband Thomas Slater, married 1841). By 1860 Andrew and Rosina are married. Her death notice (People's Press 7/10/1879 identifies her as the relict of the late Andrew Kimmel). She is buried at Friedberg Moravian, but he is not. Does anyone have an exact death date for him?


Children of Barnabas Kimel and Hannah Fisher
Angeline Kimel (1828-1875) m. Murchison Lafayette Chitty (ca. 1833-bef. 1870)
George W. Kimel (1830-1905) m. Paulina Robertson (m. 1853, Forsyth Co.)
Catharine Kimel (ca. 1833-aft. 1870)
Sarah Anna Kimel (1835-aft. 1870) m. Solomon Chitty (1838-1919)
[death date corrected 3/1/04]
Lewis James Kimel (1837-1915) m. Sarah Elizabeth Sink (1842-1908), d/o Michael Sink and Christina Tesh
James P. Kimel (1847-1930)

Previously we listed Erastus B. Kimel (1852-1931) as the last child of Barnabas and Hannah. He is actually Angeline's son, born before her marriage to Murchison Chitty. His father was George Lagenauer.

Previouly we listed Christian Sink as the father of Sarah Elizabeth Sink. This error corrected 7/23/2004.

Fourth Generation

Children of Alfred Kimel and 2) Cynthia Jones
Emma/Edie F. Kimel (ca. 1863-?)
Sarah Kimel (1864-1945) m. Emanuel Bodsford
Noah Rufus Kimel (1866-1945) m. Sarah C. Livengood (1864-1946), d/o John Livengood and Catherine Lambeth
Phoebe Jane Kimel (1867-1918) m. Robah A. Thomas, s/o Lewis Thomas and Sarah Eliza Miller
John Alfred Kimel (1870-1962) m. Mary Hauser (1876-1970), d/o Philip Alexander Hauser and Margaret Pledger


Children of Theophilus Kimel and Charity Longworth
Clara E. (c1859-?)
Mary E. Kimel (c1862-?)
Charlie Marlboro Kimel (1863-1886)
Helen Kimel (1866-1929) m. Enoch Alexander Griffith (1863-1940)
Edna Kimel (c1869-?)
Fleate Longworth Kimel (1870-1895)
John F. Kimel (c1871-?)
Jesse Kimel (1873-1931)
Walter J. Kimel (1875-1949) m. Mary E. Clinard

There is a Forsyth Co. marriage license for America Kimel, d/o Theo and Charity, and Enoch Alexander Griffith (1863-1940) in 1885. We believe that this is the same person as Helen listed above, who appears as Helen age 4 in 1870 but as Hellenus age 14, male, in 1880.


Children of David C. Kimel and Sarah S.
Francis M. Kimel (1857-1872) m. Phebe June Long
Jacob C. Kimel (1859-1905) m. Theodosia
Andrew Jackson Kimel (1862-1863)
Daniel Kimel (1864-1865)
William S. Kimel (1866-1895)
Ida Bell Kimel (1869-1901) m. A. Cicero Doty (m. in Davidson County, 1890)
Lula Kimel (1873-1947) m. Newton D. Hill (1866-1934), s/o Leander (Landy) Hill and Maria Christina Spach (1843-1928)


Children of Daniel A. Kimel and Mary Cornelia Rominger
Jonas R. Kimel (1869-1897)
Cicero Alexander Kimel (1872-1946) m. Flora A. Crouch (1881-1967), d/o John Crouch and Catherine (Katy) Woosley
John P. Kimel (1874-1955) m. Ada L. Hill. Was she d/o John Hill and Emmeline Berrier?
Nancy Catherine Kimel (1876-1956) m. John H. Weisner (1873-1928)
Claudie Estelle Kimel (1879-1950) m. Felix Kimel, s/o Jonas E. Kimel and Drusilla Sink
Esther Kimel (1881-1882)
Maude V. Kimel (1883-1955)
Nellie L. Kimel (1887-?) m. Lewis Phelps
Thomas Curtis Kimel (1889-1954) m. Mattie L. Mize


Children of Jonas E. Kimel and Drusilla Sink
Julius Columbus Kimel (1871-1872)
Felix Adolphus Kimel (1873-1957) m. Claudie Estelle Kimel (see above)
Albert L. Kimel (1875-1891)
Lola H. Kimel (1878-1905) m. Lee Penry
Josea B. Kimel (1880-1959) m. Robert Lee Scott (1884-1968)
Howard P. Kimel (1883-1903)
Ella M. Kimel (1885-1898)
Sarah A. Kimel (1888-1977) m. Robert Hartman, s/o James Hartman and Bertha Rebecca Spach


