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Krieger / Kreeger Family

First Generation

Nicholas Krieger (perhaps originally Krueger or Crueger) was born in 1709 in Germany and died near Bethania NC in 1804. His wife was Maria Catharina Borger (1729-1810). The 20-year difference in their ages makes us wonder if he had a previous marriage in Germany. Anna Martin's Kreeger family history states that Nicholas and Catharina lived for a while in Hanover, Germany, and immigrated to America about 1754, but does not provide documentation for these statements. Nicholas and Catharina came to North Carolina about 1766 and are buried at Nazareth Lutheran Church near Rural Hall NC. Although Nicholas himself never joined the Moravian congregation, several of his children did. The name becomes Kreeger in later generations. Cruger and Creger are possible variants also.

Second Generation

Children of Nicholas Krieger and Catharina Borger
Johann Heinrich Krieger (1753-1828) m. 1) Elisabeth Schauss (1755-1804), 2) Regina Elisabeth Zimmerman (1767-1844), widow of Jacob Miller
Johann Jacob Krieger (1755-1824) m. Susanna Schauss (1758-1828)
Johann George Krieger (1759-1841) m. 1) Catharine Ludwig (1762-1820), d/o Peter Ludwig; 2) Sarah (Sally) Hunter, d/o John Hunter and Rachel Coleman

These three sons came with Nicholas and Catharina to North Carolina. Two daughters, Catharina and Rosina, are also listed in the Kreeger manuscript, but no further information is given on them. Trisha Bradford tells us that Heinrich's will names sisters Elizabeth Albertini and Rosina Stoltz.

Third Generation

Johann Heinrich Krieger reportedly had no children from either of his marriages. However, in the 1800 Stokes County census there is a female child under 10 living in his household. In September 1813 Heinrich and Regina took in an unmarried woman, M.E.H., daughter of J.H., whose "gross sin made it necessary for her to leave the village" [Records of the Moravians in NC 7:3216]. On December 26 of the same year, her infant son was baptized. Who was she?


Children of Johann Jacob Krieger and Susanna Schauss
Elizabeth Krieger (1779-1823) m. Johann Heinrich Schultz (1775-1847)
Catharina Krieger (1782-1834) m. Jacob Conrad (who were his parents?)
Friedrich Krieger (1784-1820) m. Maria Margaretha Pfaff (1787-1880)
Heinrich Krieger (1786-?) may have died young
Johannes Krieger (1788-1819) m. Maria Elisabeth Spainhour (1787-1867)
Susanna Krieger (1791-1825) m. Jacob Helsabeck (ca. 1793-1852)


Children of Johann George Krieger and Catharina Ludwig
Maria Krieger (1784-1867) m. Frederick Wolff (1779-?)
Peter Kreeger (1784-after 1860) m. Martha London
Elizabeth Krieger (1786-?) m. Jacob Spainhour (1782-?)
Jacob Kreeger (1788-1844) m. Mary Fulp (1795-1856), d/o Michael Fulp
Catherine Kreeger (1790-?)
Philippina Kreiger (1791-1820) did not marry
Johann George Krieger (1793-?) m. Abigail Fulp, Mary's sister
Margaretha Eva Kreeger (1795-aft. 1850) m. John Boose
Gertraut Kreeger (1798-?)
unnamed baby boy (1804)
Susanna Kreeger (1806-1884) m. Christian Lewis Warner (1803-1879) error corrected 12/11/02
Charity Kreeger (birthdate unknown) m. Thomas Eads in 1822
added 8/13/04

The Kreeger manuscript states that Johann George Sr. married (2) Sarah Hunter. The Stokes County marriage bond date for this union is 1798, which is inconsistent with Catharina's death in 1820. However, the Kreeger manuscript gives 1828 as an alternative date for the second marriage.

The 1798 date appears in Frances Ingmire's published list of Stokes Co. marriage bonds. Has anyone seen the original of this bond?

Update, December 11, 2002: Some good detective work by Ann Holladay suggests that 1828 is the correct date. The bondsman for this marriage was Lewis WARNER, who is most likely Christian Lewis Warner b. 1803, husband of Susanna Kreeger. We don't know of any Lewis Warner in this area who would have been an adult in 1798.

Sarah's will names a number of legatees who can be identified as grandchildren of John Hunter and Rachel Coleman, i.e. her nieces and nephews assuming that she is daughter of John and Rachel herself.

