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Bodenhamer Family

First Generation

Christian Bodenhamer was born in Germany in 1725, immigrated (in 1749?), and settled in 1774 in the Abbotts Creek community of Rowan County NC, in what later became Davidson County. He died in 1788. He married Charity Beamer (ca. 1735-1816) about 1750. They are buried along with many of their children at Abbotts Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery. The church was founded in 1756 in the part of Rowan County, NC that is now a part of Davidson County, NC.

Second Generation

Children of Christian Bodenhamer and Charity Beamer
John Bodenhamer (1752-1820) m. Catherine Trucks (1756-1826)
Peter Bodenhamer (1757-1831) m. 1) ?? Davis, 2) Agnes Spurgeon (1763-1847)
William Bodenhamer (1759-1834) m. Catherine Shires (1768-1820)
Ann Bodenhamer (ca. 1761-?) m. Andrew Manering
Christian Bodenhamer (1764-1840) m. Elizabeth Swaim (1769-1848)
Charity Bodenhamer (1767-bef. 1830) m. Isaac Odell (1765-1837)
Jacob Bodenhamer (1770-1854) m. 1) Elizabeth Spurgeon (1772-1803); 2) Nancy Daniel Crouch (1773-1848)
David Bodenhamer (1774-1857) m. Elizabeth Teague (1776-1843)

Third Generation

Children of John Bodenhamer and Catherine Trucks
*George Bodenhamer (1774-aft. 1810) m. 1) Barbara Wire
Charity Bodenhamer (1776-?) m. James Garrison (?)
John Bodenhamer (1778-ca. 1837/39) m. Phoebe Teague. Who are her parents?
Susannah Bodenhamer (1782-1820)
William Bodenhamer (1784-1839) m. 1) Elizabeth Daniel (1785-1825); 2) Martha (Pitts) Welch (1802-1882)
Mary Bodenhamer (1786-1825) m. Jesse Garrison
Christian Bodenhamer (1788-1839) m. Temperance Daniel
Jesse Bodenhamer (1791-1845) m. Rachel Rice, d/o Enoch and Polly Rice
Phillip Bodenhamer (1794-1794)

*George Bodenhamer was the bondsman when Christian Bodenhamer married Temperance Daniel in 1810, Rowan Co., NC


Children of Peter Bodenhamer and unknown Davis
Sarah Bodenhamer (abt. 1790-?)

Children of Peter Bodenhamer and Agnes Spurgeon
John W. Bodenhamer (1793-?) m. unknown Patterson
Jean Bodenhamer (1795)
Joseph Bodenhamer (1799-1884) m. Sarah Masten (1803-1885)
Jacab Bodenhamer (1800)
Elizabeth Bodenhamer (1802-1824)


Children of Christian Bodenhamer and Elizabeth Swaim
William Bodenhamer (abt. 1788-?) m. Mary Welch in 1808, d/o William Welch and Mary King
Anna Catharina Bodenhamer (1790-1831) m. 1) George Lanius (1791-1817), 2) Jacob Miller
Jonathan Bodenhamer (1791-1861) m. Nancy Wilson (1804-1904)
Charity Bodenhamer (abt. 1794-1857) m. 1) David Manering (1789-1819), s/o Andrew Manering & Ann Bodenhamer
2) Silas Swaim (1787-1852)
Rachel Bodenhamer (abt. 1798-1827) m. Jesse (or Daniel) Huff
Elizabeth Bodenhamer (1800-1871) m. Joshua Hedgecock (1792-1881)
Mary Bodenhamer m. Eli Powell or Jesse Garrison. Conflicting information.
David Green Bodenhamer (1805-1875) m. Nancy J. Miller (1805-?)
Mahala Bodenhamer (1813-1889) m. William Robertson (1812-1871). Is he the son of David Robertson and Deborah Shields?


Children of Jacob Bodenhamer and 1) Elizabeth Spurgeon
Isaiah Bodenhamer (1794-1827)
David Bodenhamer (1796-1874) m. Esther Teague
*Margaret Bodenhamer (abt. 1797-1873)
*Charity Ann Bodenhamer (1799-aft. 1850)
William J. Bodenhamer (abt. 1800-1891) m. 1) unknown; 2) Mary Ann Clinard Ebert; 3) Phoebe Hine
Elizabeth Bodenhamer (b. & d. 1803)

*Margaret and Charity Bodenhamer are residing with their brother David Bodenhamer in 1850, Davidson Co., NC. In the same household is Esther Bodenhamer, age. 8. Who are her parents?

