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Moser Family

First Generation

Johann Georg Moser was born in 1684 in Germany, probably near Rheinbischofsheim, Baden. He married Eva Ebert of Rothenburg. They immigrated on the Adventure in 1732, together with Georg's brother Michael Moser, his wife Susanna and children Simon, Jerack (Georg), Anna Barbara and Anna Maria. Also on the Adventure was Leonard Moser (1718-1782). Most Moser family materials state that Leonard was the son of Georg and Eva, but there seems to be very little evidence to support this apart from arrival on the same ship. Adam and Martin Moser, who arrived on the James Goodwill in 1728, are also usually identified as sons of Johann Georg and Eva but are likewise questionable. Moravian records from 1773, as well as a Davidson County court deposition in 1837 by John Beck, age 77, do support the notion that Leonard and Adam were brothers.

Previously we stated that Eva's maiden name was Eckersweiler, as stated in earlier genealogies of this family. We now believe that Eckersweiler was the town of her birth, and that her maiden name was Ebert. [error corrected June 12, 2016]

Second Generation

Leonard Moser (abt. 1718-1782) m. 1) Maria Kocher, 2) Sarah Binckele (1733-1820)

Leonard Moser lived in Lancaster Co. PA and Frederick Co. MD early on, and married Maria Kocher in 1744 at the Middletown Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick Co. (at the time part of Prince George's County). He and his second wife Sarah Binckele joined Graceham Moravian Church in Frederick Co. Leonard came to Wachovia in the summer of 1773 to look at land, and appears on the 1774 Surry County tax list, in the region that later became Stokes and eventually Forsyth County.

Leonard Jr. and Michael, and possibly some of the other older children, seem to have remained in Maryland when their parents moved to NC. After Leonard's death in 1782, his widow Sarah married Edward Nathaniel Bartley. Her rapid remarriage may have been prompted by a court order that she have her children bound out, and she seems to have sent the two youngest sons, Henry and John, to Maryland at this time. Henry testified on the pension application filed by Michael Moser's widow in 1856 that he married in Maryland before he and Michael left for NC in the autumn of 1790. John Moser was also back in NC by at least 1795, when he married Polly Smith.

Third Generation

Children of Leonard Moser and Maria Kocher
Anna Margaretha Moser (1745-?) m. 1) Henry Demuth, 2) Peter Feiser (1743-?)

Peter Feiser moved to Tennesse in 1811. So far as we know, Anna Margaretha was still living and went with him. She was the mother of twin boys, George and Andreas Demuth, born in 1780.

Children of Leonard Moser and Sarah Binckele
Leonard Moser (abt. 1749-abt. 1821) m. Elisabeth Christina Schenckel, lived Frederick Co. MD
Jacob Moser (abt. 1751-1794?) m. Maria Magdalena, surname unknown.
[error corrected 2/28/05]
Peter Moser (1753-1821) m. 1) Anna Catharina Wolff (1763-?), 2) Margaretha (d. before 1821)
Maria Sarah Moser (1755-abt. 1850) m. Johann Adam Volck (1753-1829), moved to Owen Co. IN
Anna Maria Moser (abt. 1757-1847) m. Johann Ludwig Wolff (1757-1842)
Michael Moser (1759-1816/1818) m. Catherine Koller (1763-1844)
Samuel Moser (1761-1780, killed in battle, Camden SC)
Francis Moser (1763-1836) m. 1) Elizabeth Miller (?-1813), 2) Mary Ann Sipes; moved to Monroe County TN
Christian Moser (1765-aft. 1815) m. Elizabeth Fuller, left NC by 1790
Johanna Elizabeth Moser (1767-?) m. John Jacob Hess
*Henry Moser (1769-1863) m. Magdalena Schenkel
Joseph Moser (1772-1773)
Christina Moser (1774-aft. 1850) m. Johann Adam Geiger, Jr. (1771-abt. 1839)
John Moser (1776-abt. 1832/1835) m. Mary (Polly) Smith, d. Obion Co. TN

*Previously we had Henry's death date as 1820, but he is still alive in Stokes County in 1850, age 86, and appears to be the same Henry Moser whose estate was settled there in 1863. The list of his children given below is based on these estate records.

