Forsyth County, North Carolina - 1898

Estimated populations in 1898:
Bethania - 150
Kernersville - 1,025
Rural Hall - 105
Walkertown - 150
Winston - 13,500
Salem - 5,500

Attorneys practicing Law in Winston, Forsyth County, 1898

F. T. Baldwin
A. A. Blair
M J. Bodenhamer (Kernersville)
A. R. Bridges
J. C. Buxton
A. H. Eller
R. B. Glenn
E. E. Gray
E. A. Griffith
J. S. Grogan
W. M. Henderson
A. E. Holton
E. B. Jones
J. S. Lanier
Manly Clement
J. W. McNeill
D. P. Mott
Lorenzo Nowell
J. L. Patterson
B. G. Rayle
H. R. Starbuck (Judge of Superior Court)
L. M. Swink
Thomas W. Watson
C. B. Watson

County and City Officials

Sheriff of Forsyth County - R. M. McArthur
Register of Deeds - J. F. Miller
Clerk of Superior Court - N. S. Wilson
Commissioners - M. D. Bailey, E. W. Hauser and R. S. Linville
Solicitor for 9th District - M. L. Mott
Treasurer - J. F. Griffith
Mayor of Winston - P. W. Crutchfield
Mayor of Salem - C. S. Hauser
Captain of Rough and Ready Fire Company - John Schote (one steamer and two hand engines)

Hotels In Forsyth County, 1898

Hanes House, Winston, Mrs. Hanes
Hotel Jones, Winston, J. L. Jones
Hotel, Kernersville, J. G. Kerner
Hotel Phoenix, Winston, Efird Bros and Brown
Kiser House, Rural Hall, E. L. Kiser
Kiser House, Winston, E. C. Rominger

Tobacco and Other Manufacturers

Bailey Brothers
J. A. Bitting
Blackburn and Harvey
F. M. Bohannan, Ogburn, Hill and Company
Brown and Williamson
Brown Bros. Company
S. Byerly and Son
Casey and Wright
R. L. Chandler and Company
W. S. Clarey and Company
Dalton, Ellington and Company
W. B. Ellis and Company
P. H. Hanes and Company
Harvey and Rintels
Hodgein Brothers and Lunn
H. B. Ireland and Company
Kerner Brothers
W. C. Lassiter and Company
Hamlin Lipfert and Company
T. F. Leak
Mosely & Martin
M. L. Ogburn
R. J. Reynolds
T. L. Taugh and Company
Taylor Brothers
Walker Brothers
M. A. Walker and Company
W. E. Walker and Company
W. A. Whitaker
T. F. Williamson and Company
N.S. & T J Wilson
W. W. Wood and Company

Wagon and Buggy Factories

Chamberlain & Smith (Winston)
B Y. Clark (Kernersville)
S. W. Farabee (Winston)
Lewis & Huff (Kernersville)
Mienung (Salem)
C. F. Nissen & Company
Nissen Wagon Company (Salem)
Pendry & Phillips (Kernersville)
Spach Brothers (Salem)
Transou Brothers (Vienna)
Transou & Stoltz (Bethania)
W. A. Stoltz (Bethania)
J S. White and Son (Winston)


Extracted from The State (newspaper), published January 10, 1948

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