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Transou Family

First Generation

Abraham Transou was born about 1700 in Mutterstadt, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. He came to America in 1730 aboard The Thistle of Glasgow . Abraham is believed to be the son of Jacob Trentsols, born about 1657 in Somme, France. Jacob was married to Elizabeth Le Roi. The parents of Abraham have not been documented.

Abraham Transou married Elizabeth Muschler in 1721 in the German Reformed church at Mutterstadt. She died sometime between 22 Dec 1726, the birthdate of their son Anthon, and 22 July 1727, when he married Anna Margaretha Müller.

Second Generation

Children of Abraham Transou and Elizabeth Muschler
Anna Katharina Transou (1722-1799) m. Sebastian Henrich Knauss, lived Emmaus, Lehigh Co. PA
Johann Phillip Transou (1724-1793) m. Maria Magdalena Ganther (1729-1803)
Anthon Transou (1726-1727)


Children of Abraham Transou and Anna Margaretha Muller
Isaak Transou (b. & d. 1729)
Johann Abraham Transou (1731-1813) m. Maria Magdalena Lang (Long) (1732-1810), (d/o Elias Lang)
Johann Jacob Transou (1734-?) probably died young
Elizabetha Transou (1736-aft. 1753)

Third Generation

Johann Phillip Transou and his wife Maria Magdalena came to North Carolina in 1762, leaving Bethlehem PA on April 20th, going on the sloop Elizabeth from Philadelphia to Wilmington NC, and from there by wagon to Bethabara, arriving on June 6th after seven weeks of travel. On July 26th they moved into a new home in Bethania. A diary of their journey appears in the Records of the Moravians in NC 1:256-263.

Children of John Phillip Transou and Maria Magdalena Ganther
Abraham Transou (1756-1833) m. 1) Anna Maria Pfaff (1762-1800); 2) Eva Schulz (1766-1841)
Maria Magdalena Transou (1758-1835) m. Johann Gottlieb Schober (1756-1838)
Johann Philip Transou, Jr. (1761-1795) m. Maria Margaretha Vogler (1767-1817)
Anna Rosina Transou (1763-1839) m. Carl Gottlieb Clauder (1765-1843)
Johannes Transou (1766-1841) m. Rebecca Frey (1771-1827)
Elisabeth Transou (1769-1843) m. Johannes Leinbach (1768-1838)
Catharina Transou (1771-1828) m. Johann Christopher Reich (1763-1824)


Johann Abraham Transou remained in Pennsylvania, and is buried at the Old William Churchyard in Northampton County PA. Many of his descendants spell their name Transue.

Children of Johann Abraham Transou and Maria Magdalena Lang
Elias Transou (1756-1830)
Abraham Transou (1757-?) m. Sophia Catherine Bender (1767-1829)
Johann Philip Transou (1758-?) m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Getter
Jacob Transou (1759-?)
Melchior Transou (1761-?)
John Transou (1762-?) m. Anna Barbara Shearer (Scherer) (1759?), d/o Valentine Shearer
Anthony Transou (1764-?)
Henry Transou (1766-?)
Isaac Transou (1768-?)
Magdalena Transou (1772-?)
Catharine Transou (1774-?)
Peter Transou (1777-?) m. Anna J.

(Diane Andreasen found the following information for Abraham Transu: "Settled in Wms. Twp. and was an inn keeper. I feel the Abstract of Will, Northampton Co., PA 1752-1840; File # 2892 showing his date of death as 28 April 1813 with children Abraham, eldest, Peter is this Abraham.")

