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Pfaff Family

First Generation

Peter Pfaff was born in 1727 in Kaiserslautern, Palatinate, son of Johann Daniel Pfaff and Anna Barbara Hartung, and immigrated to America in 1749, settling in York Co. PA. He married Anna Walpurga Koerber in 1750. She was born in 1734 in Lancaster PA. In 1771 they moved with their children to NC, where she died in 1774. He survived her, living until 1804.

Second Generation

Children of Peter Pfaff and Anna Walpurga Koerber
Isaac Pfaff (1755-1832) m. Maria Margaretha Volck (1760-1851)
Anna Barbara Pfaff (1758-1816) m. Wilhelm Grabs (1756-1825)
Anna Maria Pfaff (1762-1800) m. Abraham Transou (1756-1833)
Samuel Pfaff (1764-?) m. 1) Maria Lang (1767-1800); 2) Christina Leinbach (1775-?)
Joseph Pfaff (1768-1815) m. Anna Rosina Hege (1769-1805)
Peter Pfaff (1773-1865) m. Anna Magdalena Conrad (1782-1863)

Third Generation

Children of Isaac Pfaff and Maria Margaretha Volck
Anna Maria Pfaff (b. & d. 1786)
Maria Margaretha Pfaff (1787-1880) m. Friedrich Krieger (1782-1820)
Christian Pfaff (1795-1883) m. Elisabeth Dull (1797-1878)
Rebecca Pfaff (1797-aft. 1850) had a son in 1819; in 1823 she m. Michael Sailor (1789-1850)
Anna Catharina Pfaff (b. & d. 1802?)


Children of Samuel Pfaff and Maria Lang
Anna Catharina Pfaff (1789-1800)
Susannah Elizabeth Pfaff (1791-?)
Johann Daniel Pfaff (1793-?) m. Lurainey Jackson (moved to Morgan Co., IN abt. 1850)
Maria Magdalena Pfaff (1795-?)
Anna Rosina Pfaff (1798-?) m. Christian Butner (1790-?)

Children of Samuel Pfaff and Christina Leinbach
Jacob Leinbach Pfaff (1802-?)
Thomas Pfaff (1805-?)
[birthdate corrected 6/2/01]
Salome Pfaff (1808-?)
Samuel Eli Pfaff (1813-?)

Records of the Moravians in NC 7:3358. Nov. 17, 1817, Bethania. During this month the single Johann Daniel Pfaff (son of Samuel) has cut himself from our congregation by his secret marriage with a person who does not belong to us.


Children of Joseph Pfaff and Anna Rosina Hege
Maria Catharina Pfaff (1792-1866) m. Jesse Styers (1788-1857)
Susannah Elizabeth Pfaff (1794-1873) m. Peter Shamel (1796/97-1864)
Peter Hege Pfaff (1797-1875) m. Leah Kelly (1800-1874)
Maria Esther Pfaff (1798-?)
Sarah Hege Pfaff (1799-1875) m. Simon Peter Stolz (1793-1843)
stillborn child (1802)


Children of Peter Pfaff and Anna Magdalena Conrad
Anna Catharina Pfaff (1803-1891) m. John Jacob Spainhour (1805-bef. 1860)
Maria Pfaff (1804-1885) m. 1) Jonathan Leinbach (1801-1835), 2) Jacob Schultz (1792-1848)
Solomon Pfaff (1808-1890) m. Susanna Rebecca Conrad (1813-1884)
Nathaniel Pfaff (1810-1890) m. Lavinia Krieger (1819-1885)
Christian Benjamin Pfaff (1812-1873) m. 1) Mary Phillips (1808-1839), 2) Minerva Flynt (1817-1910)
Philip Henry Pfaff (1815-1888) m. Malinda Stockburger (1816-1899)
Lavinia Pfaff (1817-aft. 1884) m. Robert Church (abt. 1816-bef. 1870?)
Henrietta Pfaff (1820-1880) m. David Shouse (1817-1893)
Peter Edwin Pfaff (1824-1902) m. Sallie Maria Flynt (1830-1901)

Fourth Generation

Children of Christian Pfaff and Elizabeth Dull
*Paulina Matilda Pfaff (1820-1902) m. William Sailor (1822-1884)
[added 9/5/07]
Isaac T. Pfaff (1821-1912) m. Elizabeth Ann Stewart (1839-1910); her first husband was William Alexander Transou
Martha Rebecca Pfaff (1824-aft. 1880) m. Solomon Cline (abt. 1813-aft. 1870)
Charlotte Sophia Pfaff (1826-1890) m. William Wright (1829-1895)
Lisetta Pfaff (1827-1911) m. Joel Peter Hauser (1812-1890)
Calvin Christian Pfaff (1830-?) m. Mary (Polly) Ball in 1854
Nancy Catharina Pfaff (1832-aft. 1880) m. William Stewart (abt. 1829-aft. 1880)
Sarah Adelaide Pfaff (abt. 1836-1917)
Amanda Antoinette Pfaff (1837-1875) did not marry
Miles Alexander Pfaff (1839-1861)
Virgil H. Pfaff (abt. 1844-aft. 1860)

Previously we listed John Sidney Pfaff (1847-1925) as the last child in this family. He is actually a grandson, son of Martha Rebecca Pfaff born prior to her marriage to Solomon Cline. His marriage license names his father as Jacob Transou.

