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Heinrich Long Family

First Generation

Heinrich Lang was born in 1718 in Schonau, near Heidelberg, Germany, and died in Germany before 1751. His widow Catharina (Kern) Lang married George Hoppes, and immigrated with him and her two Lang sons on the Queen of Denmark in 1751. The two sons, Friedrich and George, both came to North Carolina. The name becomes Long in later generations. Catharina died in 1799 and is buried in the George Long family cemetery in Yadkin Co. NC.

Second Generation

Children of Heinrich Lang and Catharina Kern
George Lang (1739-1805) m. 1) Ann Masters, 2) Catharina Miller (1738-1784)
Friedrich Lang (1741-1826) m. Sarah Gross (1745-1810)

Third Generation

Children of George Lang and Catharina Miller (birth order unknown for some)
Maria (Mary) Long (1767-1800) m. Samuel Pfaff (1764-?)
Barbara Long m. ? Davis (named as Barbara Davis in her father's will, 1797)
Maria Catharina Long (1772-1842) m. Joseph Holder (1765-1826)
George Long (ca. 1774-?) m. Catherine Krause
Susanna Long (1778-1857) m. Joseph Leinbach (1774-1860)
Sarah Long. Did she marry Andreas Krause?
William Long
John Frederick Long (1781-1829) m. Mary Elizabeth Mickey (1781-1865)
Jacob Long. Did he marry Binel (probably Anna Benigna) Mickey in 1806?
Henry Long

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Children of Friedrich Long and Sarah Gross (birth order uncertain)
Catharina Barbara Long (?-1819) m. Johannes Spach (1762-1844)
Sophia Long
Sarah Long. Did she marry Joseph Spach?
Maria Long (1773-1819) m. George Samuel Brendle (1775-?)
John George Long
Susanna Long
Elizabeth Long m. Henry Fender, moved to Indiana
John Frederick Long
John Long (1785-1854) m. 1) Betsy Brittain, 2) Nancy Davis (1806-1894)
Henry Long
Joseph Long

George Long's children are clearly identified in his will: sons William, Frederick, Jacob, George and Henry, daughters Mary Pauff, Barbara Davis, Catherine Holder, Susanna Long, and Sarah Long. We are somewhat less certain about the identity of Friedrich Long's children, especially those whose names are identical to some of George's.

Fourth Generation

Children of John Frederick Long and Mary Elizabeth Mickey
John Jacob Long (1804 or 1805-1879) m. Rachel Hunter (1804-1882)
Henry Thomas Long (1807-1894) m. Elizabeth Doub (1809-1886)
William Long (1809-1891) m. Elizabeth Speas (1801-1876)
Jesse Long (1812-1895) m. Lucinda Moser (1817-1896), d/o Adam Moser and Catherine Dietz
Sarah Susanna Long (1815-1833)
Solomon Long (1818-1895) m. 1) Carrie Snow, 2) Catherine Wall (1820-1887)


Children of John Long and Betsy Brittain
William Long
John Long
Wiley Long
Isaac Long
Nancy Long
Sally Long

Children of John Long and Nancy Davis
Davis Long
Alfred Long
Ellis Long
Miles Long (1847-1918) m. Martha Long, daughter of Daniel Long & Winnie Holcomb; were they cousins?
Bethania Long
Martha Long
Elizabeth Long
Malindy Long
Frederick Long

Fifth Generation

Children of John Jacob Long and Rachel Hunter
Mahali Long (1827-1889)
Augustus G. Long (1828-1864) m. Margaret Ann Ivey (ca. 1834-?)
Amanda Long (abt. 1830-?)
William Long (1832-1863)
Lutitia Long (ca. 1834-?)
Thomas Wesley Long (ca. 1837-?) m. Eliza A. Moore (1834-1884)
Sarah Long (1838-1888)
John Long (abt. 1841-1921)


