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Werner Family

First Generation

Johann Adam Werner was born before 1707 in Germany. He married Maria Catharina Sigler in Germany, and their older children's births are recorded in the Evangelische Kirchbuch of Massenbach, Schwaigern, Wuerttemburg, Germany. They immigrated in September, 1732, on the Johnson of London.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Adam and Catharina Werner

Note: some of their descendants adopted the spelling VARNER, others remained WERNER or WARNER. In the third and subsequent generations we have used what appears to be the prevalent spelling for each family.

Maria Elisabeta Werner (b. 1726, died young)
Eva Catharina Werner (b. 1727) m. Michael Pfauz (1722-1803)
Maria Elisabeta Werner (b. 1729)
Johann Adam Werner m. Anna Maria Pfauz (1738-after 1814), Michael's sister
Veronica? Werner; child named as Foaney in her father's will; one source gives her name as Veronica
Johann Georg Werner
Jacob Werner
Christopher Werner
John Werner

Johann Adam and Catharina and their families settled near the Uwharrie River, in what is now Randolph County NC.

Third Generation

Children of Johann Adam Werner and Anna Maria Pfauz
Henry Varner m. 1) Kerenhappuch Tucker, 2) Molly, surname unknown
Frederick Varner, moved to Georgia
Jacob Varner
John Varner
Joseph Varner
Christian Andreas Werner (1768-1814) m. Catharina Hauser (1763-1837), widow of Johann Michael Seiz
Johann Jonas Werner (1770-1786)

Christian Andreas and Johann Jonas Werner were brought by their mother to the Moravian settlement at Bethabara in January 1782 as apprentices, after their father's death. Johann Jonas died of smallpox in 1786. Christian Andreas remained in association with the Moravian community, although he did not join the church formally until 1799. He was the miller at Bethania grist mill.

Fourth Generation

Children of Christian Andreas Werner and Catharina Hauser
*Friedrich Werner (ca. 1794-?) m. Rosina Miller (married in 1813)
Jonas Werner/Warner (1797-1882) m. Leah Leinbach (1797-1879)
Jacob Werner (1799-1882) m. Johanna Gertraud Hege (1800-1882)
*Catharina Werner (died in infancy, in 1801)
*Christian Lewis Warner (1803-1879) m. Susannah Kreeger (1806-1884) (both buried at Tabernacle Methodist)
Rebecca Elisabeth Werner (1807-1887) m. 1) John Hunter (d. bef. Oct. 1829), 2) Solomon Shore (1806-1840)

(* Parentage is not proven, but if not Christian's, then whose?)

Information on Rebecca was revised on December 31, 2000, thanks to some super detective work by Ann Holladay

People's Press, Saturday, April 26, 1851 -- "Died, in this place on the 21st instant, Mrs. Louisa Warner, consort of Benjamin Warner, in the 56th year of her age." Previously we asked who Benjamin Warner was. We now know that he was the son of Massa Warner and Maria Dorothea Miksch [corrected 12/7/05] of Pennsylvania, and that he came to NC in 1825 with his bride Louisa Stotz, to take over management of the Salem tavern. His older sister, Anna Dorothea Warner, had come to Salem in 1814. She married Johann Jacob Blum in 1828. So far as we know, this family is not related to Christian Andreas Werner.

Fifth Generation

The 1820-1840 census records indicate that Friedrich Warner and Rosina Miller had a family, but they seem to have left the Forsyth Co. area before 1850, and we don't know the names of their children. But could they be the parents of Catherine Warner (ca. 1821-1858) who married P.T. Shults, September 25, 1853?


