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Ogburn Family

The first record of Symon Ogburn in America appears when he was brought into VA by a Thomas Steevens, September, 1652. Steevens was awarded 1400 acres of land for bringing 28 people to Virginia, among them Symon Ogburn. Symon Ogburn died 1668, Isle of Wight County, VA. His will was proven February 9, 1669 and he names his second wife, Lucie, and his children from two marriages.

First Generation

Children of Symon Ogburn and his first wife
Nicholas Ogburn (c1653-1688) m. Ann Higgins,
d/o Roger and Ann Higgins
Mary Ogburn


Children of Symon Ogburn and his second wife, Lucie (died by 1670)
Symon Ogburn
Elmore Ogburn
Elizabeth Ogburn m. Herbert Tatum
Katherine Ogburn

Second Generation

Children of Nicholas Ogburn I and Ann Higgins
Nicholas Ogburn II (abt. 1674-1713) m. Ann Smith, d/o William and Mary Smith
John Ogburn (abt. 1676-1719) m. Elizabeth Hancock, d/o John Hancock and Jane Holt

Third Generation

Children of Nicholas Ogburn II and Ann Smith
John Ogburn (?-abt. 1789/1790) m. 1) ?; 2) Phoebe Mason, widow of Joseph Mason
(*after the death of Nicholas II, his widow, Ann Smith Ogburn m. Thomas Richards)


Children of John Ogburn and Elizabeth Hancock
John Ogburn II (abt. 1720 - d. by 1774, Brunswick Co, VA) m. Tabitha Neblett

Fourth Generation

Children of John Ogburn (son of Nicholas II) and his first wife
Nicholas Ogburn
Sarah Ogburn m. Aaron Vinson

Children of John Ogburn (son of Nicholas II) and Phoebe Mason
Charles Ogburn
Augustine Ogburn m. Elizabeth unknown


Children of John Ogburn II and Tabitha Neblett
William (Dr. Billy) Ogburn (?-c1828) m. 1) Hannah Warren (?-c1802), d/o Benjamin Warren;
2) to Miss Wilkins ( Benjamin Warren's Will, 1778)
John E. Ogburn (?- abt, 1821) m. Sarah unknown (no known children)
James Ogburn (1750-1804) m. Winney Weaver
Henry Ogburn (no information)
Benjamin Ogburn (?-1825) m. 1) Martha Davis in 1786; 2) Sally Cook in 1787;
3) Sarah Sills in 1807
Rev. Charles Ogburn (1760-1839) m. Mrs. Angeline/Angelina Clark Peete (1763-1824), d/o Sarah Clark
Matthew Henry Ogburn (?-1839,TN) m. Sarah Daly, d/o Josiah and Mary Daly

Fifth Generation

Children of William (Dr. Billy) Ogburn and Hannah Warren
Wilkins Ogburn (went West)
William Ogburn (school teacher in Guilford Co, NC)
Nicholas Ogburn m. Polly Barnett
John Ogburn (1779-?) m. Beulah Hunt (1787-?), d/o Jacob and Hannah Hunt
Edmund Warren Ogburn (1798-1855) m. Jane Lanier,
d/o Sampson Lanier and Elizabeth Massey
Nancy Ogburn m. Claybourn Watson or Watkins
Hannah Ogburn m. James W. Doak
Martha Patsy Ogburn (?-c1771) m. Sihon Tatum
Elizabeth Ogburn m. Clairborn Watson (her sister's husband?)
James Ogburn (did not marry)
Jane Ogburn m. J. Bittingsley
Benjamin Ogburn m. Sally Selbs/Sells
Edwin Ogburn (no further record)
Sterling Ogburn (no further record)
Ned Ogburn (no further record)


Children of James Ogburn and Winney Weaver
Nancy Ogburn (1796-1890) m. William Vest (1788-1849),
s/o Charles Vest and Sarah Briggs
John Ogburn m. Martha Witt, d/o John Wilkinson
Edward (Edmund) Ogburn (1783-1837) m. Elizabeth Williams (1789-1854)
Henry W. Ogburn m. Lucy Perry
Elizabeth (Betsy) Weaver Ogburn
Lucy Ogburn
Mary Polly Ogburn m. Edward Tatum


