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Jacob Blum Family

First Generation

Jacob Blum (1739-1802) arrived in NC in 1758. He married first Anna Maria Born, who died in 1778. In 1780 he made a trip to Bethlehem PA, and returned with a second wife, Maria Elisabeth Koch (1743-1817).

Second Generation

Children of Jacob Blum and Anna Maria Born
Johann Jacob Blum (1766-1767)
Ludwig Blum probably m. Martha Bynum
Anna Maria Blum (b. &. d. 1774)
Anna Christina Blum (1776-1861) m. Rudolph Christ (1750-1833), a widower, in 1803.

Children of Jacob Blum and Maria Elisabeth Koch
Johann Jacob Blum (1781-1847) m. 1) Maria Catharina Christ (1780-1828), 2) Anna Dorothea Warner (1784-1865)
Johann Christian Blum (1784-1854) m. Maria Elisabeth Transou (1789-1867)

Third Generation

Probable child of Ludwig Blum and Martha Bynum
Elizabeth Blum m. Lewis Frey (1785-?)


Children of Johann Jacob Blum and Maria Catharina Christ
John Nathaniel Blum (1811-1874) m. Catharina Nading (1809-1885)
Alexander Christian Blum (1813-1849) m. Antoinette Emilie Schulz, d/o Samuel Schulz
Maria Sophia Blum (1816-1897) m. Levin Brietz (1814-1880)
Julia Susannah Blum m. Augustus Transou Boner (1825-1854). They moved to Madison Co. TN, but Augustus died in Salem while visiting John Nathaniel Blum, en route back from Florida to Tennessee.


Children of Johann Christian Blum and Maria Elisabeth Transou
Levi Vaniman Blum (1812-1893)
Lucinda Paulina Blum (ca. 1820-1870) m. Augustus Theophilus Zevely (1816-1872)
Edward Transou Blum (1830-1895)

Johann Christian Blum started out as an apprentice to the gunsmith Christoph Vogler in 1798. Later he was working as an indigo dyer, and making chairs. By 1807 he was a wheelwright. In 1809 he is listed as the tavern keeper. In 1815 he asked to be relieved of the tavern business. He eventually went into the publishing business, founding Blum's Almanac (published since 1828) and becoming senior editor of The People's Press, a local newspaper. His sons Levi and Edward eventually took over the family business. Levi was sent to Washington in 1833 "for a time in order to perfect himself in his book-printing profession".

Fourth Generation

Children of John Nathaniel Blum and Catharina Nading
Sarah Anna Maria Blum (1835-1901) m. Robert Parmenio Leinbach (1831-1892)
John Jacob Blum (b. & d. 1839)
Sophia Antoinette Blum (1842-1867) did not marry
Jane Catherine Blum (1845-?) m. William Jacob Cooper (1842-1910), s/o Charles Alexander Cooper and Rebecca Paulina Schultz
Hannah Blum (1846-?) did not marry


Children of Alexander Christian Blum and Antoinette Emilie Schulz
John A. Blum (ca. 1844-1886) m. 1) Ada Clabe Freeman (d. 1883) 2) ? Campbell
James A. Blum (1846-1917) m. Elizabeth Wilson (1851-1909), d/o Peter Wilson and Lucretia Sullivan
Franklin L. Blum (ca. 1848-?)
Alexander Christian Blum (1849-1867?)

Fifth Generation

Children of James A. Blum and Elizabeth Wilson
James Wilson Blum (1872-1935)
Alexander C. Blum (c1873-1958)
Bessie Blum (1876-1959)
Peter Wilson Blum (1878-1971) m. Ella Mason (1880-1938)
Thomas Sullivan Blum (1885-1963) m. Nora Hester (1887-1957


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Forsyth Co. NC cemetery records

Forsyth Co. NC census records

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