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Markland Family

First Generation:

Matthew Markland was born about 1690 in Wiggin, Lancaster, England and died in Prince George's County, MD, June 18, 1744. He married Margaret (Morley) Jones, widow of David Jones, on October 22, 1722 in Anne Arundel County, MD. Margaret was the daughter of Griffin and Elizabeth Morely. Margaret Markland died about April 4, 1751, Frederick County MD. Her sons by David Jones are mentioned in her will, (Thomas and Michael Jones) as well as their son, Matthew Markland.

In 1735, Matthew lived on the Maryland side of the Potomac River across from the Hunting Creek Plantation which was owned by Augustine Washington. The property is now known as Mount Vernon. Matthew and Augustine were friends as both served as vestrymen in their respective Episcopal churches. Matthew often "held small George Washington on his knees and taught him songs and stories."

Second Generation:

Children of Matthew Markland Sr and Margaret (Morley) Jones (widow)
Jonathan Markland (c1725-1800) m. 1) Priscilla Davis; 2) Grace Letton Summer (Moved to KY)
Matthew Markland, Jr. (1727-1790) m. Mrs. Ancible/Angel (Crampton) Blake (1717-1800) (Moved to Hope, NC)
Mary Markland m. Patrick Garland
Margaret Markland m. Alexander Read

One source suggests that Markland IN was named after the descendants of one Jonathon Markland born c.1725, the brother of Matthew II and eldest son of Matthew and Margaret Morley Jones Markland, who moved to Pennsylvania, then to Boone County Ky.  The book traces Matthew I to Matthew II (Davey Co.,N.C. aka Davie Co.) to Nathaniel Markland and his children, but she does not confirm that Nathaniel's children founded the town Markland IN, but rather that their cousins, the descendants of Jonathon, brother of Matthew II, were the founders. Source: "Markland Family History" by Mildred Markland Skelly, 1979.  Copies of Skelly's book can be bought from Washington Co. Historical Society , 307 E.Market St., Salem Indiana, 47167.

Third Generation:

Children of Jonathan Markland and Priscilla Davis
Garah Markland and Betsy Cullum/Cullen (did he move to NC?)
Richard Markland (1762-1814) m. Ally Markland (died in Boon County, KY)
Thomas Markland (1765-1825) m. Anna Mariah Summers, (died in Greene Co., OH)
d/o Benjamin Summers and Grace Letton
Jesse Markland (1769-bef. 1839) m. Mary (Polly) Stuart (died in Hamilton Co., OH)

At the estate sale of James Jarvis in 1837, a Gary Markland purchased several items. Is he Garah Markland listed above?


Children of Matthew Markland and Mrs. Ancible (Crampton) Blake
(To this marriage she brought a young son, John Blake (1750-1824)
Robert Markland (1752-1819) m. Mary Ann Riddle, d/o Stephen Riddle, Sr. (1730-1804/8, Rowan. NC) and Nancy Elizabeth Douthit
Mary Markland (1754-1804) m. 1) James Douthit (1749-1780) ; 2) Rezin Williams
Jonathan Markland (1757-1804) m. Eleanor "Nellie" Padgett (1763-?)
Matthew Markland (1761-1822) m. 1) Lucy Gentry (abt. 1767-1807),
d/o James Gentry & Sarah Ann Claiborne; 2) Mary/Polly
Joseph Markland (1767-1808) m. Mary Bouleware (abt. 1765-1813),
d/o Stark Boulware and Catherine Price
Nathaniel Markland (1770-1842) m. 1) Susannah Bouleware, d/o Stark Boulware and Catherine Price,
2) Mary Orrell (1797-aft. 1870)

In 1774 Matthew Markland and his family joined the Carroll's Manor Moravians who settled on Muddy Creek in Wachovia, North Carolina. Matthew purchased about 325 acres (lots 62 and 80) in the English speaking settlement of Hope (present day Clemmons).

Johathan Markland's name is found on a "Marriage License Purchase List", Surry County, April 14, 1787. (From T & C Papers: County Settlements-Marriage Licenses, Boxes 11-97, at the NC State Archives. Compiled by Dr. Charles R. Holloman, for The NC Genealogical Society Journal, Volume III, No. 3, August 1977.

Fourth Generation:

Children of Garah Markland and Betsy Cullum/Cullen
George Markland m. 1) Susannah Beatty (?-1830); 2) Mary Nelson


Jonathan Markland and Eleanor Padgett
Sarah Markland (1788-bef. 1809)
Anna Markland (1790-1871) m. John Hartman (died in Marion County, IN)
Polly Markland (1793-1874) m. John Alford
Martha Markland (1795)
John Markland (1797-abt. 1830)
Jonathan Markland (1800-1860) m. Mary Ann Stultz, d/o John Stults who died in 1837 (died in IN)

Rowan County, 1804, Will of Jonathan Markland. Wife, Ely. Children not named. Exrs: Wife, friend Nathaniel Markland. Wit: Willis Ellis, James Jarvis (his brother-in-law), Rudy Hyer.