Children of Benjamin Ogburn and Sally Cook
Sterling Ogburn (1792-1872) m. Nancy M. Pritchett
Hartwell Ogburn (1798-1872) m. Catherine Browder
Reuben Ogburn (no data)
Tabitha Ogburn m. Daniel Justice
Betsy Ogburn m. unknown Vaughn
Sally Ogburn m. Willie Jones
Martha J. Ogburn m. Littleberry Williams
Lucy Ann Ogburn m. Turner Hamlett
Mary Jane Ogburn m. Daniel Shelton
Polly Ogburn m. unknown Barrow


Children of Rev. Charles Ogburn and Angeline Clark Peete
Hartwell Clark Ogburn (1790-1790)
Lucy Hart Ogburn (1791-1813) m. Howell Pennington Harper, s/o John Harper, Jr.
Nancy Watkins Ogburn (1794-?) m. 1) Williams B. Simmons (?-1827); 2) Phillip Gill, Jr. (1798-1868)
Elizabeth Clark Ogburn (1796-?) m. David C. Hutcheson, s/o John Hutcheson
Angelina Clark Ogburn (1798-?) m. 1) Richard H. Edmonson (?-bef. 1830); 2) Wilshire Simmons
Rev. Benjamin Watkins Ogburn (1800-1852) did not marry, became a Methodist minister
Charles Harrison Ogburn (1804-1877) m. 1) Angelina Watkins Fennell; 2) Sarah H. Dance
m. 3) Jane Maria Hatchett Hite, d/o Haynie Hatchett
William Clark Ogburn


Children of Matthew Henry Ogburn and Sarah Daly
Josiah Ogburn (1793-1839) m. Susan A. Howell
Elizabeth (Betsy) Daly Ogburn (1793-?) m. Peter T. Ferguson
William Henry Ogburn (1797-1851) m. Mary Evaline Holloway
John Ogburn (1797-1853) m. Caroline Hunt
Daniel Ogburn (no data)
Thomas Ogburn (1800-1899) m. 1) Sally P., 2) Ethalinda Jones
Nancy Ann Neblett Ogburn (1804-1885) m. Horace Green Barbee
T. Caroline Ogburn (1812-?) m. unknown Boyd

Sixth Generation

Children of John Ogburn and Martha Witt
John W. B. Ogburn (abt. 1822-abt. 1859) m. Henrietta Allen
Harriet W. Ogburn m. Edward Connelly (m. in Brunswick Co, VA)
Lucy N. Ogburn m. Benjamin J. Smith
Virginia Carolina Ogburn (1830-?) m. David Jarrot Johnson


Children of Henry W. Ogburn and Lucy Perry
John C. Ogburn
Mary L. Ogburn


Children of Edward (Edmund) Ogburn and Elizabeth Williams
James Edward Ogburn (1809-1895, Stokes Co, NC) m. Sarah M.H. Tatum (1807-1891),
d/o Sihon and Patsy Ogburn Tatum
Mary Weaver Ogburn (1811-1877) m. Martin L. Banner
William Henry (Buck) Ogburn (1813-?) m. Elinor Marshall, d/o Tandy Marshall
Amy Weaver Ogburn (1816-1894) m. Joshua D. Banner(1813-1865)
Angeline Saturla Ogburn (1818-1913) m. Alexander Hamilton (Sanders) Kapp (1818-1884)
(Some records have Angeline Saturla's name as Annja Gettira.)
Charles Benjamin Ogburn (1820-1873) m. Tabitha Ingram Moir (1829-1862),
d/o Robert D. Moir & Elizabeth Perray Porter
Martha Jane Ogburn (1822-1862) m. John J. Poindexter (1809-1881)
Elizabeth Priscilla Ogburn (1825-1915) m. Coleman B. Ziglar
John William Ogburn (1828-1899, d. in California) m. Emma Cecilla Jones (1839-?)
Matthew Lewis Ogburn (1832-1913) m. Anna Eliza Huckabee Clowney (1841-1921),
d/o Wm. Booker Huckabee & Catherine Hudson