Children of Jacob Bodenhamer and 2) Nancy Daniel Crouch
Jacob Beamer Bodenhamer (1813-1887) m. *1) Margaret Bodenhamer; 2) Delilah Chandler; 3) Rachel Cecil
Christian Bodenhamer (1816-1865) m. 1) Elizabeth Robertson; 2) Catherine Stone

Was this Margaret Bodenhamer the daughter of William J. Bodenhamer and his first wife?


Children of David Bodenhamer and Elizabeth Teague
Levi Bodenhamer (abt.1804-1830) m. Emily Orrell (abt.1805-1862)
Joseph Pierson Bodenhamer (1812-1887) m. Keziah Z. Davis (1827-1879), d/o Joseph Davis and Sarah Welch
Jacob Bodenhamer (1814-1876) m. Lucy Bodenhamer (1830-1907), d/o Christian Bodenhamer and Temperance Daniel

Fourth Generation

Children of William Bodenhamer and 1) Elizabeth Daniel
Tempy Bodenhamer (1807) m. John Hedgecock
Charity Bodenhamer (1809)
Susanna Bodenhamer (1811)
Lucy Bodenhamer (1813)
Catherine Bodenhamer (1815) m. David M. Welborn, s/o Elizabeth Mock and Moses Welborn
Trucks Hamilton (Truxhamilton) Bodenhamer (1817-1881) m. Margaret Yokley (1818-1904)
John Daniel Bodenhamer (1821) m. Susannah Yokley
J. Randolph Bodenhamer (1823-aft. 1899) m. Jerusha Lucretia Teague, d/o Isaac Teague and Susan Shields

Children of William Bodenhamer and 2) Martha (Pitts) Welch
Elizabeth J. Bodenhamer (1829-aft. 1893) m. Albert H. Welch
Isaac Pitts Bodenhamer (1830-aft. 1850) m. Elizabeth Ann Robertson (Isaac did not return from Civil War)
William Bodenhamer (1832-1835)
Martin Van Buren Bodenhamer (abt. 1836-1860)
Parmelia Martha Bodenhamer (1838-1867) m. Eli Swaim in 1857.
  Is this Eli Swaim (1829-1876) s/o of Jesse Swaim and Magdalena Lanius?
*Charity Ann Bodenhamer (abt. 1845-aft. 1880) m. Pleasant Noah Motsinger (1840-1919)

*Is Charity Ann Bodenhamer the daughter of Jacob Beamer Bodenhamer and Margaret Bodenhamer or is she a granchild of William Bodenhamer? Charity residing with Martha Bodenhamer in 1850.


Children of Christian Bodenhamer and Temperance Daniel
George Washington Bodenhamer (1812-1889) m. Elizabeth Idol (abt. 1818-aft. 1900), d/o Barnett Idol and Jerusha Shields
Sally Bodenhamer (1813) m. Caleb Idol (1805-1890), s/o Barnett Idol and Jerusha Shields
Jesse P. Bodenhamer (1815-1888)
William G. Bodenhamer (abt 1821-1872) m. Mariah M. Stewart/Stuart
Catherine Bodenhamer (abt. 1826-aft. 1870) m. 1) Isaac Moore Teague (1822-1864); 2) Abel Watkins (ca. 1800-1872)
Peter Randal Bodenhamer (abt. 1827-1920) m. 1) Mary M. Weavil (1832-1866); 2) Elizabeth J. Teague (1831-1904)
Lucy Bodenhamer (1830-1907) m. Jacob Bodenhamer (1814-1876), s/o David Bodenhamer and Elizabeth Teague
Christian Franklin Bodenhamer (1833-1893) m. Sarah Elizabeth Ebert (1839-1883). Who were her parents?