Update, August 13, 2004:

Johann George's will, written in 1831, names children Peter, Jacob, George, Mary, Elizabeth, Caty, Margrit, Charity and Susannah. Phillipina and Gertraut are not mentioned (Mrs. Absher's abstracts of Stokes Co. NC wills). Did they die young, or are they not members of this family?

Update, August 26, 2004:

Trisha Bradford has examined the original of this will, which appears in two versions on LDS microfilm. Neither version gives married surnames for the daughters. We had hoped that the will would resolve conflicting information on the names of the husbands of Catherine (Caty) and Margaret, but unfortunately it does not. Does anyone have solid evidence on whom these women married?

Update, February 6, 2008 - outstanding detective work by Ann Holladay:

As you know there has been a puzzling situation regarding the marriage of Sarah "Sally" Hunter and George Kreeger. Their Stokes County marriage bond is dated July 1798, yet at that time George Kreeger would have been married to his first wife Catherine Ludwig. George and Catherine married in 1783,and their son Peter was born the following year. Presumably George and Catherine's marriage continued until Catherine's death in 1820. Other researchers have suggested that the marriage of Sally Hunter and George Kreeger actually took place in 1828.

I recently obtained copies of George Kreeger's Revolutionary War pension records, and as a result, I think I have figured out the mystery of the marriage dates. Per these papers, in 1852 Sally Kreeger provided a copy of her marriage bond, which was described thusly, "A copy of George Kregars marriage license bond to wit a blank bond sined George x his mark Kregar, Lewis x his mark Warner, Test E. Lash July 12th 1798, endorsed on the back with mg bond Geo Kreger to Sally Hunter July 12th 1798". The associated affidavit was dated Dec 11, 1852, where John Hill said it was a true copy of the marriage license filed in his office.

In the pension papers on March 22, 1853, Sally Kreeger declared that she had been married to George Kreger in Stokes County in 1828. The record states that "...she was married to the said George Kreger sometime in the month of July 1798 by John Fry....". And then later the record states that "...she was not married to him [George Kreger] prior to his leaving the service. But the marriage took place previous to the second day of January eighteen hundred..."

So why was it so important for Sally Kreeger to state that her marriage took place prior to January 2, 1800? A little research into the pension laws answers that question. As it turns out, the law required that in order for a widow to collect a pension, she must have been married to the serviceman prior to January 2, 1800. It appears that Sally Kreeger produced a falsified marriage record, stating that she and George were married in 1798, which would have allowed her to receive a widow's pension.

Ironically, the pension law was changed in February 1853 to allow a widow to collect a pension regardless of when the marriage occurred, so Sally Kreeger would have been eligible in March 1853 even without falsifying the marriage date. However, it seems likely that Sally and possibly even the Stokes County authorities had not realized that the law had changed just a few weeks earlier in February 1853 before she made her falsified declaration in March. Word of the law change must have gotten around though, because in 1855 the pension record reflects that Sally Kreeger made application for bounty land as George Kreeger's widow. This time she produced another marriage bond that said her marriage to George occurred in 1828!! And of course the 1828 date makes much more sense in light of George Kreeger's first marriage to Catherine Ludwig having ended at Catherine's death in 1820. All things considered, I believe that the correct marriage date for Sally Hunter and George Kreeger is 1828.

Fourth Generation

Children of Friedrich Krieger and Maria Margaretha Pfaff
Sarah Kreeger (1809-1834) m. William Wall; had one child who died in infancy
Maria Susanna Kreeger (1812-1893) m. John Hauser (1807-1886)
Anna Philippina Kreeger (1814-1834)
Isaac Nathaniel Kreeger (1816-1892) m. Louisa Vest (1818-1897)
Abraham Emanuel Kreeger (1820-1864)


Children of Johannes Krieger and Maria Elizabeth Spainhour
Solomon Krieger (1812-?) m. Lucy Wall, d/o John Wall and Meloda Overby
Timothy Krieger (1817-1893) m. Sarah Vest (1819-1875)
Lavinia Krieger (1819-1885) m. Nathaniel Pfaff (1810-1890)


Children of Johann George Kreeger and Abigail Fulp
Anna Kreeger (1815-?)
Louise Kreeger (1818-?)
Philippina Kreeger (1820-?)


Children of Peter Kreeger and Martha London
William G. Kreeger (ca. 1832-1862; d. Fredericksburg VA) m. Lucinda Pace (1835-1873), d/o William Pace and Christina Huffman; she m. 2) Jesse Werner in 1871.


