Jonathan Cheshire Family

Deed of Gift from Jonathan Chesire to his children and granchildren. Rowan County, North Carolina 1831.

Will of Jonathan Cheshire Hardeman County Tennesse 1841.

First Generation

Children of Jonathan Cheshire (1771-1841) and 1) Lucy
Elizabeth Cheshire (abt. 1790-?) m. 1) John Buie/Booe (1790-1825); 2) ? Miller
Sarah Gentry Cheshire (abt. 1791-1842) m. James Jarvis, Sr. (1762-1837)
Nancy Coleman Cheshire (abt. 1793-aft. 1850) m. John Orrell (1791-1858) (m. 1814, Rowan Co.)
Tennison Cheshire (1797-1848) m. Eve/Evy Sain (1804-1902) (m. in 1824)
Delpha/Dephy Cheshire (abt. 1799-bef 1831) m. James Jarvis Jr. (m. in 1822) (Delpha's parents not proven)
*Priscilla Cheshire (1801-1830) m. John A. Sain
*Susan/Susannah Cheshire (1802-bef. 1841) m. Jonathan Jarvis
*Lucy Cheshire (1805-bef. 1841) m.George Sain Jr.
*Jonathan Cheshire, Jr. (1806-1858) m. Nancy S. Saner (1807- bef 1866), d/o John and Mary Sainer
*Richard Cheshire (1808-?) (no other information)

(*Children baptized the 4th Sunday in June, 1812 by G. Shober, Minister of the Gospel. Their parents, John and Lucy Cheshire, stood for them. Heidelburg Lutheran Church or Dutch Meeting House.)


Children of Jonathan Cheshire and 2) Elizabeth Sain (?-1829) (married, 1824)
Mary Ann Cheshire (1828-1906) m. William Henry Dickson Maxedon (lived in McNairy County, TN)
Ruthy Ann Cheshire (1829-1888) m. William Pitzer Kimbro (1825-1905), s/o James and Mary Kimbro
Minerva Cheshire (bef. 1829) m. W. R. Sundley

Visit Linda's Genealogy for more Kimbro information.


Children of Jonathan Cheshire and 3) Elizabeth Wellman
Martha Jane Cheshire (1832-?) m. William D. Lain/Sain
Pitser Miller Cheshire (1837-1919) m. 1) Easter S. Woodburn (1840-1903); 2) Bettie J. Hawkins (widow) (m. in 1906)
Thomason Jefferson Cheshire (1839-1882) m. Cynthia J. Lain (1843-1930)

Second Generation

Children of Tennison Cheshire and Eva/Evy Sain

Washington Daniel Cheshire (1822-aft.1880) m. Rebecca Ann Pankey (1825-aft. 1880)
Elvira Cheshire (1825-1848) m. James M. Harrison (m. in 1844)
Nancy E. Cheshire (1827-1847) m. Benjamin R. Hanline (m. in 1847) (no known children)
Hezekiah Richard Cheshire (1830-1883) m. Sarah Jane McKinnie (1838-1891)
Sarah Jarvis Cheshire (1833-1848)
Polly Cheshire (1836-1854) m. Clinton Crisp
Rhonelda Cheshire (1838-1856) did not marry
Jonathon Cheshire (1842-1879) m. Ann Elizor Clement (abt. 1841-1866)
James A. Cheshire (1845-1901) m. Margaret J. Crisp (1847-1918)
Amos Cheshire (1848-1856) (buried in Old Salem Cem., Hardeman Co, TN)


Children of Jonathan Cheshire and Nancy S. Saner
Mary Emeline Cheshire (1827-?) m. 1) Marshall Rainer (1828-?); 2) James A. Chalk
Louisa Cheshire (1828 - bef. 1873) m. William/Wilson Newberry Pankey (1823-?) (m. 1844)
John S. Cheshire (1830-?) m. Nancy C. Fortune (1833-?)
Tennison Cheshire (1832-bef.1865) m. Nancy Jemima Gray (1833-?) (they had one son, Moses N. Cheshire)
Elizabeth C. Cheshire (1833-?) m. Samuel Fitts
Nancy E. Cheshire (1836-?) m. John Atkinson (1832-?)
Jonathan Cheshire (1838-1870) m. Martha J. Brewer
Sarah Cheshire (1840-1877) m. Thomas Nance
Thomas Cheshire (1840-?) (twin)

