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Holder Family continued, Descendants of Charles Holder

Third Generation

Children of Charles Holder and Johanna Elisabeth Eschenbach
John Holder (1773-1824) m. Maria Salome Lanius (1783-1849)
Johanna Elizabeth Holder (1775-1777)
Christine Holder (1778-1830) m. Charles Friedrich Bagge (1776-1837)
Carl Holder (1782-1784)
Anna Rebecca Holder (1785-1825) m. Vaniman Zevely (1780-1863)

Fourth Generation

Children of John Holder and Maria Salome Lanius
Charles William Holder (1806-1808)
Anna Catharina Holder (1809-1859) m. Heinrich Spach (1802-1861)
John Timothy Holder (1812-1870) m. 1) Alvira Doub (1816-1862), 2) Mary Malinda Kreeger (1814-1891)
Henry Augustus Holder (1816-1894) m. Sarah Faircloth (1820-1911); had no children
Elizabeth Rebecca Holder (1819-1874) m. Solomon J. Hoffman (ca. 1810-?)
Salome Lucinda Holder (1823-1886) m. 1) Thomas Rothrock (1821-1851), 2) John Brown (ca. 1798-1884)

Previously we suggested the possibility of another daughter born before 1810. We now believe that this is incorrect, and that they had only the six children listed here.

Fifth Generation

Children of John Timothy Holder and Alvira Doub
John Holder (1836-1906) m. Anna Kershow, lived in New Jersey
Mary Holder (1838-1914) m. 1) Eugene Strupe (1834-1862), m. 2) Wesley Kearney (1823-1887)
William Melville Holder (b & d 1843)
Peter Holder (1845-1919) m. Margaret Doub (1852-1934)
Henry B. Holder (1847-1923) m. Sarah Moser (1864-1936), d/o Amos Alfred Moser and Elizabeth Melvin
Laban C. Holder (1850-1926) m. Julia Cline (1867-1941)
Wesley Winfield Holder (1852-1930) m. Emily Odelia Grabs (1863-1945)
Martha L. Holder (1855-1926) m. J. Frank Doub (1852-1941)

Sixth Generation

Children of John Holder and Anna Kershow
Alvira Holder (1869-1908) m. John Taylor
Hubert Holder (1871-1953 m. Ellen Milligan
Martha Holder (1873-1958) m. Jacob A. Gernert
Abram Holder (1875-1957) m. Ada Crabb
Laura Holder (1877-?) m. William Graham
John Irvin Holder (1879-1943) m. Marian Layton
Anna Holder (1887-?) m. Herbert Percell
Edward Perry Holder (1892-1951) m. 1) Eleanor Kershaw (?-1931?), 2) Florence Fitzpatrick (?-1963)

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Children of Peter Holder and Margaret Doub
Charles E. Holder (1879-1954) m. Fannie Whitman (1884-1951)
Theodore Holder (1882-1884)
Myrtle Holder (1884-1887)
Lucy Holder (1888-1968) m. Thomas Bernard Pratt (1883-1956)
John W. Holder (1892-1963) m. Maud Morris


Children of Henry B. Holder and Sarah Moser
William Alfred Holder (1880-1930) m. Ruth Forrester
Ada Elizabeth Holder (1883-1934) m. Arthur Tilden Cox (1876-1955)


Children of Laban Holder and Julia Mariah Cline
Daisy Alberta Holder (1884-1958) m. Samuel Vaul Ziglar (1873-1960)
Ida Victoria Holder (1886-1980) m. Charles Spurgeon Paris (1884-1946)
Alta Geneva Holder (1891-1980) m. 1) Grover Cleveland Whitaker, 2) David R. Wagner


Children of Wesley Winfield Holder and Emily Odelia Grabs
Beulah Virginia Holder (1890-1958) m. James Claude Hunter (1889-1972)
Ella Alvira Holder (1892-1986) m. William Leon Doub (1890-1970)
Hubert Ellsworth Holder (1895-1985) m. Bessie Fulk (1902-1982)
Russell Grabs Holder (1896-1978) m. Gretchen Hunter (1903-1972)
Bernice Holder (1898-1993) m. Everett Nichols (1897-1973)
Carroll Wesley Holder (1899-1915)
Eva Gertrude Holder (1902-1992)
Edward Maxwell Holder (1904-1944) m. Elizabeth Pollard Jerome (1914-2009)

Thanks to Norman Ziglar and Richard Allison Ziglar for information on this family, particularly on Laban Holder's descendants.

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