Children of Jacob Kreeger and Mary Fulp
Mary Malinda Kreeger (1814-1891) m. John Timothy Holder (1812-1870), his second wife
John George Kreeger (1816-1895) moved to Missouri, married Arminta Daniels in 1852
Elizabeth Kreeger (1817-1897) did not marry
Jacob Kreeger (1818-1886) m. Martha Daken (prob. 1827-1921), moved to Missouri in 1859
Sarah Elvina Kreeger (1821-1907) m. John W. Eaton (ca. 1820-1865; d. Petersburg VA)
John William Kreeger (1822-1880) m. Catherine Pauline Speas (1828-1919)
Mary Ann Kreeger (1824-1904) m. Jacob Wesley Shamel (1819-? - died at Camp Chase OH, buried in Confederate cemetery there)
John Henry Kreeger (1826-1900) m. Leanna Catherine Speas (1828-1889)
Mahala Kreeger (1828-1896) m. Joseph Marler in 1855. After his death she moved to Missouri with her two children.
Solomon Kreeger (1829-1903) moved to California, m. Jane Cunningham there in 1863
Emily Jane Kreeger (1833-1922) m. William W. Snider in 1857 in NC, moved with him to Missouri

Fifth Generation

Children of Isaac Nathaniel Kreeger and Louisa Vest
Emily L. Kreeger (1838-1919) m. Henry Winston Sides (1832-1874)
Nancy Paulina Kreeger (1840-?) m. Squire M. Goff
William F. Kreeger (1841-1843)
Mary Elizabeth Kreeger (1843-1845)
Arena Louisa Kreeger (1845-?) m. Gideon Gordon
Permelia A. Kreeger (1846-?) m. John Scott
James Alexander Kreeger (1848-1926) m. Adeline Elizabeth Shore (1850-1929)
Julia Ann Kreeger (1851-1856)
Floyd Marilla Kreeger (1854-1929) m. Wiley Nathaniel Shamel (1845-1903)
John Edwin Kreeger (1856-1857)
Charlotte Virginia Kreeger (1858-1941) m. Thomas Poindexter Hauser (1854-1911)
Fannie Jane Vest Kreeger (ca. 1861-?) m. Obadiah Goff


Children of Solomon Kreeger and Lucy Wall
John Jacob Kreeger (1838-1839)
Eliza E. Kreeger m. Alexander W. Kiger

Were there other children in this family?


Children of Timothy Kreeger and Sarah Vest
Martha E. Kreeger (1843-1865)
John W. Kreeger (1844-1925) m. Caroline Rebecca Shore (1849-1927), d/o John Jacob Levi Shore and Charity Helsabeck
William A. Kreeger (1846-1905) m. Julia Ann Gordon (1835-1926), d/o Thomas K. Gordon and Anna Grigg
Nancy J. Kreeger (1849-1866) did not marry
Lavina A. Kreeger (1851-1929) m. Sanders B. Kiser (1850-1907)
Charles M. Krieger (1854-1920) did not marry
Sarah Louisa Kreeger (1856-1912) m. Winston G. Fulton (1857-1886)
Mary C. Kreeger (1859-1886) did not marry


Children of William G. Kreeger and Lucinda Pace
Louis Wesley Kreeger (1854-1924) m. Martha E. Moser (1862-1933)
John Henry Kreeger (1860-1935) m. 1) Eliza Reid (d. 1883?), 2) Josie George (1860-1922)


Children of John George Kreeger and Arminta Daniels (mostly in Missouri)
Martha Frances Kreeger (1853-1929) m. George Washington Hallar
John Daniel Kreeger (1855-1930) m. Annie Armstrong
Robert Kreeger (1856-?) m. Mrs. Georgia Hallar
William Henry Kreeger (1858-1934)
Mary Florence Kreeger (1860-?)
James Leonard Kreeger (1862-1925) m. Frances Haines
Roann Catherine Kreeger (1864-1923) m. Oliver Powell
Joseph Anderson Kreger (1866-?)
Sarah Anderson Kreeger (twin of Joseph, lived only 4 days)
Sally Kreeger (1868-1875)
Charley Kreeger (1870-?) m. Daisy Gregg
Clara Kreeger (1870-?) m. John R. Blackwell
George Kreeger (1872-?) m. Fannie Thompson
Edward Kreeger (b. & d. 1875)


