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Swaim Family

First Generation

The Swaim family of Forsyth, Surry and Yadkin counties is of Dutch origin,and immigrated from Leerdam, Holland, to Staten Island, New York, between 1659 and 1676. John Swaim (1719-1803) left Staten Island as a young man and came to Frederick Co. VA, where he married Charity Teague, daughter of William Teague and Isabella Loftin (or Pennington?). He received a land grant in Frederick County in 1750, but by 1759 had moved to Rowan Co. NC, where he obtained land in the Abbotts Creek area (present-day northeastern Davidson and adjacent counties.) Some of the Teague family settled in the same area. In 1765 John and Charity sold the original Abbotts Creek grant and probably moved soon afterwards to what is now Yadkin County, where a deed is recorded for him on Deep Creek in 1789 (then Surry County). The Records of the Moravians in NC [2:791] refer to a visit by George Soelle to his house at Fox Nobbs, on the headwaters of Deep Creek, in 1772. John's brother Michael Swaim settled in Guilford County NC, and has many descendants in Guilford and Randolph County. We focus here mainly on John and Charity's descendants in Stokes and later Forsyth County.

This name sometimes appears in census and other records as SWIM. The name SWAIN also occurs in North Carolina. This is probably an unrelated family or families, of English origin, but researchers should be aware that the names are confused in some public records. The Swains of Guilford County were Quakers who came there from Nantucket.

Second Generation

Children of John Swaim and Charity Teague
William Swaim (1745-ca. 1811) m. Anna Robbins in 1765, Rowan Co. NC.
Charity Swaim (1747-?) m. Thomas Turner, probably his second wife
Rachel Bess Swaim (1749-?) m. Abraham Enyart (1748-1809) in 1769, Rowan County NC; moved to Kentucky
Moses Swaim (ca. 1750-?) m. Anna Catharina Hein
Solomon D. Swaim (1756-?) supposedly did not marry
Elizabeth Swaim (ca. 1760-?)
Michael Swaim (1761-1838) m. ? [NOT Rachel Vanhoy!]
Cornelius Swaim (ca. 1765-?)

Some versions of this family include a son John Swaim (1748-1827), who married Elizabeth Vickery in 1767 and lived in Randolph Co. NC. Other histories say that this John is the son of Michael Swaim, brother of John Swaim Sr. We have included John and Elizabeth Vickery Swaim's children in the next generation because a few of their descendants show up in Forsyth County.

Third Generation

Children of William Swaim and Anna Robbins
John Swaim (1766-1797)
Charity Swaim (1770-1844) m. Michael Idol, moved to Tennessee
Elizabeth Swaim (1769-?) m. Christian Bodenhamer
Mary Swaim (1774-?) m. George (?) Clampet
Amelia (Milly) Swaim (1783-bef. 1819) m. Michael Killian in 1806, moved to Indiana
Nancy Swaim (1776-?) m. John Williard
Jonathan Swaim (1772-1844) m. 1) Drucilla Morris; 2) Eva Rominger, widow of William Snow
Jesse Swaim (1780-1832) m. Magdalena Lanius (1785-1841)
Isabella Swaim (1778-?) m. Christian Reich
Moses Swaim (1786-1849) m. Susannah Ledford (1784-1861)
Michael Swaim (ca. 1784-?) or 1789? Anna Rosina Lanius (1795-1817)
Silas Swaim (1790-1859) m. Charity Bodenhamer, widow of David Manering

William Swaim's will was dated 6 Nov 1811, probated March term 1813. He names his wife Nancy, sons Jonathan, Silas, Michael; married children Elizabeth Bodenhammer, Charity Idol, Mary Clampet, Nancy Willyard, Isabell Rich, Jesse Swaim, Milly Killion, Moses Swaim. Grandsons Elijah Swaim and William Bennett. Which daughter married a Bennett? Whose son was Elijah?


Children of Moses Swaim and Anna Catharina Hein
Charity Swaim (1781-aft. 1870) (did not marry)
Michael E. Swaim (1782-abt. 1862) m. 1) Rachel Vanhoy (abt. 1791-bef. 1843) ; 2) Patience
John Swaim (1786-abt. 1872) m. Elizabeth Frances Sisk (abt. 1788-aft. 1872)
Jacob Swaim (1788-?) m. Charlotte Green
Catherine Swaim (1788-?)
Martha Swaim (1790, died as an infant)
Rachel Swaim (1790-aft. 1860) m. Jonathan Sparks
Abraham Swaim (1792-1836) m. Mary Vestal (abt, 1801-aft. 1860
William Aaron Swaim (abt. 1795-abt. 1857) Mary Green (abt. 1799-aft. 1850)
Moses Swaim (abt. 1799-abt. 1878) m. Elizbeth (Betsey) Frazier in Tennessee
daughter born 1806