Children of Matthew Markland and 1) Lucy Gentry
William Markland (abt. 1790) m. Phoebe Monroe
Levi Markland (1790-1856) m. Rhoda Green (moved to Howard County, MO by 1819)
(d/o Martin Green and Francis "Fannie" Gentry) (Fannie Gentry, sister of Lucy Gentry)
Nancy Markland (1792) m. Reuben Alverson (1810-?) (moved to Boonville, MO, 1835)
Matthew Markland (abt. 1793) m. Margaret Hanks in Clark County, KY in 1818


Children of Matthew Markland and 2) Mary
Margaret Markland (abt. 1810)
Jonathan Markland (1813-1892) m. Mary Craig (abt. 1816)
Nathaniel Markland (abt. 1815)
Sally Markland (abt. 1815)

Matthew Markland, Jr's name is found on a "Marriage License Purchase List", Surry County, April 21, 1787. (From T & C Papers: County Settlements-Marriage Licenses, Boxes 11-97, at the NC State Archives. Compiled by Dr. Charles R. Holloman, for The NC Genealogical Society Journal, Volume III, No. 3, August 1977.


Children of Joseph Markland and Mary Boulware
Elizabeth Markland (1790-1850) m. Henry Eccles (1784)
Catherine Markland (1795-1795)
Polly Markland (abt. 1797) m. John Alford
Nancy Markland (abt. 1799-1817) m. Peter Eccles


Children of Nathaniel Markland and 2) Susannah Bouleware
Francis Markland (1794-1880) m. Henry C. Monroe (moved to IN)
Nancy Markland (1797) m. William Beeding, s/o ? Beeding and Jane Smith (1770-1854)
Thomas Markland (1795-1863) m. Nancy Orrell (1808-1888), d/o James Orrell and Anne Decatur (Nancy) Caton
Nathaniel Markland Jr.(1800-1835) m. Mary Dowell (moved to IN)
Martha Markland (1802-1875) m. Charles D. Greene (moved to IN)
Parrett Markland (1803-1872) m. Joanna Bassendine (1804-1865) (moved to Carter County, TN)
William J. Markland (1804-1866) m. Esther Armsworthy (1816-1899) (lived in Davie County and Forsyth County)
son Markland (c. 1807)
daughter Markland (c. 1809)
Nelson Markland (1810-1887) m. Elizabeth Bush (1812-1895) (moved to IN)

After the death of Susannah, Nathaniel married Mary Orrell to the chagrin of his children.  As a result the children left, not only out of the county, but the state!  One to TN, six to IN; William was the only one who remained in Davie Co.  There is a town named Markland in Indiana. The legend in Davie Co. (NC) is that Nathaniel's children, in sending word back regarding their caravan, made mention of Markland, IN and the relatives at home took it that they had settled the place. (Contributed by B. Zimmerman, email address:


Children of Nathaniel Markland and 2) Mary (Polly) Orrell
John Markland (1825-bef. 1910) m. 1) Alma Wood; 2) Louisa Call (1823-1919) (lived in Davie Co., NC)
Paulina Markland (1826-1891)
Matthew Markland (1830-1903) m. Elizabeth Ann Zimmerman (1835-1922)
Marean Markland (1835-?) m. Elizabeth Cook, d/o Lemuel B. Cook and Susanna Sheek
(Marean and Elizabeth moved to Marshalltown, Iowa.)
George W. Markland (1839-1886) did not marry
Louisa Markland (1831-1904) m. Dr. Daniel Seabon Tucker (1833-1893)

Bastardy Bond, Rowan County, NC - July 1830, William Markland is the reputed father of a child born to Elizabeth Guther (Gaither?). The second Bondsman was John Douthit.

In the 1850 Davie County Census, Paulina Markland, age 24, is living with the William J. Markland family (her step-brother). It appears that Paulina is the mother of William Markland, age 3.