Children of Angelina Clark Ogburn and Richard H. Edmonson
Angeline Edmonson
Edwin P. (Zed) Edmonson (abt. 1824-) m. Mary Emma Jones (killed during Civil War)
James Watkins Edmonson (a merchant in Virginia)
Col. William Hart Edmonson (1817-1892) m. Malinda Madeline Street (moved to MS in 1837)
Charles Richard Edmonson (1818-1893) m. Ann Elizabeth Arnold

Seventh Generation

Home of James Edward and Sarah Ogburn, courtesy of Jack Ogburn

James E. Ogburn became the first pioneer tobacco manufacturer in Forsyth Co, NC. James and his five sons raised, cured, stemmed and twisted his own tobacco into his popular "pigtail twists" and sold to the retail merchants in Old Salem and Forsyth/Stokes Counties. James brought the first tobacco press into Forsyth Co - it was operated with a wooden screw for making plug tobacco. From 1855, some 10 to 20 thousand pounds of solid plug was produced each year until the Civil War began. Two of James' sons operated tobacco companies: Sihon A. Ogburn operated the S. A. Ogburn Tobacco Co and Charles Jackson Ogburn operated, in partnership with W. P. Hill, the Ogburn and Hill Tobacco Company. The Ogburn and Hill Tobacco Company had one five story-building and two three-story factories. On August 23, 1912 a fire destroyed part of the plant. Charles decided to retire and he and his cousin and partner, W. P. Hill, sold the company on September 19, 1912 to R. J. Reynolds.

Children of James Edward Ogburn and Sarah M. H. Tatum
Edward W. D. Ogburn (1832-1841)
James Rufus Ogburn (1835-1846)
Marcellus Henry (Stump) Ogburn (1837-1921) m. Mary Jane Masten (1835-1910)
Sihon (Cy) Alexander Ogburn (1840-1927) m. Mary Jane (Molly) Tise (1847-1930),
d/o Jacob Tise and Margaret P. Kiger
Charles Jackson Ogburn (1842-1827
[date corrected 3/26/04]) m. Anna Elizabeth Lindsay (1855-1916), d/o Dr. Robert Lindsay
John Wilkerson (Wick) Ogburn (1843-1933) m. Minverva Marcella Crews (1857-1920)
Martha Elizabeth Ogburn (1847-1921) m. Charles William Masten (1846-1907 - or 1908?)
Edmund Weaver Ogburn (1851-1938) m. Martha A. Flynt (1856-1930), d/o Richard and Jinny Flynt

Picture of four Ogburn Brothers


Children of William Henry (Buck) Ogburn and Elinor Marshall
(this family moved to Illinois, except for sons William and Thomas - they were raised by their grandfather Tandy Marshall)
Samantha S. Ogburn (1840-?) m. 1) Elijah Linville; 2) Samuel Smith (1822-1876)
William Lacy Ogburn (1842-1899) m. Margaret Hannah Bailey (1850-?)
Thomas Edward Ogburn (1844-1924) m. Lucinda Fowler (1838 or 1839-1920), d/o Marshall Fowler & Sarah Westmoreland
Charles O. Ogburn (1847-?) (moved to IL or IN)
Irving (Ervin) C. Ogburn (1849-?) m. Mary J. Westmoreland (moved to IL or IN)
Rosina F. Ogburn (1851-?)
Elizabeth E. Ogburn (1853-?) (died young) twin
Millea Ann Ogburn (1853-?) (died young) twin


Children of Charles Benjamin Ogburn and Tabitha Moir
Cora Elizabeth Ogburn (1856-1943) m. William Poindexter Hill (1847-1920) Robert Edward Ogburn (ca. 1859-?) m. Ella C. Masten (1859-1936)
Charles Ogburn (ca. 1862-?)