Children of Jacob Kreeger and Martha Daken (mostly in Missouri)
John George Kreeger (1845-1918) m. 1) Martha Maizee Whitman, 2)?
William H. Kreeger (1847-1930) m. 1) Margaret Groh, 2) Nannie Prater
Mary Caroline Kreeger (1849-1919) m. John Monroe
Sarah Kreeger (1851-1909) m. Henry Groh
Hiram Kreeger (1853-1927) m. Mammie Crabtree
Solomon Kreeger (1855-1912) m. Hattie Priest
Phoebe Kreeger (1858-1929) m. John Brisco Davis


Children of John William Kreeger and Catherine Speas (mostly lived in Missouri or California)
Lewis Mickel Kreeger (1848-1913) m. Julianita Gurule
Mary Elvina Martha Kreeger (1851-1864)
Sarah Jane Mahala Kreeger (1853-1904) m. James March
Armintha Catarine Delila Kreeger (1856-1929) m. John Otto Martin
John William Kreeger (1858-1930) m. Lydia Latham
Jeanette Ann Tolitha Kreeger (1860-1933) m. Kimbro Martin
Amelia Carolina Frances Kreeger (1863-1924) m. Allen Ecord
Isabell Nancy Kreeger (1865-?) m. Weldon Smith
Donelia Evaline Kreeger (1868-?) m. William Cornelius Martin
Joretta Florence Kgreeger (1870-?) m. Alfred Lee
James Madison Kreeger (1873-?) m. Lelia Boak


Children of John H. Kreeger and Leanna Speas
Augustin (Augustus?) T. Kreeger (1849-1901) m. Ellen Frances Shore (1852-1934)
Jacob Daniel Kreeger (1852-1871)
Mary Jane Kreeger (1854-1871)
Malinda Kreeger (1858-1925) m. Jacob Sidney Shore (1851-1924)
Josiah Kreeger (1862-1918) m. Nannie Wilson (1882-1924)
Sarah Tabitha Kreeger (1862-1927) m. Solomon Hillary Helsabeck (1855-1938)
Permelia C. Kreeger (1864-1929) m. David Oliver Hunter (1858-1944)
Frances C. Kreeger (1866-1932) m. Henry Calvin Shore (1860-1931)
Alice Leanna Kreeger (1868-1946) m. Alvis D. Scott (1862-1933)

Jacob Sidney Shore and Henry Calvin Shore were brothers, sons of Thomas Shore and Charity Long. Thomas Shore was the son of Jacob Shore and Susanna Stoltz.

Sixth Generation

Children of James Alexander Kreeger and Adeline Elizabeth Shore
Rena Jane Kreeger (1883-1932)
Alice A. Kreeger (ca. 1874-?) m. Virgil Theophilus Grabs (1859-1935).
Wiley Kreeger (1879-1900)


Children of John W. Kreeger and Caroline Shore
Julius Clay Kreeger (1870-1959) m. 1) Elizabeth R. Rominger (1866-1920), d/o Elias Cornelius Rominger and Elizabeth Hauser; 2) Minnie C. Philips (1883-1973)
Rufus Alexander Kreeger (1872-1888)
Eugene A. Kreeger (1873-1947) m. Cora Brewer (1873-1947)
Wincey Ellen Kreeger (1875-1901)
John J. Kreeger (1878-?) m. Marion Cason Downs
William Edwin Kreeger (1879-1956) m. Anna Reid (1873-1967)
Sarah J. Kreeger (1884-?) m. Alonzo F. Yarbrough
Mary Alma Kreeger (1890-1985) m. Walter F. Spainhour (d. 1962), s/o Jacob Francis Spainhour and Sarah Augusta Doub


Children of William A. Kreeger and Julia Gordon
Martha Ellen Kreeger m. Allen Stewart


Thanks to Mary Kaye Shouse and Loyce Taylor for information on this family; also to Ann Holladay and Jeff Robinson for updates.

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 11 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Kreeger History and Genealogy, by Anna Martin. Compiled in 1932-1934, published by the Raymond Youmans Publishing Company, Kansas City KS. This manuscript has extensive information on the Kreeger families who moved from NC to Missouri. Many thanks to Andrea Kreeger Waters for sending an electronic copy! Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

This page was extensively revised on May 12, 2002, incorporating quite a bit of new material from the manuscript sent by Andrea Waters. A few additions were made on September 9, 2003 and on March 2, 2004.

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