Moses reportedly died in Alabama. Can anyone confirm this? Update - Yes, he is buried in Estillfork, Jackson, Alabama, Swaim FamilyCemetery

Is Abraham really their son? Circumstantial evidence suggests that he might actually belong to Michael Swaim:


Children of Michael Swaim and ?
Prudence Swaim (1790-?) m. Robert McGuire 1811, Surry Co. NC
Moses Swaim (1791-aft 1838)
Sarah Swaim (1794-aft. 1838) m. Samuel Brooks 1814, Surry Co. NC
Elizabeth Swaim (1798-aft 1838) m. James Armstrong 1818, Surry Co. NC
John Swaim (1800-1870) m. Mary Adams 1822, Surry Co. NC
Michael Swaim (ca. 1804-1886) m. Elizabeth McGuire 1828, Surry Co. NC
Solomon Swaim (1808-1865) m. Sarah Wagoner (1806-?)
Charity Swaim (aft. 1810-?) m. Isom Ball
Grace Swaim (1811-1884) m. Thomas Vestal (1807-1893), m. 1831 Surry Co. NC
Enoch D. Swaim ? doesn't appear in all lists of children for this family, not named in his father's will

Michael Swaim's will was dated 2 Jan 1838, probated May 1840 Surry County names children Michael, Charity, Grace Vestal, Moses, John, Solomon P., Elizabeth Armstrong, Sally Brooks, and Prudence McGuire.

Michael's wife is often named as Rachel Vanhoy, the daughter of John Vanhoy and Jemima Marshall, which is inconsistent with the birthdates of Michael's children; John and Jemima's daughter Rachel was born in 1794, yet the children, who can be identified from Michael's will, were born between about 1790 and 1814. We now believe that the Michael Swaim who married Rachel Vanhoy is someone different, a younger man.

We would like confirmation of the birthdates of the children in this family. Which daughter was the youngest, Charity or Grace?


Children of John Swaim and Elizabeth Vickery
Massah Swaim (1768-1846) m. Daniel Robins
William Swaim (1770?-1850) m. Elizabeth Sherwood
Joshua Swaim (1772-1855) m. Sarah Elliott
Christopher C. Swaim (1774-1851) m. Rebecca Wright
John Swaim (1777-1841) m. Mary Laughlin 1804, Randolph Co. NC
Elizabeth Swaim (1779-1863) m. Marmaduke Vickery
Ashley Swaim (1782-1856) m. Sarah Waldon or Walton; he was a Baptist minister in Davidson County
Marmaduke Swaim (1784-1832) m. ? Laurence
Charity Swaim (1786-1864) m. James Laughlin 1805, Randolph Co. NC
Moses Swaim (1788-1870) m. Ada Swindell 1812, Randolph Co. NC
Michael Swaim (1791-1878) m. Susan Hinshaw

Note: the names and dates here are a composite from several web sites, and we haven't checked any of the information against primary sources.

Fourth Generation

Children of Jonathan Swaim and Drucilla Morris
Jesse Swaim (1797-1834) m. Elizabeth Miller (1798-?), d/o Gottfried Miller and Catharina Hempleman
William Swaim (1799-1880). Did he m. Mary Lagenauer in 1829?
Levi Swaim (1799-1843) m. Maria Lagenauer (prob. 1812-1876)
John Swaim (ca. 1800-1863) m. Salome Lagenauer
Moses Swaim (1802-1843) m. Elizabeth Lagenauer (ca. 1808-aft. 1880)
Jonathan Swaim (1805-1886) Did he marry? His will names no wife or descendants
Michael Swaim (1807-?)
David Swaim (1809-?) m. Susanna Gibbins, d/o John Christian Gibbins and Magdalena Hein
Alfred or Alford Swaim (1813-1895) m. Molly ? (prob. 1812-1886)
Silas Swaim (1814-1891) m. Anna Catharina Lagenauer
Edith Swaim (ca. 1818-ca. 1862) m. Andrew Jackson Peddicord

Maria, Elizabeth, Anna Catharina, and Salome Lagenauer were sisters, daughters of John George Lagenauer and Catharina Rank. There is a marriage bond for William Swaim and a Mary Lachenauer in Stokes County in 1829, but we can't identify her.

Children of Jonathan Swaim and Eva Rominger
Drucilla Swaim (1827-1883) m. Spruce McKaughan Peddicord (1824-1881)
Catharina Swaim (ca. 1830-?)
Amelia or Permelia Swaim (ca. 1832-?) m. John Martin Bruner (1825-1907), s/o John Martin Bruner and Anna Catharina Rominger. He m. 2) Philipina Eliza Gambold (1837-1907)

Note: this is our best guess at Jonathan's marriages and children. His will, dated 1843, refers to "my ten sons and one daughter by my first wife: Jesse, William, Levi, Moses, Jonathan, Michael, David, Silas, Alford, and Edah, to be raised out of my estate" [note that this is only nine sons, assuming that Edah is really Edith]. We are assuming here that the children are named roughly in birth order, and are also taking the census records into account in trying to distinguish between individuals with similar names. There are several versions of this family on various web sites, and some conflicting data. Quite a few sites make Eva his first wife and Drucilla the second, which is inconsistent with the will, and some list a considerably younger group of children, inconsistent with the census records.