We would like solid proof that Paulina is the daughter of Christian Pfaff and Elizabeth Dull. A record from the Moravian Archives stated that she was the daughter of Isaac Pfaff and Maria Margaretha Volck, but in view of Maria Margaretha's age, we believe this is incorrect, and that they are probably her grandparents instead.


Son of Rebecca Pfaff and an unknown father:
Emanuel Pfaff (1819-?).

He was brought up with his Sailor half-siblings, but changed his name back to Pfaff as an adult. He married Susan Ledford in 1845.


Children of Johann Daniel Pfaff and Lurainey Jackson
Samuel Iredell Pfaff (1819-1906) m. Caroline Jackson (m. in 1851)
Jehu Jackson (A.J.) Pfaff (1820)
Elijah Pfaff (1822)
Martin Pfaff (1824)
John H. Pfaff (1835)
Wesley Pfaff (1837)
Eliza Pfaff (1839) m. Martz
Mahala Pfaff (1843)
John Pfaff m. Boyd


Children of Peter Hege Pfaff and Leah Kelly, who moved to Knox Co. KY
J. Spencer Pfaff (1823-?) m. Nancy, surname unknown
Joseph E. Pfaff (1825-?)
Emanuel Pfaff (1826-1909) m. 1) Rachel Trosper, 2) Nancy Helton
Sarah Elizabeth Pfaff (1828-?)
Isaac Pfaff (1830-?)
Louisa D. Pfaff (1833-?)
America L. Pfaff (1834-?)
Juliana Pfaff (1836-1929) m. William Wyatt Gibson (1824-1891)
Margaret L. Pfaff (1840-?)
John Peter Pfaff (1846-?)
Mary Pfaff (1848-1876)

Thanks to Kay Adams and Kirk Baker for information on this family!


Children of Solomon Pfaff and Susanna Rebecca Conrad
Rosina Victoria Pfaff (1853-1934) m. Pleasant Henderson Stimpson (1856-1935),
  s/o Thomas Stimpson and Mary Poindexter


Children of Nathaniel Pfaff and Lavinia Krieger
John Peter Pfaff (1838-1862), died at Manassas VA
Edward A. Pfaff (abt. 1841-?). Did he marry Martha Flynt in 1863?
Albert Levin Pfaff (1843-1844)
Francis Wesley Pfaff (1845-1915) m. Sarah Elizabeth Miller (1840-1917), d/o George Miller and Mildred Yates
Henry N. Pfaff (1848-1883) m. Mary S. Shore
Mary Henrietta Pfaff (1852-?) m. John Doub (1849-?), moved to Indiana


Children of Christian Benjamin Pfaff and Mary Phillips
Lydia Lavinia Pfaff (abt. 1835-?) m. Andrew Snipes (abt. 1829-?)
Emma Hortensia Pfaff (1837-1923) m. Sanford R. Flynt (abt. 1839-bef. 1870); 2) Costen Emanuel Harper (1836-1910)

Children of Christian Benjamin Pfaff and Minerva Flynt
James Edwin Pfaff (1845-1924) m. Mary Susanna Ziglar (1848-1934)
Sandy P. Pfaff (1849-1920) m. Catherine Thomas (1854-1944), d/o William Thomas and Margaret Hayworth
William A. Pfaff (1855-1897)
Permanio Pfaff (1861-1903) m. Delilah Boose (1869-1953), d/o Timothy Boose and Rebecca Henning


Children of Philip Henry Pfaff and Malinda Stockburger
Artemius Eusebius Pfaff (1847-1903) m. Nevada Banner (1859-1944), d/o John W. Banner and Jane Flynt
Flavius Nathanael Pfaff (1849-1916) m. Mary Catherine Leinbach (1849-1915), d/o Josiah Leinbach and Lydia Conrad
Emily Elisabeth Pfaff (1853-1860)
Philip Gideon Pfaff (1855-1932) m. Addie Victoria Crim (1863-1916)


