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Volck/Fulk Family

First Generation

Andreas Volck, born About 1678 near Worms, Germany, came to America in December 1708 on the "Globe" with his wife Catharina Meckel, part of the Palatine company of the Reverend Joshua Kocherthal. They had been promised land along the Hudson River in New York, but the settlement failed, and Andreas and his family moved first to Philadelphia and then to Allemangel PA, where they joined the Moravian Church. Andreas died in 1747 in Pennsylvania. Catharina survived him, dying in 1762.

The Volck surname eventually becomes Fulk.

Second Generation

Children of Andreas Volck and Catharina Meckel
*Maria Barbara Volck (1703-1777) m. John Holder
Georg Hieronymous Volck (1705-1761) m. 1) ??, 2) Dorothea Dewees (1722-?); no children
Anna Gertraut Volck (1707-?)
Carl Volck (1708-1769) m. Catharina Herr (1713-1775)
Anna Maria Volck (1710-?) m. William Meyer
Johannes Volck (1712-?)
Elisabeth Volck (1714-1769) m. Andreas Kramer
Jacob Daniel Volck (ca.1716-?) m. Mary Dewees (1721-?)
Anna Catharina Volck (ca.1718?-?) m. ? Dreis
Andreas Volck (1722-1790) m. Maria Margaretha Romig (1722-1804)

*Some Holder family materials gave her name as Anna Barbara, but we now think this is incorrect, and that it was actually Maria Barbara.

Andreas and Maria Margaretha were the only ones from this generation to move to NC. However, Wilhelm Volck, a son of Jacob Daniel, also moved to North Carolina and is the ancestor of many Fulk descendants there.

Third Generation

Children of Carl Volck and Catharina Herr
Hannah Volck (1731-1763) m. Johann Heinrich Romig (1729-1786)
Jacob Volck (1736-?)
Georg Volck (1739-?)
Catharina Volck (b. & d. 1741)
Catharina Volck (1743-?)
Rebecca Volck (1745-1769), did not marry
Johannes Volck (b.& d. 1747)
unnamed infant (stillborn 1748)
unnamed twin infants Volck (stillborn 1749)
Maria Volck (1752-?)
Rosina Volck (b. & d. 1754)
Carl Volck (1757-?)
unnamed infant Volck (stillborn 1759)


Children of Jacob Daniel Volck and Mary Dewees
Johannes Volck
Wilhelm Volck (1741-1815) m. Magdalena ??; moved to NC, had nine children


Children of Andreas Volck and Maria Margaretha Romig
Anna Maria Volck (1744-1801) m. Johann Krause (1743-1830)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1746)
Christina Volck (1747-1800) m. Benjamin Leinbach (1746-ca. 1794)
Heinrich Volck (b. & d. 1749)
Anna Catharina Volck (1751-1814) m. Johann Jacob Spainhour (1750-1822)
Johann Adam Volck (1753-1829) m. Maria Sarah Moser (1755-ca. 1850)
Maria Magdalena Volck (1755-1849) m. Heinrich Arney (1755-1830), moved to Indiana
Johannes Volck (1758-ca. 1806) m. Anna Maria Hartmann (1763-?)
Maria Margaretha Volck (1760-1851) m. Isaac Pfaff (1755-1832)
Johanna Volck (1763-1814) m. Johann Jacob Volz (1753-?)
Andreas Volck (1765-1814) m. 1) Maria Magdalena Hauser (1766-1791), 2) Rebecca Laydon
unnamed infant (b. &. d. 1766)

Fourth Generation

Possible children of Johann Adam Volck and Maria Sarah Moser
Joseph Volck (1776-1854) m. Maria Barbara Fiscus (1776-bef. 1824)
John Volck (1779-1849) m. Maria Elisabeth Fiscus (1783-1835)
Adam Volck (1780-?) m. Molly Schutz
Peter Fulk (1781?-) m. Sarah Darnell
Anna Maria Volck (1783-1787?)
Andrew Volck (1785-1840) m. Susannah Fiscus (1789-aft/ 1850)
Leonard Volck (1787?-?) m. Lydia Darnell
*Nathaniel Volck (1790-?)
*Daniel Fulk (ca. 1790-aft. 1860) m. Peggy Boose
Frederick Fulk (1793-1869) m. Maria Catharina Moser (1797-1886)
Catherine Fulk (ca. 1794-?) [uncertain]

Names and birthdates for children in this family come from several different sources and may not be correct. Based on known marriage dates, this order seems reasonable, but it is not certain, nor have we verified that all the children are theirs.

