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Hauser Family

First Generation

Martin Hauser was born in 1696 in Reichenweier, Alsace, and married Margaretha Schaefer (b. 1702) of Lampertsloch in Woerth Lutheran church in 1722. They immigrated in 1727 on the Molly with their infant son, who died on the voyage. Settling initially in PA, then MD, they moved to NC in 1753. Martin died in 1761, Margaretha in 1775. Several generations further back are known; contact Elizabeth Harris for more information.

Michael Hauser House (son of Martin)

This two-story house was built in the late 1700s or early 1800s and remodeled around 1850. It appears Greek Revival in style with flush-sheathed pedimented gable ends and corner blocks in the interior door surrounds.

Second Generation

Children of Martin Hauser and Margaretha Schaefer
Johann Martin Hauser (1725-1727)
George Hauser (1730-1801) m. 1) Anna Margaretha Ellroth (Elrod) (1736-1775),m. 2) Barbara Diez (1738-1815), widow of Heinrich Stolz
Michael Hauser (1731-1789) m. Anna Cunigunda Fiscus (1734-1804)
Martin Hauser (1733-1794) m. Susanna Maria Kessler (1735-1817)
Jacob Hauser (1733-1806) m. Eleonore Margaretha Fiscus (1746-1811)
Barbara Hauser (b. ca.1735-?) m. Dieter Danner
Georg Peter Hauser (1740-1802) m. Maria Elisabeth Spainhour (1746-1829)
Daniel Hauser (1744-1812) m. Elizabeth Meyer (1741-1814), d/o Matthias Meyer and Anna Barbara Binckele, moved to Hope NJ and later Bethlehem PA

Third Generation

Children of George Hauser and Anna Margaretha Elrod
Heinrich Hauser (1754-1821) m. 1) Catharina Hoehns (1754-1818), m. 2) Anna Maria (1757-1836)
[Kenneth Hauser's book identifes her as Anna Maria Shemel. We now think that this is a confusion with his son Heinrich Hauser, who married Anna Maria Schemel or Shamel (born 1793) in 1814. See the next page for further discussion]
George Hauser (1755-1818) m. Magdalena Schor (1758-1844)
Sarah Hauser (1757-1779) m. Joseph Miller (1747-1804), s/o Jacob Müller and Anna Elisabeth Staud
Mary Hauser (1759-1760)
Anna Margaretha Hauser (1761-1841) m. Johann Caspar Stolz (1753-1834)
Catharina Hauser (1763-1837) m. 1) Johann Michael Seiz (1765-1792), m. 2) Christian Andreas Werner (1768-1814)
Gertraut Hauser (1765-1792) m. Johann Christian Loesch (1758-1844)
Elizabeth Hauser (1768-1857) m. Franz Stauber (1765-1824)
Johann Frederick Hauser (1771-1807) m. Elizabeth Schor (1773-1867)
Johanna Hauser (1773-1805) m. Johann Christian Loesch, widower of her sister Gertraut

Children of George Hauser and Barbara Diez Stolz
Johannes Hauser (1776-1833) m. Magdalena Boeckel (1776-1808)
Simon Peter "Silver" Hauser (1778-aft. 1850) m. Maria Barbara Schor (ca. 1777-aft. 1850)
Johann Lorenz Hauser (1782-1828) m. Martha (Patty) Clayton (1779-1845)


Children of Michael Hauser and Anna Cunigunda Fiscus
Johannes Hauser (1754-1784), m. Johanna (Hannah) Miller (1756-1828), d/o Jacob Müller and Anna Elisabeth Staud
Elisabeth Hauser (1755-1838) m. Johann Heinrich Spainhour (1750-1825)
Anna Margaretha Hauser (1757-1800) m. 1) Adam Schumacher (1755-1786), 2) Josiah Wright
Michael Hauser (1758-1837), m. Elizabeth Frey (1764-1829)
Jacob Hauser (1760-1783)
David Hauser (b. & d. 1763)
Peter Hauser (1764-1847) m. Catharina Boeckel (1768-1832)
Johann Christian Hauser (1766-aft. 1830) m. Maria Catharina Conrad (1772-1830)
Maria Magdalena Hauser (1768-1811) m. Adam Butner (1765-1843)
Daniel Hauser (1775-1814) m. Elizabeth Boeckel (1773-1854)


Children of Martin Hauser and Susanna Maria Kessler
Abraham Hauser (1761-1819) m. Magdalena Strub (1761-aft. 1836)
Christina Hauser (1763-1828) m. Martin Lick (1759-1834)
Maria Hauser (1764-1792)
Martin Hauser (1767-1814) m. Leah Billeter
Susanna Hauser (1769-1842) m. Samuel Schultz(1760-1825)
Elizabeth Hauser (1772-1809) m. Matthaeus Reich (1764-1829)
Philip Hauser (b. 1775); married by 1799 and left the Moravians to join the Methodists
Samuel Hauser (b. 1777); also left the Moravian church, and became a Methodist preacher


Children of Jacob Hauser and Eleonore Margaretha Fiscus
Catherine Hauser (1763-1840) m. 1) Jacob Schor (1763-1809), 2) Abraham Loesch (1765-1843)
Jacob Hauser (1764-1823) m. 1) Barbara Hartman (1777-1800), 2) Elisabeth Schneider (1780-1810), 3) Jane Eddards (m. 1811), 4) Sarah Vest or West (m. 1815), 5) Mary Yarrell (1790-1846; m. 1818)
Magdalena Hauser (1766-1791) m. Andreas Volck (1765-1814)
  Note: this is a correction of a previous error.
Hannah Hauser (1768-1800)
David Hauser (1771-?), moved to Kentucky, later Tennessee; m. Mary Godwin
Daniel Hauser (1773-?), moved to Kentucky with his brother David
Adam Hauser (1775-bef. 1860) m. Margaretha Binkley (1780-aft. 1860)
Elizabeth Hauser (1779-1798)
William Hauser (1779-?), twin of Elizabeth; moved to Tennessee about 1806
Christian Hauser (1782-?) moved to Tennessee about 1806
John Hauser (1785-?) moved to Kentucky about 1814
Joseph Hauser (1789-1850) m. Susan Hauser (1793-?), daughter of Martin Hauser and Leah Billeter


Children of Georg Peter Hauser and Maria Elisabeth Spainhour
Joseph Hauser (1763-1841), m. 1) Catharina Strub (1766-1787), 2) Maria Feiser (1755-1789), 3) Anna Maria Boeckel (1766-1821)
Johanna Hauser (1765-1767) [this entry corrected 8 May 2001]
Peter Hauser (1767-1771)
John Henry "Saddler" Hauser (1770-1832) m. Anna Maria Kapp (1771-1839)
Daniel Hauser (1773-1802) did not marry
Johanna Gertrude Hauser (1776-1824) m. Johann Jacob Schor (1770-1843)
George Petrus Hauser (1779-1816) m. Catharina Ranke (1780-1873); she m. 2) Johannes Schaffner
Benjamin Hauser (1783-1857) m. 1) Sarah Boner (1782-1822), 2) Maria Catharina Loesch (1797-1875)
Maria Elizabeth Hauser (1788-1793)


Children of Daniel Hauser and Elisabeth Meyer
Christian Hauser (1773-1807)
Elizabeth Hauser (1775-?)
Maria Hauser (1777-1854) m. Christian Knauss (1778-1847)
Nathaniel Hauser (1779-?)
Daniel Hauser (1784-?)

Hauser family, continued


Special thanks to Mark Arslan! Mark's Martin Hauser History Page has lots of details concerning Martin Hauser not included on our page - well done!

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