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John Henry Smith Family

First Generation

John Henry Smith was born in 1793 in what was then Rowan Co. NC, Married Rachel Sapp in 1812, and died in 1870. Rachel (1792-1865) was the daughter of Newell Sapp and Sarah Brummel Covey. John and Rachel are buried at Abbott's Creek Primitive Baptist, Davidson Co. NC.

Was he the brother of Thompson Smith who married Elizabeth White?

Second Generation

Children of John Henry Smith and Rachel Sapp
David Smith (1813-1890) m. Elizabeth Hine (1815-1872)
Mary Smith (1815-1883) m. 1) Jesse Swaim (1816-1873), 2) Jacob Smith (1806-1882)
Phoebe Smith (1821-?) m. John P. Hitchcock (1816-1885), s/o Asahel Hitchcock and Hannah Teague
Henry Smith (1823-1893) m. Lavinia Shields (1826-1894)
Thompson Smith (1827-1878) m. Rosamond Hines (1830-1916), d/o Jacob Heinrich Hein and wife Hannah
James Smith (1830-1837)
William Smith (1833-1876) m. Ruth Jane Williard (1834-1916)

William's middle name is sometimes given as Henry. Is this correct, despite the fact that he had a brother named Henry?

Third Generation

Children of David Smith and Elizabeth Hine
John W. Smith (1843-1862)
Joice/Josey? Smith (ca. 1846-?) m. John G. Reed (1845-1916), s/o John Rudolph Reed and Anna Benigna Hein
Joseph Smith (ca. 1847-?) m. Christina Smith, d/o John Smith and Elizabeth Bowles
Florina Smith (1848-1934) m. 1) Henry F. Smith, s/o John Smith and Elizabeth Bowles; 2) Joseph Williard (1836-1927)
Daniel Smith (1850-1933) m. Caroline Amanda Sells (1848-1926)
Noah Smith (1854-1858)
Phebe Ann Smith (1856-1862)


Children of Thompson Smith and Rosamond Hines
Noah Smith (1854-1922) m. Lula Young
George Smith (maybe 1857-1940). Did he marry Julia Sapp?
Mary Jane Smith (1860-1892) m. Levi Ring
Jacob Smith (ca. 1862-?) m. Ida A. Blackburn
John W. Smith (ca. 1865-?) m. Ava N. Raper
Melanie Smith (ca. 1867-?)
Andrew Smith (1869-?)


Children of William Smith and Ruth Jane Williard
Joseph Matason Smith (1856-1934) m. 1) Phebe L. Weavil (1858-1910), 2) Emma Glendora Johnson, d/o Franklin Johnson and Mary Whicker
Laura Elizabeth Smith (1858-1930) m. Lewis Jefferson Weavil (1854-1935)
Phoebe Malissa Smith (1860-1939) m. Zimeriah Francis Smith, Jr. (1863-1900)
Mary Catharine Smith (1862-1865)
Pleasant Silvester Smith (1865-1927) m. Nancy Jane Smith (1869-1944)
(d/o James H. Smith and Martha Jane Johnson)
William Pinkney Leroy Smith (1868-1940) m. Miranda (Randy) Jane Smith
John Henry Smith (1869-1961) m. Mary Elizabeth Sapp (1875-1963)
Eliza Ruth Jane Smith (1873-1953) m. Albert Eliel Kirkman (1877-1951)
Alexander Lorenzo Smith (1875-1953) m. Minnie Victoria Reece (1877-1962)
Florence Roberta Smith (1877-1968) m. John Rastus Smith (1877-1955)

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Thanks to Gray Harmon and Nancy Edwards for information on this family.
Other data from Forsyth and Davidson Co. public records.

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