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Alspach/Alspaugh Family

First Generation

Henry Alspach (1769-1841) m. Nancy (Anny) Douthit (1775-1862)

Second Generation

Children of Henry Alspach and Nancy (Anny) Douthit
Rev. John Alspaugh (1802-1893) m. 1) Elizabeth Delashmit (Lashmit) (1805-1863), 2) Henrietta Schultz (1839-1902)
Mary "Polly" Alspaugh m. Henry Boyer (1817-bef. 1850)
Nathaniel Alspaugh (1806-1872) m. 1) Mahala Clifton, 2) Mary Douthit (1820-1880)
Henry Alspaugh
Nancy Alspaugh m. Benjamin Lashmet (1794-1858)
Emanuel/Manuel Alspaugh (1812-1856) m. Nancy Jane Moreland Douthit (1824-1869) (m. 1841)
Elizabeth Alspaugh (ca. 1815-?) m. William McBride (1815-?)
s/o Martin Chandler McBride and Elizabeth Gray

Third Generation

Children of Rev. John Alspaugh and Elizabeth Delashmutt
Samuel Alspaugh (1824-1907) m. Elizabeth Teague (1830-1903)
Nancy J. Alspaugh (1827-?) m. Jeffrey Coltrain
John Wesley Alspaugh (1828-1912) m. Olivia (1829-1868), widow of William Steadman
Mary Elizabeth Alspaugh (1832-1884) m. Augustin C. Transou (1819-1864)
Elias C. Alspaugh (1835-?)
James Alspaugh (1836-1862, d. Civil War)
Emily F. Alspaugh (1837-1920) m. Charles Atwood (1836-1879)
Albert Alspaugh (1842-1863, d. Civil War)
Sarah Elizabeth Alspaugh (1844-1915) m. John L. Pratt (1834-1888),
s/o of Wm. Gholson Pratt and Johanna Elizabeth Butner)

Children of Rev. John Alspaugh and Henrietta Schultz
Robert Lee Alspaugh (1869-1963) m. Margaret Elizabeth Endsley (1867-1924)
William Augustine Alspaugh (1871?-1969) m. Emma Hier (1869-1965)

Cemetery records give Robert's birthdate as 27 Nov 1869 and William's as 25 May 1870, which are incompatible for children of the same mother.


Children of Nathaniel Alspaugh and Mahala Clifton
Martha Alspaugh (1838-1909) m. Robert Griffith (1824-1904)
Sarah Jane Alspaugh (1840-1885)

Children of Nathaniel Alspaugh and Mary Douthit
James F. Alspaugh (1845-?)
Emily P. Alspaugh (1847-?) m. William Wesley Grubbs (ca. 1853-1945)
Calvin A. Alspaugh (ca. 1848-?)
John H. Alspaugh (ca. 1851-?)
William A. Alspaugh (ca. 1854-?)
Nathaniel B. Alspaugh (1855-1936) m. Luvenia Huff (1869-1930)
Mary C. Alspaugh (ca. 1859-?) m. Simon Kiger (ca. 1858-?)

Fourth Generation

Children of Samuel Alspaugh and Elizabeth Teague
Eliza Jane Alspaugh (1851-1924) m. Amos Edgar Transou 1845-1925)
Leon Virgil Alspaugh (1853-1896) m. Lula E. Gewin (1867-1960)
Franklin P. Alspaugh (1855-1935) m. Lizzie Adelia Wax (1862-1946)
Webster E. Alspaugh (1857-1936) m. Mary Miller (1870-1966)
Victoria E. Alspaugh (1858-1861)
John A. Alspaugh (1860-1917) m. Edna Jane Petree (1862-1947)
James Andrew Alspaugh (1862-1933) m. Catherine Helen Slater (1872-1954)
Lillie L. Alspaugh (1864-1960) m. 1) John Emery Johnson (1854-1900), 2) Francis Arlindo Jones (1862-1921)
Dora Alspaugh (1867-1929) m. Charles A. Spaugh (1868-1946)
Samuel Alspaugh (1869-?)


Personal Communications with James Frisbee

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1860 Census, Forsyth Co., NC

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