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Orrell Family

John Or(w)ell was transported on 20 Jan 1676 by John Abington, Merchant of Calvert County with forty other persons. Early Settlers of Maryland shows a 1676 land grant to John Orrell. From 1703 to1706, John is listed on the Baltimore Tax lists; in 1706, 1708 and 1709 his name is found in the Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Court Records. His occupation is Tailor. John's inventory is recorded in Dorchester County in 1724 and His Will is dated 23 Nov, 1723.

First Generation

Children of John Orrell (c1653-1724) and Mary Hunt (1665-1726):
Mary Orrell (c 1709-?) m. John Tollet (1705-after 1730) (birth recorded in St. Anne's Parish)
John Orrell (1710-1780) m. Alice Eccelston (1710-1787) (birth recorded in St. Anne's Parish)
William Orrell (1712-?) (did not marry) (served in Colonial Wars in 1740
Martha Orrell (c1714-?) m. Joshua Kennerly
Thomas Orrell (c1718-?) m. Sarah (lived in Dorchester Co.) (a tailor)
Glidwell Orrell (c1719-after 1745) m. Elizabeth (blacksmith)
Francis Orrell (c1720-c1799) m. Rachel Harwood (wheelwright) (lived in Caroline Co.)
Elizabeth Orrell (c1721-after 1752) m. John Marr

Second Generation

Children of John Orrell and Alice Eccelston:
Thomas Orrell (c1755-1788) m. Elizabeth Rumbly (1755-1782)
Robert Orrell (c1761-1835) m. Margaret Bayley (1764-?)
Daniel Orrell (1764-1830) m. Nancy Ann Rumbly (c1760-1833/35), d/o of Edgar and Ann Rumbly
Mary Orrell (c1766-?)
Elizabeth Orrell (c1760-?) m. Francis Elliott (1765-1817)

Third Generation

Children of Thomas Orrell and Elizabeth Rumbly
Thomas Orrell Jr. (1779-?) m. Elizabeth
John Orrell (1780-1838) m. Elizabeth Wilson


Children of Robert Orrell and Margaret Bayley
Henry Orrell (1781-1840) m. Caroline Bradley (1785-?)
William Orrell (1782-1841) m. Mary E. Costin (1774-1841)


Children of Daniel Orrell and Nancy Ann Rumbly (moved to Rowan Co., NC by 1790)
James R. Orrell (c1784-1850/60) m. Anna Caton, d/o Charles Caton
Edgar Orrell (1785-1861) m. Ruth R. Caton (c1790-aft. 1860), d/o Charles Caton
Nancy Orrell (1788-1840) m. David Sheets (1788-1837)
John Orrell (c1791-1858) m. Nancy Coleman Cheshire (c1793-after 1850)
Robert Orrell (c1793-?) m. 1) Candis Mustion; 2) Lucinda ________
Elizabeth Orrell (1795-aft. 1850) m. Jesse Caton (?-bef 1850)
Mary Orrell (1797-after 1870) m. Nathaniel Markland (1770-1842) (his 2nd wife)
Lydia Orrell (1799-?) m. Shadrack Etchison, s/o Edmund Etchison and Edith Richardson (m. 1818, marriage bond as Aytcheson)
William Orrell (1800-?) m. Cynthia Brookshire
Daniel Orrell Jr (1801-after 1860) m. Susanna Tucker (1798-aft. 1860)
Anna Orrell (c1819-?)
Samuel W. Orrell (1825-1866) m. Elisabeth Ann Orrell

1790 Deed, Rowan County, NC
In 1797 Daniel Orrell and Nancy Orrell (sold) to Daniel Call, 100 acres on Ellis Creek next to Evan Ellis, Joseph Wolfscale, David Hendrix for 100 pounds the same tract of land.

Daniel Orrell's will, dated 1830, Rowan Co., NC, named a Lethy Call with children Elizabeth Jean and Burch Call. Who are they? Is Lethy Daniel Orrell's daughter? Or is this Elethia Cheshire who married Jacob Call 10/27/1809, Rowan County?)

Fourth Generation

Children of Edgar Orrell and Ruth R. Caton
Edgar R. Orrell (1834) m. Martha J. (1842)
Joseph Orrell (c1833-aft. 1860) m. Elvira (born in TN)
8 other children

(Edgar and Ruth Orrell are living in Dover, Griffin Twp., AR, 1860)


Children John Orrell and Nancy Coleman Cheshire
Jonathan Orrel (c1815-after 1880) m. Sarah/Sally Delashmitt (1807-?)
James Orrell (1817-1889) m. 1) Angeline Elizabeth Faw Martin (1818-1858) (who are her parents?)
2) Martha Spry (1831-1906) (m. 1858; she m. 2) E.W. Lassiter in 1896)
Robert R. Orrell (1823-1884) m. Eleanor (Nelly) Call (1821-1893)
(d/o of David & Sarah Call, granddau. of Henry Call)
Susannah Orrell (c1838-after 1850) m. Daniel Massey in 1856; he was s/o William Massey and Penelope Gregory


