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Doub Family

First Generation:

John Doub was born in 1743, in Littfred*, now Kreuztal, near Cologne, Germany, and immigrated in 1773. He lived for a few years in Lancaster County PA before coming to Stokes Co (present day Forsyth) North Carolina, where he first shows up in the Moravian records around 1780 as a daylaborer and tanner, living near Bethania. He married Mary Eve Spainhour (1755-1835) about 1780. He was brought up in the German Reformed Church, and although living in close proximity to the Moravians and interacting frequently with their community, did not join the congregation. In 1789 he heard a Methodist preacher named Yeargin at the home of Martin Hauser, and was so pleased with him that he invited him to come preach at his own house. Following the sermon, a Methodist class was formed, and gradually grew into a full congregation which became known as Doub's Chapel. A large shed was built in 1802 to accommodate the worshippers, and John Doub was ordained a minister himself in that year. In 1858 a brick church was constructed. This was replaced by the present church in 1910. John Doub died in 1814 and appears to be the first burial in the old cemetery of Doub's Chapel.

*This location appears in a lot of genealogies, but we don't have documentation for it. Kreuztal is about 80 km east of Cologne, and there is a small town, Littfeld, about 5 km north of Kreuztal. Could that be what is meant? Please let us know if you have more information.

Second Generation

Children of John Doub and Mary Eve Spainhour
John Doub (1781-1818) m. Margaret Spainhour (1791-1843)
Henry Doub (1782-1850) m. Elizabeth Ward (1787-1858)
William Doub (1784-1863) did not marry
Jacob Doub (1785-1837) m. Susannah Helsabeck (1788-1865)
Joseph Doub (1787-1869) m. Susannah Reynolds (1796-1859)
Mary Elizabeth Doub (1789-?) m. Jacob Helsabeck (ca. 1799-1848)
Michael Doub (1791-1876) m. Gracette Reynolds (ca. 1801-1865)
Mary Eve Doub (1794-1874) did not marry
Peter Doub (1796-1869) m. Elizabeth Brantley (d. 1873)

Third Generation

This page continues with the descendants of Joseph Doub. For the other brothers, please click on their names in the list above.

Children of Joseph Doub and Susannah Reynolds
Samuel J.C. Doub (1818-1870) m. Susanna Rebecca Helsabeck (1824-1900)
Louisa Rebecca Doub (1819-1907) m. Samuel Hauser (1803-ca. 1881)
Sarah Loucetta Doub (1823-1907) did not marry
William Benson Doub (1824-1877) m. Mary Newsom (1831-1916)
Joseph C. Doub (1825-1900) m. Regina George (1826-1922), d/o William George and Catherine Strupe
Hester Elizabeth Doub (1827-1914) m. Augustus J. Helsabeck (1827-1907)
John F. Doub (1829-1916) m. Sarah Caroline Spach (1829-1908)
Edwin Doub (1832-?) m. Cynthia Etchison, lived in Indiana
Margaret Doub (1834-1895) did not marry
[death date corrected 12/29/03]
James Doub (1837-1909) m. Permelia E. Long (1844-1935)

From Ella Holder Doub, quoting records left by Olin Doub: "Joseph Doub, a very tall man, was a farmer and mechanic by trade and was also a Methodist preacher. In his younger days he also studied and practiced medicine. He owned much land, had many friends, was a member of the church for 43 years and was a deacon 36 years. He married Susannah Reynolds, daughter of Dr. Archibald and Nancy Clayton Reynolds who came here from Rhode Island about 1810. The married life of Joseph and Susannah Doub was a model one - everything always peaceable - and their dining table flowed with milk and honey - an abundant life. No one knew better how to spread a good table than Susannah Doub. To their union were born five sons and four daughters."

