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Griffith Family

First Generation

The Griffith family of Anne Arundel County owes its inception of one William Griffith into the Providence by Michel Stuppel and Stephen Barnard. These two enterprisers in June, 1675 appeared in His Lordship's Land Office in St. Mary's City, for 1750 acres of land for the transportation into the Providence of thirty five persons, among them, William Griffith. -- Early Settlers of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Henry Wright Newman.

William Griffith married Sarah Maccubbin, daughter of John Maccubbin and Elinor (Carroll?) and by 1694 owned his first tract of Land - Griffith's Lot. It is not know exactly when William Griffith died but his will was probated in 1699. After his death, his widow married Thomas Reynolds of Anne Arundel County, St. Anne's Parish on November 30, 1699. Sarah Maccubin Griffith Reynolds died in 1716.

After John Maccubbin's death, his widow, Elinor, married as her second husband John Howard, Sr. When John Howard, Sr. died in about 1695/96, he was to Elinor's grandson: "I give unto my Grandson Orlando Griffis the Moirty or one half part of a tract of land being in the aforesaid Middle Branch and running up the Little Falls Containing two hundred acres of less..." When Elinor wrote her will in 1705 (probated in 1711) she mentions "my Dau. Sarah Reynolds." -- Extracted from John Maccubbin of Anne Arundel Co. and His Children, written by Rudolf Loeser. Maryland Genealogical Society Bullentin, Spring 1999, Volume 40, Number 2.

Children of William Griffith and Sarah MacCubbin
Henry Griffith (not mentioned in Elinor Howards' will as grandson)
Orlando Griffith (1688-1757) m. Catherine Howard (m. 1717, AA CO) (in Prince George's County by 1735)
Sophia Griffith (1691-1730) m. Benjamin Duvall, s/o Mareen Duvall and Mary Bouth
Charles G. Griffith (1693-1771) m. 1) Mary (Wolden Mercer); 2) Catherine Baldwin
William Griffith, Jr. (1697-1757) m. Comfort Duvall (1700-?) (moved to Frederick Co., MD)
d/o John Duvall and Mary Elizabeth Jones

Second Generation

Children of Henry Griffith
Henry Griffith m. Sarah Warfield (?-1776), d/o John Warfield (m. 1766)


Children of Orlando Griffith and Catherine Howard
Sarah Griffith (1718-?)
Henry Griffith (1720-1794) m. 1) Elizabeth Dorsey; 2) Ruth Hammond
Greenberry Griffith (1727) m. Ruth Riggs
Rachel Griffith (1729)
Joshua Griffith (1730-1799) m. Ann Hall
Benjamin Griffith (1732) m. Miss Riggs
Charles Greenberry Griffith (1744-1792)


Children of Charles G. Griffith and 1) Mary Wolden Mercer
William Griffith (1718-?) m. Catherine Baldwin
Charles Griffith (1719)
Mary Griffith (1721)


Children of Charles G. Griffith and 2) Catherine Baldwin
John Griffith (ca. 1728) m. unknown
Sarah Griffith (ca. 1730-1765) m. Azel Warfield (married 1751)
Catherine Griffith (ca. 1732) m. Col. Nicholas Worthington, s/o Thomas and Elizabeth Worthington


Children of Greenberry Griffith and Ruth Riggs
Hezekiah Griffith (1752)
Lydia Griffith (1755)
Howard Griffith (1757)
Caleb Griffith (1759)
Greenberry Griffith (1761)
Ruth Griffith (1763)


Children of William Griffith Jr and Comfort Duvall
Ezekiel Griffith (1720 - died at an early age)
Orlando Griffith, Jr. (ca. 1722-1801) m. Elizabeth Riggs (ca. 1725)
William Griffith III (1727-1823) m. Sarah Reynolds (widow)

William Griffith, Jr. lived on Black Acre and had it surveyed on April 12, 1742. (Not to be confused with an earlier Black Acre surveyed for William Black of London, 1724.) The younger William Griffith had come to western Maryland by 1734 when he leased two lots (10,000 acres) on "Carrollton" between "Monoccose and Potowmack." He was appointed Constable for Upper Monocacy Hundred in 1735 and in 1742 signed the petition to divide Prince George's Parish. He also signed the 1744 petition for a road to be laid out from "Tuscarora Creek to Kitoctin Creek." The March Court of 1748 (Prince George's County) ordered him to alter the road which led to the Ferry at the mouth of the Monocacy River. In 1757 he wrote his will, which was witnessed by Arthur Nelson. -- Pioneers of the Old Monocacy, The Early Settlement of Frederick County, Maryland 1721-1743, Grace L. Tracey & John P. Dern.

