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Sprinkle Family

First Generation

George Sprinkle was a son of Peter Sprenckel who reportedly immigrated in 1725 and settled in what is now York Co. PA. George purchased land on the Little Yadkin near Bethabara in 1782. He married Elizabeth Pettit (ca. 1750-1831), daughter of Benjamin Pettit. Another brother, Michael Sprinkle, also was in the Stokes Co. NC area early on. Some of the Sprinkles of this region are his descendants, and we'll try to deal with them in a future update to this page.

Second Generation

Children of George Sprinkle and Elizabeth Pettit
George Sprinkle (ca. 1770-1829) m. Nancy Childress in 1801, Stokes Co. NC
Mary Sprinkle (1774-1861) m. John Anderson Dial (1769-1853), moved to Cabell Co. VA
John Sprinkle (ca. 1776-ca. 1816?)
Michael Sprinkle (ca. 1779-1851) m. 1) Sarah Ransom (ca. 1780-1820), 2) Agnes Spears (ca. 1808-after 1870); moved to KY, later IN
Anna Barbara Sprinkle (ca. 1783-1863) m. William Hunter (1772-1850)
Chloe Sprinkle m. Jacob Shore in 1815 (who are his parents?)
Peter Sprinkle m. Elizabeth Shore in 1820, Stokes Co. (who are her parents? is she Jacob's sister?)
Thomas Sprinkle (1793-1866) m. 1) Elizabeth Apperson (1799-1851), 2) Luvitha Vest (1808-1894, widow of Elizabeth Apperson's brother Thomas Apperson)

Third Generation

Children of George Sprinkle and Nancy Childress
Jesse Sprinkle m. Sally Ferguson in 1823
George Pettit Sprinkle (1805-1876) m. Elizabeth Scott (1807-1869), moved to MO
Michael Sprinkle (ca. 1808-?) m. Margaret Pendry in 1836
Joseph Sprinkle (ca. 1810-?) m. Nancy Carter, descendants in Yadkin Co. NC
Mary Elizabeth Sprinkle m. Henry Lewis Miller in 1836
Nancy Sprinkle (1813-1876) m. George Douthit (1811-1892)
Ann Sprinkle m. Hugh Carter in 1841


Children of Thomas Sprinkle and Elizabeth Apperson
John Sprinkle (1815-1899) m. Martha Newsom (1822-1897)
Mary Sprinkle (1817-1879) m. John Scott (1812-1883)
Elizabeth Sprinkle (1819-1890) m. 1) William Davis, 2) James Hinshaw
Anna Barbara Sprinkle (1820-1901) m. William Alexander Shore (1818-1890)
Martha Sprinkle (1822-1903) m. Henry Benjamin Newsom (1822-1877)
*Benjamin Sprinkle (1823-1906) m. 1) Rebecca Selena Shore (1825-ca. 1870), 2) Sarah Watkins (1839-1901)
William A. Sprinkle (1826-1829?)?
Thomas Sprinkle (1828-1829)
George Francis Sprinkle (1830-1864) m. Nancy E. Reed (1836-1897); she m. 2) Jonathan Speas (1806-1894)
Peter Alexander Sprinkle (1833-1910) m. Amanda Jane Hunter (1836-1903)
Nancy Ann Lucinda Sprinkle (1835-1904) m. Thomas Hauser (1825-1908)
James Pearson Sprinkle (1839-1914) m. Louisa Adeline Gurley (1844-1890)

*Benjamin is often listed as Benjamin Bennett Sprinkle. He appears in the 1850 and 1870 Forsyth County census records as Bennet or Bennett, in 1860 and in his will, as Benjamin. The 1880 census just lists him as B. Sprinkle.


Children of Peter Sprinkle and Elizabeth Shore
William Sprinkle (1826-1915) m. Louisa J. Hauser (1825-1913)

William's parents have been confirmed from his death certificate. Thanks to Nat Jones and the SPRINKLE-L list for this update.