We suspect that the tenth son, not named in the will, is John Swaim, who appears in the 1850 census age 50. His wife was Salome Lagenauer, sister of the three Lagenauer women who married other brothers in this family, and in 1850 they are living adjacent to Silas and Anna Catherine Swaim. In the 1800 census, Jonathan has four males under age 10, so John was probably born before the census was taken.


Children of Jesse Swaim and Magdalena Lanius
Catherine Swaim (1806-1877) m. Joseph Elrod (1800-1835), lived Indiana
Anna (Nancy) Swaim (1807-1856) m. John Christian Gambold (1805-1870), lived Indiana
George Swaim (1810-1811)
Rosina Swaim (1812-1813)
Huldah Swaim (1814-?) m. Wiley Tucker (1810-?)
Jesse Swaim (1816-1873) m. Mary Smith
Elizabeth Swaim (1819-?) m. Eleazer Smith
Rachel Swaim (1821-?) m. Lewis Hiatt (1820-?)
Sarah Swaim (1824-1889) m. John Tucker (1815-1892), moved to Iowa
Eleazar Swaim (1826-?)
Eli Swaim (1829-1876) m. 1) Parmelia Martha Bodenhamer (1838-1867), d/o William Bodenhamer and Martha Pitts Welch; 2) Phebe P. (1847-1884), who was probably Phebe Swaim, d/o Silas Swaim and Catherine Lagenour
Thomas Swaim (1832-1840)


Possible children of Moses Swaim and Susannah Ledford
John Ledford Swaim (ca. 1808-?) m. 1) Salome Christina Spach (1807-1857), 2) Eliza Hinshaw (ca. 1822-?)
Bennett Swaim (1811-1862) m. Anna Susanna Sides (1810-1889) (buried in Benton Co., Iowa)
William Swaim (ca. 1813-bef. 1880) m. 1) Martha Hester (ca. 1812-ca. 1852), 2) Mary More (ca. 1830-1888)
Hiram D. Swaim (ca. 1816-?) m. Nancy A. Snider, d/o John Martin Schneider and Juliana Rominger
probably some missing children in here
Moses Swaim (ca. 1823-bef. 1870) m. Mary Billetter (ca. 1825-bef. 1870)
more missing children?
Sanford C. Swaim (ca. 1830-?) m. Maria Hensdale (1832-1913), d/o David Hensdale and Catherine Rothrock

The arguments for including these children in the same family rest on proximity in census records, burial places, and other associations, and quite a bit of speculation. We would be grateful for a definitive list from someone.


Children of Michael Swaim and Anna Rosina Lanius
Caroline Swaim (1815-1854) m. David Smith (1820-1865)
William L. Swaim (1817-1914) m. Paulina Vawter (ca. 1823-?)

What happened to Michael after Anna Rosina's death?


Children of Silas Swaim and Charity Bodenhamer Manering
Herbert W. Swaim (ca. 1823-1855)
Antoinette Swaim (ca. 1825-?)
Margaret E. Swaim (ca. 1827-?)

Herbert, Antoinette and Margaret are with them in the 1850 census. Did they have other children?


Children of John Swaim and Elizabeth Frances Sisk
Lucinda. S. (Lucy) Swaim (abt. 1809-1855) m. Henry Gross
Mary Elizabeth Swaim (abt. 1813) m. William J. Chappell
Moses Swaim (1817) m. Elizabeth Casstevens
William Emberry Swaim (abt. 1819-aft. 1870) m. Nancy Dunn
Solomon David Swaim (1823-1907) m. Sarah Louan Holcomb (1823-1906)
Elizabeth Swaim (abt. 1825-aft. 1850)
Jonathan Swaim (abt. 1827) m. Sarah Ann Collins
Frances Ann (Fannie) Swaim (abt. 1829-bef. 1871) m. Gabriel Richard Adams
John Swaim (abt. 1831-aft. 1860) m. Sarah
Grace A. Swaim (1833-aft. 1900) m. William Evan Casstevens