Orlando Griffith continued to live on Black Acre. After his father's death he had the tract enlarged by a 1758 survey to 708 acres, but renamed it Griffiths Chance. In 1767, he added other surrounding land to increase the total area to 1,002 acres. In 1769 a further survey, now called Chargeable, extended the Griffith holdings all the way to today's Greenfield Mills. The map of 1808 identifies the little water falls in the Monocacy there as Griffith Falls. On May 31, 1774, Orlando Griffith devised his estate to his brothers Henry, Joshua, Benjamin, Charles and Greenberry and his niece, Lydia. -- Pioneers of the Old Monocacy, The Early Settlement of Frederick County, Maryland 1721-1743, Grace L. Tracey & John P. Dern.

Third Generation

Children of Henry Griffith m. Sarah Warfield
Henry Griffith (1767-?)
Allen Griffith (1769)
Nicholas Griffith (1771-?)
Elizabeth (1773-?)
Henrietta Griffith (1775)


Children of Sarah Griffith and Azel Warfield
Charles Alex. Warfield (1751)
Dinah Warfield (1755)
Catherine Warfield (1757)
Walter Warfield (1760)
Anne Warfield (1762)
Zachariah Warfield (1765)
After Sarah's death in 1765, Azel Warfield married Susanna Magruder in 1768.


Children of Orlando II and Elizabeth Riggs
Orlando Griffith, Jr. (ca. 1751)
Elisha Griffith (1753-1843) m. Elizabeth
Zadock Griffith (1755-1844) m. Susannah Hunter (widow of Henry Hunter) (moved to Iredell County, NC)
Chisholm Holland Griffith (1759-abt. 1847) m. 1) Mary Ann Scott (?-bef. 1782); 2) Polly Briggs (abt. 1759-bef. 1811); 3) Mrs. Elizabeth Bowman
Joshua Griffith
Elizabeth Griffith (1762) m. Joseph Jacobs
Rachel Griffith (1764)
Nancy Ann Griffith (1766-1849) m. George Silver (1753-1839) (married in 1782)
William Griffith (1768-1825) (did not marry)
John Griffith (1770-1853) m. Nancy Agnes Young (Dobson) (1780-1860), d/o Capt. Joseph Dobson

Fourth Generation

Children of Zadock Griffith and Susannah Hunter
Catherine Griffith m. Daniel Webb (died shortly after the marriage)
Charles Griffith (1790-1857) m. 1) Cecelia Chunn (1789-1839), d/o Thomas Chunn; 2) Penelope Riddle, widow of Josiah Taylor (1805-1845);
3) Mary Shaw Cheshire (widow of Tennyson Cheshire)

Zadock remained near Dutchman's Creek in Iredell County until after Susannah's death. He then moved to the Fourth Creek area of Rowan County. Eventually he owned 500 acres in the area.


Children of Nancy Ann Griffith and George Silver
John Silver (1786-abt. 1880) m. Mary "Polly" (died in Pickens County, GA)
George Silver, Jr. (1786-1870) m. Martha Moore (1789-1881) (died in Boone Co., MO)
Elizabeth Silver (1790-1820/22) m. Mr. Cook
Sarah Silver (1792) m. Mr. Edes
Rev. Jacob Silver (1791-1887) m. 1) Elizabeth Wilson (1789-1812); 2) Nancy Reed (died in Mitchell Co., NC)
Greenberry Silver (1795-1883) m. 1) Margaret McMahan; 2) Malinda Elizabeth Smith (1819-1903) (m. 1841, Yancey Co., NC)
Rachel Silver (1796-aft. 1860) m. Edward "Big Ned" Wilson (died in Yancey Co., NC)
Thomas Silver (1803-1896) m. Ellender "Ellie" McMahan
William Griffith Silver (1800) m. Mary Myra Ferguson
Henry Gilbert Silver (1801- aft. 1880) m. Sarah Martha Wilson (died in Yancey Co., NC)
Nancy Silver (abt. 1802-abt. 1890) m. Thomas Robinson

All of the children were born in Frederick County, MD. Nancy Ann and George Silver died in Yancey Co., NC)

For a complete and very interesting history of the Silver Family, visit John Silver's Silver Genealogy


Children of John Griffith and Nancy Agnes Young
John Orlando Griffith (1821)