Leonard's will names sons Leonard, John, Peter, Jacob, Michael, Francis, Samuel, Christian, and Henry; daughters Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth and Christina. Leonard Jr. received only one shilling, probably consistent with his remaining in Maryland. Sarah Bartley's will gives her bed and furniture to "whichever child in whose house I die", seemingly a good way to ensure that someone would take care of her in her old age. She names children Sarah Volk, Ann Mary Wolff, Elizabeth Hess, Christina Geiger, and Peter, Francis, Christian, Henry, Michael and John Moser.

Fourth Generation

Probable children of Peter Moser and Anna Catharina Wolff
John Henry Moser (1783-1836) m. 1) Maria Catharina Geiger (1777-1805), 2) Elizabeth Moser (1787-?), d/o Michael Moser and Catherine Koller
Peter Moser (abt. 1785-?) m. 1) Nancy Gibson (?-aft. 1850) 2) Anna Rebecca Starr (abt. 1809-?), probably a widow
name unknown, probably a son, died November 1791
William Moser (1789-1794)
Jacob Moser (abt. 1791-1871) m. Elizabeth Deads (Diez?) (ca. 1795-bef. 1870)
[birthdate corrected 2/29/08]
John Adam Moser (abt. 1793-aft. 1870) m. Catherine Deads (Diez?) (abt. 1798-aft. 1870), probably Elizabeth's sister, in 1816
Catharina Moser (abt. 1794-aft. 1860) m. Henry Shouse (abt. 1791-1857)
Sarah Moser (abt. 1795-?) maybe m. William Pigg 1812 or 2) Joseph Coller 1817
Daniel Moser (1799-1886) m. 1) Rebecca Moser (1798-1860), 2) Nancy L. Williams; d. Newton Co. MO
Susanna Moser (1802-1803)
Rebecca Moser

Children of Peter Moser and Margaretha
Mary Moser

Peter's will, dated 4 Feb 1821 and probated in March term of the same year, mentions all the apparel which his deceased wife Margaretha brought with her, and names daughter Mary Moser, who is under 18; daughters Rebecca Moser and Catherine Shouse; and "all my children". Executors were sons Henry and Peter Moser. Susanna is identified as theirs from baptismal records. Census records for 1800 and 1820 suggest that there are additional children; the ones listed here appear to be the most likely candidates.

Previously we had identified Peter's daughter Rebecca as the one who married Daniel Moser in 1821. Deb Hallecook has suggested, based on estate records of Peter's brother John Henry Moser and other data, that Peter was the father of Daniel, and Rebecca was the daughter of John Henry Moser. Either way, it would appear that Daniel and Rebecca were cousins.


Children of Michael Moser and Catharina Koller
John Moser (1785-1786)
Elizabeth Moser (1787-?), m. her cousin John Henry Moser (1783-1836)
Maria (Polly) Moser (1794-?) m. John Fiscus (1787-1842)
Maria Catharina Moser (1797-1886) m. Frederick Fulk (1790-1869)
*John Jacob Moser (1799-?)

*Could this be the Jacob Moser age 57 in 1850, Stokes County, with wife Sally 46, and a flock of children? And could he also be the father of a John Moser age 25 who is in the next house?


Children of Francis Moser and 1) Elizabeth Miller
Peter Moser (1790-?) m. Maria Balliett
John Moser (1793-?) m. 1) Barbara Hunsaker, 2) Magdalena Sheets
Sarah Moser (1795-?) m. Daniel Summitt
Mary Ann (Molly) Moser m William Sipes
Joseph Moser (1805-?) m. Isabelle Dunagin
Francis Moser (1812-?) m. Elizabeth Snider

Children of Francis Moser and 2) Mary Ann (Polly) Sipes
Unnamed Son (b. & d. 1821)
Mary Ann Moser (1822-?) m. Jacob Snider
Leonard Moser (1823-?)
Eliza Moser (1824-?) m. James Sipes
Jacob Moser (1826-?)
Henry Moser (1828-?)
Anderson Moser (1830-?)
Unnamed Daughter (b. & d. 1834)

Francis Moser, the 10th child of Leonard Moser, was christened at Graceham Moravian Church in Graceham, MD. As an 8 year old lad his family moved to Surry County, NC, near the family of his mother Sarah Binkley. In 1779 when only 16, he enlisted in the Revolutionary War Militia. On October 17, 1781, as a Lieutenant he witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis to General George Washington. After the war he married Elizabeth Miller and became a farmer. When she died in 1813 he relocated to Green County, TN. In 1820 he married Mary Ann Sipes of Jefferson County, TN. Peter, John, and Francis Jr. sons of his first wife had settled in Monroe County, TN in 1820. Francis moved his new family there in 1828. He died November 22, 1836, and was buried at the St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery. A Revolutionary War marker was placed on his grave in 1989.