Fourth Generation

Children of Samuel Doub and Susanna Rebecca Helsabeck
Susan Virginia Doub (1847-1936) m. 1) George Permanio Rank (1825-1886), his second wife; 2) James A. Gray
Joseph (?) Augustin Doub (1849-?) m. Della Gallegher, moved to Missouri
Jacob Clark Doub (1851-1936) m. May Ellen Mock (1855-1924)
Peter Lemual Doub (1854-1944) m. Mariah Emeline Jarvis (1860-1900)
Solomon Whitfield Doub (1856-1938) m. Virginia Craft (1863-1839)
Adelia Doub (1859-1923) m. Benjamin Poindexter (1861-1948)
Mary Doub (1862-1942) m. John Addison Burton, s/o Burrill and Martha Burton of High Point NC
Florence Doub (1866-1948) m. Thomas W. Poindexter (1865-1952)


Children of William Benson Doub and Mary Newsom
Lucy Jane Doub (1853-1935) m. Milton Cicero Long (1853-1936)
Sarah Augusta Doub (1854-1926) m. Jacob Francis Spainhour (1851-1917)
Flora Doub (1857-1933) m. J. Wesley Gray (1857-1928)
Amanda Elizabeth Doub (1860-1948) m. Rufus Columbus Hunter (1858-1939)
Emma Doub (1862-1960) m. William Francis Sprinkle (1858-1939)
Erastus Doub (1866-1929) m. Cornelia Speas (1868-1949)
Sidney Gant Doub (1868-1958) m. Martha Alice Watkins (1874-1940), d/o Joseph Watkins and Mary Johnson
Joseph Benson Doub (1872-1955) m. Margaret Jones (abt. 1874-aft. 1910)
Minerva Doub (1873-1960) m. Orren V. Pfaff (1872-1923)


Children of Joseph C. Doub and Regina George
Rose Doub (1851-1898) m. Henry T. Long (1846-1917)
James Frank Doub (1852-1941) m. Martha L. Holder (1855-1926)
Winfield Doub (1854-1936) m. Ida Hardin (1858-1942), d/o Richard Hardin and Charlotte Morris
Emma Louisa Doub (1856-1928) did not marry
Henry C. Doub (1862-1938) did not marry


Children of John Doub and Caroline Spach
Oliver Doub (1857-1930) m. Emma Sarah Woodlief, d/o Charles C. Woodlief and Temperance Mahaley Eaton
Harmenia Belle Doub (1859-1930) m. Irvin Augustus Doub (1856-1922)
Ellie Doub (1861-1928) m. Eugene Charles Tise (1858-1921), s/o Solomon Tise and Lauretta Sybilla Stockburger
Solomon Fletcher Doub (1864-1919) m. Martha E. Long (1867-1951)
Lillie E. Doub (1868-1950) m. James Craft (1865-1936)
Lucinda Doub (1870-1939) m. Russell Fox Reynolds (1872-1959)
Joseph H. Doub (1873-1955) m. 1) Elizabeth (Betty) Massencup (1879-1906), 2) Lora Jane Tise (1879-1946)
Anna Doub (1877-bef 1930?) m. Thomas William Sprinkle


Children of Edwin Doub and Cynthia Etchinson
William Doub (1861-?)
Jefferson Doub (1863-?)
Mary Doub (1866-?) m. Edwin Clark
Robert Doub (1868-?)
Nancy Doub (1870-?)
Alice Doub (1873-?) m.? Ray


Children of James Doub and Permelia Long
Alice Lenora Doub (1867-1950) m. Theodore Houston Hunter (1860-1934)
Cynthia Doub (1869-1895) m. 1) John Oscar Scales, 2) A.G. Carmichael
Elizabeth Doub (1871-1904) m. Erastus Speas (1866-1940)
Robert M. Doub (1879-1955) m. Emma Joyner (1884-1966), d/o David Wiley Joyner and Mattie Myers

Fifth Generation

Children of Joseph Augustin Doub and Della Gallegher
Beulah Doub (1891-1895)
Euell Doub (1893-1932)
Ethel Doub (1895-?) m. Ben Klick
Eula Vance Doub (1898-1899)
Barton Tennyson Doub (1904-?) m. Elizabeth Nelson
Eddie Doub (1906-?) m. Leota Vandelocht


