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Melchior Schneider Family

First Generation

Melchior Schneider was born in Durlach, Germany, in 1717, son of Hans Jerg Schnieder (ca. 1681-1768) and Dorothea Bichele, and died in 1790 in NC. He immigrated on the Lydia in 1742, to Broad Bay Maine, with his new wife Jacobina Doerfler or Doerflinger, whom he married on the voyage. She was traveling with her parents Johannes and Rosina and two sisters, but her father died on the voyage. Melchior and Jacobina came to NC in 1770.

Some descendants of this couple spell the name Snider or Snyder.

If you're researching Schneiders in this area, you may also want to see the families of Martin Schneider and Heinrich Schneider.

Second Generation

Children of Melchior Schneider and Jacobina Doerflinger
Cornelius Schneider (1750-1804) m. 1) Anna Maria Ebert (1756-1780), m. 2) Christina Ebert , her sister (1765-1827)
Jacob Schneider (1752-?) m. Susanna?
Juliana Catharina Schneider (1754-1836) m. John Hein (1747-1806).
Johannes Schneider (1756-?) m. Elisabeth Tanner
Jacobina Schneider (1758-1782) m. Johann Anton Kastner (1743-1817)
Philip Schneider (1760-1823) m. Elisabeth Wohlfahrt (1768-1826)
David Schneider (1762-1828) m. 1) Elizabeth Ried (1767-1801), m. 2) Catharina Tesh (1780-?)
Anna Elisabeth Schneider (1764-?) m. Johann Friedrich Becker
Maria Schneider (1766-1788) m. David Ingram (1764-1794)
Dorothea Schneider (1769-1854) m. Gottlieb Byhan (1777-1862)

Third Generation

Children of Cornelius Schneider and Anna Maria Ebert
Johann Schneider (1778-?) m. Johanna Kastner, moved to Bartholomew Co. IN.

Children of Cornelius Schneider and Christina Ebert
Philip Schneider (1786-1860) m. Catherine Hummel (1782-1855), probably d/o Christian and Maria Christina Hummel
Samuel Schneider (1793-1875) m. Nancy Pley (1806-1874), moved to Harrison Co. IN
Rebecca Schneider (1803-aft. 1880) m. Benjamin Reich (1801-1863), moved to Indiana, then to Itawamba Co. MS


Children of Jacob and Susanna Schneider
Johann Michael Schneider (1788-?)


Children of Philip Schneider and Elizabeth Wohlfahrt
Elisabeth Schneider (1784-1785)
Catharina Barbara Schneider (b. & d. 1788)
David Schneider (1789-1867) m. 1) Elizabeth Shouse (d. bef. 1834), 2) Rebecca Schauss Ferguson (1801-bef. 1860).
Elisabeth Schneider (1796-1865) m. Johann Heinrich Leinbach (1796-1870)


Children of David Schneider and Elizabeth Ried
Johannes Schneider (1786-1803)
Philip Schneider (1788-1872) m. 1) Salome Lagenauer (1794-1833), 2) Margaret, surname unknown (1797-1867)
Georg Schneider (1792-1818)
Anna Dorothea Schneider (1794-?) m. 1) Jacob Kroehn (1791-1818), 2) Brooks S. Johnson
Joseph Schneider (1797-1798)
Jacob Schneider (1800-1878) m. Rhoda Styers (1799-1868), moved to Bartholomew Co. IN

Fourth Generation

Children of Johann Schneider and Johanna Kastner (mostly of Bartholomew Co. IN)
Catherine Schneider (1804-1884) m. Christian Eli Ried (1808-1900)
Susanna Schneider (1806-?) m. Solomon Ried (1806-1837), Christian Eli's brother
Justina Schneider (1807-?)
Cornelius Schneider (1810-?) m. Mary Reed in 1841, Indiana
Jeremias or Jeremiah Schneider (1813-1841) m. Malinda Ziegler in 1841, Indiana
Anna Maria Elisabeth Schneider (1818-?)
Eliza Schneider (1821-?)
John Gottlieb Schneider (1824-?)