Children of Peter Edwin Pfaff and Sallie Maria Flynt
Angelica Pfaff (1851-1943) m. Augustus Dorsey Stimpson (1846-1927)
Eugene Romulus Pfaff (1852-1926) m. Emma Naomi Reich (1855-1914)
Albert Theophilus Pfaff (1854-1933) m. Rosa Spach (1862-1933)
John Henry Pfaff (1858-1949) m. Sallie Strupe (1866-1945)
Adana Salome Magdalene Pfaff (1863-1921) m. William Alexander Conrad (1865-1951)
Walter Lee Pfaff (1866-1940) m. 1) Mary C. Conrad (1867-1900), 2) Lula Dull (1870-1947)
[error corrected 3/28/04]

Fifth Generation

Children of Isaac T. Pfaff and Elizabeth Ann Stewart
Sallie F. Pfaff (1866-1945)
Louisa E. Pfaff (1872-1961)
Albert E. Pfaff (1876-1961) m. 1) Bessie Parrish (1882-1929), 2) Althea Shortridge

Updated 10/21/07, thanks to Shirley Pfaff


Child of Martha Rebecca Pfaff and Jacob Transou
John Sidney Pfaff (1847-1925) m. Lucy J. Clodfelter (1844-1927)


Children of Calvin Christian Pfaff and Mary Ball
Isaac Rufus Pfaff (1856-?)
Betty Ann Pfaff (1858-?)


Children of Emanuel Pfaff and Susan Ledford
Edwin Pfaff (abt. 1843-?)
Harriet E. Pfaff (abt. 1847-?) married twice, one of the husbands was a Tipton
Charles N. Pfaff (abt. 1849-?) m. Alice F. Fulk (1869-?), d/o Augustus Daniel Fulk and Legusta Hauser
Louisa Pfaff (abt. 1851-?)
Dora Pfaff (abt. 1854-?)
Mary Jane Pfaff (1857-1940) m. _____ Hine
Albert Hillary Pfaff (1859-1928) m. Laura Gertrude Fulk (1864-1951), d/o Augustus Fulk and Legusta Hauser
Clara Pfaff (1864-1930) m. Reuben Holder (1866-1929).


Children of Samuel Iredell Pfaff and Caroline Jackson
Willis Bernado Pfaff (1851-1943) m. Elvira Basil (1854-1918)
William C. Pfaff
Charles D. Pfaff
Samuel E. Pfaff
Jackson A. Pfaff (died in infancy)


Children of Emanuel Pfaff and Rachel Trosper
Margaret Pfaff (abt. 1852-?)
Susan A. Pfaff (abt. 1855-?)
Simon Peter Pfaff (1860-?) m. Mahala Bowling

Children of Emanuel Pfaff and Nancy Helton
Thomas Emanuel Pfaff (1886-?)


Children of Francis Wesley Pfaff and Sarah Elizabeth Miller
Flora Pfaff (abt. 1868-bef. 1900)
Rufus W. Pfaff (1870-1934) m. Emma Bell Davis (1878-1946)
Samuel A. Pfaff (1872-1942) m. Mary Anne Wilson (1868-1959), d/o Lewis Wilson and Susan Payne
Jasper Pfaff (1874-1893)
Orville Pfaff (1876-1950) m. Daisy Morris (1878-1941), d/o Dewitt Benjamin Morris and Amanda Elizabeth Wolff
Thomas Victor Pfaff (1878-1918)
Della Pfaff (1880-?)
John Pfaff (1882-?)
Irma Pfaff (1883-?)


Children of Henry N. Pfaff and Mary Shore
Cora E. Pfaff (abt. 1875-?)
Martha Jane Pfaff (1877-1971) m. Jacob Robert Whitman (1874-1937), s/o Norman Eugene Whitman and Senia Craft
Margaret Pfaff (1879-1957) m. A. Grant Clayton


Children of James Edwin Pfaff and Mary Susanna Ziglar
Charles O. Pfaff (1874-1950)
Minnie Pfaff (1877-1944)
Coleman Benjamin Pfaff (1878-1950) m. Claudia Pegram (1883-1963)

William E. Pfaff (1882-1966)
Ernest S. Pfaff (1884-1966) m. Bessie Hoover (d. 1966), d/o Robert Hoover and Jane Staton
Jefferson Hoke Pfaff (1887-1939) m. Maud Bryan Transou, d/o Julius Peter Transou and Rhoda Isabel Harper
Jesse Z. Pfaff (1892-1956) m. Bessie Lawrence (d. 1976), d/o Robert Lawrence and Flora Joyner