Fifth Generation

Children of George Markland and 1) Susannah Beatty
Charles Markland (1826) m. Rhoda Bliss, d/o Levi Bliss

Charles Markland was in the flat-boating and shipping business and from whom Markland, IN was named. George Markland, his father, first settled in Kentucky but finally crossed the Ohio River into Ohio.  He moved to Switzerland County, IN when Charles was 6 years of age.  Charles born in 1826, bought a tract of land along the Ohio River in Switzerland County.  He also gave 10 1/2 acres to start building the town.  The original plat of the lots drawn up was dated 1873 and recorded at the County Court House.  It was first called Marklands Landing as he flat-boated barges of everything down the river as far as New Orleans.  Later a Post Office was established in 1873-74 and the name was then Markland.  Source: Markland Family & Some Allied Lines by Caroline Carpenter: Written by Inez Markland Etheridge to Caroline Markland Carpenter, April 17, 1961. -- Traci Spears,


Child of Paulina Markland, a single mother
William Markland (1826)


Children of Thomas Markland and Nancy Orrell
Eliza (Louisa E.) Markland (1827-1908,MO) m. Noah Bush
Martha Ann Markland (1833-1897) m. Andrew Wilson (1825-1901), s/o Richard Wilson and Elizabeth Ratts


Children of William J. Markland and Esther Armsworthy
Emeline (Mary Catherine) Markland (1845-1936) m. William R. Essex (1844-1900)
William Markland (1850) Matthew (Nat) Markland m. Elizabeth (Debbie) Ferebee (moved to Iowa)
Sarah Markland
Thomas Markland (1858-1879)
J. Marion Markland (1850-1936) m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Cook (1850-1920)
(buried at Yadkin Valley Church, Davie Co., NC)


Children of John Markland and 1) Alma Wood
Lewis Milton Markland (1850-1881) m. Sallie Suzanna Chaffin (1855-1927)
(buried Elbaville United Methodist Church, Davie Co., NC)


Children of John Markland and 2) Louisa Call
Eugenia (Jinny) Markland (c. 1853) m. Flynn
Mary Markland (c. 1854-1929) m. William Frank Boger (1881-1946)
Anna Louella Markland (c. 1856) m. Solomon Pickler
George Nathaniel Markland (1859-1934) m. Susanna Livingood (1861-1911)
Caroline (Callie) Markland (c. 1860) m. Eaton
J. Curtis Markland (c. 1860-1930) m. Amanda Hampton (1861-1940)


Children of Matthew Markland and Elizabeth Ann Zimmerman
Melvin Gaither Markland (1856-1904) m. Adelia (Della) Sidden (1858-1926),
d/o George Sidden and Matilda Barneycastle
Julius Oaks Markland (1860-1930) m. Georgianna Sidden (1859-1936) (sister to Adelia Sidden)
Thomas (Jack) Markland (1863-1911) m. Cornelia Elizabeth Orrell (1865-1928),
d/o Daniel E. Orrell and Margaret Jane Barrow
Sally Virginia Markland (1866-1941) m. Hiram Lindsay (Tump) Foster (1867-1949)


Children of Louisa Markland and Daniel Seabon Tucker
Franklin Preston "Pres" Tucker (c1854-c1920) m. Jennie Hanes
Pauline Louella "Lou" Tucker (1856-1903) m. John Wesley Bradford
Callie D. Tucker (1860-1932) m. Bryant B. Bailey
Zebulon Vance Tucker (c1866-c1935) m. Mollie Sidden
William N. "Will" Tucker (1868-1949) m. Maggie Sidden (?-1893)
Richard L. "Dick" Tucker (1871-1917) (did not marry)
Geroge Thomas Tucker (1865-1929) m. Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Charles (1867-1958)

Sixth Generation:

Children of Lewis Milton Markland and Sallie Suzanna Chaffin
Annie Markland m. Will Garwood
Bessie Markland m. James Crews
Markland son died in infancy

After the death of Lewis Milton "Milt" Markland, Sallie Chaffin Markland married Clarence Christian Conrad (Chris) Myers (1858-1939)


E. Harris Davie Co. Project file # 6

Death Notices from the People's Press (Salem, North Carolina) 1851-1892), Compiled and Edited by Robert M. Tompkins. Published by the Forsyth County Genealogical Society

Although I haven't seen this book, Will Smith says it is an excellent resource for folks reseaching Marklands: Tidewater Families of Virginia, by Frank Bradley. It is a fairly recent book, and quite thick.

Personal communications with Betty Collier. Betty is interested in corresponding with anyone sharing the Markland, Green or Gentry ancestry. Betty's email address:

Manys thanks to B. Zimmerman for providing the children of Nathaniel Markland and Susannah Bouleware (Boler)

Many thanks to Everett Padgett, Jr. for providing information on the Markland and Tucker families. Everett's email address is: rotary7690@InfoAve.Net

Marylanders to Carolina (Migration of Marylanders to North Carolina and South Carolina Prior to 1800), Henry C. Peden, Jr.

Moravian Families of Carroll's Manor Frederick County Maryland, George Ely Russell

Forsyth County Cemetery Records

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