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Hermannus Miller Family

First Generation

Hermannus Miller was born about 1740 and died in January 1818 near Bethania NC. His wife was Anna Catharina Fiedler (1740-1803), who is buried at Nazareth Lutheran church. Although Hermannus is not listed in the cemetery records book, we suspect that he was buried there also, based on an entry in the Moravian records regarding his funeral. His will, dated June 3, 1816 and probated March term 1818, names his son Harmon Miller and his wife, who remain on his land, and a total of fourteen grandchildren, identified as children of Harmon Miller and Godfrey Miller respectively.

Second Generation

Children of Hermannus Miller and Anna Catharina Fiedler
Harmon Miller (1777-1813) m. Salome Schauss (1780-1866)
Godfrey or Gottfried Miller, probably the one who m. 1) Catharine Hempelman in 1796 and 2) Susannah Helsabeck in 1803, widow of Philip Jacob Meyer

Third Generation

Children of Harmon Miller and Salome Schauss
Heinrich Miller (1803-1863) m. Anna Elisabeth Rank, d/o Johannes Ranck and Catharina Vogler
John Miller (1804-1878) m. Elizabeth Holder (1808-1877). Who were her parents?
Mary Miller (ca. 1805-?)
Harmon Miller (1807-1861) m. Eleanor or Ellender Vanhoy (ca. 1813-1877)
Charles B. Miller (1809-1895) m. Maria Magdalena Brunner (1809-1877),
  d/o John Brunner and Anna Catharina Rominger, moved to Bartholomew Co. IN
Charity Miller (ca. 1811-?) m. James Holland(1809-1877), s/o Thomas Holland (1786-1869) m. Maria L. Hauser
*Sarah Miller - probably the one born 1814, died 1892, married Alexander Nading, but see below.

In 1817 Salome petitioned for a divorce because her husband was drinking to excess and failing to provide for his children's support. The petition is endorsed "granted" on the reverse side, but was tabled by the state House of Commons for further action.


Children of Godfrey Miller
Elizabeth Miller (1798-1886) m. Jesse Swaim (1797-?)
Margaret Miller m. 1) Peter Hein (1794-1819), 2) Samuel Benjamin Wagemann (1791-1881)
Catharine Miller
Mary Miller
David Miller. Did he marry Lydia Styers in 1826?
Daniel Miller. Did he marry Mary Styers in 1838?
*Sarah Miller

There are at least three contemporary Sarah Millers in Stokes County NC. One married William Goode in 1836, one (1814-1892) married Alexander Nading (1812-1902) in 1837, and one married Thomas Myers in 1841. We think that Alexander Nading's wife is probably the daughter of Harmon Miller and Salome Schauss, but we would like more documentation.

Fourth Generation

Children of Heinrich Miller and Anna Elisabeth Rank
Samuel Edwin Miller (1840-aft. 1850)
Virgil (or Vergenius) Polimon Miller (1843-?) m. Samantha A. ?

The 1830 and 1840 census records suggest at least six additional children, but these are the only two that appear in 1850 and 1860.


Children of John Miller and Elizabeth Holder
Julia Miller (ca. 1827-?). Not named in her father's will - deceased by 1870?
Antoinette Sophia Miller (1828-1891) m. George Hiram Boeckel (1828-1862), probably the son of John Boeckel and Sarah Weaver
James Calvin Miller (1830-1908) m. Esther R. Thomas (1836-1907), d/o Hezekiah Thomas and Maria Magdalena Rothrock
Francis Permanio Miller (ca. 1833-1862), died Sharpsburg MD
Ervin S. Miller (1835-1896) m. Olive Victoria Boyer (1841-1893)
Ellender Miller (ca. 1837-?aft. 1879) m. Joseph H. Hine (1834-1903)
John Sylvester Miller (1839-1894) m. Emma Louise Schaub (1841-?), d/o Solomon Schaub and Anna Geiger
Adelaide D. Miller (1842-1907) did not marry
Gideon Leander Miller (1845-1907) m. Caroline Elizabeth White (1852-1922), d/o Joshua Simeon White and Charlotte E. Rights
Harmon D.(V.?) Miller (1847-1884) m. Mary M. Warner (1848-1873), d/o William A. and Nettie Warner
Gaston Eugene Miller (1851-1927) m. Paulina Eleanor Miller (1848-1901), d/o George Miller and Mildred Yates


Children of Harmon Miller and Eleanor Vanhoy
Alexander Miller (1833-1863), died at Gettysburg PA in August 1863
Burlinde (Belinda?) Miller (ca. 1834-?) m. Samuel Martin in 1857
Francis E. Miller (1838-1919) m. E.G. Anderson
Martha S. Miller (1839-1895) m. James E. Mann (1832-1890)
Napoleon Miller (1840-1841)
John W. Miller (1842-1863), died Chancellorsville
Emily Amanda Miller (1845-1913) m. George W. Hinshaw (1847-1918)
Mary Miller (1847-1859)
Sarah Ellen Miller (1849-1941) m. James F. Griffith (1848-1911)
Emma Miller (ca. 1852-?)