Children of Jonas Warner and Leah Leinbach
Sophia Amanda Warner (1817-1823)
Sarah L. Warner (1819-1903) m. Benton Binkley (1818-1901)
Thomas L. Warner (1822-1906) m. Nancy Binkley (1814-1894)
Jacob Irvin Warner (1826-1913) m. Martha Binkley (1828-1914)
William Teague Werner (1828-1863) m. Nancy Holder (ca. 1831-1919); she m. 2) John Steward in 1873
Coston J. Warner (1831-?)
Jonas Arthur (Warner (1838-1909) m. Martha Louisa Jones (1836-1918)
Henry Wilson Warner (1836-aft. 1880) m. Nancy Elmina Arey (ca. 1839-aft. 1880)
John Calvin Warner (1837-1850)
Martin Van Buren Warner (1840-1919) m. 1) Gincy C. Harper (1843-1869); 2) Margaret Holder (1844-1916)


Children of Jacob Werner and Johanna Gertraud Hege
Ernestine Maria Werner (1822-1868) m. Isaac Shore (1820-1864)
Jacob Friedrich Werner (c1824-?), probably died young
Leanna Elvira Werner (b.& d. 1826)
Louise Sophia Werner (1829-1917) m. Reinhold Ferdinand Oehman (1823-1892)
Jane Virginia Werner (1836-1908) m. Alexander Alvenius Grabs (1830-1916)


Children of Christian Lewis Warner and Susanna Kreeger
Theophilus Elikthia Warner (1827-1962), m. Pauline C. George (1830-1893), d/o James George and Leah Strupe
Lucetta Warner (1828-?) m. W.G.W. Poindexter (1835-1863, d. Gettysburg)
Phiana Warner (1831-1876) m. Jacob Martin Moser (1828-1905)
Jacob Elias Warner (1832-1914) m. Adeline E. George (1836-1904), d/o James George and Leah Strupe
Martha Lorinda Warner (1834-1911) m. Isaac Wilburn Moser (1826-1909)
Malinda Warner (ca. 1836-maybe 1862?)
Mary A. Warner (ca. 1838-?) m. John Briggs
Sarah (Sally) Warner (1840-1910) m. Martin Sprinkle (ca. 1838-bef. 1870)
Jesse Warner (c1844-?) m. 1) Lucinda Pace (1835-1873), widow of William G. Kreeger; 2) Barbara Harrison, 3) Rebecca Hawkins
John Lewis Warner (1848-1917) m. Emeline Pace (1845-1904), sister of Lucinda Pace Kreeger

Sixth Generation

Children of Thomas L. Warner and Nancy Binkley
Martha Jane Warner (1843-1931) m. John T. Holder (1852-1896)
Jonas Wesley Warner (1845-1910) m. Maria Snipes
Leah Elizabeth Warner (1847-1933) m. Lewis Marion Harper (1849-1897)
Peter Alpha Warner (1849-1883)
William Thomas Warner (1851-1891) m. Elizabeth Jane Jarvis (1852-1935)
d/o Tennyson Jarvis and Mary Jane Boyer
Millie Camline Warner (1853-1909) (did not marry)
Calvin Andrew Warner (1855-1909) m. 1) Elizabeth Ridings (1851-1877); 2) Flora Emma Joyner (1872-1954); did he also marry Sarah George, between Elizabeth and Flora?
(*after Calvin's death, Flora Emma Joyner Warner married John W. Doub); can anyone tell us for sure which John Doub this is?


Children of Jacob Irvin Warner and Martha Binkley
Mary K. Warner (1849)
Peter Warner (1852)
*Sarah Warner (1855-1924) m. John William Craft (his second wife)
J. Benton Warner (1857-1898) m. Sarah R. Harper (1857-1932)
Thomas Warner (1859-?) appears in 1860 census age 1/2, not in 1870
Coston E. Warner (1860-1932) m. Martha Jane Inscore (1870-1958)
Martha Ellen Warner (1862-1896) m. Alpheus Brown (Martha buried at Harmony Grove's Old Cemetery)
Jonah Lewis Warner (1866-1944) m. Mamie Craft (1876-1967)
William M. Warner (1869-1938)

*Sarah may have also married John Wesley Craft (1857-1878)


Children of William Teague Warner and Nancy Holder
Jonas Warner (ca. 1856-?)
Martin Warner (1858-1915) m. Parrie L. Scott
William L. Warner (ca. 1859-?) m. Panthia C. Gregory
Lisana Isadora Warner (1861-1940) m. J.W. Allred
Mary L. Warner (ca. 1863-?)


