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Wiley Jones Family

First Generation

This page was revised on July 28, 2012.

Previously we stated that Wiley Jones (1798-1861) was the son of Thomas Jones (b. 1776) and Margaret Stegall of King William Co. VA. We now know that this information is incorrect. He is thought to be the son of an Alexander Jones, but solid proof is lacking. Please see Paula Windsor Bennett's Jones family page for more information.

Wiley or Wille Jones (1798-1861) was born in Mecklenburg Co. VA and moved to Rowan Co. NC in 1804. He married Maria Magdalena Hauser (1804-1891) in 1826.

Second Generation

Children of Wiley Jones and Maria Magdalena Hauser
Samuel Smith Jones (1827-1891) m. Mary Farabee (1838-1891)
William Asbury Jones (1829-1876) m. Mary Magdalena Griffith (1837-1883), d/o William Griffith and Susan Moore
Amanda Caroline Jones (1831-1911) m. Philip Norman Whitman (1831-1897), s/o Philip Whitman and Mary Johnson
Wesley Calvin Jones (1833-1899) m. Mary A. Harper (1843-1906)
Martha Louisa Jones (1836-1918) m. Jonas Warner
Emory Winburn Jones (1839-1901) m. 1) Eliza M. Holder (ca. 1844-bef. 1879), d/o Michael Holder and Catherine Dunway, 2) Martha Holder (1848-1932), d/o Samuel Holder and Julia Whitman
Melborn Marion Jones (1841-1843)
Wiley Albert Jones (1845-1920) m. Louisetta Lashmit in 1868 in Illinois
Joshua Bethel Jones (1848-1914) m. Mary Sheets. Was she d/o George and Elizabeth Sheets?

Third Generation

Children of Samuel Smith Jones and Mary Farabee
Olin Wilbur Jones (1864-1923) m. Laura V. Hanes (1861-1908)
Charles Jones (1873-aft. Oct. 1923)


Children of William Asbury Jones and Mary Magdalena A. Griffith
Leon Reid Jones (1859-1951) m. Lenora Dicie Pledger (1860-1939)
Albert William Jones (1862-1946) m. 1) Victoria E. Phillips (1865-1893), d/o Leonard F. Phillips and Mariah Harper; 2) Elizabeth Grace Doub (1868-1960)
John Elery Jones (1864-1931) m. 1) Phoebe Jane Linville (1862-1891) d/o James O. Linville and Eliza Jane Bodenhamer; 2) Della Thompson (1882-1918), d/o Sylvanus Thompson and Amanda Dalton
Mary Susan Martha Jones (1866-1945) m. David C. Binkley, s/o Nicholas and Julia/Juliet Binkley
Joel Alvis Jones (1869-1950) m. 1) Emma Caroline Crouse (1872-1904); 2) Josephine D. Fuqua (1879-1922)
Enoch Wesley Jones (1871-1955) m. 1) Vesta Wooten (1879-1897); 2) Mamie Blackburn (1879-1902); 3) Mary Patton
Bertley Monroe Asbury Jones (1874-1951)


Children of Wesley Calvin Jones and Mary A. Harper
Francis Arlindo Jones (1862-1921) m. 1) Eliza Jane Bradford (1861-1902); 2) Lillie L. Alspaugh (1864-1960)
John Jones (ca. 1864-?)
Walter Jones (ca. 1867-?)
Fannie Virginia Jones (1870-1931) m. Addison Rowan Craver (1867-1944), s/o Joseph Craver and Nancy Caroline Lee
Lula Minnie Jones (1874-1931) m. Enoch Armenius Bullard (1861-1934)
Edward Elisha Jones (1880-1951) m. Elizabeth Shoaf (1882-1970), d/o Solomon Shoaf and Martha Conrad
Bessie Jones (1886-1949) m. 1) J. Anderson Phillips; 2) Edward Pinkston Holder (1877-1953)