George Washington Cheshire (1841-1863)
Caleb Cheshire (1847-1871/72) without issue

Jonathan Cheshire along with his wife Nancy Saner moved to Hardeman Co TN between 1827 and 1828. In the early 1850s, Jonathan Cheshire, along with his family, and his wife's parents moved to Jackson Co., AR, settling in Bird Township, near Elgin. Jonathan Cheshire and Nancy Saner were married 1826, Rowan County, NC. Nancy was the daughter of John and Mary Saner


Children of Pitser Miller Cheshire and Esther S. Woodburn
Betti Cheshire (1857-1953)
Mary Ann Cheshire (1858-1860)
William Washington Cheshire (1860-1942) m. Susannah Covey (1860-1951)
Vtocka J. Cheshire (1867-1956) m. Cole
Minnie A. Cheshire (1870-1957)
Thomas Pitser Cheshire (1877-1914)
John J. Cheshire (1878-1908)
Carrie E. Cheshire (1880-1914)

(This family lived in McNairy County, TN)


Children of Thomason Jefferson Cheshire and Cynthia J. Lain
Amanda Cheshire (1859-1943)
John Drew Cheshire (1866) Thomas Ruebin Cheshire (1866)
James William Chehsire (1869-1953)
Annie Cheshire (1874-1902)
Pitts E. Cheshire (1872)
Jobe J. Cheshire (1877-1966)
Ruebin B. Cheshire (1880-1964)

(This family lived in McNairy County, TN)

Third Generation

Children of Washington Daniel Cheshire and Rebecca Ann Pankey
Lewis A. Cheshire (abt. 1848-aft.1860) (not at home in 1870)
William A. Cheshire (1850-aft. 1880) m. Tillie (abt. 1852-aft. 1880)
James Cheshire (1852-aft. 1880) m. Bettie (abt. 1858-aft. 1880)
Virginia Cheshire (1854-aft. 1870)
Martha A. Cheshire (1857-aft. 1870)
Ida Alline (Mattie?) Cheshire (1859-aft. 1880)
Nancy Eva Cheshire (b. & d. 1861)
Margaret/Mollie/Mary W. Cheshire (1863-aft. 1880)
Emma Cheshire (1865-aft. 1880)
Robert L. Cheshire (1868-aft. 1880)
Frank Cheshire (abt. 1873-aft. 1880

This family lived in Hardeman Co., TN


Children of Hezekiah Richard Cheshire and Sarah Jane McKinnie

W. W. Cheshire (1856-aft. 1880) m. Clara Jackson
Sarah Cheshire (1858-bef. 1870)
Elizabeth Cheshire (1861-bef. 1870)
James Cheshire (1865-aft. 1880)
David Cheshire (1866-bef. 1870)
Thenia Bell Cheshire (1868-1941) m. John A. Sain (1867-1942), s/o Calvin and Sarah Sain
Ida Jane Cheshire (1870-aft. 1880)

Calvin, Sarah, Thenia Bell, and John A. Sain are buried at the Sasser Cemetery off Hebron Road in Hardeman Co., TN


Children of Johathan Cheshire and Ann Eliser Clement
Martha Alice Cheshire (1862-1956) m. Needam Bryan Bass (1853-1924)


Children of James A. Cheshire and Margaret J. Crisp
Elizabeth Cheshire (1876-aft. 1880)
Hugh Crowell Cheshire (1879-1919)
Lillie Cheshire (1883-?)

James and Margaret are buried at Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Cem., Hardeman Co., TN

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