Fourth Generation

In 1780 it was suggested that Abraham Transou move from Bethania to Bethabara, in order to help with the brewery and distillery there. He was described as a "well-behaved and industrious" young man, but he declined to go, "giving as his reason that he would have no companions of his own age, but only old Brethren." (He was 24 years old at the time.) In 1782 he married his first wife, Anna Maria Pfaff. His second wife was Eva Schulz, widow of Johann Jacob Stolz

Children of Abraham Transou and 1) Anna Maria Pfaff
Johann Philip Transou (1783-1863) m. Maria Elizabeth (Mary) Stolz (1789-1865)
Abraham Transou, Jr. (1786-1877) m. Lucy Bryan (1790-1863), lived in Wilkes County NC
Maria Elisabeth Transou (1789-1867) m. Johann Christian Blum (1784-1854)
Salome Transou (1792-1793)
Solomon Transou (1794-1873) m. Sarah Loesch (1795-1863)
Maria Magdalena Transou (1797-1872) (did not marry)
Catharina Transou (b & d. 1800)

Child of Abraham Transou (1756-1833) and 2) Eva Schulz
Phillipina Transou (1803-?) m. Jacob Reich

Abraham Transou House, Bethania Township

Abraham Transou built this two-story log house in the last 1700s or early 1800s. It is smaller than the other log houses in Bethania but features a rear, brick-nogged addition.


Children of Johann Philip Transou and Maria Margaretha Vogler
Benigna Transou (1789-1856) m. Joshua Boner (1774-1836)
*Petrus (Peter) Transou (1791-1871) m. 1) Anna Johanna Christmann (1789-1858); 2) Maria Christina Peterson (1813-1888)
Maria Catharine Transou (1792-1819)
Elisabeth Transou (1794-1847) m. Johann Heinrich Senseman (1786-1854)

*We have heard from some readers who are confused about the two men of nearly the same age, both named Peter or Petrus Transou. Johann Philip's son Peter (1791-1871) is the one who moved to Tennessee in 1835. His cousin Peter (1792-1852), son of Johannes and Rebecca Transou, remained in North Carolina. Note however that the widow Maria Christina Peterson Transou came back to Salem after her husband's death in Tennessee, and became a resident of the "Sisters' Home" in Salem.

*Update - January 5, 2002, e-mail from John Kopp
"New Years Eve my wife and I joined our son and his wife in Memphis, TN. While there, we all visited 'The Pink Palace Museum'. On the museum's upper floor is an exhibit of late 1800s and early 1900s clothing, packaged foods, farming implements, medical tools, etc. Typical of most museums, attached to the various walls were several glass display cases. One of those cases contains a gravestone that was dug up by some farmer while plowing his fields during the 1930s. It happened somewhere near Jackson, Tennessee. The stone is about 2 feet by 2 feet square. According to the information card in the display case, the farmer attempted tolocate a nearby cemetery where the stone might have come from, but was unable to do so. Eventually, he donated it to the museum for preservation. The stone reads:

'Ann J., Wife of Peter Transou, Born Salem, N.C. Born Dec. 17, 1789 - died Jun 7, 1858' "

- --------------

Children of Johannes Transou and Rebecca Frey
Peter Transou (1792-1852) m. Johanna Rebecca Leinbach (1805-1884)
Catharina Elisabeth Transou (1795-1880) m.Samuel Strub (1797-1884)
unnamed daughter (b.&.d. 1797)
Susannah Transou (1798-1863) m. Christian Heinrich Grabs (1792-1857)
Maria Transou (1801-1876) m. Carl Isaac Loesch (1799-1863)
Johanna Salome Transou (1803-1881) m. Ephraim Strupe (1805-1845)
Joseph Transou (1806-1890) m. 1) Elisabeth Mickey (1807-1866), 2) Sophia M. Leinbach (1836-1906)
Lydia Sophia Transou (1808-1871) did not marry
Timothy Transou (1811-1887) m. 1) Sarah Catherine Miller (1824-1880); 2) Susan Paulina Sink (1844-1899)
Rebecca Henrietta Transou (1815-1877) m. Benjamin Spach (1813-1871)


Children of Abraham Transou and Sophia Catherine Bender
Abraham Transou (c1788-?)
Anna Nancy Transou (c1790-?)
Isaac Transou
Anthony Transou (1794-?)
Mary Transou
Jacob Transou
Henry Transou (drowned in his youth)
William Transou (1801-?)
John Transou
Catharine Transou (1803-?) m. Isaac Mast
Peter Transou
Elizabeth (1807-?)
Melchoir Transou (1809-?)