Children of Elizabeth Orrell and Isaac Caton
John Caton (ca. 1815-?) m. Thamar ?
Jesse Caton (c1827-?)
Alpha Caton (c1835-?) m. Mary Bailey in 1854
Orrell Caton (1838-1886) m. 1) Mary Wood (ca.1841-bef. 1865), 2) Sarah Wood (1845-1915), Mary's sister


Children of Daniel Orrell Jr and Susanna Tucker
Summerfield Orrell (c1836-?) m. David Wagner in 1854, his second wife
Paulina Jane Orrell (1837-1891) m. 1) W. A. Bailey (1844-1914); 2) Hiram Phelps (1798-1862) 
David Orrell (1839-1890) m. Margaret Jane Barrow (1839-1913)

Fifth Generation

Children of Robert Orrell and Eleanor Call:
Louis Orrell (ca. 1849-?)
Lizette C. Orrell (ca. 1849-?)
Henry Orrell (ca. 1851-?) m. Ida Phillips
Edgar Orrell (1852-1887)
Daniel N. Orrell (1854-1885)
Nancy Orrell (ca. 1857-?) m. Oliver Carter
Delia E.J. Orrell (ca. 1859-?)
Dora Louisa Orrell (1861-1943) m. William Brindle (1847-1921) (s/o Edward and Rebecca Brindle)

Previously we listed another daughter, Ida Orrell. She is identified in the 1880 census as a daughter-in-law, Henry's wife. However, we have added another daughter, Delia, who appears in the 1860 census age 1 and does not appear thereafter.


Children of Jonathan Orrel and Sarah Delashmitt
Martha Orrel (1838-1904) m. William Theophilus Shutt (1833-1878)
Mary Orrel (ca. 1841-?) m. Joseph Snider (ca. 1822-bef. 1870)
Louiza Orrel (ca. 1845-?)
Sarah Orrel (ca. 1850-?)
John E. Orrell (ca. 1851-aft. 1880) m. Sarah C. Hartman (1850-1880)

In 1880 the recently widowed John E. Orrell is head of household in Davie County, with daughter Lula A., age 2. Jonothan Orrell age 67 and Sarah Orrell age 32 are living with him, listed as father and sister respectively. John Phelps age 26, listed as cousin, is also in the household.


Children of James Orrell and 1) Angeline Elizabeth Faw Martin
Temperance Orrell (1843-1851)
Enoch Orrell (1848- c.1860, in Raleigh NC School for the Blind - drowned)
Emily Maria Orrell (1849-1851)
Eli Orrell (c.1851-1854)
Uriah Orrell (1855-1931) m. Mittie R. Garwood (1867-1924)

Gravestones indicate that Temperance (Tempy Ann) and Emily Maria both died on June 1, 1851, ages 8 years, 1 month, 18 days and 1 year, 10 months and 2 days, respectively. The 1850 census lists Temperance as age 4 and omits Emily Maria.

In 1870, Uriah is not listed, but there is a child Hugh age 14. Uriah reappears in 1880. We believe that these are the same person.

Children of James Orrell and 2) Martha Spry
Alice Orrell (1859-1953) m. Julius Mickens Phillips
Beulah Orrell (1861)
George Washington Orrell (1863-1948) m. 1) Alice Barnes (1868-1915); m. 2) Emma ?
Mollie Augusta Orrell (1864-1927) m. William Edward Beauchamp (1861-1934), s/o John Beauchamp and Emily Akles
Cenia Orrell (1868-1956) m. Charlie K. Beauchamp (1869-1957), William's brother
James G. Orrell (1873-1965) m. Lela Mae Barneycastle (1878-1946)

Mollie Augusta and Cenia do not appear with James and Martha in the 1870 census. However, Matilda Orrell is living next to this family in 1870, listed as a domestic servant, 18 years of age, black. Tiggie Orrell age 5 and Camico Orrell age 2 are with her. The ages suggest that these are the children who appear in 1880 as Augusta and Cenia.

Who is Elizabeth C. Orrell that married Lemuel Helton about 1849?? If you have information about who Elizabeth Orrell's parents might be, pls. contact B. Zimmerman:


Orrell Genealogy Forum

Personal communications with Robert S. Orrell. Mr. Orrell has done extensive research related to many branches of the Orrell family and is willing to correspond with anyone interested or related. He has also written the definitive Orrell book, Daniel Black Orrell and His Descendants and published The Orrell Family in the U.S. Census, which I have found to be invaluable. With his permission we now have a Daniel Black Orrell Family Page . Mr. Orrell's email address is:

Will of Daniel Orrell, 1830

Personal communications with Cleo McBride, Winston Salem, NC.

Davie County, NC 1850-1880 census records and cemetery records

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