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Martin Schneider Family

Note: there were three unrelated Schneider families in the Wachovia settlement. You may also want to check the families of Melchior Schneider and Heinrich Schneider.

First Generation

Johann Martin Schneider (1756-1806) arrived in Wachovia as a teenager in 1769 and became a shoemaker's apprentice. As a young man, he became a teacher and later the head of the school for little boys. In 1783 he traveled to Tennessee to investigate the situation with Indian communities there who had recently signed a treaty. After his return he became master shoemaker and also became house superintendent of the Single Brothers and served in other community activities. Despite these sterling credentials, his first choice for a wife, Sister Catharina Sehner, turned him down, on November 27, 1786. The next day it was announced that he was to take over as pastor of the congregation at Friedland, a position that was generally expected to be held by a married man. On the same day he was betrothed to Sister Elisabeth Dixon (1759-1805), and they were married on December 3rd. The year 1787 was also noteworthy, as he was ill for much of the spring, was ordained a deacon in July, and was bitten on the hand by a rattlesnake in September. He recovered from the snake bite but seems to have continued to have health problems. In 1791 the Schneider family moved to Friedberg, where he was pastor for 13 years. Elizabeth died in November, 1805. In September 1806, he married Anna Williard, but he died less than 7 weeks later.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Martin Schneider and Elizabeth Dixon
Johanna Elisabeth Schneider (1787-?)
Paulus Schneider (1791-1841) m. 1) Maria Magdalena Spach (1792-1837). He married again in 1838, without permission of the church. Who was this second wife?
Friedrich Martin Schneider (1794-aft. 1860) m. Sophia Brendle (1796-aft. 1860)
Christian David Schneider (b. & d. 1797)
Christina Caritas Schneider (1799-1863) m. Wilhelm Ludwig Benzien (1797-bef. 1840)

Third Generation

Children of Paulus Schneider and Maria Magdalena Spach
Paulina Catharina Schneider (1820-1853) m. James Fischer (1818-1874), his second wife
Lucinda Elisabeth Schneider (1822-1883) m. Augustus Gottlieb Fogle (1820-1897)
Lydia Schneider m. Joshua Wesner
Martin Schneider
Emeline Sarah Schneider (1827-1842)
Sanford Alexander Schneider (1833-1911) m. Maria Elizabeth Griffin (1837-1916)


Children of Friedrich Martin Schneider and Sophia Brendle
Belinda E. Schneider (1828-1865) m. John J. Craver (1826-1855)
William James Schneider (ca. 1833-1912) m. Emily (Emaline) Regina Reich (1828-1914)
Charles F. Schneider (ca. 1837-?) m. Phoebe Schneider in 1857. Who were her parents?

Thanks to Betty Green for confirming the marriage and dates for William and Emaline.

Fourth Generation

Children of Sanford Alexander Schneider (Snyder) and Maria Griffin
Edward Martin Snyder (1857-1867)
John Paul Snyder (1858-1882)
George Daniel Snyder (1859-1924) m. Mary Elizabeth Banner (1860-1915)
Preston Alexander Snyder (1861-1896)
Helena Elizabeth Snyder (1862-1930) m. Thomas Albert Dean (1860-1922), s/o Thomas Crews Dean and Lucretia Vance
Samuel B. Snyder (1868-1937) m. Eudora Burton (1872-1961), d/o Henry and Sophia Burton
Frederick Lewis Snyder (1876-1912)
Henry Christian Snyder (1877-1966) m. Maude Jackson

Fifth Generation

Children of George Daniel Snyder and Mary Elisabeth Banner
Mary Snyder
Robah Lee Snyder (1884-1952) m. Ida Frazier (1886-1970)
Luther Snyder m. Daisy Pinkston
Carrie Snyder (1888-1943) m. 1) Kemp Cummings, 2) Thomas Isaac Speas


Children of Samuel B. Snyder and Eudora Burton
Burton Snyder m. Della Fryer
Trula Snyder m. William Vanhoy
Mattie Snyder
Leroy Snyder


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Forsyth County census, cemetery and death records

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