Children of Jesse Bodenhamer and Rachel Rice
Cathy Bodenhamer
Anderson Bodenhamer (1814-1891) m. Sarah Belinda Bodenhamer (1818-1899), d/o John W. Bodenhamer and unknown Patterson
John Bodenhamer (abt. 1816-?) m. Mary Teague (1824-1879), d/o Moses Teague and Martha Evans
Hiram Trucks Bodenhamer (1820-aft. 1872) m. 1) Susan M. Killian (1824-1860); 2) Catherine P. Hine
William F. Bodenhamer (abt. 1823-1855) m. Elizabeth Ann Daniels
There may have been other children
(After the death of Jesse Bodenhamer, Rachel married a Mr. Jones, s/o David Jones, the maker of bricks)
(After the death of John Bodenhamer, Mary married Levi Tesh (1819)


Children of John W. Bodenhamer and unknown Patterson
Sarah Belinda Bodenhamer (1818-1899) m. Anderson Bodenhamer, s/o Jesse Bodenhamer and Rachel Rice
Agnes Elizabeth Bodenhamer (1819-1893) m. Samuel S. Jones
Nancy Bodenhamer (1823-aft. 1870) m. Daniel Stewart


Children of Joseph Bodenhamer and Sarah Masten
Jacob Lafayette Bodenhamer (b. & d. 1827)
Hezekiah Masten Bodenhamer (1828-1864) m. Sarah Robertson (1827-?)
Phoebe Adaline Bodenhamer (1830-1902) John Henderson Cox (1831-1909)
Mary Elizabeth Bodenhamer (1832-1890) m. David G. Walker (1827-1909), s/o David Walker and Martha C.
Louise Emeline Bodenhamer (1836-?) m. Calvin White
Joseph Bradford Bodenhamer (1839-1932) m. 1) Damarius F. Jones (1839-1879) 2) Anna Peddycord (1847-1924)
Sarah Melissa Bodenhamer (1843-1939) m. William H. Cox (1838-1925)


Children of Jonathan Bodenhamer and Nancy Wilson
Franklin B. Bodenhamer (1825-aft. 1850)
Andrew J. Bodenhamer (1827-aft. 1850)
Christian Lewis Bodenhamer (1830-ca. 1862) m. Aley Linville (1835-1895
Lucinda Melvina Bodenhamer (1832-1904) m. Zenith Clark Griffith, (1829-1976), s/o Adam Griffith (1795-1844) and Sarah Goslin (1791-1855)
Phebe A. Bodenhamer (1835-aft. 1850). Is she the one who married Solomon Hein?
Elizabeth Emaline Bodenhamer (1836-1901) m. Sanford Nathaniel Shamel (1832-1901), moved to Missouri in 1868
Eliza Jane Bodenhamer (1839-bef. 1870?) m. James O. Linville (ca. 1838-1863).
Eli P. Bodenhamer (1841-aft. 1860). Did he die during Civil War?
William A. Bodenhamer (1845-aft. 1860). Did he die during Civil War?


Children of Levi Bodenhamer and Emily Orrell
Sarah Bodenhamer (ca. 1826-?)
Daniel W. W. Bodenhamer (1830-aft. 1850)
Levi J. Bodenhamer (1831-1900) m. Nancy F. Beeson (1838-1925), d/o Hugh and Jane Beeson

After Levi's death, Emily Orrell Bodenhamer married Coleman William Jenkins (1798-?), they had eight children. One of their daughters, Selena Jenkins, married William Farris. The Wolff Family Photograph Gallery has a wonderful photo of Selena Jenkins Farris and William Farris taken during the Civl War but before William Farris was killed. (use your back button to return to this site.)


Children of David Bodenhamer and Esther Teague
Isaiah Bodenhamer (abt 1815-aft. 1860)
Jacob H. Bodenhamer (abt. 1815) m. Elizabeth
John Bodenhamer (abt. 1818) m. Emily Schultz
William C. Bodenhamer (1828-1886) m. Elizabeth Craft (1829-1859); 2) Mary E. Fiddler (1835-1906)
Martha Jane Bodenhamer (abt. 1825-aft. 1860) m. Major William Stipe (abt. 1825-aft. 1900)
Charity Elizabeth Bodenhamer (abt. 1829) m. Oliver Orrell


Children of Jacob Beamer Bodenhamer and 1) Margaret Bodenhamer
Charity Ann Bodenhamer (abt. 1845-aft. 1880) m. Pleasant Noah Motsinger

Children of Jacob Beamer Bodenhamer and 2) Deliah Chandler
Christian Crusoe Bodenhamer (1869-1950) m. Lou Ella Cecil

Children of Jacob Beamer Bodenhamer and Rachel Cecil
Asenatha Margaret Bodenhamer (1876-1969) m. Randel L. Cecil