Children of Jonas Warner and Martha Jones
Wiley Columbus Warner (ca. 1859-?) m. Catherine Peeples (1865-1917)
Martha V. Warner (ca. 1868-?)


Children of Henry W. Warner and Nancy Elmina Aredy
Henry A. Warner (d. 1939) m. Rosa Ransom (1876-1943)
Leah J. Warner (1871) (female, twin)
Jonas A. Warner (1871) (twin)

Cemetery records give Henry's birth as 1870 but he doesn't appear in the 1880 census with Henry and Nancy.


Children of Martin Van Buren Warner and 1) Gincy C. Harper
William L. Warner (1862-1935) m. Nancy Holder
Sarah J. Warner (1867-maybe 1900)

Children of Martin Van Buren Warner and 2) Margaret Holder
Lenora Warner (ca. 1877-?)
Clara Warner (1879-?)
Harmon Warner (1881-1902)


Children of Theophilus Warner and Pauline George
Eugene Lewis Warner (1855-1876)
John H. Warner (ca. 1856-?)
Susan Malinda Warner (1859-1876)
Alexander Elias Warner (1862-1876)


Children of Jacob E. Warner and Adeline E. George
Mary L. Warner (1859-1938) m. John B. Tate (1853-1907)
Flora Warner (1866-1890) m. William R. Dull
Sidney Lewis Warner (1868-1947) m. Sarah Jane Massencup (1871-1956)
Rosetta Warner (1874-1960) m. William R. Dull, her sister's widower

Seventh Generation

Children of William Thomas Warner and Elizabeth Jarvis
James Walter Warner (1873) (moved to Delaware)
Emma Elizabeth Warner (1875-1957) m. Lucas Conrad (?-1913)
Gertie Mae Warner (1878-1970) m. Jeremiah Mangum Brown (1975-1960)
John Lewis Warner m. Dora Nall (moved to Vinita, OK)
William Marvin Warner m. Alpha (possibly settled in AL)
Bessie Jane Warner (1886-1969) did not marry
Lula Bertha Warner (1889-1971) m. William Leonard Phillips (1885-1974)


Children of J. Benton Warner and Sarah R. Harper
Mamie Warner (1877-1958) m. Walter George Harper (1880-1961)
John W. Warner (1880-1956) m. Sarah Elizabeth Binkley (1876-1960)
Robah L. Warner (1884-1904)
Bert Jacob Warner (1887-1937) m. Sarah Lillian Whitman (1886-1972)
Hubert Warner (1891-1907)
Clifton Warner (1893-1972) m. Lula Elizabeth Hauser (1894-1962)
Viva Elizabeth Warner (1897-?)


Children of Coston Warner and Martha Inscore
Claudia Elizabeth Warner (1888-1949) m. ____ Harper
Bertha Pearl Warner (1892-1972)
Roxie Warner (1900-1970) m. Rufus Holder (1899-1972)
Ernest Warner (ca. 1905-?)
Katie Warner (ca. 1913-?)

Eighth Generation

Children of John Lewis Warner and Dora Nall
Hershel Ray Warner (died as an infant of spinal meningitis)
Basil Bert Warner (1914-1995) m. Iva L. Ennis


Personal communications with Charlotte Warner Wilson. Charlotte's email address:

Personal communications with Terry Phillips. Terry's email address is:

Personal communications from Pasty Binkley Haws. Patsy contributed information for the Benton Binkley (b. 1818) and Sarah L. Warner line. Her email address:

Personal communication from Jim Varner, whose email address is

Personal communication from Bill Varner,


Death Notices from the People's Press (Salem, NC) 1851-1892), Robert M. Topkins

Forsyth County Wills

Death Notices from People's Press, Topkins

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 11 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Memoirs from Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem NC

Harper Family History, Privately Published

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

Stokes and Forsyth Co. NC Census records

This page was revised on October 31, 2000. One additional revision was made on December 31; see Rebecca Elisabeth Werner above.

A number of dates were added and other modifications made on May 29, 2005. On December 8, 2008, some missing dates were added, also more information on Coston Warner and Martha Inscore.

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