Fourth Generation

Children of Michael Sprinkle and Margaret Pendry
George Sprinkle (ca. 1836-?)
Nancy Sprinkle (ca. 1839-?); had a daughter Carrie G. Sprinkle m. William Evan Casstevens in 1898, Yadkin Co. NC
Martha Jane Sprinkle (ca. 1841-?) m. Henry Whitehead in 1861, Yadkin Co.
Mary P. Sprinkle (ca. 1843-?)
John S. Sprinkle (ca. 1846-?)
Sarah R. Sprinkle (ca. 1848-?) m. John C. Money in 1879
Pleasant L. Sprinkle (ca. 1852-?) m. 1) M.B. Steelman (ca. 1869-?), 2) Malinda Casstevens (ca. 1860-?)
Alfred H. Sprinkle (ca. 1856-bef. 1895) m. Mary Shugart (ca. 1858-?)
H. A. Sprinkle (ca. 1865-?) m. Martha Prim (ca. 1870-?); m. 1889
A. L. Sprinkle m. George Austill (ca. 1867-?); m. 1895


Children of John Sprinkle and Martha Newsome
Thomas William Sprinkle (ca. 1842-? - died in Civil War)
Mary Sprinkle (1843-1924) m. John Henry Long (1842-1915)
John Bennett Sprinkle (1846-1933) m. Mary Frances Eaton (1849-1936), d/o John H. Eaton and Sarah Elvina Kreeger
Lucy Ann Sprinkle (1849-1906) m. Squire Henry Speas (1850-1942)
James Hampton Sprinkle (1854-1907) m. 1) Susan E.V. Payne (1859-1890), 2) Mary J. Bowen (1867-1911)
Martha A. Sprinkle (1857-1938) m. Samuel Kiser (1851-1910)
Permelia Frances Sprinkle (1859-1933) m. Jacob Wiley Long (1857-1951)
Ellen Sprinkle (b. & d. 1862)
Ellis Beauregard Sprinkle (1862-1915) m. Sarah E. Kiser (1863-1941)

The 1880 Forsyth Co. census lists Robert B. age 17 as their son. I am assuming that this is Ellis B., since there's no Robert in the 1870 census.


Children of Benjamin Sprinkle and Rebecca Shore
John Sprinkle (1853-1874)
Susan E. Sprinkle (ca. 1856-?) m. ? McLain after 1880 [possibly m. Frank V. McGraw, 1883 Carroll Co. VA]
William Francis Sprinkle (1858-1939) m. Emma Doub (1862-1960)
Calvin A. Sprinkle (1860-1948) m. Ellen Gurley (1863-1949)

Children of Benjamin Sprinkle and Sarah Watkins
Flora Rebecca Sprinkle (1872-1947) m. Wiley Asbury Doub (1867-1945)
Mary Laura Sprinkle (1875 1950) m. Edward E. Kearney (1869-1952)
James B. Sprinkle (ca. 1877-1887)
Charlie Lee Sprinkle (1878-1882)
Daisy Sprinkle (1883-?) m. Thomas Briggs


Children of George Francis Sprinkle and Nancy E. Reed
Thomas Sanford Sprinkle (1857-1945) m. Mabel Oakley
Sarah Sprinkle (1863-1938) m. John Seaborn Newsom (1853-1913)


Children of Peter Alexander Sprinkle and Amanda Jane Hunter
Martha Ann Sprinkle (1856-1940) m. John Carter Mock (1853-1924)
William Thomas Sprinkle (1859-1925) m. Sarah Lee Shouse (1867-1958)
Dicie Ellen Sprinkle (1862-1936) m. 1) Cyrus Augustus Young (1858-1890), 2) Francis Edwin Shamel (1838-1920)
James Peter Sprinkle (1864-1955) m. Lula Hunter (1867-1927)
John Henry Sprinkle (1866-1948) m. Sally Scott, d/o James Henry Scott and Sarah E. Speas
Wesley Capernium Sprinkle (1869-1876)
Elizabeth Jane Sprinkle (1871-1949) m. Ulysses Walter Long (1869-1940)
Cora Lee Sprinkle (1874-1951) m. Walter Speas (1874-1953)
Benjamin Arthur Sprinkle (1875-1964) m. Maggie Speas (1882-1956)
Hettie Lavada Sprinkle (1878-1916) m. Isaac Henry Veach


Children of James Pearson Sprinkle and Louisa Gurley
Charlie E. Sprinkle (1867-?) m. Sallie E. (surname unknown) (1871-?)
Lillian Sprinkle (1871-1890)


Children of William Sprinkle and Louisa Hauser
Mary E. Sprinkle (ca. 1855-?)
William C. Sprinkle (1856-1935)
Chalmers Peter Sprinkle (1860-1907)
Javas Benjamin Sprinkle (1860-1907)
Sarah Lavada Sprinkle (1867-1901)