Children of Christian Bodenhamer and Elizabeth Robertson
Sarah Ann Bodenhamer (1838-1905) m. Cyrus B. Chadwick
Jacob B. Bodenhamer (1841-1900) m. Elizabeth V.
William R. Bodenhamer (1843-1906)
David A. Bodenhamer (1846-1864)

Children of Christian Bodehamer and Catherine Stone
Margaret Elizabeth Bodenhamer (1853-1894) m. Jehu Newton Crouch
Charity Mahala Bodenhamer (1854-1886)
Mary Magdalina Bodenhamer (1859-1933) m. Samuel Dolph Hines
Nancy J. Bodenhamer (1859-1892) m. Charles Samuel Reddick
Deborah Bell Bodenhamer (1861-1927) m. Burwell Swaim
John C. Bodenhamer (abt. 1863)


Children of William J. Bodenhamer and unknown
Margaret Bodenhamer (1827-1863). Did she marry Jacob Beamer Bodenhamer?
Jacob A. Bodenhamer (1827-1910) m. Elizabeth J. Bodgett/Badgett (?-1854); 2) Nancy Green Hutchinson
Isaiah B. Bodenhamer (abt. 1829) m. Phoebe Shields (abt. 1821-?)
Charity Ann Bodenhamer (1830-1901) m. Patrick Doud Jones
Elizabeth E. Bodenhamer (abt. 1832-1856)
Phoebe Jane Bodenhamer (1838-1867) m. Alexander Hargrave
William Maskell Bodenhamer (1845)

Children of William J. Bodenhamer and Mary Ann Clinard Ebert
Rebecca L. Bodenhamer (1847-1881) m. Ross Johnson
David Beamer Bodenhamer (1852-1924) m. Roxanna L. Crouch
Sidney V. Bodenhamer (1857-1860)
Samuel Bodenhamer (abt. 1858)
Charles B. Bodenhamer (abt. 1860-bef. 1891)
Alfred Bodenhamer (abt. 1862)
Christian Bodenhamer (abt. 1864)


Children of Joseph Pierson Bodenhamer and Keziah Z. Davis
Levi Bodenhamer (b. & d. 1855)
David Alf Bodenhamer (1852-1923) Mary W. Robertson
Sarah Emma Bodenhamer (1854-1929) Mr. Gamble
Jacob Franklin Bodenhamer (1856-1935) m. 1) Elva Core 2) Annie J. Thomlow
John Standord Bodenhamer (1859-1931) m. Amanda E. Smith
Mary A. Lee Bodenhamer (1861-1944) m. Joseph Hubert Whicker
Huldah Bodenhamer (b. & d. 1861)
Martha L. Bodenhamer (1864-1910) m. Levi F. Craven

Fifth Generation

Children of Anderson Bodenhamer and Sarah Belinda Bodenhamer
Elisha Edward Bodenhamer (1837-1924) m. Phoebe Rosena Hartman (1840-1911)
Elizabeth Jane Bodenhamer (b. & d. 1837)
Elizabeth Catherine Bodenhamer (1839-1860)
John Christain Bodenhamer (1841-1928) m. Martha Jane Shields (1843-1913)
Hiram Trucks Bodenhamer (1843-1844)
Joseph S. Bodenhamer (1845-1859)
Christina T. Bodenhamer (1848-1923) m. William Madison Stewart
Nancy Susan B. Bodenhamer (1851-1935) m. Andrew Shields (1840-1918). Who are his parents?
Michael Cicero Bodenhamer (1854-1936) m. Elizabeth Jane Beckerdite (1853-1921)
Mary Cornelia Bodenhamer (1857-1938) m. Martin Seaborn Hartman (1853-1921)
Andrew Marion Bodenhamer (1860-1944) m. Sarah Elizabeth Tesh (1845-1935). Daughter of David Tesh and Rachel Morris?