Thanks to Priscilla Boswell for information on this family


Children of Philip Schneider and Catherine Hummel
John William Schneider (1810-1898) m. 1) Louisa, surname unknown (1808-1874), 2) Lucinda Swaim (1827-1902), d/o Moses Swaim and Elizabeth Lagenauer
Benjamin Jonathan Schneider (1812-1890) m. 1) Mary Teague (1802-1869) [who were her parents?], 2) Delilah Hauser (1841-1907)


Children of David Schneider and Elizabeth Schauss
Joel E. Snyder (ca. 1826-?) m. Susan Permelia Spainhour (1830-1922)

Children of David Schneider and Rebecca Shouse
John P. Schneider (ca. 1837-?)
Malinda E. Schneider (ca. 1838-?)
name uncertain (ca. 1843-?): Henry R. overwritten by Enea R., age 7 male, in 1850 census; Emma age 18 female in 1860


Children of Philip Schneider and Salome Lagenauer
Thomas Schneider (1814-1824)
Joshua Schneider (ca. 1816-?) m. Anna Peddicord (1812-?)
Elizabeth Schneider (1818-1823)
Phebe Schneider (1819-1873) m. Thomas Lloyd Peddicord (1817-1879)
Catherine Schneider (1824-1886) m. Samuel Lowder
John Schneider (1829-1832)

Children of Philip and 2) Margaret Schneider
Sophia Schneider (ca. 1836-?). Is she the Sophia Snider who married Henry Smith in 1859?


Children of Jacob Schneider and Rhoda Styers
Maria Mahelia Schneider (1822-?)
Jacob Schneider (b. & d. 1824?)
David Immanuel Schneider (1825-1911) m. Melinda Reich in 1849, Indiana
Elizabeth Dorothea Schneider (1827-?)
Eliza Maria Schneider (1830-1900) m. Thomas J. Miller (1828-1894), s/o Lewis Miller and Maria Magdalena Mickey; moved to Bartholomew Co. IN, later Jasper Co. MO

Fifth Generation

Children of John William and Louisa Schneider
Jeremiah Snyder (ca. 1832-bef. 1867) m. Sarah B. Slater (ca. 1834-?); she m. (2) Henry Wear in April 1867
Jesse Alexander Snyder (1833-1844)
James Madison Snyder (ca. 1836-?) m. Mary Disher (ca. 1838-?)
John Wesley Snyder (1837-1863), died at Gettysburg
Phebe Jane Snyder (ca. 1840-?) m. Thomas W. Slater
William Renatus Snyder (1841-1910) m. Martha J. Lashmit (1843-1922)
Philip H. Snyder (1842-1843)
Christian Lewis Snyder (ca. 1848-?)


Children of Benjamin Jonathan Schneider and Mary Teague
Romulus Snyder (1835-1914) m. Barbara Livengood (1832-1890)
Lorenzo D. Schneider (ca. 1838-?) m. Martha _______
James H. Schneider (ca. 1840-?). Did he marry Sarah Rothrock in 1863?
Ezekiel F. Schneider (ca. 1842-?). Did he marry Albertine Sink in 1864?
Abram P. Schneider (1842-1923) m. Susan _____ (1840-1911)


Children of Joel E. Snyder and Susan Permelia Spainhour
William Snyder
David Snyder m. Aulena Gurley in 1887
Amanda Artancy Snyder (1858-?)
John Snyder
Charlie Snyder m. Lillie Nichols, d/o Sanford Nichols and Permelia Elizabeth Spainhour


Children of Joshua Schneider and Anna Peddicord
Sarah G. Schneider (ca. 1839-?)
Hamilton H. Schneider (ca. 1840-?)
Lucinda M. Schneider (ca. 1843-?)
Malinda Schneider (ca. 1846-?)
Sally J. Schneider (ca. 1849-?)

Sixth Generation

Children of Jeremiah Snyder and Sarah Slater
John W. Snyder (ca. 1855-?) m. Louisa Knott
Lewis Samuel Snider (1858-1927) m. Clara Fishel (1862-1945)
Lucinda Snyder (ca. 1862-?)


Children of James M. Snyder and Mary Disher
Benjamin F. Snyder (ca. 1858-?)
Charles H. Snyder (ca. 1859-?)
John Wesley Snyder (b. & d. 1864)


Thanks to Diane Wills, Priscilla Boswell and Reid Snyder for information on this family!

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

Old Broad Bay Bund und Blatt, newsletters edited by Will Whitaker

Old Broad Bay Family History Association

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