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Romig Family

First Generation

Johann Adam Romig (1689-1768) was born in 1689 in Neidenstein, Palatinate, the son of Georg Wendel Romig and Margaretha Herner. He married Agnes Margaretha Bernhardt (1687-ca. 1735), daughter of Nicholaus and Elisabetha Bernhardt, in 1712 in Ittlingen. They emigrated on the Dragon in 1732. Nine children are named in Ittlingen church records (see Burgert, Northern Kraichgau), but two of these appear to have died very young, probably before they left Europe. Agnes Margaretha died soon after their arrival in Pennsylvania, and he married Maria Ursula Wanner, daughter of Mattheus and Anna Margaretha Wanner, with whom he had five additional children.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Adam Romig and Agnes Margaretha Bernhardt
Anna Eva Romig, b. ca. 1712, m. George Numgessor
Johann Friederich Romig (1714-1793) m. Catharina Siegfried (1719-1793)
Johann Bernhard Romig (1716-?) m. Anna Elisabeth Deck (1725-?)
Johann Martin Romig (1719-1751) m. Anna Elisabeth ?
Maria Margaretha Romig (1722-1804) m. Andreas Volck (1722-1790)
Anna Maria Romig (1724-1806) m. Joseph Siegfried
Maria Elisabetha Romig (1726-?)
Johann Heinrich Romig (1729-1786) m. 1) Maria Elisabetha Kiesel Xander, 2) Hannah Volck
Georg Wendel Romig (b. & d. 1731)

Third Generation

Children of Johann Friedrich Romig and Catharina Siegfried
Descendants of this couple mostly stayed in Pennsylvania
John Christian Romig (1738-1803) m. 1) Benigna Wetzel, 2) Maria Rothermel
Joseph Romig (1740-ca. 1814) m. Anna ?
John Adam Romig (1741-1798) m. 1) Catherine Butz, 2) Elizabeth Newhardt
Elizabeth Romig, m. Michael Knauss (1743-1820)
Susannah Romig (1745-1835) m. Henry Egner (1739-1844)
John Frederick Romig (1747-1794) m. Elisabeth Knauss (1753-1825)
Catherine Romig (1748-1816) m. Johannes Knauss
Magdalena Romig (1750-1820) m. Daniel Peter
Heinrich Romig (1752-?)
Anna Maria Romig (1754-1813) m. Samuel Butz
Jacob Romig (1757-1795?) m. Catharina Dreher
Margaretha Romig (1759-?) m. Peter Butz


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