Shoaf Family

Johann Heinrich (John Henry) Shoaf (d. 1804) arrived in the New World on the Phoenix on 22 November 1752, and came to North Carolina in 1765, settling in what is now Davidson County. He married twice, the first wife's name being unknown.  His second wife, Anna Catherine Sprecker was the daughter of Christopher Sprecker. Johann Heinrich Shoaf was the son of Jacob Shoaf.

First Generation

Children of Johann Heinrich Shoaf and his 1st wife
Catherine Shoaf m. Michael Leonard, Sr. (1750-1827)

Children of Johann Heinrich Shoaf Sr. and 2) Ann Maria Sprecker
Anna Maria Shoaf (1762-1824) m. Phillip Leonard, s/o Valentine (John Paul) Leonard I and Elizasabeth Wallacher
Johann Heinrich Shoaf Jr. (1764-1791) m. Anna Christina Sink (1762-1843), d/o Jacob Sink and Dorothy/Derrodea Sink (marriage not proven)
Anna Elisabeth Shoaf (1767-1829) m. Jacob Leonard (1758-1835), s/o Valentine (John Paul?) Leonard I and Elizasabeth Wallacher
Christian Shoaf (1770-1826) m. Anna Christina Sink, (his brother's widow)
Magdalena Shoaf (1773) m. Benjamin Billings, s/o Dr. John and Julianna Billings
Jacop Shoaf (1776) m. Christine Craver, d/o Philip Craver and Anna Catherine Albright
Susanna Shoaf (1778-1834 or 1855?) m. Jacob Sowers (1776-1845), s/o of Philip Sowers/Sauer and Christina Faust
Jorg Shoaf (1781-1871) m. 1) Elisabeth Livengood, (1776) 2) Christina Livengood (abt. 1785)
Anna Christina Shoaf (1783-1877)
Catharina Barbara (1786-1804) m. Michael Leonard Jr., s/o of Michael Leonard, Sr.

Second Generation

Children of John Henry Shoaf Jr. and Anna Christina Sink
Johann Jacop Shoaf (1783-1853) m. Susannah Hinkle (1786/1788-1870) (m. in 1804)
Jorg Heinrich Shoaf (1785) m. Christina (or Catherine) Livengood,
Johannes Shoaf (1788-1870) m. 1) Mary Frances Brinkley (1788-1833); 2) Elisabeth Worsham/Wrasham (m. 1838)
Henry "Rich Henry" Shoaf III (1791-1881) m. Elizabeth Berrier (1788-1863), widow of Jacob Grimes (Henry was born aft. his father died)
  (Eliz. Berrier was d/o John Jorg Berrier and Susannah Sauer/Sowers)

Henry Shoaf was killed in a hunting accident in 1791. Anna Christina was pregnant with their fourth son, Henry Shoaf III. After the death of her husband Anna Christina then married his brother, Christian Shoaf. His will, which was probated in 1791 mentions his wife, Christina and his 3 sons under age. Exrs: Col. John Lopp, Phillip Leonard. Witnesses: Jacob Wagenner and Boyd McCrery.


Children of Christian Shoaf and Anna Christina Sink
David Shoaf (1792) (probably died young)
Maria Barbara Shoaf (1794) m. Mathias Hinkle
David Shoaf (1797-1849) m. 1) Susannah Livengood; 2) Susannah Sowers
Christian Shoaf (ca. 1808-1866) m. Polly Hege (1808-1856)

Third Generation

Children of Johann Jacop Shoaf and Susannah Hinkle
Henry Shoaf (1807-1883) m. 1) Sarah Craver (ca. 1805-1876), 2) Martha Holder (1830-1899)
Johan Jacob Shoaf (1811-1870) m. Barbara Elizabeth Brinkley. Did he m. 2) Sarah Mayab?
Christena Shoaf (1824-1900) m. John Leonard
Fanny Shoaf (1828) m. David Livengood (1830-1906)
Eliza Jane Shoaf (1830) m. Elias Livengood (1833-?)