Children of Charles Miller and Maria Magdalena Brunner (mostly in Indiana)
Tempy Maria Miller (1832-1887) m. John Clouse
Sarah Katherine Miller (1833-1914) m. Christian Alexander Bevel, s/o Armsworthy Bevel and Margaretha Sides
John Ambrose Miller (1835-1907) m. Sarah F. Davis (1840-1903)
Charles Van Miller (1837-1895) m. 1) Mary Elizabeth White; 2) Lydia Ann Snyder, d/o Jacob Schneider and Rhoda Styers; 3) Martha E. Hinshaw (1842-1904)
Martha Louise Miller (1839-1905) m. Charles B. Pickett (bef. 1835-1910)
Margaret Salome Miller (1841-1927) m. Thomas Franklin Jones (1835-1914)
Charles Webster Miller (1843-1862)
Emanuel Conrad Miller (1844-?) m. Laura Elizabeth Transou, widow of Henry N. Chitty
Owen Levine Miller (1846-1939)
William Simeon Miller (1848-1927) m. Lucy Ziegler (1850-1931), d/o Daniel B. Ziegler and Rebecca Gambold
James Allen Miller (1852-1891) m. 1) Susan Patterson (d. 1881), 2) Laurette Belle Schwartz (1865-1927)
Jane Ellen Miller (1852-1938) m. Ephraim A. Norman

Note: most of this family ended up in Indiana. Margaret and her husband Thomas Jones seem to be the only ones who remained in NC past the early 1860s.

Fifth Generation

Children of Virgil P. Miller and Samantha
William E. Miller (1869-?)

Virgil and Samantha appear in the 1870 Forsyth County census with their son William E., age 1, and Virgil's mother Anna, age 66. They are not in the index to the 1880 Forsyth census.


Children of James Calvin Miller and Esther Thomas
Jesse Rowan Miller (1858-1917) m. Mary Rebecca Hargrave (1862-1919), d/o Alex Hargrave and Phebe Bodenhamer
Mary Elizabeth Miller (1860-1932) m. Joseph Oliver White (1860-1950), s/o James Alexander White and Louisa Carmichael
Laura N. or M. Miller (1862-1936)
Alice L. Miller (1865-1942) m. Robert E. Carmichael (1861-1944)


Children of Ervin S. Miller and Olive Victoria Boyer
stillborn daughter (1863)
John William Miller (1864-1865)
*Gertrude May Miller (1866-aft. 1880)
Francis Edward Miller (1868-1899) m. Mary Ellen Crouse
George Miller (ca. 1870-?)
unnamed twins, a boy and a girl (b. & d. 1872)
Addie Miller (ca. 1874-?)
Dora Elizabeth Miller (1876-1956)
Bessie Antoinette Miller (1878-1887)
Claude Olivia Miller (1883-1884)

*baptized as Gertrude May, appears in the 1870 census as Augusta M. In 1880 she is listed as Gertrude


Children of Gideon Leander Miller and Caroline Elizabeth White
Eva Miller (1875-?)
Paul L. Miller (1876-1948)
Gaither Miller (1879-?)

Were there additional children born after 1880?


Children of Harmon Miller and Mary Warner
Robert Decatur Miller (1869-1871)


Children of Gaston Eugene Miller and Paulina
Bertha Miller (1877-?)
John Preston Miller (1878-1916)
Maude E. Miller (1879-1850) Effie Miller (ca. 1881-?)
Doris Miller (ca. 1883-?)


We are grateful to Stephen Miller for information on this family. See his WorldConnect page for additional data, especially on the families who moved to Indiana.

Thanks also to Mary Kaye Shouse, Janie Pittman, Pat Winfree, and others who contributed data. Disentangling the many MILLER families has not been easy, and many people have helped, both with this particular family and with others who seem to be unrelated.

We also consulted the usual Records of the Moravians in NC, Forsyth and Stokes County wills, cemetery, and marriage records, etc.

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