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Kiser Family

First Generation

John Kiser reportedly immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1769, where he served in the Revolution. He moved to NC about 1790 and settled on Town Fork Creek, near Germanton, Stokes County. His wife was Peevey (Phebe?) Feslar.

Second Generation

Children of John Kiser and Peevey Feslar
Philip Kiser (abt. 1776-after 1850); m. 1) Polly Morris (?-1804) in 1796; 2), Peggy Kiger (abt. 1783-?).
John Kiser (1782-1872) m. Margaretha Fessler (1786-1862); m. 1802
Harmon/Harmonius Kiser (abt. 1780-aft. 1850) m. Sally Kiger (abt. 1787-?); m. 1808.
[link to parents added July 25, 2014]
Michael Kiser (abt. 1794-aft. 1850) m. Judith Boles (1795-?), d/o David Alexander Boles and Sarah Moore; m. 1819
Frederick Kiser - did he marry Nancy Childress in 1822?
Nancy Kiser
Betsy Kiser

According to several articles in the Stokes County Heritage books, Philip, Harmon and Frederick remained on Town Fork Creek. John Jr's property was "on the old Hollow Road about half way between Salem and Pilot Mountain". The same phrasing is used in all the articles, which have different authors, so we suspect this comes from some family document. Michael's location isn't specified.

Third Generation

Children of Philip Kiser and Polly Morris
Lewis Kiser
Martha Kiser died in childhood

Children of Philip Kiser and Peggy Kiger
Temperance Kiser m. William Johnson
William Kiser (abt. 1806?-?) - did he marry Aly Tanner in 1826, and/or Elizabeth Hooker in 1830?
Charity Kiser (abt. 1812-?) m. John Jenkins Terry in 1832; she is head of household in 1860, suggesting he died before then

In 1850 Philip and Peggy are living next door to John Kiser age 24 and wife Tempy. This is probably John Kiser who married Tempy Miller in Stokes County in 1845. Is he also a son of Philip, or a grandson? Stokes County Heritage article 612 lists Philip's children as given here, but does not include a son named John. William and Elizabeth Kiser are in the next house beyond John and Tempy. They have a son John, age 17 in 1850, so can't be the parents of John age 24.


Children of John Kiser and Margaretha Fessler
John Henry Kiser (1803-1866) m. Elizabeth Ripple (1797-1888)
Tandy Kiser (1814-1902) m. Julina Shore (1826-1911), d/o John Jacob Shore and Maria Elizabeth Hauser
Elizabeth Kiser
Mary Kiser
Queenie Kiser


Children of Harmon/Harmonius Kiser and Sally Kiger
Polly Kiser m. John H. Ferguson (1806-1887), s/o John and Hannah Ferguson; m. 1830
Margaret Kiser m. Calvin Moore, s/o Alexander Moore and Rebecca Barner; m. 1848
Frances Kiser (1810-1879) m. Charles King (1806-1878); m. 1826
Betsy Kiser m. Howell Overby m. 1830
James McCoy Kiser (abt. 1824-aft. 1880) m. Rebecca Tuttle (1826-1904) Who were her parents?
Tempe Kiser (abt. 1823-?) m. Alexander Westmoreland (abt.1824-?)
Nancy Kiser m. Creed Moore m. 1832
William Kiser (abt. 1814-aft. 1880) m. Martha E. Frye (abt. 1815-aft. 1880)
Michael Kiser (abt. 1830-?) m. Elizabeth Kiser in 1851
Philip Kiser (abt. 1832-?) m. Temperance Kiser Jan. 1850
John Kiser m. Nancy Tedder (or Fidler?)


Children of Michael Kiser and Judith Boles
Nicholas Kiser (1822-1901) m. Catherine Kiser (1831-1911), d/o William H. Kiser and Elizabeth Hooker
Susan J. Kiser (abt. 1833-?). In 1860 Jane Kiser age 25 is living with Michael and Judith. Is this Susan J.?

Did Michael and Judith have other children?


In 1850, Nancy Wall age 51 is listed next to Harmon Kiser. With her are Elizabeth Kiser 22, Levi Kiser 21, and Polly Kiser 11. We think that this is the Nancy Kizer who married John Wall in 1843. Was she Nancy Childress, Frederick Kiser's widow?

