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Knauss Family

First Generation

Johann Ludwig Knauss was born in 1685 in Düdelsheim, Büdingen, Hessen, the son of Lucas Knauss and his wife, whose name is unknown. He married Anna Margaretha Görlach, also of Düdelsheim, in 1707. In 1723 they immigrated to America. Most of their children settled in the area of Emmaus, Lehigh Co. PA.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Ludwig Knauss and Anna Margaretha Gorlach
Gottfried Knauss (1707-1777) m. 1) Regina Louisa ??, 2) Anna Eva ??
Johann Peter Knauss (1710- prob. 1748)
Johann Heinrich Knauss (1712-1761) m. Maria Catharina Röder
Sebastian Heinrich Knauss (1714-1777) m. Anna Catharina Transou (1722-1799)
Anna Catharina Knauss (1717-?)
Eva Dorothea Knauss (1719-1763) m. 1) John Fahs or Faaser (1718-1747), 2) Peter Lerch, 3) Andreas Eisenhart (1715-1770)
Anna Barbara Knauss (1721-?)
Anna Margaretha Knauss (1723-?) m. George Rueger [error corrected, 5/12/01]
Daniel Knauss (1726-1792)
John George Knauss (ca. 1728-1778) m. Maria Charlotte Bishop
John Ludwig Knauss (1730-1809)
Maria Catherine Knauss (1734-1804) m. Andreas Giering (1729-1803)
Sophia Knauss (1737-1813) m. Ludwig Andreas

Third Generation

Children of Sebastian Heinrich Knauss and Anna Catharina Transou
Heinrich Knauss (1741-1810) m. Anna Maria Ehrenhardt (1748-1840)
Catharine Knauss (1743-?) m. Conrad Ernst
Leonhardt Knauss (1745-1823) m. Johanna Salome Mueller (1743-1831)
Anna Maria Knauss (1747-1828) m. 1) Tobias Meyer, 2) Philip Philbert
Johannes Knauss (1748-1822) m. Catharina Romig (1748-1816)
Joseph Knauss (1750-1826?) m. 1) Magdalena Boeckel (1752-1814), 2) Eva Catharina Volz (1762-1845), widow of Matthaeus Nading
Elisabeth Knauss (1753-1825) m. John Frederick Romig (1747-1794)
Abraham Knauss (1754-1836) m. Elizabeth Boeckel
Jacob Knauss (1757-?) m. Rosina Kreiter? or Rosina Gorr?
John Ludwig Knauss (1759-1832) m. 1) Mary Magdalena Klein, 2) Catharina Werner
Magdalena Knauss (1761-1803) m. Joseph Clewell
Anna Johanna Knauss (1765-?) m. George Clewell
Philipp Knauss (1767-1789)

Fourth Generation

Children of Heinrich Knauss and Anna Maria Ehrenhardt
Magdalene Knauss (1785-1869) m. Abraham Doll


Children of Leonhart Knauss and Johann Salome Mueller
Christian Knauss (1778-1847) m. Maria Hauser (1777-1854) (daughter of Daniel Hauser and Elisabeth Meyer, of Hope NJ)


Children of Johannes Knauss and Catharina Romig
John Philip Knauss (1786-?) m. Magdalene Wunch


Children of Joseph Knauss and Magdalena Boeckel
Elisabeth Knauss (1777-1814) m. Daniel Thomas Zimmerman(1774-1855)
Johannes Knauss (1778-1836) [error corrected 5/12/01] m. Lucy Peddycord (1783-?)
Anna Maria Knauss (1779-1839) m. John Butner (1778-1857)
Anna Catharina Knauss (1781-1847) m. Johann Spach (1782-1861)
Philip Knauss (1783-1786)
Magdalena Knauss (1785-1826) m. Joseph Rothrock (1785-1868)
Anna Johanna Knauss (1787-1847) m. John Hauser (1783-1823) updated Feb 7, 2016
unnamed daughter (b. & d. 1790)
George Jacob Knauss (1792-1853) m. Maria Mock (1794-1844)
stillborn daughter (1796)

Joseph Knauss moved with his family to NC about 1780.


Children of Abraham Knauss and Elizabeth Boeckel
Ludwig Knauss (1789-1834) m. Sarah Minnich (1790-1844)
John Knauss
Maria Knauss
Anthony Knauss

Fifth Generation

Children of George Jacob Knauss and Maria Mock
John Solomon Knouse (1817-1882) m. Eva Charity Spach (1819-1878)
Joseph Joshua Knouse (1824-1889) m. Mary Ann Elizabeth Frey (1833-1897) (who were her parents?)
Jesse Anderson Knouse (1830-1891) m. Susanna Matilda Tesh (1832-1905)

Sixth Generation

Children of John Solomon Knouse and Eva Charity Spach
Jonas Knouse (1847-1911) m. Nancy Pauline Mock (1849-1892)
Jane Knouse (d. 1928) m. Leander Nicholson Mock (1842-1917)
Jacob Joshua Knouse (1850-1874)


Children of Joseph Knouse and Mary Frey
Emanuel Knouse (ca. 1854-?)
Theodore Franklin Knouse (ca. 1855-1915) m. 1) Mary Elizabeth Snipes (1859-?), d/o Andrew Snipes and Lydia Lavinia Pfaff; 2) Drusilla Sink Shutt (d. 1956), d/o Jacob Sink and Emma Byerly
Eliza C. Knouse (ca. 1859-?)
John Wesley Knouse (1862-1863)
Samuel Augustus Knouse (1864-1944)
Ellen Knouse (ca. 1870-?)
George Knouse (ca. 1873-1935)


Children of Jesse Knouse and Susanna Tesh
Sarah Louise Knouse (1853-1926) m. Zachariah Fishel (1840-1930)
Franklin Theophilus Knouse (1855-1910) m. Louisa Magdalena Eliza Fishel (1847-1934)

Seventh Generation

Children of Jonas Knouse and Pauline Mock Laura Knouse (ca. 1870-?) m. Lee Craver
Clara Knouse (ca. 1872-?) m. John Brewer
George Knouse (1873-1946)
[dates corrected 3/1/04] m. Lillie Maria Josephine Shoaf (1879-1905)
Jacob Knouse (ca. 1879-?) m. Sallie Sink
Mary Knouse (ca. 1882-?) m. William Kinney

Other persons working on this family

John Getz (Eva Dorothea Knauss and John Fahs)
Dalice McFadden (Andreas Eisenhart)
Joel Newport (Ludwig Knauss and Sarah Minnich)


Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

Personal communication from Joel Newport, July 1996

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