Children of Henry Moser and Magdalena Schenkel
Christian Moser (abt. 1792-1846) m. Sarah Geiger, d/o Johann Adam Geiger and Christina Moser
Catharine Moser (abt. 1794-prob. aft. 1863) m. Lewis Stone
*Rebecca Moser (1798-1860) m. Daniel Moser 1821, s/o Peter Moser and Anna Wolff
Sarah Moser (abt. 1800-prob. aft. 1863) m. Henry Miller 1826
John Henry Moser (abt. 1800-?)
Peter Moser (1802-aft. 1850) m. 1) Jane Edwards, 2) Nancy Miller (probably a widow)
Johann Leonhard (John Leonard) Moser (1804-?) m.1) Elizabeth Scott, 2) Jane Boles
Lorenz Moser (1806-)
Mary Magdalena Moser (1808-abt. 1844) m. Malcolm Venable
Samuel W. Moser (abt. 1810-)
William A. Moser (abt. 1811-) m. Sarah Banner Harris
Adam Moser (1812-aft. 1860) m. Susan Boles (aft. 1860

*Henry's estate papers refer to "Peggy" Moser, wife of Daniel. Peggy is an occasional nickname for Rebecca in the 17th and 18th centuries, although by the 19th century it is usually given for Margaret. Lacking evidence to the contrary, we now think that this is the Rebecca Moser who married her cousin Daniel Moser.

Likely children from Deb Hallecook, June 2001. Only four children appear in baptismal records at Nazareth Lutheran; the rest are inferred from other evidence.

Fifth Generation

Children of John Henry Moser and Maria Catharina Geiger
Catharina Moser (1805-?) m. Joseph Fulk (who were his parents?)

Children of John Henry Moser and Elizabeth Moser
Mary Elizabeth (Mary Ann?) Moser (1808-1899) m. Simon Kiger (1804-1860), (s/o Adam Geiger Jr. and Christina Moser)
Margaret Moser (abt. 1809-?) m. Pleural (Drury?) Boyles
Michael Moser (abt. 1810-?) m. Patsy Bolejack
Malinda Moser m. Peter Shouse (abt. 1812-?)
John Henry Moser (1813-1881) m. Elizabeth Carmichael (1814-1894)
Israel Moser (1816-1897) m. Martha (Patty) Carmichael (1822-1893)
Henrietta Moser (1818-1820)
Sarah Moser (abt. 1820-bef. 1846) m. Berryman Wall; he m. 2) Charity Parks
Emanuel Moser (abt. 1822-1866)
Wilhelminah Moser (1823-1824)
*William Moser (abt. 1825-aft. 1860) m. Anna Teague
*Josiah Moser (1825-1887) m. Sarah Jenetta Westmoreland (1831-1926)
Amanda Moser m. John Wilson

*Previously we had the wrong William in this family, and incorrect dates for Josiah and Sarah Westmoreland. These errors were corrected 12 Jul 2001. The children Henrietta and Wilhelminah are buried at Nazareth Lutheran; the only adult Moser buried there who could be their father is John Henry. Since these children fit nicely into the sequence of births in this family, we think they are probably his.