(Diane Andreasen identifies Sophia Bender as Sophia Hess? Do you have documentation to confirm either name? Was Sophia a widow? Diane also found: Abstract of Will, Northampton Co., PA 1752-1840; File # 3999, Vol. 5, p 198; date of Will 10/15/1822 probated 3/16/1829, which lists all children and wife Sophia.)


Children of John Philip Transou and Elizabeth Getter
Susanna Transou (1784-1826) m. John George Kotz (1777-1840)
Catharine Elisabeth Transou (1786) m. Peter Wagener
Abraham Transou (1788-?)
Jacob Transou (1790-?)
John Matthias Transou (1792-?)
Anthony (1800-?)


Children of John Transou and Anna Barbara Shearer (Scherer)
Susannah Transou (1782-?) m. William Smith
Barbara Transou (1784-?) m. John Smith
Abraham Transou (1786-1864) m. Anna Margaret Newhart
Margaret E. Transou (1788-?) m. Peter Albert
Catharine Transou (1791-1875) m. Peter Yeisley
Jacob Transou (1793-1872) m. Elizabeth Smith
Eleanor Transou (1795-?) m. Elihu Posten
John S. Transou (1797-1882) m. Mary Christian
Rachael Schrade Transou (1801-1862) m. Henry Strunk, Jr. (1800-1873), s/o Henry Strunk and Maria Ace

(Diane Andreasen found the following information for John Transou: Their children are listed pg. 1430 'Comm. & Biogr. Rec. of NEPA' Beers pub. 1900 and the same 9 children are listed in his Will file #4132, Easton Court House, Northampton Co., PA - living in Smithfield Twp., Northampton, and the girls are listed with their married names in the will.)

Fifth Generation

Children of Johann Philip Transou and Maria Elizabeth Stolz
Jonathan Transou (1807-1880) apparently did not marry
Lydia Transou (1809-1896) m. Adam D.C. Wolff/Wolfe, a schoolteacher from Virginia
Ephraim G. Transou (1811-1883) m. 1) Adelaide Paulina Cooper (1812-1872); 2) Martha Ann Emily Harris, widow of Naaman Reich
Alexander Transou (1814-1904) m. Martha Church (1820-1899)
Augustin Crawford Transou (1819-1864) m. Mary Elizabeth Alspaugh (1832-1884)
Jacob Transou (1822-1864) m. Emaline P. Stewart (1835-1890)
Evan Transou (1827-1912) m. Elizabeth Church (1829-1912) (sister of Martha)
Julius Abraham Transou (1832-1930) m. Julia Sybilla Conrad (1835-1902)


Children of Abraham Transou, Jr. and Lucy Bryan
Nancy Transou (1808-1893)
James W. Transou (1811-aft. 1880) m. Mary Rousseau (1813-aft. 1880) (living in Wilkes Co., NC, 1880)
William B. Transou (1815-1887) m. Mary Gilbreath (1823-1885)
Harriett Transou (1816-?) m. Nathaniel Garland Lane in 1835
Mary Transou (1818-?) m. William Perkins
Sarah Blum Transou (1823-?) m. George Jones

Julie Foushee provided the marriage information for William B. Transou and Mary Gilbreath. Julie's husband is a direct descendant of their daughter, Mary Louise Transou (1857-1911), who married James Clinton Foushee in Wilkes Co., NC Julie's e-mail address is:


Children of Solomon Transou and Sarah Loesch
Antoinette Malvina Transou (1821-1903) m. 1) Isaac Conrad (1807-1850); 2) William A. Matthews (1832-1915)
Triphonius Emil Transou (1823-1844)
Constantine Thaddeus Transou (1827-1846)
Adaline Louise Transou (1834-1897) m. Edward Moses Baldwin (1830-?)
Mary Anne Transou (1836-1930) m. Robert J. Devin