Who is the father of the following John Kiser, presumably of this generation?
John H. Kiser (1806-1885) and Elizabeth (1814-1882), buried at Mt. Tabor Methodist

Fourth Generation

Children of William Kiser and Elizabeth (probably Hooker)
[based on 1850 and 1860 census records, Stokes Co. NC]
Katherine Kiser (abt. 1831-?) - gone by 1860
John H. Kiser (abt. 1833-?) gone by 1860
Mahala Kiser (abt. 1834-?) still at home 1860
Mary A. (Polly) Kiser (abt. 1835-?) still at home 1860
Martha J. Kiser (abt. 1837-?) still at home 1860
William H. Kiser (abt. 1839-?) still at home 1860
Charity M. Kiser (abt. 1841-?) may have died young or married early; not in the 1860 census with her parents
Jefferson Lucas Kiser (abt. 1842-?)
Elizabeth Kiser (abt. 1844-?)
Temperance Kiser (abt. 1846-?) may have died young; not in the 1860 census with her parents
Ruth Kiser (abt. 1849-?)
Harriet Kiser (1851-1942) m. 1) Zephariah Page (m. 1875); possibly 2) George Turner
Oliver Kiser (abt. 1853-?)


Children of Charity Kiser and John Jenkins Terry
Louisa J. Terry (abt. 1835-?)
Elizabeth A. Terry (abt. 1837-?)
Margaret M. Terry (abt. 1836-?)
James B. Terry (abt. 1838-?)
John P. Terry (abt. 1839-?)
Joseph W. Terry (abt. 1841-?)
Lewis J. Terry (abt. 1843-?)
Tempe P. Terry (abt. 1845-?)
Edward L. Terry (abt. 1848-?)
Thomas Terry (abt. 1854-?)


Children of John Henry Kiser and Elizabeth Ripple
Margaret Pauline Kiser (1825-1915) m. Jacob Tise (1817-1904)
Katherine Kiser (abt. 1830-aft.1850)
Lucinda Kiser (1831-1913) m. Moses M. Kester, died during Civil War in Richmond, 1864
Calvin Kiser (abt. 1836-aft. 1850)
Tandy Kiser (abt. 1838-aft. 1860) m. Jane (abt. 1836-aft. 1860)
Daniel Kiser (1844-1910) m. Martha Elizabeth Tuttle (1842-1888)

Visit Kelly Bartram`s Family - Stewart, Boggs, Kester & Tomlinson site for more information on the Kester Family.

Justina Marie Jeppson's WorldConnect page is our source for Margaret Pauline and Jacob Tise, who married in 1844.


Children of Tandy Kiser and Julina Shore
Filena Jane Kiser (1851-1935) m. John N. Anderson (1837-1925)
Eugene L. Kiser (1855-1935) m. Sarah E. Miller (1858-1937)


Children of James McCoy Kiser and Rebecca Tuttle
Peter Kiser (1849-1923) m. Selena Amanda Moser (1849-1912), d/o Jacob Moser
Samuel Kiser (1851-1910) m. Martha A. Sprinkle (1857-1938)
Mary (Polly) Kiser (1854-1955) m. Joseph Raleigh Wall (1850-1896)
Nancy Jane Kiser (1858-1928) m. David M. Tuttle (1853-1945)
Frances (Frankie) Kiser (1861-1916) m. Levi W. Briggs (1856-1941)
Sarah Kiser (1863-1941) m. Ellis Beauregard Sprinkle (1862-1915)
Selena Catherine Kiser (1866-1943) m. Lewis Oliver Moser (1867-1939), s/o Wilburn Isaac Moser and Martha Lorinda Warner
Edwin Kiser (1868-1955) m. Amy Florence Butner (1872-1936)
Jane Kiser m. Matthew Tuttle

This family was revised on July 25, 2014.


Children of William Kiser and Martha Frye
John W. Kiser (abt. 1835-aft. 1860)
James Kiser (abt. 1838-?)
Elizabeth (Bettie) Kiser (abt. 1840-aft. 1860)
Augustin or Augustus Kiser (abt. 1842-aft.1860)
Michael W. Kiser (abt. 1845-aft. 1860)
Henry W. Kiser (abt. 1848-aft. 1880) m. Laura


Children of John and Nancy Kiser
William Kiser (abt. 1845-?)
Michael Kiser (abt. 1847-?)


