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Hartman Family

First Generation

Casper Hartman(n) (ca. 1684-1744) and Anna Regina Klump (d. 1770), of Maudach in the Rhineland Palatinate, immigrated in 1730 on the "Thistle" and settled in Lancaster Co. PA. They are the likely parents of two early NC settlers, George and Adam Hartman, and of four other children: Ursula, Susanna, Christian, and John.

Second Generation

George Friedrich Hartman was born in 1724 in Maudach. In 1748 he married Maria Höfly or Hoefly (1727-1809), daughter of Peter Höfly and Barbara Negel. (A translation of her Moravian funeral memoir spells the name Höfty; the name appears as Hoefly or Heffly in other family materials.) They were the parents of 13 children, of whom 10 were still living at the time of George's death in 1788. In 1755 George and Maria moved to New River VA, but left after only a few weeks because of problems with the Indians there, and came to Bethabara for refuge. In 1756 George and Maria formally affiliated with the Moravian community.

Adam Hartman, born in 1729 in Maudach, married Maria Franzina Frey (1737-1806) in 1755 in Pennsylvania. Their oldest child, Sarah, was born in February 1756 at Smith River VA. They too left Virginia because of the Indian conflicts, and moved first to the Salisbury NC area. They eventually settled near Friedberg.

Third Generation

Children of George Hartman and Maria Hoefly
Salome Hartman (1749-?) m. Peter Hinkle (ca. 1743-1775)
Anna Hartman (b. & d. 1751)
Christian Daniel Hartman (1753-1773)
Johanna Catharina Hartman (1755-?) m. 1) John Martin Ebert (1750-1807), 2) Alexander Koch (Cook) (1746-1834)
Johannes Hartman (1757-1822) m. Catharina Fischer (1760-?)
Christian Hartman (1759-1778)
Maria Hartman (1761-?) m. Heinrich Schneider (1754-1794)
Elisabeth Hartman (1763-1848) m. Balthasar Christmann (1760-1797)
Rebecca Hartman (1765-1839)
Jacob Hartman (1768-1844) m. Anna Elizabeth Fischer (1769-ca. 1842)
Barbara Hartman (1771-1800) m. Jacob Hauser (1764-1823)
Catharina Hartman (1772-1836) m. 1) John Frey (1762-1802), 2) Heinrich Beroth (1783-1847)
Sarah Hartman (1772-?) twin of Catharina


Children of Adam Hartman and Maria Franzina Frey
Sarah Hartman (1756-1789) m. Joseph Leinbach (1752-1824), his second wife
Rahel or Rachel Hartman (1758-?) m. Ludwig Eberling (1758-?)
James Hartman (1760-1808) did not marry
Anna Maria Hartman (1763-1785) m. Johannes Volck (1758-ca. 1806)
Christina Hartman (1765-?)
Catharina Hartman (1767-?). Did she marry Christian Bro?
Johanna Hartman (1769-1812) did not marry
Johann Peter Hartman (1772-1847) m. Phillipina Mock (1786-1854)
George Hartman (1774-?) m. Sarah Donat
Heinrich Hartman (1777-?)
Elizabeth Hartman (1782-?)

Joseph Leinbach's first wife was Anna Maria Hartman (1750-1785). Who were her parents?

Fourth Generation

Children of Johannes Hartman and Catharine Fischer
George Hartman (1782-1855) m. Anna Hier (1787-1835)
Johannes Hartman (1784-?) m. Anna Markland (1790-1871); moved to Indiana
Jacob Hartman (1787-?) m. Tempe Baxter, moved west by 1822
Elizabeth Hartman (1790-?) m. Samuel Hamilton
Daniel Hartman (1793-?) m. Sophia Salome Kroehn
Catharina Hartman (1795-?) maybe m. Benjamin Lashmit; is she the "Sarah Harder" listed on the DeLashmitt page as first wife of Benjamin Lashmit?
stillborn son (1800)


Children of Jacob Hartman and Anna Elizabeth Fischer
George Frederick Hartman (1794-1873) m. 1) Susanna Knob, 2) Mary Souder (?-1881); moved to Iowa
Susanna Hartman (1796-1845) m. William Robbins, lived Hendrix Co. IN
Christian Hartman(1800-1866) m. Catharine Souder (1803-ca.1890) in 1825 in Washington Co. IN, died in Wisconsin
Daniel Hartman (1804-1842)