Children of Petrus (Peter) Transou and Anna Johanna Christman
Florina Eliza Transou (1809-1882)
Maria Wilhelmina Transou (1811-1846)
Rebecca Emily Transou (1813-1841)
Harriet Malinda Transou (1815-bet. 1845/1850) m. Reuben T. Vawter (abt. 1815-1862, IL)
Philip Permanio Transou (1817-1883) m. Mary Jeffries
Franklin Benjamin Transou (1820-1883) m. Sarah Wilson
Archillus Wallace Transou (1822-1856) m. Margaret McGlish
Louisa Ellenor Transou (1824-1849)
Edward Thomas Transou (1826-?) m. Mary J. Pearon (?-1856-57)
Cornelia Josephina Transou (1828-?) m. ? Harris
Marcus Daniel Transou (1830-1835)


Children of Peter Transou and Rebecca Leinbach
William Augustin Transou (b. & d. 1824)
Calvin Alexander Transou (1826-1889) m. Salome (Sarah) Styers (1830-?), moved to Indiana
Maria Louisa Transou (1828-1872) m. Benjamin Franklin Lashmit (1824-1874)
Paulina Henrietta Transou (1833-1876) m. John Lashmit (1826-1887)
Carlos William Transou (1833-1863) m.Amanda Louisa Ketner (1834-1931)


Child of Joseph Transou and Sophia Mary Leinbach
Mary Rebecca Transou (1868-1901) m. George H. Hauser (1863-1932)


Children of Timothy Transou and 1) Sarah Catherine Miller
Laura Elizabeth Transou (1844-after 1895) m. 1) Henry Nathaniel Chitty (1841-1869); 2) Emanuel Conrad Miller (1844-?)
Ellen Rebecca Transou (1846-?) m. 1) Joseph Alexander Shore (1841-1876), 2) Joseph H. Miller (1831-1886)
Phillip Hampton Transou (1848-?)
Sarah R. Transou (1849-1901) m. G. Falze Alexander (Alec) Miller (1842-1923)
Susan Hortense Transou (1851-?)
Mary Magdalene "Maggie" Transou (1852-1891) m. John N. Davis updated March 25, 2018BR> Jane Augusta Transou (1855-1935) m. Leonidus N. Keith (1833-1916)
Isabel Dundena Transou (1857-1925) m. Wiley Freeman Keith (1851-1931)
*Emma Virginia Transou (1860-1928) m. John Lewis Lowder (1847-1923)
John Rufus Transou (1862-1937) m. Sarah C. Parker (1868-1931)

Previously stated as Emma Victoria Transou. Error corrected June, 2008

Sixth Generation

Children of Ephraim G. Transou and Adelaide Paulina Cooper
William Alexander Transou (ca. 1835-1860) m. Elizabeth Ann Stewart (1839-1910). She married (2) Isaac T. Pfaff
Reuben P. Transou (Pvt) (1836-1861)
Lewis B. Transou (1838-1862) m. Nancy Gertrude Flynt (ca. 1846-1905); she m. 2) Edwin Lafayette Transou
Jane Elizabeth Transou (1840-1927) m. Sylvanus David Davis (1832-1896), s/o Evan Davis and Hannah Gardner Davis of Mt. Airy, NC
Owen Carter Transou (1843-1861)
Charles E. Transou (1845-1875) m. Ermine Moreau (of Brooklyn, NY)
Flora Ann Transou (1849-1925) m. John Henry Hauser (1847-1930)

Ephraim and Adelaide Transou had three sons to die during the Civil War:

Owen C. - enlisted June, 1861 and died Sept, 1861 at Front Royal, VA
Reuben P. - enlisted June, 1861 and died of disease at Broad Run Station, VA in Oct., 1861
Lewis B. - enlisted July, 1861 and died Dec, 1862 at Frederickburg, Va.