Children of Matthew Lewis Ogburn and Mrs. Anna Eliza Huckabee Clowney
(Mat lived N. of WS and ran a small tobacco company, the M. L. Ogburn Tobacco Co.)
Katherine (Kate) Elizabeth Ogburn (1872-1954) m. Walter Romulus Gladstone (1854-1914)
Sallie B. Ogburn (1874-1910) m. Jefferson Davis Ziglar (1861-1919)
Willis Edward (Bud) Ogburn (1876-1954) m. Flora Anglin (1886-1951)
Minnie Lois Ogburn (1878-1957) m. Jerry Lewis Newton
Maude Moir Ogburn (1879-1963) m. John Henry Pratt (1873-1952), s/o John L. Pratt and Sarah Elizabeth Alspaugh
Carrie Pearl Ogburn (1884-1958) m. Charles Robah Ferguson (1887-1958)


Children of Col. William Hart Edmonson and Malinda Madeline Street
Samuel Ogburn Edmonson (abt. 1848-aft. 1917) m. Mary Ann Gough
James Henry Edmonson (abt 1841)
Charles W. Edmonson (abt. 1843) (died in Civil War)
Edwin W. Edmonson (abr. 1844) (died in Civil War)
Angelina F. Edmonson (abt. 1847)
Richard Thomas Edmonson (1851-1925) m. Anne Elizabeth Straughn (lived in Denton, Texas)
Ora Virginia Edmonson (abt. 1852)
William H. Edmonson, Jr. (abt. 1857) m. Margaret Buckley
Foote Lake Edmonson (1859) m. 1) Appie; 2) ?
Solomon Edmonson (abt. 1861)

Eighth Generation

Children of Thomas Edward Ogburn and Lucinda Fowler/Flowler
Rebecca (Becky) Rosina Ogburn (1869-1936) m. Richard Alexander Talley
John William Ogburn (1873-?) m. Martha (Mattie) A. Crews
Sarah Ellen Ogburn (1876-1956) m. William A. Styers
Samantha Eliza (Liza) Ogburn (1878-1955) m. William Luther Cox (1869-1952)
Joseph Edward Ogburn (1881-1976) m. Anna Eliza Ogburn, d/o Marcella H. Ogburn & Mary Jane Masten,
2) Elizabeth Claudia Ogburn (1886 -1981, d/o John W. Ogburn and Minverva Marcella Crews


Children of Marcellus Henry (Stump) Ogburn and Mary Jane Masten
James W. Ogburn (1861-1935) m. Cora Lee Shore (1874-?)
Laura Lee Ogburn (1864-1955) m. James Moses McCuisten
Fannie F. Ogburn (1867-1878)
Reuben Walter Ogburn (1869-1937) m. Bernice Paterson
Sallie Lucy Ogburn (1871-1942) m. Charles V. Pegram
Anna Elizabeth Ogburn (1876-1953) m. Joseph Edward Ogburn (1881-1975), s/o Thomas Ogburn & Lucinda Flowler
Mary Ogburn (1880-?) (no other information) (not listed in family Bible)
Dollie (Dolly) Ogburn (1881-1970) m. Jesse James Styers


Children of Sihon (Cy) Alexander Ogburn and Mary Jane (Molly) Tise
Robert L. Ogburn (1866-1929) m.1) Emma Jane Mickey (1867-1891) 2) Ida Mae Fulcher
Minnie Victoria Ogburn (1867-1937) m. Francis Bruner Efird (1863-1938)
Rufus H. Ogburn (1870-1958) m. 1 ) Dena E. Newton; 2) Inez Tuttle
Sihon Cicero Ogburn (1875-1973) m. Emma Almira Kapp ( ca. 1876-1946)
Ella E. Ogburn (1875-1973) m. John B. McCreary
George W. Ogburn (1877-1878)
Sarah M. Ogburn (1879/1880-1883)
Mary Ogburn (1881-1971) m. J. M. Peden
John Francis Ogburn (1884-1963) m. Sallie E. Griffith
Carrie Lillian Ogburn (1885-1947) m. to Richard Ingram Grantham
William A. Ogburn (b. & d. 1888)
Paul Tise Ogburn (1890-1910)
Daisy Pamelia Ogburn (1892-1974) m. Stephen C. Clark