Probable children of Peter Moser and Nancy Gibson
Nancy Moser (abt. 1810-1890) m. Amon Melton (abt. 1796-1890), lived Surry Co. NC
John Adam Moser (abt. 1815-?) m. Anna Hauser in 1837. Who were her parents?
Anny Moser (abt. 1818-?) m. Joel Dyer


Children of Jacob Moser and Elizabeth Diez
*John A. Moser (1813-1901) m. Elizabeth James (abt.1819-1887)
William Washington Moser (1815-1900) m. Maria Susanna Schaub (1824-1905)
daughter born between 1815-1820, inferred from census records
Charlotte Moser (1820-abt. 1854) m. Henry Thomas Waller
Henry Thomas Moser (1822-1896) m. Lucia Frances Stauber (1829-1889)
Samantha Elizabeth Moser (abt. 1824-?) m. Alfred Keeler
Isaac W. Moser (1831-1909) m. Martha Lorinda Warner (1834-1911)
Jacob Martin Moser (1828-1905) m. Phiana Warner (probably 1831-1876); 2) Margaret (abt. 1828-aft. 1910)
Amos Alfred Moser (1832-1913) m. Elizabeth Melvin (1827-1909)

*John's birthdate in Concord Methodist cemetery records is 2 May 1812, incompatible with Jacob and Elizabeth's marriage in September of that year. Census records suggest he may be a little younger, and we think therefore that he was probably born in 1813. While there is no solid evidence placing him as Jacob's son, it seems the best fit based on location, given names, etc.


Children of John Adam Moser and Catherine Diez
Jacob Moser (abt. 1821-bef. 1870) m. Elizabeth Kiger 1843
Emily Catherine Moser (abt. 1832-?) m. William A. Hunter (1832-1903)
Thomas Moser (1833-1909) m. 1) Jane C. Whitman (1826-1879), 2) Mary Marilla Doub (1830-1913)
Martha A. Moser (abt. 1837-?) probably m. Thomas O. Tate
John H. Moser (prob. 1837-1884) m. Malinda

Are John Adam and Catherine also the parents of the following?

Mary Moser m. John Hartgrove Stokes Co. 1840
Lavinia Moser (abt. 1824-?) m. Jeremiah Hunter (abt. 1823-?) Stokes Co. 1845
Paulina Moser m. William Hunter Stokes Co. 1846


Children of Daniel Moser and Rebecca Moser
Henry Sanders Moser (1822-1904) m. 1) Jane McClaren, 2) Mary Jane Harris, 3) Mary Fiscus
Solomon Peter Moser (1823-1882) m. Nancy Childers Harris
Benjamin Moser (1824-1890) m. 1) Roseanna Hubbell, 2) Christiana Albertson, 3) Martha J. Sanders
Mary Martha Moser (1826-1918) m. William Allen Fiscus
Samuel David Moser (1827-1881) m. Emily Permelia J. Holder


Probable children of Jacob and Sally Moser
John Moser (abt. 1825-?) m. Polly
Elizabeth Moser (abt. 1828-?)
Julia Moser (abt. 1830-?)
Lewis Moser (abt. 1830-?)
William Moser (abt. 1833-?)
Phebe Moser (abt. 1835-bef. 1871) m. William Newsom (abt.1824-aft.1871)
Martha Moser (abt. 1837-?)
Susan Moser (abt. 1839-?) m. William Newsom (abt.1824-aft.1871)
Edwin Moser (abt. 1841-?)
Jennetta Moser (abt. 1844-?)
Salina Moser (abt. 1849-?). Did she marry Peter Kiser?

William Newsom married Phebe Moser in 1859, and Susan Moser in 1871. Susan's parents are given on the marriage license as Jacob and Sarah Moser. The 1859 marriage bond does not list parents of the bride and groom, but we strongly suspect that Phebe was Susan's sister, and that she therefore died prior to 1871.


Children of Peter Moser and Maria Balliett
Jacob Moser (1813-1888) m. Jane Parker (1815-1885) (buried in Click Cemetery, Monroe County, TN)
Daniel Moser (1815-?) m. Margaret Summitt
Luvenia Moser (1817-?) m William Lafayette Brakebill
Barbara Catherine Moser (1820-?) m. Phillip Keller
Francis Moser (1822-?) m. Mary Polly Headrick
John Moser (1825-?) m. Caroline Cansler
Peter Moser (1827-?) m. Elizabeth Summitt
Sarah Ann Moser m. Joaquin Wolfe
Andrew Jackson Moser (1832-?) m. 1) Ruth Swanson, 2) Mary Cannon, and 3) Hannah Hooper
Lucinda Moser (1833-?)