The oldest son, William A. Transou, died in 1860 in Texas. Ephraim and his family went there in September, 1859, and returned to NC in June, 1860, bringing William's widow back with them. [Records of the Moravians in NC 12:6379]

The last son, Charles, was a prisoner of war in a Union camp, and while there met Ermine Moreau, the daughter of Fredrich and Mary Ann Moreau of Brooklyn, NY. She came to North Carolina to marry Charles in March 1873, and they had a son, Fred Transou. Charles died of consumption in December 1875, and Ermine, pregnant with their second child, returned to New York, where their daughter Agnes was born. [Thanks to Linda Newsom for this history!]


Children of Alexander Transou and Martha Church
Amos Edgar Transou (1845-1925) m. Eliza Jane Alspaugh (1851-1924)
Ellen Sophia Transou (1848-1911) did not marry


Children of Augustin Transou and Mary Elizabeth Alspaugh
Clara Ann Transou (1858-1935) m. Ellis W. Hauser (1858-1922)
Albert Lewis Transou (1864-1918) m. Sally Flynt (1868-1956)


Child of Jacob Transou and Martha Rebecca Pfaff (not married)
John Sidney Pfaff (1847-1925) m. Lucy Clodfelter (1844-1927)

John Sidney's marriage license identifies his father as Jacob Transou.

Children of Jacob Transou and Emaline Stewart
Aurelius Lafayette Transou (1857-1928) m. Sallie Lorena Stauber (1867-1930)
Mary Elizabeth Transou (1862-1941) did not marry


Children of Evan Transou and Elizabeth Church
Rufus E. Transou (1854-1915) m. Frances Augusta Grabs (1855-1930)
Isabella Transou (b. & d. 1858)


Children of Julius Abraham Transou and Julia Sybilla Conrad
Stephen Transou (1856-1933) (did not marry)
Ann Isabel Transou (1860-1875) (did not marry)
Mary Magdalene Transou (1862-1898)
Caroline (Carrie) Viola Transou (1863-1952) m. Thomas Rufus Scott (1863-1927)
Minnie Conrad Transou (1864-1934) m. Elijah Newton Doub (1861-1902)
Fannie Juanita Transou (1872-1963) m. Melvin Victor Fleming (1868-1958)


Children of Calvin Alexander Transou and Salome Styers
John Armenius Transou (1849-?)
Wilhelmina Pamela Transou (1853-?) m. Silas Harris Brattain


Children of Carlos Transou and Amanda Louisa Ketner
Lisa Cornelia Transou (1854-1857)
Julius Peter Transou (1855-1936) m. Rhoda Isabel Harper (1852-1952)
d/o John R. Harper and Mary S. Reich
Rebecca Laura Ann Transou (1857-1939) m. Edwin Alexander Conrad (1855-1941)
William Joseph Transou (1858-1945) m. Mary Cathon Hudler (1861-1931),
d/o John W. Hudler and Elizabeth Livengood
Mary Catherine Transou (1860-1938) m. Pleasant E. Burke (1859-1937)
Henry Calvin Transou (1862-1945) m. Hattie Amanda Harper (1867-1934)


Children of James W. Transou and Mary Rousseau
Edwin Lafayette Transou (1835-1919) m. Nancy Gertrude Flynt (ca. 1846-1905), widow of Lewis B. Transou
Rufus B. Transou (1837-1915) m. 1) Jerusha Matilda Wright (1842-bef. 1867); 2) Irene Elizabeth Hedren
[error corrected 7/15/01; this is not the Rufus Transou who married Frances Augusta Grabs]
Frances Almeda "Fanny" Transou (1839-1907) m. James W. Wright (1826-1865)
James Transou (1843-aft. 1880) m. Sarah Annette Colbert (1850-aft. 1880)
Lucy Transou (1845-?)
Mary Ellen Transou (1847-aft. 1880)
Sidney Montford Transou (1848-1932) m. Sincesca A. Mastin (1847-1908)
Ann Jeanette (Nettie) Transou (1853-?)
Eunice Magedeline Transou (1856-aft. 1880) m. Tilghman A Howell
Clinton Transou (died young)
David Transou (died young)
This family lived in Wilkes Co., NC

Rufus Transou was 24 years of age when he enlisted at Camp Holmes and mustered into "D" Company, NC 26th Infantry. Rufus was a POW, taken at Gettysburg, PA, returned to duty, was wounded in the right leg, returned to duty, taken prisioner again in April, 1865. His record does not indicate where or when he was released from duty.