Children of Trucks Hamilton Bodenhamer and Margaret (Peggy) Yokley
Pleasant N. Bodenhamer (1838-1924) m. Margaret E. Tesh (1837-1921)
William V. Bodenhamer (ca. 1841-?)
Mary Bodenhamer (1843-1906) m. John Augustin Kiger (1834-1902)
Elizabeth J. Bodenhamer (1846-1856)
David Alison Bodenhamer (1848-aft. 1898) m. 1) Emma Hellen Johnson in 1875, d/o Thomas C. Johnson and Susannah Jane Holder; 2) Miss Henderson
Martha A. Bodenhamer (1851-1908) m. James Newsom
Christopher Columbus Bodenhamer (1854-1925) m. Roselia Moore (1851-1920), d/o John and Peggie Moore
John A. Bodenhamer (1857-1919) m. Emma Elizabeth Kiger (1865-1935)
James Bodenhamer (1860-?)
Randall Augustus Bodenhamer (ca. 1862-1931) m. Laura C. Parker (1859-1936)
Albert Hamilton Bodenhamer (ca. 1863-1931) m. Frances (Fannie) Roana Parker


Children of George Washington Bodenhamer and Elizabeth Idol
John Andrew Bodenhamer (1840-1927) m. Miriam Osborn
Jesse Bynum Bodenhamer (1843) m. Phoebe Idol
Tempy Louise Bodenhamer (1845) m. Frank Reuben Idol
Joseph Harrison Bodehamer (1846-1923) m. Elizabeth Jane Stafford (abt. 1855-aft. 1900)
George A. Bodenhamer (1857-1862)

There is a marriage date of 1 Jan 1840, Davidson Co., NC but George and Elizabeth are not living together in 1850. Jacob B. Bodenhamer was bondsman for the marriage. Betsey Bodenhamer is residing in the household of Andrew Idol and George W. Bodenhamer is the only occupant of his household. The children living with Betsey Bodehamer are: John A, 9; Louisa, 5; and Joseph H., age 3. By 1860 George and Elizabeth appear in the same household with the same children that were in the 1850 census record. Jesse B. Bodenhamer appears in the 1860 household. Where was he in 1850? Was it simply the census taker's mistake?


Children of William F. Bodenhamer and Elizabeth Ann Daniels
Jesse N. Bodenhamer (1852-1919) m. Margaret Ann Reitzel
Stephen Marshall Bodenhamer (1855-aft. 1900) m. Martha Johnson (1852-aft. 1900)
Eliza C. Bodenhamer m. Henry A. Gibbbons


Children of Lucy Bodenhamer and Jacob Bodenhamer
Temperance Bodenhamer (1860-1929) m. Henry Augustus Rothrock (1857-1937), his second wife
Joseph P. Bodenhamer m. Mista Ann Charles (1858-1929), d/o James Madison Charles and Mary Ann Fisher


Children of Hiram Trucks Bodenhamer and Susan W. Killian
Rachel J. Bodenhamer (1844-aft. 1866) m. Charles Ebert
Noah Festus Bodenhamer (1845-1903) m. Rebecca Long
Elizabeth Caroline Bodenhamer (1847)m. John W. Trelore
William Leander Bodenhamer (1849-1922) (died in WA)
John Armistead Bodenhamer (1852)m. 1) Denia A. Long; 2) Emma Kitchen
Josephine C. Bodenhamer (1854)
Charity A. Bodenhamer (1856)
Mary L. Bodenhamer (1858)
Nancy R. Bodenhamer (1860-abt. 1935) m. Jack Kemp

Children of Hiram Trucks Bodenhamer and Catherine P. Hine
Margaret C. Bodenhamer (1864)
Mihael L. Bodehamer (1866)
Isaiah S. Bodenhamer (abt. 1872)

Hiram Trucks Bodenhamer died in Missouri, but most of his children were born in Davidson County, NC


Children of Joseph Bradford Bodenhamer and 1) Darmarius Jones
**William Tell Bodenhamer (1865-1937) m. Mrs. Sadie Johnson Border
Theodore Felix Bodenhamer (1868-1950) m. Lillie Mae Grubbs
Violet A. Bodenhamer (1870-1952)
Robert Bruce Bodenhamer (1872-1891)
Joseph Grant Bodenhamer (1875-1955) m. Harriett Sue Boggs
Numa Jones Bodenhamer (1879-1957) m. Lula Boggs

**We believe that William Tell Bodenhamer fathered at least 2 of 3 children of Mary Augusta Peddicord (d/o Horatio H. Peddicord and Jane Beeson and sister to Anna Peddycord who was the second wife of Joseph Bradford Bodenhamer, and the father of William Tell.