Children of Johann Peter Hartman and Phillipina Mock
Mary Hartman (1805-?)
Christian Hartman (1807-?) m. Elizabeth Wherlow (1811-?)
Phebe R. Hartman (1809-1875) m. Daniel Long (1806-1890); who were his parents?
Jacob Hartman (1811-1862) did not marry
Regina Hartman (1813-1889) m. Gottfried Fishel (1812-1858), s/o John Fishel and Maria Catharina Fiedler
Catherine Hartman (1816-1848) m. Madison Nifong (1825-1864)
Peter Hartman (1819-1839)
Adam Emanuel Hartman (1821-1864) m. 1) Nancy Murrell, 2) Belinda Snider (1822-1894)
Jesse A. Hartman (1824-1895) m. Anna Elizabeth Spach (1837-1922)


Children of George Hartman and Sarah Donat
Adam Hartman (1809-?)

Fifth Generation

Children of George Hartman and Anna Hier
Eli Hartman (1809-1871) m. 1) Nancy Martin (1808-1861), 2) Jennette E. Snyder (ca. 1825-?)
Nathaniel Hartman (1812-1855) m. Susan Conrad (1818-1855)
Alexander Hartman (1814-1834)
John Hartman (1818-1877) m. Martha "Patsy Susan" Vogler (1821-?)
Milton Hartman (1821-1870) m. Delpha Conrad (1827-1897)
Martha Hartman (1823-bef. 1862) m. John Thornton
Lewis Hartman (ca. 1825-1865) m. Lucetta Conrad (1833-1873)


Children of Johannes Hartman and Anna Markland (this family lived in Indiana)
Temperance Mittilda Hartman (1810-1822)
Maria Hartman (1812-1837) m. Silas White
Ann Hartman (1815-1865) m. James McCurdy
Sarah Hartman (1818-1895) m. Nelson Shaw
John Wesley Hartman (1820-1847) m. Eliza Davis
Matthew Edwin Hartman (1823-?)_ m. Rebecca Shearer
Daniel Hartman (1828-?) m. Eliza Wilson
Harvey G. Hartman (1828-1903) m. Margaret Needhamer
Nancy Hartman m. William M. Patton
James T. Hartman
Silas W. Hartman (1838-?)


Children of Jacob Hartman and Tempe Baxter (this family moved to Indiana)
John P. Hartman (1802-1885) m. Sarah Catherine Day (1805-1889)
Catherine Hartman (ca. 1804-?) m. Valentine Day (ca. 1805-after 1874)
Adam Hartman (ca. 1809-?) m Mary ?
Elisabeth Hartman (1813-?)
George Hartman (1815-?)
Sanfort Hartman (1816-?)
Jacob Hartman (1820-?)


Children of Daniel Hartman and Sophia Salome Krohn
Evan Hartman (1815-1816)
Johann Hartman (1816-?)
Weile Casten Hartman (1819-?)


Children of Christian Hartman and Elizabeth Wherlow
Phebe R. Hartman (ca. 1840-1892)
John Adam Hartman (1842-1919) m. Catherine Rosa Belinda DeLapp (1847-1923)
Almina or Elmina Hartman (ca. 1844-?) m. John A. Jones
Jacob Francis Hartman (1847-after 1880) m. Eliza Jane Houck (about 1847-after 1880)
Mary L. Hartman (1849-1907) m. John Wesley Nifong (1848-1911)
Nancy Cemantha Hartman (1854-1933) m. David Emanuel Nifong (1848-1925)
Eliza J. Hartman (ca. 1856-?)