(For more information on this family, contact Marilyn Moser Ball. Marilyn's email address is:


Children of Christian Moser and Sarah Geiger
Temperance Moser (abt. 1816-?) m. Reuben George (abt. 1822-?)
Rebecca Moser (abt. 1820-?)
John H. Moser (abt. 1825-maybe d. bef. 1863) m. Mary Moser
Lewis B. Moser (abt. 1830-?) m. Mary McHone
daughter born about 1835
Charity Lucinda Moser (abt. 1838-?) m. Calvin R. Dean


Children of Peter Moser and Jane Edwards
Henry Moser (abt. 1836-?)
Polly Moser (abt. 1839-?)

Children of Peter Moser and Nancy Miller
Eliza C. Moser (abt. 1849-?)


Children of John Leonard Moser and Elizabeth Scott
William W. Moser (abt. 1831-?)
John Leonard Moser (abt. 1837-?)
James R. Moser (abt. 1840- ?) m. Amanda, surname unknown
Sarah Katharine Moser (abt. 1844-?) m. Jesse Scott


Children of William A. Moser and Sarah Banner Harris
Nancy Jane Moser m. Emmanuel Fulk
Ephraim Andrew Moser
John B. Moser
William A. Moser
Mary Adeline Moser
Katherine Elizabeth Moser
Charles Moser
Joseph H. Moser


Children of Adam Moser and Susan Boles
Edward W. Moser (abt. 1838-aft. 1860)
Joseph E. Moser (abt. 1840-aft. 1860) m. Rebeckah A. Carlisle
Susan C. Moser (abt. 1842-aft. 1860)
Alexander H. Moser (abt. 1844-aft. 1860)
Gabriel H. Moser (abt. 1846-1860) m. Emeline Carlisle
Matilda Moser (abt. 1850-aft. 1860)
John Moser (abt. 1852-aft. 1860)
Mary E. Moser (abt. 1856-aft. 1860
Julius Moser (abt. 1857-aft. 1860
Doctor Nathaniel Moser m. Sarah Ellen Kiger
William B.M. Moser m. Mary L. Scott

Sixth Generation

Children of John Henry Moser Jr. and Elizabeth Carmichael
Mary Elizabeth Moser (1838-1904) m. Edwin Henry Kiger (1834-1911)
*Sarah Holloway Moser (1839-1923) m. Adam Kiger (1839-1921)
Robert W. Moser (abt. 1840-?)
Martha Moser (abt. 1841-?) m. Thomas Carmichael
Emanuel Alexander Moser (1844-1912) m. Mary A. Kiger (1847-1910)
Nancy S. Moser (abt. 1847-?)
John H. (Johnnie) Moser (abt. 1849-?)
Basil E. Moser (1850-1920) m. Theerusophe Z. Hauser (1859-1918), d/o Solomon Wiley Hauser and Louisa Poindexter)
Elijah Moser (abt. 1853-?)
DeWitt (Dee) Moser (abt. 1855-?)
Ruth Moser (abt. 1855-?) not with this family in 1870; did she die young?
Lusetta or Louisa Moser (abt. 1857-?)
Julia Moser (abt. 1859-?) not this family in 1870; did she die young?

*Photo of Sarah Moser Kiger. Courtesy of Stephanie Petree Priddy.

One of the daughters was called "Sis" - which one?


Children of Israel Moser and Martha (Patty) Carmichael
Margaret Selena Moser (1841-aft. 1880) m. Frank Davis (abt. 1852-aft. 1880)
Mary Jane Moser (1843-?) m. William Davis
Antoinette Moser (1845-1926) m. William Henry Wolff(1847-?)
Martha E. Moser (1848-?) m. William H. Fowler
Barzillai Edward Moser (1852-1933) m. Eliza Pernell
Florence Ellen Moser (1855-?) m. Eli Briggs, s/o Robert M. Briggs and Sarah
Thurston Moser (1857-?)
Medora Moser (1860-?)
Israel Lee Moser (1864-1946)


Children of Josiah Moser and Sarah Westmoreland
Gideon Nathaniel Moser (1854-1930) m. Mary M. McGee (1854-1931)
Martha E. Moser (1858-1900) m. J. Calvin Fletcher (1858-1930)
John Silas Moser (1869-1970) m. Anna Florence Bolejack (1876-1943)