(1) Paul Bernard (Peddycord) Peddicord born 6 August 1892 and died 22 August 1964 in Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC in the Veterans Administration Hospital. Paul had 2 birth certificates on file in Forsyth Co., NC. His first certificate stated his father was a William Peddycord; on his DELAYED birth certificate #4298 dated October 25, 1948, he stated his father was William Tell Bodenhamer born 1865 in Forsyth Co.; his mother: Mary A. Peddicord born 1860 in Forsyth County and physician at Birth: Dr. John Bynum (deceased). He offered as Abstract of Evidence: "Affidavit of Personal Knowledge, Marriage Record, and Army Record". Also, on his SSN application, he listed William Tell Bodenhamer as his father. This information from: Pat Winfree; e-mail address:

Children of Joseph Bradford Bodenhamer and 2) Anna Peddycord
Bessie Blaine Bodenhamer (1881-1965) m. Mathias Settness
Lola Lee Bodenhamer (1883-1962)
Dick Dwight Bodenhamer (1885-1957)
Myrtle May Bodenhamer (1886-1980)
Nellie Nye Bodenhamer (1888-1981) m. Jack C. Newman


Children of Levi J. Bodenhamer and Nancy F. Beeson
Lucetta Bodenhamer (1860-ca. 1900)
James Madison Bodenhamer (1861-aft. 1870)
Emma Bodenhamer (1864-aft. 1870)
Cornelia E. Bodenhamer (1868-aft. 1870)
Nannie E. Bodenhamer (1870)
Flora Bodenhamer (1875)
Odgen Levi Bodenhamer (1879)
Julius Gray Bodenhamer (1881-1915)


Children of J. Ranoldph and Jerusha Lucretia Teague
Susanna Bodenhamer (1843-1880) m. John Sell
William Christian Bodenhamer (1846-1923)
Elizabeth Jane Bodenhamer (1851-1874)
Isaac Pitts Bodenhamer (1853-1915) m. Phoebe Jane Weavil (147-1919)
Martha Bodenhamer (1859)
Mary Bodenhamer (abt. 1863-aft. 1886) m. John Clemmons Williard (1859-1924). John married 2nd, Eliza Teague.


Children of William C. Bodenhamer and Elizabeth Craft
John Thomas Bodenhamer (1858-1933) m. Lula Bell Atwood?

Children of William C. Bodenhamer and Mary E. Fiddler
Esther A. Bodenhamer (1874-1889)

Elizabeth Craft Bodenhamer died shortly after giving birth to her only child, John Thomas Bodenhamer. In 1860 William C. Bodenhamer is living with his sister Martha Jane and her husband Major William Stipe. The child, John Thomas, is living with his grandparents Thomas and Summerville Craft.

Sixth Generation

Children of John Christian Bodenhamer and Jane Shields
Andrew Franklin Bodenhamer (abt. 1868-1956)
Joseph Bodenhamer (abt. 1870-bef .1880)
Charlie O. Bodenhamer (abt. 1872-1961) m. Frances L. Vogler
Mary Bodenhamer (abt. 1876-1965) m. John Thomas Woosley (abt. 1874-1960), s/o Franklin U. Woosley and Temperance Jones
Nancy J. Bodenhamer (abt. 1877-?)


Children of Pleasant N. Bodenhamer and Margaret E. Tesh
Eliza Bodenhamer (1863) m. Mr. Jackson
William Pleasant Bodenhamer (1865-1920) m. Amanda Hill (1863-1933), d/o Joseph Hill and Mary Haley
Charles Andrew Bodenhamer (1868-1939)
Geneva Rosetia Bodenhamer (1875-1934) did not marry

Who are the parents of Peter S. Bodenhamer who married Mary Sink?


Personal communications with Mr. Robert S. Orrell and his book, Daniel Black Orrell and His Descendants. Mr. Orrell's email address is:

Personal communications with Gray Harmon.

The definitive work on this family seems to be _Christian Bodenhamer of Rowan County, North Carolina and His Descendants_, by Ione Heuss. I haven't seen this in its entirety, but am grateful to Dan Treadway for sending information he extracted. This family is also discussed in the Davidson County Heritage volume.

Bodenhamer database of Jerry Wood on

Personal communications with Fred O. Bodenhamer. Fred's e-mail address is:

Forsyth County, North Carolina marriage records, death records and birth records. (CD)

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