Previously we asked "Who is the Henry Shoaf that married Sally Craver in Davidson Co., NC, 1 Mar 1830? Bondsman: Mathias Hinkle." We now think that he is the oldest child in this family. Forsyth marriage license records indicate that he made a second, very late marriage, to Martha Holder, daughter of Michael Holder and Catherine Dunway


Children of Johannes Shoaf and 1) Mary Frances Brinkley
Jacob Shoaf (1823-1860) m. Elizabeth Grubb
Rebecca Martha Shoaf (1829-1899) m. Emmanuel Shoaf (1828-1880) (her cousin)
Henderson Shoaf (1833) m. Caroline Bruff (Henderson born in IN)


Children of Henry "Rich Henry" Shoaf III and Elizabeth Berrier
Christina (Crissy) Shoaf (1819-1897) m. Alexander J. Trantham (1820-1891),
s/o Martin Trantham and Mary Magdalena Younts
Henry L. Shoaf (1821-1856) m. Susanna Sink (1821-1910),
d/o Johann Michael Sink (1783-1857) and Anna Maria Neufang/Nifong (1788-1848)
Louisa Shoaf (1829-1903) m. Samuel Koontz/Kutz
Eli Shoaf (1834-1865) m. Sarah Ann Smith


Children of David Shoaf and 2) Susannah Sowers
Emmanuel Shoaf (1828-1880) m. Rebecca Martha Shoaf (1829-1899) (his cousin)


Children of Christian Shoaf and Polly Hege
David Shoaf (1829-1917) m. Catherine Lucinda Nading (1838-1922)
Elizabeth Shoaf (1831-1844)
Polly Shoaf (1833-1916) m. Noah Hine (1833-1913)
Alfred Shoaf (1835-1864) m. Florina Hine (1831-1895)
George F. Shoaf (ca. 1840-?) m. 1) Eliza Jane Pope (d. ca. 1865), 2) Mary Jane Rominger (1845-?)
Nancy Shoaf (ca. 1843-?)
Lucinda Shoaf (ca. 1845-?)
Susanna Shoaf (1848-1849)
Christian Augustus Shoaf (1850-1932) m. Phebe Haseltine Shutt (1851-1920)

Fourth Generation

Children of Johan Jacob Shoaf and Barbara Elizabeth Brinkley
Madison Riley Shoaf (1844-1924) m. Martha K. Catherine Sink


Children of Christina Shoaf and Alexander J. Trantham
Henry Alexander Trantham (1847-1929) m. Mary Frances Gobble


Children of Henry L. Shoaf and Susanna Sink
Otho Shoaf (1843-1863) (died in Civil War, Richmond, VA)
Henry Ellis Shoaf (1849-1929) m. Sarah Loretta Miller (1853-1953)


Children of David Shoaf and Catherine Lucinda Nading
Lewis Henderson Shoaf (1860-1937) m. Amanda Smith (1862-1951)
David Franklin Shoaf (1862-1941) m. Rebecca Stewart (1852-1924)
Flora Catherine Shoaf (1864-1944) m. Alfred Sides (1858-1921)
Anna Shoaf (1868-1950) m. Charles Albert Jones (1866-1940)
Mary Rosa Elma Shoaf (1871-1958) m. Mebane Charles (1864-1927)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1876)
Lillie Maria Josephine Shoaf (1879-1905) m. George Knouse (1874-1947)


Children of Christian Augustus Shoaf and Phebe Hassettine Shutt
John S. Shoaf (1871-1946 m. Mary E. Combo (1878-1935)
Ida Bell Shoaf (1883-1961) m. Errette Lee Saylor (1882-1956)
Cassie Shoaf (1890-1979) m. Water Harrison Craver (1884-1966)

Fifth Generation

Children of Henry Ellis Shoaf and Sarah Loretta Miller
Mary Shoaf (1876-1876)
Alston Francis Shoaf (1877-1944) m. Mary Eleanor Lamb
Ola Josephine Shoaf (1881-1970) m. Arthur Charm Kimrey
Jay Shoaf (1886-1958) m. Lillian Alma Sloop
Mary Shoaf (1892-1988)


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