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Brendel/Brendle Family

Johann Henrich Brendel (1683-1764) was born in Oberbronn, Alsace, a son of Johann Henrich Brendel who was born about 1650-1660 in Alsace. He married Anna Barbara Baltzer, daughter of Johannes Baltzer. Anna Barbara died in 1737.

Children of Johann Henrich Brendel and Anna Barbara Baltzer
Johann Georg Brendel (1713-1783) m. Eva Catharine Frey (1717-?) (died Heidelberg Twn, Berks, PA)
   d/o Johann Heinrich Frey (brother of Hans Peter Frey) and Maria Dorothea Rumel
Johann Friedrich Brendel (prob. 1715-1719)
Johann Philipp Brendel (1716-?)
Johann Heinrich Brendel (1718-abt. 1799) m. Anna Barbara Aurwasser (1727-?) (m. 1741) ,
d/o Heinrich Aurwasser
Johann Friedrich Brendel (b. abt. 1721)
Johannes Brendel (b. abt. 1723)
Maria Dorothea Brendel (b. abt. 1727)

Second Generation

Children of Johann Georg Brendel and Eva Catharine Frey
Eva Christina Brendel (b. 1736)
Johann Martin Brendel (b. 1737)
Anna Maria Brendel (1739-1815) m. Jacob Bonn (1733-1781) (buried at Salem Moravian)
Susanna Catharina Brendel (b. 1741)
George Brendel (b. & d. 1743)
Eva Catharina Brendel (1745-1747)
Johannes Brendel (1746-1822) m. Margaret (surname unknown); died in Lincoln Co. NC
Heinrich Brendel (b. 1748)
Elisabeth Brendel (b. 1750)
Maria Barbara Brendel (b. 1752)
Christian Brendel (1753-1760)
Philippus Brendel (1755-1760)
Friedrich Brendel (b. 1757)
Christina Brendel (b. 1759)
Jacob Brendel (1760-1762)


Children of Johann Heinrich Brendel and Anna Barbara Aurwasser
Henrich Brendel (b. 1741)
Anna Barbara Brendel (1744-?) m. Abraham Kern
Anna Maria Brendel (b. & d. 1747)
Abraham Brendel
Mary Brendel m. Wendel Kremer
Dorothy Brendel m. Mathias Deck
Susanna Brendel m. John Huber

Third Generation

Children of Johannes Brendel and Margaret
John Brendel (1769-1824) m. Mary Starr (1770-1820?). (John is buried in Mt. Pleasant Methodist, Clemmons, NC)
Elizabeth Brendel (1772-1853) m. Robert Swan (1776-1849) (died in Jasper IA)
George Samuel Brendel (1775-?) m. 1) Maria Long (1773-1819);
2) Sarah Wendell (1796-?) (m. 1821); (died in Salem, NC)
David Brendel (b. bef. 1777)
Margaret Brendel (b. abt. 1780)
Mary Brendel (b, abt. 1783)
Daniel Brendel (1787-1844) m. 1) Susanna Weatherman (b. abt. 1780); 2) Margaret Vestal (b. bef. 1791)
Henry Brendel (1788-1857) m. Mary Bivens (1785-1859) (died in Haywood Co., NC)
Rachel Brendel (1789) (buried in Mt. Pleasant Methodist, Clemmons, NC)
Abraham Brendle (1790-1854) (buried Mt. Pleasant Methodist, Clemmons, NC)
Rosanna Brendel (abt. 1793)
William Brendel (1795-1831) (buried in Mt. Pleasant Methodist, Clemmons, NC)

Fourth Generation

Children of John Brendel (1769-1824) and Mary Starr
John Brendle (abt. 1800-aft. 1835) m. Sarah Mullican (1797-bef. 1835)


Children of Elizabeth Brendel and Robert Swan
Benjamin Swan (1798-1871)
Susannah Swan (1800-1841)
Elizabeth Swan (1802-1891)
John Swan (1809-1863)
Jonathan Swan (1815-1904)
Nancy Swan (1813-1870)
Catharine Swan (1804-1876)


Children of George Samuel Brendel and 1) Maria Long
Sophia Brendle (1796-?) m. Friedrich Martin Schneider, (1794-?)
s/o Johann Martin Schneider and Elisabeth Dixon
Friedrich Brendle (1798-1870) (died in Hamilton, IN)
John Brendle (1801-1851) m. Anna Sides (1803-1845) (10 children)
Joseph Brendle (1804-1805)
Sarah Brendle (b. 1806)
Lydia Brendle (1809-1817)
Jacob Brendle (1811-1812)
James Brendle (1813-1869) (died in MO). Did he marry 1) Louisa Schultz in 1844 and 2) Amanda Hauser in 1853?
Maria Elizabeth Brendle (1816-?)
Albert Alexander Brendle (1818-1894) m. Paulina Boeckel (1825-1906),
d/o Tobias Boeckel and Anna Maria Spach

Children of George Samuel Brendel and 2) Sarah Wendell
Henry Franklin/Francis Brendle (1824-1895) prob. m. Susan Swaim
Henrietta Pauline Brendle (maybe 1831-1885?) m. William Newsome (1799-1875?)


Children of Daniel Brendel and 1) Susanna Weatherman
William Brendle (b. abt. 1800)
Sarah Brendle (b. abt. 1802)
John Brendle (b. abt. 1804)
Henry Brendle (b. abt. 1806)
Anna Brendle (b. 1810)
George Brendle (b. abt. 1812)
Elizabeth Brendle (b. abt. 1820)


Children of Henry Brendle and Mary Bivens
Elias David Brendle (1814-1886) d. Jackson Co. NC
John David Brendle (1816-?)
Joseph Henry Brendle (1818-1897) d. Haywood Co. NC
Henry Nicholas Brendle, Jr. (1820-1869) (died in Gilmer GA)
James Henry Newton Brendle (1822-1896) d. Haywood Co. NC

Fifth Generation

Children of John Brendle and Sarah Mullican
Susana Brindle (1822-1900) m. John Peter Hoover (1812-1874)


Children of Albert Alexander Brendle and Paulina Boeckel
Sarah Ann Brendle (1850-1941) m. John Wesley Hege (1853-1942)
Lula (Louisa? Levinia?) Brendle (abt. 1854-1944?)
Emory Seymour Brendle (abt. 1857-1943) m. Augusta Spaugh (1871-1955)
Washington Brendle (abt. 1858-?) m. Lula Essic
Phebe Brendle (1860-1948)
John Freeman Brendle (1862-1936) m. 1) Adelia Taylor(1863-1932) 2) Lelia Hines
Charles Brendle (1865-1958) m. Victoria Elizabeth (Bettie) Hester (1866-1930), d/o Jeremiah Hester and Rebecca Smith

Sixth Generation

Children of Emory Seymour Brendle and Augusta Spaugh
Agnes Brendle m. Oscar Butner
Horace Brendle


Children of John Freeman Brendle and Adelia Taylor
Harvey A. Brendle (1886-1952) m. Blanche Bowles (1883-1961)
Ada Brendle m. Arthur Clodfelter
Lois Brendle m. Howard Eugene Mickey (1892-1959), s/o Henry Mickey and Elizbeth Bodenhamer
Herbert Brendle (1903-1945)


Children of Charles Brendle and Bettie Hester
Robah Brendle m. Addie Coonsman
Della Pearl Brendle (1886-1961) m. Joseph Oscar Tucker (1875-1968)
Willie Brendle m. Ruth Smith, d/o Zimri Francis Smith and Malissa Phoebe Smith
Thadeus Brendle m. Ila Williard
Naomi Brendle m. Jackson Green


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