Fifth Generation

Children of Alfred H. Sprinkle and Mary Shugart
Charles A. Sprinkle (1876-?) m. Sarah E. Hobson (ca. 1878-?)
Mote (Moses?) T. Sprinkle (1878-?) m. Virginia Ellen (Jennie) Hobson (1881-1936)


Children of John Bennett Sprinkle and Mary Frances Eaton
Thomas William Sprinkle (ca. 1869-1949( m. Anna Doub (1877-prob. bef. 1930)
Sarah Paralee Sprinkle (1870-1949) m. Henry Lee Stone (1867-1947)
John Henry Sprinkle (1874-1967) m. Phebe Odell Fulp (1883-1960)
James Arthur Sprinkle (1875-1941) m. Sarah Ann Frances Scales (1876-1943)
Mary Cornelia Sprinkle (1877-1919) m. John Wesley Spainhour (1861-1937) (who were his parents.?)
Minnie Christine Sprinkle (1880-1959) m. Boone Anderson Kiger (1875-1959)
Robert N. Sprinkle (1881-1891)
Lemuel Ernest Sprinkle (1883-1959) m. Martha Jane Hauser (1885-1969)
Cicero Chester Sprinkle (1888-1956) m. Alice Hudson (1894-1976)

Children of James Hampton Sprinkle and Susan Payne
Mattie E. Sprinkle (1878-1952) m. William A. Spainhour (1868-1930)
Thomas Sprinkle
Lucas D. Sprinkle (1885-1897)

Children of James Hampton Sprinkle and Mary J. Bowen
Bradley Sprinkle [possible William B. Sprinkle b. April 1895]
Margaret Ann Sprinkle m. Charley Shore
Mamie Frances Sprinkle
James Reuben Sprinkle


Children of Ellis Beauregard Sprinkle and Sarah Kiser
Wiley Pearson Sprinkle (1885-1962) m. Alice Estelle Scott (1885-1963)
William Adolphus (Dock) Sprinkle (1886-1948) m. Fannie Long (1888-1970)
Cora Lee Sprinkle (1887-1971) m. Garfield L. Long (1880-1957)
Walter Beauregard Sprinkle (1889-1969) m. Elda Long (1893-?)
Lula Frances Sprinkle (1891-1959) m. 1) Robert Lee Dull (1887-1951), 2) Andrew Adkinson (?-1958)
Maggie Alice Sprinkle (1894-1895)
James Oliver Sprinkle (1896-1920) m. Lois Matthews
Stella Viola Sprinkle (1899-1955) m. Raymond Edwards
Gertrude Jiles Sprinkle (1903-1960) m. Sidney Conrad
Nellie Cleo Sprinkle (1906-1911)


Children of William Francis Sprinkle and Emma S. Doub
Ernest Sprinkle (1884-1912) m. Effie Brown
Ivey Sprinkle m. R.O. Lasley
Mamie Sprinkle
Elbert Sprinkle
George Sprinkle
Raymond Sprinkle


Children of William Thomas Sprinkle and Sarah Lee Shouse
Walter W. Sprinkle m. Pearl Long (1891-?)
Verna Jennie Sprinkle (1893-?) m. Claude O. Schaub (1883-?)
Emma Sprinkle m. B.L. Marshall; is this Bernie Lee Marshall (1885-1958)?
Eva Sprinkle m. Harold Conrad
Lillie Sprinkle m. Gilbert Bailey
Foster Elwood Sprinkle (1887-1949) m. Ella Mae Leinbach (1887-1971)
Cecil Thomas Sprinkle (1895-1965) m. 1) Grace Hendricks, 2) Clarabell Morris (1899-1954)
Seibert B. Sprinkle (1898-1972) m. 1) Mattie Lawrence, 2) Margaret Pickett


Children of James Peter Sprinkle and Lula Hunter
Olive Mabel Sprinkle (1886-1887)
Bertie Sprinkle m. Carl Cook
Fannie Sprinkle m. Henley Ogburn
Della Mae Sprinkle died in childhood
Louisa Sprinkle (1906-1911)


, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran and Elizabeth H. Harris,


Jo Martin's World Connect site and the archives of the SPRINKLE-L e-mail list on RootsWeb were very helpful in constructing this page. Jo cites Kristy Edenfield, with whom we have also communicated. We also thank Cheryl Hunke, Robert Lewis, Margaret Sopp, and B. Zimmerman for correspondence.

Forsyth County cemetery, census and marriage records

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