[birthdates added Oct. 21, 2007, based on 1900 census] ----------

Children of Sandy P. Pfaff and Catherine Thomas
Mary B. (Bessie) Pfaff (1880-?)
Arthur E. Pfaff (1882-1954)
Elvira Pfaff (1884-?)
William Thomas Pfaff (1886-1946) m. Carro Henry (d. 1972), d/o John Henry and Charlotte Bethea
Cora Pfaff (1889-1967) m. Thomas Cyrus Hauser (1891-1964)
Grover O. Pfaff (1892-1967)


Children of Artemius Eusebius Pfaff and Nevada Banner
William Luther Pfaff (1878-1962) m. Fannie Ziglar (d. 1973)
Ellen F. Pfaff (1880-?)
Anna Elizabeth Pfaff (1882-1953) m. Monroe Burton Doub (1881-1962)
Stella A. Pfaff (1890-1972) m. Coleman Miller
Mabel L. Pfaff (1898-?)
Unknown child, born after 1880 and died before 1900.

Thanks to Juanita Harris for the names of the children in this family.


Children of Flavius Nathanael Pfaff and Mary Catherine Leinbach
Orren V. Pfaff (1872-1923) m. Minerva Doub (1873-1960)
Bertie Pfaff (1880-?)


Children of Albert T. Pfaff and Rosa Spach
Byron C. Pfaff (1881-1944) m. Sudie A. Pfaff (1888-1977), d/o John Henry Pfaff and Sarah Strupe
Effie Pfaff (1884-1973) m. Allie Blum
Sallie Pfaff (1888-1983) m. Eugene C. Pratt (1884-1951)
Eugene S. Pfaff (1896-1968) m. Viola Mock (1896-1972), d/o Alexander Benjamin Mock and Alice Norman
Susan Pfaff (1899-?)


Children of John Henry Pfaff and Sarah Strupe
Sudie A. Pfaff (1888-1977) m. Byron C. Pfaff (1881-1944)
Anna W. Pfaff (1892-1982)
Marion E. Pfaff (1897-1973) m. Wilma Lena Seabolt (1901-1981)
Kenneth W. Pfaff (1902-1985)
Mary Louise Pfaff (1906-1983) m. William "Buck" Douthit


Children of Walter Lee Pfaff and Mary Conrad
Edwin B. Pfaff (1891-1965)
Dennis L. Pfaff (1896-1972)

Sixth Generation

Children of John Sidney Pfaff and Lucy Clodfelter
Charles Harry Pfaff (1875-1947) m. Minnie Yokely (1875-1901)
Sallie (or Lillie?) Pfaff (ca. 1879?-bef. 1900?)

John Sidney Pfaff married Lucy Clodfelter in June 1874. In the 1880 census, they appear with Hattie Nissen 13, "daughter of wife" who appears to be Lucy's daughter from a previous relationship. Hattie later took the surname Pfaff, and her death certificate names her parents as J. Pfaff and Lucy Clodfelter.

The rest of the household in 1880 is questionable. The image is poor, and the transcriptions by the Forsyth Co. Genealogical Society and the LDS are substantially different. Both renditions suggest several additional children. However, the household divides over two pages of the census, splitting the children into two groups: Hattie, Harry and Sallie are on the bottom of one page, in age order, and at the top of the next are three more boys, ages 7, 5 and 1. Their names are open to several possible interpretations.

We suspect these three boys may not be theirs at all, and that perhaps there was a missing census page, or a page out of order, so that these are missing children from some other family. The primary reason for thinking this is that in 1900, Lucy says that she is the mother of three children, of whom two are living. The living ones must be Hattie and Harry, who are living with John Sidney and Lucy (along with Harry's wife and two children). If this is correct, then the third child, who must have died young, is probably the last one on the first of the two census pages, transcribed by the FCGS as Sallie age 4, and by the LDS as Lillie, age 1 month.


Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Jurney, James, Ancestry of Alice Estelle and Effie Catherine Butner and Related Families, privately printed, Bellevue WA, 1992

Jurney, James, Die Ahnen von Johann Balthasar Hege und Verwandten zu Hausen an der Zaber, privately printed, Bellevue WA, March 1990

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records and death index

The Heritage of Stokes County North Carolina 1981

York Co. PA church records, LDS film 0020495

Surry County NC will abstracts, vols. 1-3 1771-1827, abstracted and compiled by Jo White Linn, indexed by Edith Montcalm Clark, copyright Jo White Linn 1974

Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem NC

Wills and loose estates papers, NC state archives

Thanks to Vivian Eggers, who provided information on Philip Henry Pfaff's family and would like to correspond with other Pfaff researchers. Vivian's e-mail address is:

Thanks also to Kay Adams, Kirk Baker, Claudette Cohen, Charles C. Hicks, Mike Pfaff, Mike Shamel, Mary Kaye Shouse, and others who have helped with this and connecting families.

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