Children of Emory Winburn Jones and Eliza M. Holder
Charles Albert Jones (1866-1940) m. Anna Shoaf (1868-1950), d/o David Shoaf and Catherine Lucinda Nading
Francis M. Jones (1868-1942) m. Eliza Spaugh, d/o Aaron George Spaugh and Polly Sides
John Emory Jones (1870-1911) m. Hettie Catherine Foltz (1876-1909), d/o John W. Foltz and Louise Eliza Evans
Martha V. Jones (1873-1910)
Mary Catherine Jones (1873-1960) m. Thomas Nelson Holder (1871-1930), s/o Sowell Holder and Elizabeth Slater

Children of Emory Winburn Jones and Martha L. Holder
Gertrude M. Jones (possibly the youngest child of the first marriage)
William Turner Jones (1880-1969) m. Addie Elizabeth Fishel, d/o Emanuel Fishel and Ruth Adeline Craver
Samuel Sidney Jones (1885-1957) m. Blanche Craver (1889-1976), d/o John Craver and Damaris Dawson
Pleasant Meredith Jones (1889-1952) m. Lillie Mae Harper (1898-1967), d/o John Henry Harper and Dora Anna Longworth
[error corrected 12/6/04]

Fourth Generation

Children of Olin Wilbur Jones and Laura V. Hanes
Mary V. Jones (1895-1952)


Children of Leon Reid Jones and Lenora Dicie Pledger
Henry Clay Jones (1880-1965) m. Nannie Ellen Craft (1881-1978)
Wiley Reid Jones (1882-1964) m. Ida Holbrook (1880-1970), d/o John Holbrook and Nancy Bryan
James Asbury Jones (1884-1898)
Mary Jones (1886-1969) m. Percy L. Hedgecock (1881-1954)
William Graham Jones (1889-1946) m. 1) Lille May Motsinger (1893-1918), d/o George Motsinger and ___ Osborn ; 2) Margaret Sue Painter
Jennie Lee Jones (1891-1965)
Leon Richard Jones (1893-1956) m. 1) Flossie Orrell, 2) Gertrude Creth Wolff (1900-1957), d/o William Jacob Wolff and Mabel Adams Brown
Alexander Pledger Jones (1895-1964) m. Beulah Simpson (1895-1978)
Mabel Jones (1900-1933) m. Marvin Augustin Holder (1890-1953), s/o John Emory Holder and Adelaide Elizabeth Smith
Roy Ferdinand Jones (1903-1972) m. Marjorie Petree


Children of Albert William Jones and Victoria Phillips
Albert Phillips Jones (b. & d. 1889)
Gracie Jones (b. & d. 1890)
Raleigh Griffith Jones (1893-?)

Children of Albert William Jones and Elizabeth Grace Doub
William Creasy Jones (b. & d. 1900)
Casper Newton Jones (1902-1993)
Asbury Wesley Jones (1904-1969)
George Lockett Jones (1907-1912)
Mary Ellen Jones
Ida Viola Jones
Susan Emma Jones (1912-1990)


Children of Francis Arlindo Jones and Eliza Jane Bradford
Walter E. Jones (1888-?)
Ernest Howard Jones (1890-?)
M.S. Jones (1892-?)
Cora M. Jones (1895-1979)
Aaron Francis Jones (1897-1911)
Arthur Bryant Jones (1898-1966)
Raymond Jones (1900-?)

Children of Francis Arlindo Jones and Lillie L. Alspaugh
Conrad A. Jones (1904-1905)
Kenneth Alspaugh Jones (b. & d. 1904)


Children of Charles Albert Jones and Anna Shoaf
Troy L. Jones (1893-?)
Nina Jones (1895-?)
Enil Alton Jones (1903-1975)


Children of Francis M. Jones and Eliza Spaugh
Henry Luther Jones (1893-1959) m. Della Kimel (1891-1980)
Carrie Jane Jones (1895-1963)
Esther C. Jones (1804-1969)


Many thanks to Paula Windsor Bennett and to Michael Jones for information on this family.

For more information, and many connecting families, see Paula's web site

Other data from Forsyth Co. cemetery, census and estate records

This page was created on May 11, 2001 and revised on March 1, 2004. An erroneous statement about the parents of Wiley Jones was corrected on July 28, 2012.

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