Most of the children in this family moved to Indiana and Illinois. Peter remained in NC, and appears in the 1850 Stokes Co. census, apparently a widower. Daniel and Frederick also remained in NC.

The possibility has been raised that "Nathaniel", about whom nothing else is known, is actually Daniel.


Children of Johannes Volck and Anna Maria Hartmann
Henry Volck (1786-?)
Anna Maria Volck (1788-?) m. William Denny, moved to Indiana
Anna Catherine Volck (Fulk) (1791-1865), m. John Helsabeck (1791-1847) (moved to Owen Co. Indiana. John died there, and Anna Catharine later moved to Iowa, where she died)
Maria Magdalena Volck (1793-?)
Johann Adam Volck (1795-1851) m. 1) Elizabeth Carmichael (1778-1835,IN) 2) Nancy Chelton (also moved to Owen Co. IN and purchased land in 1839. Later moved to Jasper County MO, where he died)
Johanna Volck (1800-?)
Jacob Volck (1803-?) probably the one who m. Rebecca Shore in 1826
Peter Volck (1806-?)

Previously we stated that Jacob married Tabitha Ashburn, and that Johannes and Anna Maria were also parents of Joseph Fulk who married Drucilla Ashburn, probably Tabitha's sister. We now think this is incorrect, and that those two men are the sons of Andreas Volck and Rebecca Laydon. Rebecca Fulk age 84 is living with Jacob and Tabitha in 1850 (Surry Co. NC census). [corrected March 7, 2005]

Most of this family moved to Indiana.


Children of Wilhelm and Magdalena Volck
Jacob Volck (1777-?)
George Volck (ca. 1780-?) probably m. Elizabeth _____
Johannes Volck (?-1782), died in childhood
probably Abraham Volck (1790-?) m. Sarah Martha Moser

There was one additional son and four daughters. Can anyone identify them for us?


Probable children of Andreas Volck and Rebecca Laydon
Jacob L. Fulk (1792-before 1860) m. Tabitha Ashburn
Abraham Fulk (ca. 1794-?) m. Charlotte Cettle
Henry W. Fulk (1796-1883) m. Mary Magdalene Shore
Joseph Fulk (1798-?) m. Drucilla Ashburn
Rebecca Fulk (1800-?) maybe m. Benjamin Shore
Solomon Fulk (1802-?)

Fifth Generation

Possible children of Daniel Fulk and Peggy Boose
Adam Fulk (ca. 1812-aft. 1850)
Solomon Fulk (ca. 1813-aft. 1850)
Levi Fulk
maybe Augustus Daniel Fulk (ca. 1834-?) m. Legusta (or Augusta?) Hauser (1840-1925)

Daniel Fulk married Peggy Boose in 1811. The 1820 and 1830 census records suggest they had at least seven children (4 sons and 3 daughters) but we haven't been able to come up with a definitive list yet, and can't find the family in 1840. By 1850 all the children have left home. We are assuming Adam and Solomon are theirs based on proximity in 1850, however, and also have a personal communication stating that Levi is their child. Recent discussion among some Fulk researchers has led to the hypothesis that Augustus Daniel is theirs also, presumably one of the youngest children in the family.

In 1850 Augustus Daniel is living in the home of Solomon Spainhour.


Children of Frederick Fulk and Maria Catharina Moser
William Fulk (1822-1892) m. Mary Whitt Carmichael (1824-1893)
Mary L. (Polly) Fulk (ca. 1825-1913) [did not marry]
Elizabeth Fulk (ca. 1827-aft. 1880) m. William Sizemore (1820-1880)
Andrew Fulk (1828-1882) m. Luvisa Angelina Hunter (1841-1883)
Amanda Evaline Fulk (1831-1914) m. Benjamin Franklin Cromer (1827-1909]
Jacob Fulk (1833-1911) m. Amy Terry (ca 1842-aft. 1900)
Calvin Fulk (1836-1927) m. 1) Chaney Banner (ca. 1840-?), 2) Lydia Fulk (1837-1921), d/o Noah Fulk
John Fulk


Children of Jacob Volck and Tabitha Ashburn
Anne Fulk m. Isaac Whitaker
Elizabeth Fulk m. Pleasant Evans
James Fulk (1817-?) m. Ellen J. Unk
Joel Fulk (1821-1895) m. Mary "Polly" Stone (both buried at Whitaker's Chapel Meth. Ch., Surry Co, NC)
Bryson Fulk (1824-1904) m. Emaline "Emily" Stone
Wilson Fulk (1826-1896) m. Mary Ann Taylor Flippin (both buried at Whitaker's Chapel Meth. Ch)
Augustine Fulk (1829-?) m. Emily Key
Amitta Fulk (1831)
Rebecca Fulk (1836) m. David Denny
Malinda Fulk (1837) m. John Key
Aaron Fulk (1839) m. Sarah Denny
Emily Fulk (1841) m. James Boyles

This information comes largely from an article in the Surry County Heritage book, by Rebecca Fulk Blalock and Ethel Fulk.