Children of John Swaim and Mary Adams
Kesiah Caroline Swaim (1824-1869) m. Moses Chappell 1851, Surry Co. NC
Solomon D. Swaim (1829-1865) m. Lucinda Callaway (1835-aft. 1902)
Margaret Swaim (1827-1915) m. Frederick Wagoner
Mary Swaim (1831-?) m. William T. Holcomb
Grace Swaim (1833-1907) m. Jonathan Wagoner
Michael W. Swaim (1835-1915) m. Mary Arnold
Margaret Eunice Swaim (1837-1901) m. John Meekins Casstevens
Susannah Evaline Swaim (1840-1908) m. Clemuel Columbus Nance
Charity Adaline Swaim (1842-1917) m. Isaac Wagoner (1845-?) in 1865, Yadkin County
Miles G. Swaim (1844-aft. 1864)
Sanford R. Swaim (1851-1918) m. Grace Ann Swaim (1850-1926), d/o Moses Swaim and Elizabeth Casstevens of Surry County

*Note: both John Swaim and his brother Michael (see below) are credited with a daughter Charity Swaim who married Isaac Wagoner. These appear to be two different couples.


Child of Michael Swaim and Martha Jane Vestal, whom he did not marry
Alexander Vestal (1824-1898) m. Delanah Groce (1828-1898), d/o Simon Groce and Sarah Carrico

Children of Michael Swaim and Elizabeth McGuire
Grace Ann Swaim (1827-aft. 1850)
Nancy C. Swaim (1829-aft. 1870) m. Calvin L. Cross
Ephraim Drake Swaim (1831-?) m. Lucinda Chappell, d/o Sherrell Chappell and Mahala Groce
Lavina Swaim (1833-?)
Charity Swaim (ca. 1834-?) m. Isaac Wagoner (ca. 1833-?) in 1856 in Surry County
Martha J. Swaim (ca. 1836-aft. 1870) m. Lewis Isbell Cartwright
Dabney Caldwell Swaim (ca. 1839-1888) m. Martha Jane Casstevens
Priscilla Swaim (ca. 1841-?) m. William C. Farrington
Little Michael Swaim (1843-aft. 1870) m. Jane E. Farrington
Tyra H. Swaim (ca. 1845-?)
Pettis Bloom Swaim (ca. 1848-aft. 1870) m. Nancy V. Ray


Children of Solomon Swaim and Sarah Wagoner
Cynthia Swaim (1829?-?) m. James A. Martin
Enoch D. Swaim (1831-?) m. Sarah Sparks
Elizabeth Swaim (1832-?)
Christopher C. Swaim (1835-?)
Josephus C. Swaim (1834-1907) m. 1) Matilda Jane Johnson (1844-?), d/o Levi Johnson and Sarah Brassfield;
2) Carrie C. Cook
Romulus M. Swaim (1838-1903) m. Sarah Johnson (1840-?), d/o Levi Johnson and Sarah Brassfield
Harriet M. Swaim (1840-?) m. Ross Gabriel
Virgil D. Swaim (1844-?) m. Dianah McBride
Solomon D. Swaim (1846-1913) m. Mary M. Sparks (1848-1932)
Sarah A. Swaim (1849-?)


Children of Ashley Swaim and Sarah Walton
Elizabeth Swaim (1803-?)
Ashley Swaim (1805-?)
Elkanah Swaim (1808-?)
Hester Swaim (ca. 1811-?)
John Murphy Swaim (ca. 1812-?)
Rebecca Swaim (1814-?)
Melinda Swaim (1817-?)
Joseph Spurgeon Swaim (1820-1865) m. Keziah Emily Idol (1819-1885), d/o Matthias Idol and Elizabeth Welch
Moses Swaim (ca. 1821-?)
Phoebe S. Swaim (ca. 1823-?)

In 1850 Ashley and Sarah's household includes Mary Craven, age 43. Is she another daughter?

Fifth Generation

Children of Jesse Swaim and Elizabeth Miller (moved to Indiana before 1834)
Nathaniel Swaim (1820-?)
Sophia Dorothea Swaim (1822-?)
Alexander Swaim (1824-?)
Maria Swaim (1825-1890) m. William Jackson Mills
Oliver Swaim (1827-?)
Traugott Swaim (1829-1875) m. 1) Parintha Osborn, 2) Philadelphia Harmon
Catharine Swaim (ca. 1831-?)
Joseph D. Swaim (1834-?)


Probable children of William Swaim and Mary (?)
Edmond Swaim (prob. 1828-1901) m. Sarah Williard, d/o Jacob Williard and Phebe Smith
Drucilla Swaim (ca. 1836-1900)


Children of Levi Swaim and Maria Lagenauer

Did they have children?