Children of Sanford Kimel and Eliza J. Brewer
Emma Cornelia Kimel (1848-1887) m. Francis Jacob Shore (1849-1939) Harriet Jane Kimel (1849-1872) m. Junius Irving Craft (1842-1918)
Norman Sylvester Kimel (1854-1929) m. Missouri C. Shoaf (1856-1937), d/o John Alexander Shoaf and Julia Reich


Child of Angeline Kimel and George Lagenauer
Erastus Benton Kimel (1852-1931) m. Nancy Longworth (1844-1919)


Children of George W. Kimel and Paulina Robertson
Francis M. Kimel (1854-1933) m. 1) Phebe Jane Long (ca. 1858-bef. 1889), 2) Amanda Jane Pegram (1857-1913), d/o Jesse and Elizabeth Pegram
Lewis C. Kimel (1859-1949) m. Amanda Rachel Vestal (1861-1937), d/o James Vestal and Mary Ann Thomas
[corrected 3/1/04; Pope was her stepfather's surname]
John S. Kimel (1861-1943) m. Mary Ida Thomas (1869-1945), d/o Emory Thomas and Susan Rothrock
Cicero B. Kimel (1865-1941) m. Malinda C. Null (1871-1900)
William Kimel (1866-?). Did he marry Mary E. Clinard?
Elizabeth Jane Kimel (1876-1920) m. _____ Swaim


Children of Lewis J. Kimel and Sarah E. Sink
Shelton B. Kimel (1861-?) m. Susan Myers, d/o Jacob and Lusetta Myers
Charles Lafayette Kimel (1865-1910) m. Emma Wilhemlmina Talley
Carrie Bell Kimel (1870-1953)
Adelaide Elizabeth Kimel (1879-1928) m. John Wesley Frazier

This family updated 7/12/04, thanks to Bud Frazier!

Fifth Generation

Children of Noah R. Kimel and Sarah C. Livengood
Alfred Harrison Kimel (1888-1942) m. Emma Catherine Crater (1887-1965)
Della E. Kimel (1891-1980) m. Henry Luther Jones
Simeon Rufus Kimel (1893-1986) m. Mary Lucetta Crater (1896-1983), sister of Emma Catherine
Esther C. Kimel (1897-?)


Children of John P. Kimel and Ada L. Hill
Esther L. Kimel (1896)
Carl C. Kimel (1899-1944) m. Elma Snider


Children of Norman S. Kimel and Missouri C. Shoaf
Nancy Kimel (ca. 1877-?)
Samuel A. Kimel (1878-1954) m. Mamie L. Rothrock (1882-1930), d/o George W. Rothrock and Laura Zimmerman
Meredith G. Kimel (1881-1944)
Leslie S. Kimel (1883-?)
Harvey F. Kimel (1885-1975) m. Betsy Phillips
Emma C. Kimel (1887-1903)
Permainie T. Kimel (1889-1925) m. Ethel Crater (1887-1965)
Ollie C. Kimel (1891-?)
Charlie S. Kimel (1894-1982) m. Carrie Jane Jones (1895-1963)
Russell McKinley Kimel (1896-1957)


Children of Erastus B. Kimel and Nancy Longworth
Charles Burton Kimel (1882-1940)
Claude Kimel (1884-?)
Robah Kimel (1888-1972)


Children of Francis M. Kimel and Phebe Long
Walter W. Kimel (1882-1951) m. 1) Carrie R; 2) Lelia B. Lowrey

Children of Francis M. Kimel and Amanda Jane Pegram
Oscar Norman Kimel (1889-1961) m. Charlie Estelle Spathe (d. 1978)
Jesse P. Kimel (1891-?)
Mollie Kimel (1892-?)


Children of Lewis C. Kimel and Amanda R. Vestal
George Ector Kimel (1884-1967) m.1) Carrie Tucker (1882-1940); 2) Hazel Whittington Crews (1893-1963)
Mary Kimel (1886-?)
Franklin Henry (1889-1947)
Bertha Kimel (1890-?) Is this Bertha Kimel Swaim (1891-1964), w/o Ben M. Swaim?
Lillie Ada Kimel (1892-1928)
Emma Kimel (1895-?)
Albert Barney Kimel (1896-1947) m. Elsie Holmes


Children of John S. Kimel and Ida Thomas
Fred A. Kimel (1891-1955)
Estelle Kimel (1892-1966) m. Lewis H. Conrad
Henry Thomas Kimel (1897-1936)


Children of Cicero B. Kimel and Malinda C. Null
Hobart Alexander Kimel (1896-1919)
[date corrected 3/1/04]
Mamie Louise Kimel (1898-1969)


Children of Charles L. Kimel and Emma W.
Ethel M. Kimel (1894-?)


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Thanks also to Chris Miller for information on the wife and children of Noah Rufus Kimel. This page was updated on 4 Jan 2001 to incorporate his data.

Additional dates and spouses were added, and a few corrections made, on March 1, 2004 and on September 3, 2007.

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