Children of Abraham Fulk and Charlotte Cettle
Lucy Fulk (1816-?)
William W. Fulk (1819-1886) m. Julia Ann Priscilla Hauser (1836-1931)
Rudy? Susan Fulk (1821-?)
Rachel E. Fulk (ca. 1828-?)
Sarah A.R. Fulk (ca. 1838-?)

Lucy, Rachel and Sarah are l iving with Charlotte in 1850. Riley F. Fulk, age 9 months, is also in the household. Who were his parents?

Lucy and Rudy Susan are listed in baptismal records at Shiloh Lutheran church.
William is identified as son of Abraham and Charlotte from his marriage license.


Children of Joseph Volck and Drucilla Ashburn
Andrew J. Fulk (1827-?) probably m. Julia A. Stone (1830-1892)
Christian P. Fulk (1830-?) probably m. Mary Ann Whitaker
John W. Fulk (1833-?)

Fifth Generation

Children of Augustus Daniel Fulk and Legusta Hauser
Rufus Sylvanus Levi Fulk (1858-1928) m. Emma Peacock
Cornelia Margaret Fulk (ca. 1861-?) m. Charles Cline
Laura Gertrude Fulk (1864-1951) m. Albert Hillary Pfaff (1859-1928)
Alice F. Fulk (1869-?) m. Charles N. Pfaff (1849-?)
A. Fulk (ca. 1873-?)
C.E. Fulk (ca. 1874-?)
M. Ann Fulk (ca. 1875-?)
Paul Samuel Fulk (1877-1959) m. Dora A. Long (1875-1957)

A., C.E. and M. Ann are all daughters who appear in the 1880 census.
Can anyone tell us their full names?

The census takers had problems with this family, and we're not entirely sure we have the wife's name right either. In 1860 this couple appears as Augustin and Augusta, in 1870 they are BOTH named Augusta. The marriage bond reads Augustin Fulk and Legusta Hauser, and two Moravian records for their children call her Ligustus.


Children of William Fulk and Mary Whitt Carmichael
Millie Elizabeth Fulk (1855-1930) m. Francis M. Hartgrove (1842-1923)
John William Fulk (1857-1930) m. Cathryn Susan (Susie) Wall (1858-1918)
Martha S. Fulk (1860-1914) m. W. Lurico Boles (1857-1916


Children of Jacob Fulk and Amy Terry
Bettie Fulk (abt. 1861) m. unknown Sapp
Virginia E. Fulk (ca. 1866-?)
Mary J. Fulk (ca. 1868-?) m. William McGee
Luther E. Fulk (1872-1939) m. Amanda Thomas (abt. 1870-aft. 1900)
John W. Fulk (1876-1932)
Maggy L. Fulk (ca. 1879-?) m. Jacob Leonard

These are the children listed in the 1880 census. Were there others born later?


Child of Calvin Fulk and Chaney Banner
Thomas William Fulk (1858-1940) m. Mary Willis

Note: Thomas Fulk's obituary names his mother as Chischaney Banner. However, the marriage record for Cavlin and Chaney gives her name as Bowen.


Who are the parents of the following?

Isaac Fulk (ca. 1810-?) m. Elisabeth Spainhour, daughter of Jacob Spainhour and Susanna Maria Reich

Children of Isaac Fulk and Elisabeth Spainhour
William A. Fulk (1839-1862)
Martha W. Fulk (1841-?)
Columbus E. Fulk (1845-?)
James M. Fulk (1847-?)
Lucita Fulk (1850-?) m. Merida Anderson
Elizabeth Fulk (1853-?)
Alexander Fulk (1838-1921) m. Emily J. Martin (1857-?)

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Faye Jarvis Moran

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Thanks to John Speight for contributing information on his family line, Johannes Volck and Anna Maria Hartmann. John's email address is:

Owen and Clay County, IN Genealogy

Thanks to Bill Holder, especially for assistance on members of this family who moved to Indiana.

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 11 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

Curtis, Oscar F., Holder and Allied Families, LDS 1638369/34; also see LDS 1638368

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