Children of John Swaim and Salome Lagenauer
Anna Catharina Swaim (1827-1849)
John George Swaim (ca. 1829-aft. 1860)
Andrew Swaim (1833-1904 - or 1914?) m. 1) Huldah Swaim (1838-1873), d/o Jesse Swaim and Mary Smith; m. 2) Mary ? (ca. 1858-?)
Parmenio Swaim (1840-1860)


Probable children of Moses Swaim and Elizabeth Lagenauer
Susan Swaim (ca. 1828-?)
Lucinda Swaim (ca. 1830-?)
Mary Swaim (ca. 1832-?)
Lewis W. Swaim (1832-1834)
Alfred Swaim (1835-1908) m. 1) Gertraud Lisette Nading (1832-bef. 1880); 2) Matilda ? (Ca. 1838-?)
Elizabeth Swaim (1837-1844)
Christina C. Swaim (1839-1844)
Nancy Swaim (1839-?)

The children Lewis, Elizabeth and Christina are all buried at Friedland Moravian church, and identified as those of Moses and Elizabeth. We believe that Elizabeth is the widow age 42 in the 1850 census, with Lucinda, Mary, Alfred, and Nancy, and that Susan Swaim, age 32 in 1860, is also theirs (in 1850 she is age 22, living with the Traugott Leinbach family). There is a slight problem however, regarding the birthdates of Christina and Nancy. Nancy's birth is documented in the Moravian records; Christina's birthdate, as given in the Forsyth County cemetery records, is three weeks earlier. We suspect that the year may be wrong in the cemetery record for Christina, but would like to verify that this really is one family.


Children of David Swaim and Susanna Gibbins
Christina M. Swaim (1836-?)
Lewis Swaim (1837-?) m. Martha Thompson
Sarah Catherine Swaim (1838-?)
William Lineberry Swaim (1840-?)
Martha E. Swaim (ca. 1844-?)
John Franklin Swaim (1845-?)
Jonathan Elijah Swaim (1847-?)
Mary L. Swaim (1850-?)

This family is in Forsyth County in 1850 but not thereafter. Where did they go?


Children of Alfred Swaim and Molly
Eli Swaim (ca. 1837-bef. 1870) m. Sarah Hensdale , d/o David Hensdale and Catherine Rothrock
stillborn child (Feb 1838)
Elizabeth Swaim (ca. 1840-?)
Belinda Swaim (ca. 1845-?)
Emanuel Swaim (ca. 1847-?) m. Jincy or Jenney More in 1865


Children of Silas Swaim and Anna Catharina Lagenauer
*Charles L. Swaim m. 1) Lucetta Reed, widow of William Williard; 2) Adelia?
Edith Louisa E. Swaim (probably 1841-1933, unmarried)
Emily Maria Swaim (1843-1892) m. Samuel Martin Yokley
Phebe P. Swaim (1845-?). Did she marry Eli Swaim, s/o Jesse Swaim and Magdalena Lanius?
William Levi Swaim (1846-1924) m. Eliza Jane Steward (1846-1930), d/o Amos Steward and Eliza Lanius
Julia Catharine Swaim (1850-1940) m. Samuel Martin Yokley in 1892
Eliza Swaim (1852-1892) m. James William Martin

*There is a Charles Swaim buried at Friedland with dates 1838-1910 who would appear to be a good match for this one, except that Silas and Anna Catharina didn't marry until 1840 and were both single at the time, i.e. Silas was not a widower. The Charles who died in 1910 left a will written in 1906 naming his mother Catherine, sister Louisa, a son of Phebe Swaim, and Eliza Martin, wife of William Martin, among other legatees, which makes it seem quite likely that this is the right Charles. Census records suggest birth about 1840-1842, no earlier.

In the 1880 census, there are three additional children, whose relationship is not specified: Adlaid (presumably Adelaide) 14, Riley 11, and Dannill (Daniel?) 8. Since neither Adelaide nor Riley is with them in 1870, we suspect that they may be grandchildren or other relatives. Daughters Julia and Eliza are still at home in 1880, unmarried. There is also a "Laura" age 38. Is this really Louisa?


Children of Jesse Swaim and Mary Smith
Huldah Swaim (1838-1873) m. Andrew Swaim (1833-1904), s/o John Swaim and Salome Lagenauer (see below)
John Swaim (ca. 1840-prob. bef. 1873).
Phebe Jane Swaim (ca. 1843-?) m. Joseph Williard
Rachel Swaim (1845-1863)
Andrew J. Swaim (1848-1866)


Children of Eli Swaim and Permelia Martha Bodenhamer
Elizabeth Swaim (ca. 1858-?)
Jesse F. Swaim (ca. 1862-?)
Mary Swaim (ca. 1866-?)

Children of Eli Swaim and Phebe Swaim
John Swaim (ca. 1874-?)
Charles Swaim (ca. 1877-?) maybe Charles 1878-1901, buried Salem?