Seventh Generation

Children of Amos Edgar Transou and Eliza Jane Alspaugh
Claude Transou (1872-1957) m. Hannah Adelaide Davis (1874-1946), d/o Sylvanus Davis and Jane Elizabeth Transou
Robert Transou (1873-1964) m. Flora Doub (1873-1948)
Maude Transou (1874-1879)
Daisy A. Transou (1877-?)
Everett Transou (1880-1972)
Leah Transou (1891-1965)

Previously we showed Leah with a birthdate of 1871. The 1900 Forsyth Co. census and Social Security Death Index both give it as 1891.


Children of Aurelius Lafayette Transou and Sallie Lorena Stauber
Ellie Mae Transou (1888-1952)
Sarah Louise Transou (1892-1950) m. Hugh L. Ross
Rolla Thomas Transou (1894-1939) m. Lessie Zimmerman (1898-1975)
Maxwell Stauber Transou (1896-1943) m. 1) Florence Vestal (1901-1925), 2) Fannie W. Scott
Etta Alma Transou (1899-1987) m. Everett H. Schultz (1892-1872)
Shelby Transou (1902-?) m. Mamie Painer
Daisy Transou (1904-1975) m. George Heinz
Clyde Transou (b. & d. 1906)
Clyde Aurelius Transou (1908-1982) m. Mary Pierce


Children of Rufus E. Transou and Frances Augusta Grabs
Ernest Transou (1877-1946)
Elizabeth Transou (1879-1958) m. Eugene V. Lehman (1872-1937)
Pearl May Transou (1882-1968) m. Charles Helsabeck Griffith (1874-1951), s/o William Asbury Griffith & Mary Magdalene Carmichael
Alta Agnes Transou (1888-1958)
Ruth Transou (1893-1993)
Verna Transou (1897-1961) m. Seth B. Brown (1887-1936)
Mary Transou m. ? Fogle


Children of Carrie Viola Transou and Thomas Rufus Scott
Mamie Scott (1888-1985) m. George William Flynt (1875-1951)
Thomas Stephen Scott (1890-1967) m. Mamie Josephine Wilson (1893-1972)
Robert Ernest Scott (1892-1962) m. Elizabeth Moser (1893-1961)
Guy Leonard Scott (1894-1983) m. Sally Roberson (1904-1986)
Nellie Mae (Nelle) Scott (1895-1969) m. Norman Porter Stone (1883-1960)
Julius Transou Scott (1897-1938) m. Margaret Frances Conrad (1903-1978)
Rufus Ray Scott (1900-1982) m. Mae Ola Boyles (1903-1983)
John Conrad Scott (1903-1967) m. 1) Louie Lenora Beroth; 2) Mamie Lee Shutt
Mildred Lucile Scott (1906-1994) m. Thomas Wright Nicholson, III (1906-1996)


Children of Fannie Juanita Transou and Melvin Victor Fleming
Ruth Idalia Fleming (1896-1995) m. Frank Poindexter
Nellie Naomi Fleming (1899-2000) m. Charles Vaiden Whitley
Sadie Juanita Fleming (1902-aft. 1930)
Alton James Fleming (1906-aft. 1930)
This family lived in Boonville, Yadkin Co., NC


Children of Julius Peter Transou and Rhoda Isabel Harper
Charles Nathaniel Transou (1881-1965) m. Sally P. Davis (1884-1961)
Della Elizabeth Transou (1884-1957) m. Claude Davis
Lula J. Transou (1886-1974) m. Henry Monroe Brandon (d. 1969)
Flora Sybilla Transou (1888-1950) m. W.J. Dunn
Bertha May Transou (1891-1980) m. E.H. Bobbitt
Dora Louise Transou (1893-1983) m. R.L. Grubbs
Maud Bryan Transou (1895-?) m. Jefferson Hoke Pfaff, s/o
James Edwin Pfaff and Mary Susanna Ziglar
Pearl Lee Transou (1898-1979) m. J.R. Conrad
Rosa Stella Transou (1901-1944) m. D.C. Dudley
John Carlos Transou (b.& d. 1903)
stillborn son (1904)