Children of Nicholas Kiser and Catherine Kiser
Nicholas J. Kiser (abt. 1853-?) m. Ivory Sizemore
Lucy Jane Kiser (abt. 1855-aft. 1880) , did not marry
Salena Ann Kiser (abt. 1856-aft. 1880) m. James Henry Ashby
Philip Rufus Kiser (1861-1917) m. Martha M. Bennett
Millard William Kiser (abt. 1864-aft. 1880) m. Ellen R. Rominger. Is she d/o Herman Anderson Rominger and Antoinette Schott?
Leander Jackson Kiser (abt. 1863-1921) m. Susan Carroll, d/o William Hardy Carroll and Nancy Adeline Southern
Lorenzo Dow Kiser m. Della Darnell
Judy Kiser (abt. 1871-aft. 1880) m. Joseph Falkenberry
Alexander Kiser (abt. 1873-aft. 1880) m. Ada Mendenhall
Mary B. Kiser (abt. 1875-aft. 1880)


Children of John and Elizabeth Kiser
Charity E. Kiser (1836-1900) m. William E. Axsom (1832-1905)
Margaret Kiser - Did she marry Jeremiah Walker in 1861, a man considerably older than she was?
Rufus Bynum Kiser (1849-1935) m. Selena Spaugh (abt. 1850-?) - buried with Amanda Jane (1843-1924), New Hope Methodist
Sanders B. Kiser (1850-1907) m. Lavina A. Kreeger (1851-1929)
Martha S. Kiser (abt. 1852-?)
Emily J. Kiser (abt. 1852-?)
Florina Kiser (abt. 1854-aft 1880)

Who is Alexander Kiser age 15 in 1850, living with Jesse and Maria Catharina (Pfaff) Styers, Forsyth County?

Also Alfred Kiser age 19, living with Levi and Charity (Helsabeck) Shore?

Fifth Generation

Children of Peter Kiser and Selena Amanda Moser
Luvine Jack Kiser (1871-1945) m. Martha Slate (1869-1934)
Fannie Kiser (1873-1898) m. Jim F. Timmons (1868-1906)
Jennie Bell Kiser (1876-1969) m. John Walter Kiser (1868-1954)
Martha Kiser (1878-1963) m. Wiley O. Baker (1880-1945)
Sidney Dolphus Kiser (1881-1921) m. Martha Williamson (1887-1980)
William Ernest Kiser (1884-1969) m. Ola Tillotson (1885-1978)
Bessie Kiser (1885-1962) m. Roy Lee Boyles
Ollie E. Kiser (1888-1959) m. Clemmie Smith (1892-1979)
Dee Kiser m. Eva Kiser


Children of Samuel Kiser and Martha Sprinkle
Charlie P. Kiser (1879-1889)
Ida Frances Kiser (1880-?) m. Joseph Edwin Johnson
Jasper L. Kiser (1882-1893)
Mary L. Kiser (1887-1888)
Thomas Pearson Kiser (1889-1972) m. 1) Daisy Moser (1891-1947), 2) Lemel Hartgrove
Myrtle Agnes Kiser (1891-?) m. Oscar Cromer
Maude Ellen Kiser (1893-?) m. Nat Greene (1892-1939)
Cladie Hobert Kiser (1896?) m. Ruby Bennett
Nellie May Kiser (1901-1902)


Children of Rufus Bynum Kiser and Selena Spaugh
Charles Kiser (1869-?)
Gertie Kiser (abt. 1876-?) m. Jacob Lewis Marshall (1857-1928)
Maud Kiser (1888-1962) m. Hubert Blakeley

This family revised March 28, 2004.


Children of Sanders B. Kiser and Melvina/Lavina Kreeger
William Kiser (abt. 1875-aft. 1880)
Albert N. Kiser (1877-1962)
Lilla M. Kiser (abt. 1879-aft. 1900)
Lizzie Kiser (abt. 1883-aft. 1900)
Timothy Kiser (1888-aft. 1900


Stokes County Heritage Volume I, articles 612 by Jessie J. Stone, 613 by James Shirrell Kiser, 614 by Peggy W. Kiser Volume II, articles 439 by Clete and Edna Kiser and 440 by Jessie Johnson Stone

Ancestry World Tree, several entries for children of John Kiser and Margaretha Fessler. Some of these have Tandy Kiser listed as female.

Justina Marie Jeppson's WorldConnect page

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