Children of John Ledford Swaim and Salome Christina Spach
William Frederick Swaim (1830-?) m. Phebe Reich (who were her parents?)
Henry Swaim (ca. 1835-?)
Joseph Franklin Swaim (ca. 1832-?) m. 1) Elizabeth Antoinette Knauss (ca. 1833-bef. 1880); 2) Sarah ?
Anna Swaim (1837-1873) m. Theophilus Essic (1836-1877)

Children of John Ledford Swaim and Eliza Hinshaw
Samuel L. Swaim (1859-1927) m. Millie Myers (1869-1955)
Margaret Swaim (ca. 1861-?)
Jefferson Swaim (ca. 1862-?)


Children of Bennett Swaim and Anna Susanna Sides
Phebe Elizabeth Swaim (1830-1849)
Lydia E. Swaim (ca. 1831-aft. 1880) m. John Cottrell (abt. 1830-aft. 1880) (lived in Benton Co., Iowa)
Thomas G. Swaim (ca. 1834-?)
Hiram Marcus Swaim (ca. 1837-aft. 1880) m. Rebecca Cook (abt. 1836-aft. 1880) (lived in Benton Co., Iowa)
probably an unnamed infant, died in 1840
John Julius Swaim (1841-aft. 1880) m. Mary Elizabeth (abt. 1840-aft. 1880) (lived in Benton Co., Iowa)
Sarah Swaim (ca. 1843-aft. 1880) m. George W. Gaither (abt. 1841-aft. 1880) (lived in Benton Co., Iowa)
Martha A. Swaim (ca. 1845-aft. 1880) m. Charles Knapp (lived in Benton Co., Iowa)


Children of William Swaim and Martha Hester
Nancy Swaim (ca. 1837-?)
Phebe E. Swaim (ca. 1839-?)
John W. Swaim (ca. 1841-?) m. Mary Parrish in 1866
Susan E. Swaim (ca. 1844-?)
Robert H. Swaim (ca. 1846-?) m. Rhoda Ann Whicker in 1867
William M. Swaim (ca. 1849-?)
Moses S. Swaim (prob. 1850-1811) probably the one who m. Adelia Mickey (1856-1883)
Martha S. Swaim (ca. 1852-?)

Children of William Swaim and Mary More (?)
James Bennett Swaim (1856-1907) m. Sarah Frances ?
Burwell Foster. Swaim (1860-1912) m. Martha Walker (1861-1904)
Mary A. Swaim (ca. 1864-?)
Letta S. Swaim (ca. 1867-?)


Children of Hiram D. Swaim and Nancy Snider
Harriett R. Swaim (ca. 1837-?) probably the one who m. John T. Rights
Lucretia H. Swaim (ca. 1840-?) either died or married by 1860
Eliza J. Swaim (ca. 1843-?)
Sarah J. Swaim (ca. 1845-?)
Lucy E. Swaim (ca. 1848-?)
Amelia A. Swaim (ca. 1853-?)
Ellen A. Swaim (ca. 1856-?)
Samuel A. Swaim (ca. 1860-?)


Children of Moses Swaim and Mary Billetter
James A. Swaim (ca. 1846-?) maybe m. Crissy? [per 1870 census] or Jane? [per 1880]
Permelia J. Swaim (ca. 1848-?)
Nancy . Swaim (1849-1934)
Bennett Francis Swaim (1854-1920) m. Sarah Sophia Rothrock (1846-1931)
Lucinda E. Swaim (maybe 1858-1863)


Children of Sanford C. Swaim and Maria Hensdale
Hiram David Swaim (1851-1932) m. Almiria M. ? (1855-1928)
Eliza J. Swaim (ca. 1855-?)
Alice C. Swaim (ca. 1857-?)


Children of William L. Swaim and Paulina Vawter
Susanna E. Swaim (ca. 1847-?)
Caroline R. Swaim (ca. 1848-?)
Matilda J. Swaim (ca. 1849-?) m. ? Enochs
Thomas M. Swaim (ca. 1852-?)
Julius C. Swaim (ca. 1854-?) m. Mary J. Thomas, d/o William Thomas and Margaret Hayworth
Samuel W. Swaim (ca. 1859-bef. 1880?) m. Sarah A. Hege, d/o George F. Hege and Maria Martin. In 1880 Sarah Hege Swaim is living with her father and siblings, age 20.

In 1850 and 1860, Burgess P. Norman, born about 1841, is living in their household. Who is he?


Children of Joseph S. Swaim and Keziah Idol
Amanda P. Swam (ca. 1842-?) m. Martin Ebert. Who were his parents?
Columbus Franklin Swaim (1843-1915) m. Temperance Irene Teague, probably d/o Isaac Teague and Catherine Bodenhamer
Mary D. Swaim (ca. 1846-?)
Alvarian Leonidas Swaim (1848-1919) m. Cornelia Jane Idol, d/o William Idol and Mary Robertson
Sarah V. Swaim (ca. 1853-?)
Cicero D. Swaim (1856-?)

Another child, Franklin Idol age 3, is living with them in 1850. Whose son is he?