Children of Charles Jackson Ogburn and Anna Elizabeth Lindsay
Charles Lindsay Ogburn (1881-1896) (he fell off a horse and died)
Anna Ogburn (1890-1960) did not marry


Children of Edmund Weaver Ogburn and Martha A. Flynt
Amy V. Ogburn (1875-1953) m. Charles J. Pegram
Emma May Ogburn (1876-1883)
Elizabeth M. Ogburn (1878-1971) m. Luther A. Conrad
Fannie Ogburn (1880-1944) m. Cyrus N. Conrad
Zacheus Edmund Ogburn (1882-1953) never married
Nora Ogburn (1883-1974) m. Edwin Henry Conrad
Walter James Ogburn (1885-1972) m. Ethel Luper


Children of John Wilkerson (Wick) Ogburn and Manenna Marsilla Crews
Anna Victoria Ogburn (1879-1960) m. L. Gibson Garner (1881-1951) (no children)
John Siewers Ogburn (1881-1882)
Enoch Frank Ogburn (1884-1953) m. Lillie Wagner (1885-1968)
Elizabeth Claudia Ogburn (1886-1981) m. Joseph Edward Ogburn (1881-1976), s/o Tom Ogburn & Lucinda Fowler. (Elizabeth Claudia was his second wife)
David Crockett Ogburn (1889-1967) m. Mary Elisabeth Steele (1892-1971), d/o James David Steele and Virginia Ann Martin
William Ernest (Jack) Ogburn (1894-1974) m. Ethel Shutt (1906-1967)

Photo of John. W. (Wick) Ogburn's Family

Ninth Generation

Children of Robert L. Ogburn and 1) Emma Jane Mickey
Clyde F. Ogburn (abt. 1889-1969)
Lillian L. Ogburn (abt 1891-1983) m. William R. Parrish (1873-1967) (m. 1915), s/o James T. Parrish and Mary Hester

Lillian L. Ogburn and her brother, Clyde F. Ogburn are living with their grandparents, Francis William Mickey and Sarah Elizabeth Ferguson in 1910.

Children of Robert L. Ogburn and 2) Ida Mae Fulcher
Thomas H. Ogburn (abt. 1895-1967) m. Beulah Rector
Junior R. Ogburn (abt. 1902-1978)
Lena Ogburn (abt. 1904-aft. 1910) m. Carl Peddycord
Nina Ogburn (abt. 1907-aft. 1910) m. William Snyder


Children of Joseph Edward Ogburn and Anna Eliza Ogburn
Joseph E. Ogburn (1912-1962) m. Jessie Faye Shupe
Thomas Everett Ogburn (1913-1993) m. Georgia Irene Jones
Mary Lucinda Ogburn (1916-1994) m. Ralph Harry Dunlap
Emmett Masten Ogburn (1918-? ) m. Sarah Elizabeth Massey
Robert Frances Ogburn (1920) m. Elaine Mildred Shupe

Photo of Joe E. Ogburn home

, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran


Photo of Ogburn Building, 1909

Personal communications with Jack Ogburn. Jack's email address is:

Jack Ogburn maintains his military history web site Unknown Stories of NC Veterans. This web site was featured in the Winston Salem Journal in September, 2007.

Thanks to Zoe Anne (Hemphill) Tom for contributing the Ogburn/Edmonson line which moved from Virginia into MS. Zoe's e-mail is:

History of Oak Summit.... Its Community and Church

Visit John Ogburne's Ogburne Chronicles site. Historical & Genealogical Information relating to the names of Ogbourne, Ogborne, Ogborn and Ogburn in the United Kingdom.

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Personal communications with Gray Harmon.

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