Children of William Joseph Transou and Mary Cathon Hudler
Lillie Lee Transou (1881-1856) m. Austin Edward Burk (1881-1951)
Minnie May Transou (1883-1956) m. William James Ebert (1882-1924)
Frank Monroe Transou (1885-1965) m. Frankie Mae Alspaugh (1887-1947) (born in WVA)
Avery Nathaniel Transou (1887-1972) m. 1) Mamie Majesca Harrison (1888-1942); 2) Irene ?
Arthur Lucas Transou (1889-1919)
Ernest Rufus Transou (b. & d. 1889; twin of Arthur)
Plez Alexander Transou (1893-1950) m. Hattie Martha Jane Farrington (1905-1994)
Ione Jewel Transou (1895-1986) m. Charles Leroy Tucker, Sr. (1891-1980)
Gaither Cebon Transou (1897-1992) m. Eva Frances Lashmit (1898-1988)
Claude Edward Transou (1900-1959) m. Ruth Mills
Fred Roscoe Transou (1902-1964) m. Katie Jane Todd (?-1983), d/o Crawford Tood and Rosa Shore


Children of Henry Calvin Transou and Hattie Amanda Harper
Bessie A. Transou (1887-1935) m. John William Pegram (1888-1968)
Coston L. Transou (1889-1985) m. Nannie O. Kiger (1894-1964)
Flossie B. Transou (1892-1902)
George Henry Transou (1893-1967) m. Evelyn Morgan (1906-1990)
Nettie Lou Transou (1896-1992) m. Paul Cornelius Bailey (ca. 1889-ca. 1981)
Paul W. "Doc" Transou (1897-1964) m. Allie E. Shipe
Joseph Peter Transou (1899-1980) m. Nina R. Minter (1913-1983)
Floyd Leo Transou (1900-1960) (did not marry)
Howard H. Transou (1905-1905)
Eulah Transou m. Ligon
Juanita Transou (1912-1978) m. Francis K. Trogdon, Jr. (1909-1971)

Information for Henry Calvin Transou's line was contributed by Brad F. Trogdon. Brad would like to correspond with any Transou researcher, especially those interested in the Transou lines from the Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville, NC area. Brad's e-mail address is:


Children of Edwin Lafayette Transou and Gertrude Flynt
Mary Elizabeth Transou (1867-1953) m. John Martin William Anderson Mock (1857-1939)
John Byron Transou (1870-?)
Clarence Rufus Transou (1872-1962)
Fannie Leola Transou m. Thomas Lee Hayes


James Transou and Sarah Annette Colbert
Walter Transou (1871-1947)
Lillian C Transou (1873)
Horton D. Transou (1875-1945) m. Lillie D. (abt 1880-aft. 1930)
Claudius (Claude) Transou (1877-1961) m. Millie Darnell
Lucy Transou (1880)

, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran


Ellen Warner has information on the Rachael Schrade Transou and Henry Strunk, Jr. line. Ellen's e-mail address is:

The John Transou (1762-?) and Anna Barbara Shearer (Scherer) line provided by Diane Andreasen. Diane's e-mail address:

The Johann Phillip and Maria E. Stoltz line provided by Ann Flint. Ann's e-mail address:

The Carlos Transou line provided by Plez A. Transou. Plez's e-mail address is: plez@JUNO.COM

Also thanks to Linda Newsom for information on many of the Transou and connecting families.

The Forsyth County Genealogical Society Journal, Volume XVI, No. 1, Fall 1997

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Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Jurney, James, Ancestry of Alice Estelle and Effie Catherine Butner and Related Families, privately printed, Bellevue WA, 1992

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