Sixth Generation

Children of Edmond Swaim and Sarah Williard
Jacob Swaim (ca. 1856-?) - maybe 1856-1949, buried Friedland? with wife Martha 1856-1909?
Lavinia Swaim (ca. 1858-?) probably Rutha Levenia 1858-1880
William Swaim (ca. 1862-?)
Adelaide Sophrona Swaim (ca. 1866-?) - Adelaide in 1870, Sophrona in 1880


Children of Drucilla Swaim
John H. Swaim (ca. 1862-?)
Charles Swaim (ca. 1864-?)


Children of Andrew and Huldah Swaim
Joseph Jasper Swaim (1858-1928) m. Mary Ann Peddicord (1855-1907)
George Madison Swaim (probably 1861-1944). Was his wife Nancy P. (1861-1936)?
Sarah Jane Swaim (ca. 1865-?)


Children of Alfred Swaim and Gertraud Lucetta Nading
*Anna G. Swaim (1859-?)
Bridget Lucina Elisabeth Swaim (1860-?)
Felix M. Swaim (1862-1932) m. Roberta Martin (1875-1929)
Addie Swaim (1866-?) m. Charles H. Swaim (1861-1955). Whose son was he?
Joseph Swaim (1870-?)
Mary Swaim (1874-?) m. Eli Swaim (1866-?). Is this the son of Emanuel Swaim and Jincy More?

In the 1860 census their only child is "Anna G.", age 1/2. In 1870 she is gone, and they have "Lucy" age 9. The Moravian records document the baptism of Bridget Lucina Elisabeth Swaim in November 1860. Is Lucy therefore actually the same child as Anna in 1860?


Children of Eli Swaim and Sarah Hensdale
Adelaide Swaim (ca. 1864-?)


Children of Emanuel Swaim and Jincy/Jenney More
Eli Swaim (prob. 1865-1913)
John Swaim (prob. 1867-1917)

Children of Emanuel Swaim and Sarah?
Lucien Swaim (1874-1946)
George Swaim (ca. 1875-?)
Emory Swaim (ca. 1877-prob. 1900)
Abram Swaim (ca. 1879-?)

In 1870 Emanuel's wife is Jenney, and they have two sons, Eli and John. In 1880, his wife is Sarah. Without a death date for Jenney/Jincy, or a marriage date for Sarah, we can't tell for sure who is the mother of the remaining four children, but we suspect that the divide is in the long gap between John and Lucien. However, there is a Jincy Swaim buried at Friedland with dates 1844-1917. Could he have actually had only the one wife, who is listed as Sarah in 1880?


Children of William Levi Swaim and Eliza Jane Steward
George Swaim (ca. 1872-?)


Children of William Frederick Swaim and Phebe Reich
Anna Christina Swaim (ca. 1855-?)
Priscilla Swaim m. Junius Howell
William Frank Swaim (1859-1919) m. Carrie Lloyd (1876-1948)
Mollie Swaim m. Francis Brock
Virgil Swaim m. Laura Crenshaw


Children of Joseph Franklin Swaim and Elisabeth Antoinette Knauss
John H. Swaim (1854-1900) m. Martha Miller (1857-1931)
infant son (b. & d. 19 Jun 1857)
George F. Swaim (ca. 1860-?) m. Emma Brittain
William H. Swaim (1870-1954) (born in Troy Mills, Iowa)


Children of Robert H. Swaim and Rhoda Ann Whicker
James W. Swaim (ca. 1869?)


Children of Solomon D. Swaim and Lucinda Callaway
James Solomon (Tarheel) Swaim (1856-1936) m. Charlotte Chappell
Eunice Swaim (1857-?)
Sarah C. Swaim (1859-?)

Lucinda Callaway Swaim apparently had 2 children after the death of her husband in 1865. Lucinda married Daniel M. Moxley in Surry Co., NC, 1871

John Solomon Swaim (1865-1934) m. Lydia Emmaline Weatherman (1871-1966)
Madison Monroe Swaim (1867) m. Ada Hutchins (Madison is probable son of Clemuel Nance)

Children of Lucinda Callaway Swaim and Daniel Martin Moxley
Margaret (Maggie) Moxley (abt. 1871)
Daniel Hayden (Bud) Moxley (abt. 1873) m. Margaret Eunice (Maggie) Wagoner


Children of Sanford R. Swaim and Grace Ann Swaim
John Edward Swaim (ca. 1869-ca. 1945) m. 1) Sarah Jane Evans (ca.1873-1904); 2) Jane Gwen Griffith (1888-1967)
Moses Swaim (ca. 1873-?)
Daniel F. Swaim (ca. 1875-?)
Bernice Swaim (ca. 1878-?)
Jeremiah M. Swaim (1881-?)
Mary C. Swaim (1883-?)
James S. Swaim (1890-?)
Stark Swaim (1893-?)


