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Stafford Family

First Generation

John Stafford was born about 1756 and died in 1846. He seems to have married three times, but we know the name only of the second wife, Sarah Williams, whom he married in Guilford County in 1783. Sarah died in 1807, and John married Lydia (1765-1840), whose surname is unknown.

Second Generation

Child of John Stafford and his first wife
Robertson Stafford (1777-1854) m. Hannah Johnson (1779-1857)

Child of John Stafford and Sarah Williams
James Stafford (1786-1849) m. Elizabeth Monroe (1789-1849)

Presumably John Stafford had other children. Can anyone help us with these?

The 1820 Stokes County, NC census lists a John Stafford and a James Stafford. In 1830, Stokes County Census we find John Stafford as Head of Household (page 99). John Stafford's closest neighbors are Abraham Wood and Daniel Faw.

James Stafford is also found in the 1830 Stokes County Census as Head of Household: males (2-5, 1-20, 1-50); females (1-10, 1-50); male slaves (3-10, 1-36); female slaves (1-10, 2-36). His closest neighbors are: John Spach, Sr. and John S. Davis.

James Stafford died in August, 1849 in Forsyth County, NC. His wife, Elizabeth Monroe Stafford, died about one month later. She was 60 years of age.

Third Generation

Children of Robertson Stafford and Hannah Johnson
Zadock Stafford (1807-1883) m. Hannah Hanes (1809-1878)
Henry Stafford (1809-1888) m. 1) Mary Smith (d. bef. 1840), 2) Sarah Ann Shields (1816-1866), 3) Caroline E. Pitts (1824-1893), d/o Isaac Pitts and Martha Teague
Levi Stafford (1813-1885) m. Elizabeth Hanes (1811-1885)
Hiram Stafford, probably died in childhood
Robertson Stafford (1819-1893) m. Elizabeth J. Hendricks (1825-1901)

We suspect that Hannah and Elizabeth Hanes were sisters. Who were their parents?


Children of James Stafford (1786-1849) and Elizabeth Monroe
John Monroe Stafford (1813-1877) m. 1) Mary Elizabeth Booe (1824-1868),
d/o John Booe and Elizabeth Cheshire, 2) Esther Peeler d/o Caleb and Salome Peeler
Almaron J. Stafford (1815-1863) m. 1) Sarah L. Trantham (1816-1855); 2) Cornelia S. Price
Samuel Hubert Stafford (1818-1823)
Abigail M. Stafford (1821-?) m. John Saunders
Homer Milton Stafford (1823-)
James Alvanon Stafford (1825-1830)
Henry Franklin Stafford (1829-?)
Alexander M. Stafford (1832-?)
Phebe Emily Stafford (1834-?)
Lydia Stafford (1840-?)

Fourth Generation

Children of Zadock Stafford and Hannah Hanes
Isaac A.H. Stafford (ca. 1832-?)
Samuel H. Stafford (ca. 1833-?) m. Martha Phipps (1836-1917), d/o Ransom Phipps and Chloe Idol
Marcus L. Stafford (ca. 1835-?)
Lavinia E. Stafford (ca. 1843-?)
Zadock J. Stafford (ca. 1846-?)
Sarah L. Stafford (ca. 1850-?)
Ellen M. Stafford (ca. 1855-?)


Children of Henry Stafford and Mary Smith
Harvey H. Stafford (ca. 1832-?)
Andrew H. Stafford (1837-1929) m. Etha Malinda Sells (1835-1899), d/o Jonathan Sells and Sarah Mathews

Children of Henry Stafford and Sarah Shields
Amanda Stafford (1841-1900) m. Henry W. Sapp (1841-1909), d/o Henry Sapp and Mary Teague
John H. Stafford (1842-1865)
William P. Stafford (1844-1866)
David R. Stafford (1847-1921) m. Laura Ann Swaim (1850-1923), d/o Joseph Swaim and Keziah Idol
Thomas E. Stafford (1848-1866)
Elisha W. Stafford (1850-1884)
Rosana A. Stafford (1852-1866)
Mary Eliza Stafford (1853-1918) m. her cousin Julius H. Stafford Sarah Meranda Stafford (1855-1871)
Cornelius J. Stafford (ca. 1856-1857)


