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Doub Family, continued

Third Generation

Children of Jacob Doub and Susannah Helsabeck
Elizabeth Doub (1809-1886) m. Henry Thomas Long (1807-1894)
Rebecca Doub (1811-prob. before 1847) m. William Beckham
Daniel Doub (1814-1874) m. 1) Elizabeth Petree; 2) Theresa Craft
David Doub (1816-1864) m. Ruhama Banner (1817-1880)
John B. Doub (1818-1891) m. Minerva Dull (1826-1893), no children
Susan Doub (1822-1885) m. William Beckham
Mary F. Doub (1826-1828)
William T. Doub (1828-1852)

Fourth Generation

Children of Daniel Doub and Elizabeth Petree
John William Doub (1848-1928) m. Laura V. Smith (1858-1940), d/o Augustine Smith and Mary Cooper
Jacob F. Doub (1850-1891) m. Lucy Ellen Linville (1860-1930), d/o James O. Linville and Eliza Jane Bodenhamer
Susan Doub (1855-1857)
Irvin Augustus Doub (1856-1932) m. Harmenia Belle Doub (1859-1930)

Previously we stated that Jacob F. Doub m. 2) Ellen Jones. However, we now know that Lucy outlived him. Since we have no record of the marriage to Ellen Jones, we think this may have been an error.

Children of Daniel Doub and Theresa Craft
Boyd Vachel Doub (1869-1932) m. Mary Elizabeth Lineback (1875-1971)


Children of David Doub and Ruhama Banner
John Doub (1849-?) m. Mary Henrietta Pfaff, moved to Indiana
Margretta Doub (1851-?). Did she marry J.J. Martin?
Josephine Doub (1856-?) m. A. Flynt
Charles Banner Doub (1862-1944) m. Sarah Jane Spaugh (1866-1951)

Fifth Generation

Children of John William Doub and Laura V. Smith
Monroe Burton Doub (1881-1962) m. Anna Elizabeth Pfaff (1882-1953)
Lilly N. Doub (1884-1916) m. Frank Carroll (1872-1936)


Children of Irvin Augustus Doub and Harmenia Bell Doub
Ira Eugene Doub (1880-1960) m. Sellie Jane Sink (1888-1962)
Bertha V. Doub (1886-1976) m. Henry Dull
William Theodore Doub (1904-1989) m. Mattie Ethel Chappell (1905-1996)


Children of Boyd Vachel Doub and Mary Elizabeth Lineback
Herbert E. Doub (1897-1892) m. Susan Blount
Oscar Talmadge Doub (1898-1972) m. Gladys Conrad
Gladys E. Doub (1900-2003) m. M.B. Sell
Lillian R. Doub (1903-1983?) m. Horace Thacker
Charlie Lee Doub (1905-1980) m. Edith Bradley (1911-1978)
W. Dennis Doub (1907-1993) m. Elsie Conrad (1912-1992)
Margaret E. Doub (1910-1984?) m. Lester Boger
Carl E. Doub (1914-1961) m. Katherine Smith
Elmer B. Doub (1917-1991) m. Louise Turner (1921-1975)


Children of John Doub and Mary Henrietta Pfaff
Jessie Doub (1877-?)
Frank Doub (1881-?)
Nettie Doub (1884-?)
Charley Doub (1892-?)


Children of Charles Banner Doub and Sarah Jane Spaugh
Elsie Doub (1894-1985) m. Ernest Lineback (1885-1939)
Melville Doub (1896-1988) m. 1) Callie L. Doub (1895-1917), 2) Ethel Whitman (d. 1978), d/o Jacob Robert Whitman and Martha J. Pfaff
Margaret Louise Doub (1899-1955) did not marry

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