Fifth Generation

Children of Charles Griffith and Cecelia Chunn
Thomas Griffith m. Mary (Thomas died as a young man, shortly after the marriage)
Elizabeth (Betty) Griffith m. Robert Osborne Brown (lived in Iredell County)
Susan Griffith (1820) m. Jonathan Allen
Zadock Griffith (1821-1889) m. Emily Johnson (1828-1911), d/o James Johnson
William Griffith (died at age 20)
Daniel Webb Griffith (1824-1869) m. Dovie Holman (1825-1901)
Charles Franklin Griffith (1825-1926) m. Sarah Lemira Taylor (1832-1906), d/o Penelope Riddle Taylor, Charles Griffith's 2nd wife
Robert Griffith (1824-1904) m. 1) Mary Catherine Smoot (1830-1855); 2) Martha Latham (1838-1857);
3) Louisa Joyner; 4) Martha Alspaugh (1838-1909)
Richard Griffith m. 1) Mary Elizabeth Fleming; 2) Julia Krider
Sarah Catherine Griffith (1835-bef. 1870) m. Samuel Swarington (abt. 1832-aft. 1880)
Margaret Griffith (1836) m. W. J. Atkinson
Samuel Hunter Griffith (1837)

Dovie, wife of Daniel Webb Griffith, is named in the will of Matthias Swisher in 1870, from which we suspected that she was his daughter. However, an obituary says that she was the sister of John B. Holman, and she is buried as Dovie Holman Griffith. What was her connection to Matthias Swisher?

Sixth Generation

Children of Zaddock Griffith and Emily Camilla Johnson
Dr. James F. Griffith (abt. 1849-?) m. Sallie Miller
Charles Manley Griffith (abt. 1850-?) m. Laura Clouse
Thomas Wharton Griffith (abt. 1854-?) m. Margaret Naylor/Nailor (sold orginal tract {Tanglewood} to Wm. Neal Reynolds in 1921)
Jannie/Jennie B. Griffith m. William Beeson Stafford (1860-1941)


Children of Daniel W. Griffith and Dovie Holman
Mary Cecelia Griffith (ca. 1845-?) m. John C. Turner
Martha Elizabeth Griffith (ca. 1847-?) m. Wilford Horn (1844-1923)
Margaret J. Griffith (ca. 1848-1931) m. ___ Guffy
Zadock R. Griffith (ca. 1853-?)
Eliza Catherine Griffith (1855-1925) m. Rev. Henry F. Turner (1850-1926)
Ida A. Griffith (1857-1927) m. W.B. Mason
Ebenezer H. Griffith (ca. 1861-?)
Daniel W. Griffith (ca. 1863-?)

Dovie's obituary (April 5, 1901) says that five daughters and three sons survive her.


Children of Charles Franklin Griffith and Sarah Lemira Taylor
John Franklin Griffith (1852-1938) m. Virginia Miller (1856-1948)
William Wainwright Griffith (1854-1933) m. Martha Ada Miller (1865-1952) (1st cousin to Virginia)


Children of Robert Griffith and 1) Mary Smoot
Charles Thomas Griffith (1849-?)
Daniel B. Griffith (1854-1855)

Robert Griffith's second wife is buried in Joppa cemetery, Mocksville NC, with the inscription "Martha A., wife of Robert Griffith, December 24, 1838 - January 22, 1857, aged 18 years, 28 months [sic in transcription]. Her infant son sleeps with her."

Children of Robert Griffith and 3) Louisa Joyner
Nancy E. Griffith (1861-?)
Mary S. Griffith (1865-?)
Margaret C. Griffith (1867-?)

Children of Robert Griffith and 4) Martha Alspaugh
Martha Cecelia Griffith (1872-1945)
Sarah Louise Griffith (1874-1924)
Zadock O. Griffith (1876?-1937)
Benjamin Franklin Griffith (1877-1945) m. Lula Tesh
Robert O. Griffith (1879-?)

Seventh Generation

Children of John Franklin Griffith and Virginia Miller
Oscar Griffith (1876-1955) m. Mabel Johnson
Peral Griffith (1879-1946) m. James Lentz
Myrtle Griffith (1888-1972) m. Ray Johnson
Wallace Griffith (1882-1942) m. Edna ?
Mary Griffith m. David Reid
John W. Griffith (1893-1917) WWI soldier


Children of William Wainwright Griffith and Ada Miller:
John Frank Griffith (1887-1973) m. Dora Cook (1886-1955)
Margaret Mae Griffith (1890-1985) m. John Daniel Sheek (1880-1973) s/o Jacob Tillet Sheek and Mary Jane Hall
William Miller Griffith (1890/92-1948) m. Ila Evola Smith (1896-1937)
Jeff Welborn Griffith (1900-1967) m. Eva Cook (1900-1975)
Jennie Griffith (1903-1980) m. Isaac E. Winfrey, Sr.


Children of Sarah Catherine Griffith and Samuel Swarington
Charles G. Swarington (abt. 1860)
Zadock Swarington (abt. 1861)
Zillah Catherine (Kate) Swarington (abt. 1866) m. Jacob H. Cornatzer


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