Children of John A. Moser and Elizabeth James
Charlotte C. Moser (abt. 1843-?) m. William Kinnamon
Julia A.E. Moser (abt. 1845-?)
Permelia C. Moser (1847-1919) m. Wiley Benton Hauser (1847-1930)
Thomas W. Moser (1849-1927) m. Jane A. Evans (1854-1893)
Martha C. Moser (abt. 1851-?)
Amanda J. Moser (1853-1947) m. William S. Black (1851-1924)
Julius M. Moser (1857-1934) m. Ellen Virginia Casey (1866-1930)


Children of William Washington Moser and Maria Susanna Schaub
Amanda J. Moser (abt. 1844-?) still at home in 1880, unmarried
Edwin A. Moser (1846-1928) m. Mary E. Johnson (1853-1933)
Cornelia Moser (abt. 1850-?)
Emiline M. Moser (abt. 1852-?)
Laura C. Moser (abt. 1857-1944) m. Walter L. Wall (?-1918), s/o Jesse Wall and Sarah Golden
Mary Moser (abt. 1863-?)
Julia A. Moser (abt. 1865-?) m. Riley A. Petree

Moravian records report that William had nine children, of whom six survived him (he died in 1900). The ones we have listed here are based on census records. Who were the other two?


Children of Henry Thomas Moser and Lucia Frances Stauber
Henry L. Moser (1853-1925) m. Isabel Jane Shore (1854-1931)
Sarah Elisabeth Moser (1855-1857)
James Calvin Moser (1860-1948) m. Fannie Griffin (1865-1934)
Mary Sophia Moser (1862-1863)
Martha Cornelia Moser (1863-1939) m. Gideon Tobias Shore (1862-1903); 2) Oliver C. Spainhour
Samuel Moser (1865-1932) m. Bettie A. Kiger (1866-1926)
Anna S. Moser (abt. 1868-?)
William Moser (abt. 1871-?)


Children of Isaac W. Moser and Martha Lorinda Warner
Julia E. Moser (1866-1907) m. Riley Petree 1860-1926)
Lewis D.? (or Oliver?) Moser (abt. 1867-?). Did he marry Selena Kiser?
Isaac W. Moser (1870-?)

Where was this family in 1880?


Children of Jacob Martin Moser and Phiana Warner
Robert A. Moser (abt. 1869-aft. 1910) m. Flostina Hancock (?-1928), d/o Frances Hancock
Susan A. Moser (abt. 1872-aft. 1880) m. William Newsom in 1871
John H. Moser (abt. 1875-aft. 1880)


Children of Amos Alfred Moser and Elizabeth Melvin
Sarah J. Moser (abt. 1857-1936) m. Holder
Frances E. Moser (abt. 1861-bef. 1900) m. Ellis Goodwin (1859-aft. 1900)
Henry J. Moser (abt. 1863-aft. 1870) m. Martha A. Reed

Lula E. Moser, age 23, identified as Amos Moser's granddaughter, 1910 US Federal Census, Forsyth Co., NC


Children of Jacob Moser and Elizabeth Kiger
John A. Moser (1846-1904) m. M. Elizabeth ? (1848-1903)
Lucinda Emiline Moser (abt. 1849-?) did she marry G. W. Kiger?
James R. Moser (1848-1914) m. Mary Hendrix (1854-1942), d/o Brantley and Pauline Hendrix
Henry Thomas Moser (1853-1900) m. Mary Malinda Kirby (1856-1916)
Jeremiah Moser (abt. 1855-aft. 1860)
Eliza Moser (abt. 1857-?)


Children of Thomas Moser and Jane Whitman
Virgil Wesley Moser (1862-1893)
Dora E. Moser (1863-1900) m. Julius D. Anderson (1859-1946)
Mary L. Moser (abt. 1866-?) m. Henry Porter


Personal communications with Marilyn Ball, e-mail address: Marilyn contributed all of the information for the Francis Moser line and would like to correspond with others interested or researching the Moser family.

Thanks also to Betty Ralph for information on the early family.

Sarah Bartley's will, dated 10 February, 1815: probated September Term 1820, Stokes County, NC

Sale of Estates: Charles Banner, 1798 and Joseph Bitting, 1798, Stokes Co., NC

Personal communication with Donna Vaughn at:

Forsyth and Stokes County marriages, wills, estate records, cemetery and census records

This page was extensively revised in July 2001, with help from Deb Hallecook. Updated October 8, 2007

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