Children of Ephraim Drake Swaim and Lucinda Chappell
Tyre Swaim (1855-?)
James Swaim (1855-?)
Martha Swaim (1857-?)
Charlotte Swaim (1858-?)
Pleasant Swaim (1861-?)
Lafayette Swaim (1864-?)
Sarah Swaim (1867-?)
Rosa Swam (1869-?)
Buck Swaim (1873-1929)


Children of Solomon D. Swaim and Mary Sparks
Columbus A. Swaim (1870-?)
Martin Augustus Swaim (1872-?)
Miles W. Swaim (1876-?)
Jura Ellen Swaim (1880-?)
Robert Rufus Swaim (1881-?)
Thomas Jackson Swaim (1883-1973)
Mary Lee Swaim (1891-?)

Unconnected Swaims: can anyone identify these?

Michael Swaim born about 1774, living in Surry Co. 1850 and Yadkin 1860
with Patience born about 1819, and the following children
David Swaim (ca. 1836-?)
James E. Swaim (ca. 1845-?)
Michael Swaim (ca. 1848-?)
Rebecca E. Swaim (ca. 1849?)
Hauser J. Swaim (ca. 1851-?)
Moses Swaim (ca. 1854-?)

Could this be the son of Moses Swaim and Anna Catharina Hein? Patience is much younger than he is, but there seems to be no other husband in the house. Did he have an earlier marriage? And was this perhaps the Michael Swaim who married Rachel Vanhoy?


Michael Swaim (1805-1834), buried Friedland Moravian

Could this be the first husband of Rachel Hein (1811-1879), the daughter of Friedrich Hein and Elizabeth Vogler, who married someone named Swaim before 1830. By 1838 he had died, and she married 2) Henry Shutt (1805-1849). In 1850 she married Gaspar Todd. Her three Swaim sons are living with her in 1850:

Hamilton Swaim (1830-1877) m. 1) Lucetta Foltz in 1852; 2) Charity Crouch (ca. 1844-1886) in 1856
Jonathan Franklin Swaim (1832-1856)
Michael Swaim (ca. 1835-?) m. Sarah Crouch

Children of Hamilton Swaim and Charity Crouch
John Franklin Swaim (1859-abt. 1895) m. Sally Christena Hartle (1865-1929),
d/o Amos Hartle and Lucy Ann Clevenger
Penny Louisey Swaim (1861)
Michael Swaim (1863-1947) m. Mary Louise Floyd (1866-1939),
d/o John Floyd and Susan Fishel
Rachel Augusta Swaim (1865-1867)
Flora Isabell Swaim (1867-1953) m. George Samuel Ebert (1861-1931),
s/o William Ebert and Janette Burke
Joseph Costin Swaim (1869-1870)
Louis Hamilton Swaim (1872-1940) m. Sarah Catherine Mock (1876-1940),
d/o John Jesse Mock & Louise Crouch
William Eugene Swaim (1875) (died young) ----------

John Swaim (ca. 1835-?) m. Delphina ?, parents of
Julia Swaim (ca. 1857-?)
Peter Swaim (ca. 1859-?)


Harrison Morris Swaim, received into the congregation in Friedland in 1841, so probably born about 1827; married Anna Catharina Earnest
parents of Sarah Louisa Swaim b. 1857


Who is Ashley Swaim who married Elizabeth Ebert in 1846?


Jesse T. Swaim/Swain (1805-1878) m. Ruth Worthington (1801-1873), two children in the 1850 Forsyth Co. census:
William Harrison Swain (1826-1899) m. Rebecca Campbell
Louisa Jane Swaim (ca. 1836-?)
Mary E. Swaim (ca. 1846-?)

From Russ Marion - The surname mutated to SWAIN by the end of the 19th century, and was spelled variously as early as 1850. He had at least one other child, William Harrison, 1826-1899. I can document Jesse, Louisa, and William with a family bible and (for William) a gravesite. The best I can figure, this family is not descendent in the line you have traced, but that conclusion is based on negative evidence: I have not been able to establish a link. If you have any further evidence, I would appreciate knowing about it, and will share what I have. -- Russ Marion, e-mail dated May 5, 2003. Russ's e-mail is:


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There are quite a few web sites dealing with these families. Many of them cite a book, "The Swaim-Tysen Family of Staten Island, New York, New Jersey and Southern States", compiled by Joseph F. Mullane, Lloyd B. Swaim, and Marjorie Decker Johnson, 1984. We haven't seen this book ourselves, and we don't know how accurate it is. We observed, however, that the various Swaim web sites contain many contradictions. Our version doesn't quite agree with any of these, but we are open to corrections and additions.

Other sources include the usual census, cemetery, marriage and estate records for Forsyth and neighboring counties.

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