Children of Adam Emanuel Hartman and Belinda Snider
Sarah P.J. Hartman (1851-1867)
Martin S. Hartman (1853-1921) m. Mary C. Bodenhamer (1857-1938)
John T. Hartman (1856-1858)
Victoria Y. Hartman (1859-1929) m. Henry Sink (1857-1905)


Children of Jesse Hartman and Anna Elizabeth Spach
Phebe Rebecca Hartman (1862-1932) m. Franklin Abraham Spaugh (1866-1913), s/o James Spach and Belinda Jane Faw
John Wesley Hartman (1864-1923) m. Sarah Tesh (1859-1926)
Paulina Elizabeth Hartman (1867-1891)
George Emanuel Hartman m. 1) Laura Isabelle Foltz (1876-1902), 2) Lenora Isabel "Nellie" Tesh (1875-1948)
Daniel Webster Hartman (1871-1949) m. Mary Lenora Disher (1871-1946)
Anna Catherine Hartman (1873-1935) m. Edward Eugene Foltz (1871-1964)
Peter Augustus Hartman (1876-1950) m. Ada Alma Fishel (1880-1962)
Lewis Eugene Hartman (1879-1950) m. Bertha Sophia Weisner (1878-1947)

Sixth Generation

Children of Eli Hartman and Nancy Martin
Louisa L. Hartman (1834-1917) m. 1) Jonathan Lafayette Vogler (1830-1862), 2) Wiley Hudson (ca. 1820-1889)
Martha Hartman (1836-1899) m. John Brindle (1832-1899)
Enoch Hartman (1841-1880) m. Nancy Elizabeth Beauchamp (1851-1921)
Jennetta Hartman (1843-1896) m. Shadrick William Bowden (1844-1930)
Sarah C. Hartman (ca. 1847-1880
[death date corrected 1/29/04]) m. James Beauchamp (ca. 1849-?)
Nancy Maria Hartman (1849-1921) m. Caleb Alexander Bowden (1850-1899)
Rhoda F. Hartman (1851-1892) m. John Gilphen Sheek (1851-1929)


Children of Nathaniel Hartman and Susan Conrad
Alexander Hartman (ca. 1841-?)
John Hartman (ca. 1846-?). Did he marry Margaret Pope?
Mary Hartman (ca. 1850-?) m. Junius A. Spaugh (1847-1926)


Children of John Hartman and Martha Vogler
Anna Hartman (1843-?)
Wesley Hartman (1847-?).
Nancy Elizabeth Hartman (1853-1944) m. Eli W. Weisner (1856-1930)


Children of Milton Hartman and Delphia Conrad
George L. Hartman (1849-1927) m. Delilah Cornatzer (1855-1933)
Alexander Hartman (ca. 1851-?)
John Harvey Hartman (1855-1921) m. Mary Elizabeth Bowden (1877-1961)
Rebecca Hartman (1858-1859)
Atley Elser Hartman (1861-1922) m. Martha Ella Douthit (1869-1963)
Burriller Hartman (1864-1867)
unnamed child d. 6/15/1867


Children of Lewis Hartman and Lucetta Conrad
Elizabeth Hartman (1854-1919) m. Henry I. Hanes (1853-?)
James Lindsay Hartman (1855-1923) m. 1) Bertha Rebecca Spaugh (1861-1904), d/o Lewis Nathaniel Spach and Emeline Kimel, 2) Ida Victoria Brinkley Sowers (1873-1915)
Amos Kearn Hartman (1857-1939) m. 1) Matilda Francis Perryman (1861-1900), 2) Atha Louisa Weaver Tesh (1871-1951), 3) unknown
Albert G. Hartman (1859-1941 - or 1940?) m. Salome Sides (1864-1949)
Emory Monroe Hartman (1861-1951) m. Ruth Katherine Dull (1866-1936)
Lewis Milton Hartman (1865-1948)
two daughters, names unknown

Seventh Generation

Children of James Hartman and Bertha Spach
David Hartman m. Lula Link
Ada Hartman (d. 1963) m. Eugene Brewer
Robert Hartman m. Sarah Kimel, d/o Jonas E. Kimel and Drusilla Sink
Cora Hartman m. Sidney Painter
Ida Hartman m. Orville Ripple
Harvey Hartman m. Sallie Craver
Noah Hartman
Hoyle Hartman


Children of Albert Hartman and Salome Sides
Walter Hartman
Effie Hartman m. Lee Earnhart
Olin Hartman


We are grateful to several Hartman family descendants for information, including data from the Moravian Archives and Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts in Salem and from Darrell G. Pritchett's work, Some Hartmans of North Carolina, publ. Thomasville NC, 1999. Our contacts include Barbara Hartman Berrier and Duane Lamers.

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