Children of Jacob Clark Doub and May Ellen Mock
Mary Ola Doub (1877-1955) m. Thomas W. Apperson (1869-1943)
Martha Eula Doub (1879-1969) m. Lee W. Hauser (1878-1919)
Jacob Mock Doub (1884-1965) m. Ethel Trivett (1886-1984), d/o Franklin Trivette and Dorcas Thorpe
Myrtle Eliza Doub (1889-1960), did not marry
Sally Mabel Doub (1892-1954) m. Pinkney Evan Hauser (1890-1974)


Children of Peter Lemual Doub and Mariah Emeline Jarvis
Addie Jane Doub (1880-1967) m. Dave Miller
Samuel Tennison Doub (1883-1906)
Lewis Arthur Doub (1887-1965) m. Susan Lydia Dryer (1895-1982)
Flossie Rebecca Doub (1891-1892)
Emma Veola Doub (1893-1894)
Roy Jarvis Doub (1896-1976) m. Anita Koller
James Robert Doub (1899-1985) m. Adeline Knight


Children of Solomon Whitfield Doub.and Virginia Ann Craft
Etta Doub (1880-1976) m. Matthew S. Yow (1872-1944)
Margaret Doub (1882-?)
Flora Doub (1885-1965) m. Robert Lee Blackburn (1877-1934)
Charlie Doub (1887-?) maybe died young
Eva J. Doub (1889-1973) m. Charlie Romulus Tesh (1888-1967), s/o Romulus B. Tesh and Christina Abigail (Abby) Green
John Wesley Doub (1892-1957) m. Velma Slater
Nonnie Doub (1895-?)
Arvel Doub (1897-1924)
Richard? Ernest Doub (1899-1988)
Carl Doub (1901-?) died in childhood
Ralph Doub (1903-1985)
Lester Doub (1907-?)


Children of Erastus Doub and Cornelia Speas
William Leon Doub (1890-1970) m. Ella Alvira Holder (1892-1986)
Paul F. Doub (1895-1962) did not marry
Margaret Doub (1899-1940) m. Burton B. Griffin (1899-1973)
Orren E. Doub (1901-1934) m. Mayola Lineback (1903-1965)

After the deaths of Margaret and Orren Doub, Burton Griffin married Mayola Lineback Doub.


Children of Sidney Gant Doub and Martha Alice Watkins
Mary Louisa Doub (1897-?) m. Ira Atkins (1896-1972)
Martha Doub (1899-?) m. Samuel Tuttle
Ruby Doub (1903-?) m. Zeb McMillian
Wesley H. Doub (1904-1929) m. Ella Shouse (1905-1973), d/o David Shouse and Eula Tise
Mildred Doub (1908-?)


Children of Joseph Benson Doub and Margaret Jones
William Hill Doub (1900-aft. 1920)
Corinne Benson Doub (1903-aft. 1920)
Mary Margaret Doub (1908-aft. 1920)
This family moved to Richmond, VA


Children of James Frank Doub and Martha L. Holder
Malecta Doub (1887-1960) m. John Herbert Nance (1884-1958)


Children of Winfield Doub and Ida Hardin
Arthur Doub (1885-1965) m. Florina Massencup
Effie C. Doub (1888-aft. 1930) m. Oscar Davis (abt. 1891-aft. 1930)
Flora Doub (1894-1962) did not marry


Children of Irvin Augustus Doub and Harmenia Belle Doub
Ira Eugene Doub (1880-1960) m. Sellie Jane Sink (1888-1962)
Bertha V. Doub (1886-1976) m. Henry Dull
William Theodore Doub (1904-1989) m. Mattie Ethel Chappell (1905-1996)

Children of S. Fletcher Doub and Martha E. Long
Jasper Newton Doub (1888-1965) m. Elva Hunter (1890-1960)
William Ernest Doub (1890-1956) m. Flora Alice Allgood
George Doub (1894-1985) m. Hazel Hutchens
John Doub (1896-1978) m. Alma Tate (1898-1976), d/o John Tate and Mary Warner
Nellie Doub (1898-?)


Doub's Chapel Church history, and family notes on John Doub and descendants, by Ida Doub; also family records of Ella Holder Doub.

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

personal communication from Anne Hood

David Jones has an excellent web page on the Johannes Doub family

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