Children of Levi Stafford and Elizabeth
Hannah M. Stafford (1835-1910) m. 1) Reuben Franklin Payne, 2) Samuel Edwin Duggins (1847-1926), s/o Napoleon Duggins and Mary Eliza Butner
Robertson Stafford (1837-1912) m. Ruth J. Fulp (ca. 1836-1911)
Zadoc N. Stafford (1839-1908)
Sarah M. Stafford (1841-1861)
Mary E. Stafford (1843-1921) m. Yancy Crews (1844-1921)
Malissa Stafford (ca. 1846-?)
Oliver Stafford (ca. 1848-?)
Julius H. Stafford (1850-1937) m. Mary Eliza Stafford
Levina Stafford (1853-1941) m. William P. Wilson


Children of Robertson Stafford and Elizabeth Hendricks
Elias H. Stafford (ca. 1848-?)
Hyram L. Stafford (ca. 1852-?)
Marcus L. Stafford (1854-1932) m. Leah Corina Idol (1849-1893)
David F. Stafford (ca. 1856-?)
Laura A. Stafford (ca. 1859-?)
Joseph Stafford (ca. 1861-?)
Benjamin Stafford (ca. 1864-?)

Children of John Monroe Stafford and 1) Mary Elizabeth Booe
Elizabeth Jane Stafford (1843-1891)
Sarah Ann Stafford (1845-1910) m. George Nissen
Clark Taylor Stafford (1847-1870)
Abigail Minerva Stafford (1849-1873)
Franklin Pierce Stafford (1853-1885)
John Douglas Stafford (1855-1877)
William Beeson Stafford (1857-1950)
[dates corrected 2/8/04] m. Jennie B. Griffith
Leo Washington Stafford (1860-1941) m. Nancy Minerva Foster (1861-1934),
d/o Coleman Foster and Minerva Call, granddaughter of Margaret Elizabeth Sheets and John Call
Oscar M. Stafford (1864-?)
George Louis Stafford (1866-?)
Emma L. Stafford

"Stafford, John M.., Esq., aged 63 years, 8 months, and 18 days, March 1, 1877, at his residence in Forsyth County. Mr. Stafford was a prominent and useful citizen, having served his county acceptably as a magistrate, chairman of the county court, and Senator from Stokes and Forsyth in the state legislature. A gentleman of remarkable energy, he accumulated a large estate and in many instances enabled persons to secure homes for themselves and families. His remains were interred at Plesant Fork Church." -- Death Notices from the Peoples Press (Salem, NC) 1851-1892, published by the Forsyth County Genealogical Society

Children of John Monroe Stafford and 2) Esther Peeler
Mary Salome Stafford (1872-?)
Lula H. Stafford (1874-?)


Children of Almaron J. Stafford and 1) Sarah L. Trantham
John Calhoun Stafford
Francis Marion Stafford (1838-1851)

Almaron J. Stafford was the Forsyth County Clerk of Court for 12 years and held the rank of General when he died near in the Valley of Virginia while visiting NC Confederate troops.

John Calhoun Stafford, was a Captain in command of Company K, 48th Regiment, NC Troops and was the sole surviving officer in the company when he was wounded during the bloody "Battle of Fredericksburg, VA". He died shortly thereafter, having been returned to his home. He and his father are buried in the Salem Cemetery. -- Death Notices from the Peoples Press (Salem, NC) 1851-1892, published by the Forsyth County Genealogical Society


Children of Abigail M. Stafford and John Saunders
Emily D. Saunders (?-1865)

Third Generation

Children of William Beeson Stafford and Jennie B. Griffith
Blanche Stafford (1882-1945)
Mary Emma Stafford (1885-?)
Jennie "Cleve" Cleveland Stafford (1887-?)
William Griffith Stafford (1889-1939)
Sallie George Stafford (1891-?)


Children of Leo Washington Stafford and Nancy Minerva Foster
John Coleman Stafford (1881-1960) m. Laura Woody (1883-1974)
Mary "Mamie" Minerva Stafford (1883-1960)
William "Will" Issac Stafford (1886-1921)
Joseph Franklin Stafford (1889-1950) m. Florence Atkinson (1892-1955)
Luke A. Stafford (1892-1923)
Walter Ernest Stafford (1895-1924) m. Georgia Sherwood James
Thomas James Stafford (1899-1984) m. Elizabeth "Libby" H. Topinka (1900-1937)
Laura Lee Stafford (1903-1997) m. Joseph Theodore Terrell

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Mortality Schedule, Forsyth County, 1850

Stokes County Census 1790, 1800, 1820, 1830, published by the Forsyth County Genealogical Society

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