Children of Henry Thomas Long and Elizabeth Doub
Martha Susanna Long (1839-1920) m. Alexander Jacob Waldraven (1839-1918)
Mary Elizabeth Long (1840-1901) m. William Strupe (1834-1915)
Rebecca Ellen Long (1841-1920) m. Aquilla Hunter (1839-1916)
Sarah Isabel Long (1844-1923) m. Jonathan Marion Frost (1843-1923)
John McKendree Long (1846-1927) m. Elizabeth Jane Doub (1842-1932)
Louisa Jane Long (1849-1909) m. David Columbus Slate


Children of William Long and Elizabeth Speas
Julia(n) K. Long (1841-1922) m. 1) James W. Vest (1828-1882), 2) A.M. Burke
Elizabeth Long (probably 1843-1919)
William H. Long (1844-1931) m. Martha E. Hunter (1845-1925)


Children of Jesse Long and Lucinda Moser
Mary Elizabeth Long (1838-1929) m. James M. Whitman (1835-1905)
Adolphus Hillery Long (1840-1926) m. Elizabeth Ann Allen (1842-1921), d/o James Allen and Rebecca Stewart of Yadkin Co.
John Henry Long (1842-1915) m. Mary Sprinkle (1843-1924)
Selena Long (1844-1902) m. Emory M. Doub (1832-1910)
Elvina J. Long (1845-1931) did not marry
Martha A. Long (1847-1874) m. Isaac E. Davis, s/o William W. Davis and Elizabeth Sprinkle
Julia L. Long (1849-1907) m. William Winston Vogler (1848-1916)
Thomas Wesley Long (1850-1926) m. 1) Sallie Doub (1834-1879), 2) Nancy Elizabeth Jane Holder (1854-1912), 3) Louvenia Branson (1868-1936)
Lewis Gaston Long (1853-1937) m. Cornelia A. Faircloth (1853-1926)
Julius M. Long (abt. 1857-aft. 1895) m. Sarah M. Allen, d/o James and Rebecca Allen


Children of Solomon Long and Catherine Wall
William L. Long (abt. 1843-?)
Permelia E. Long (1844-1935) m. James M. Doub (1837-1909)
Eliza A. Long (1844-1928) m. Robert Alexander Hauser (1833-1901)
Henry T. Long (1846-1917) m. Rosilia L. Doub (1852-1873)
Jacob A. Long (1848-1868)
Albert Long (1849-1930) m. Elizabeth Frances Randleman (1854-1911) d/o John Henry Randleman and Eliza Jane Epperson
Junius Watson Long (1851-1935) m. Anna Selena Scott (1852-1929)
Milton Cicero Long (1853-1936) m. Lucy Jane Doub (1853-1935)
Ellis M. Long (1854-1953) m. Sarah Adelia Shore (1853-1934), d/o William Alexander Shore and Anna Sprinkle
Mary J. Long (1856-1870)
Edwin A. Long (1858-1874)
Cyrus A. Long (1858-1890)

Sixth Generation

Children of Augustus Long and Margaret Ann Ivey
Henry Thomas Long (ca. 1851-?)
James S. Long (ca. 1853-?)
Wiley Jacob Long (1857-1951) m. Permelia Frances Sprinkle (1859-1933)
John Ezekiel Long (ca. 1859-?)
Augustin Gabriel Long


Children of John McKendree Long and Elizabeth Jane Doub
Henry Long (b. 1871) died in infancy
Arthur Long (1872-1944) m. Mary Harris (1880-1966), d/o William Harris and Rachel Netherly
Flora Long (1874-?) m. J.H. Smotherly or Snotherly
Sarah Long (1876-1910) m. John (A.O.?) Lindley
Everett Long (1878-?) m. Esther Irby


Children of William H. Long and Martha Hunter
Ulysses Walter Long (1869-1940) m. Elizabeth Jane (Betty) Sprinkle (1871-1949)
Augusta Long (ca. 1873-?) m. Charles O. Sprinkle
Louzana Long (1879-1956) m. Wesley Bethel Speas (1875-1947)


Children of Adolphus Hillery Long and Elizabeth Allen
Alice L. Long (ca. 1871-?)
Julius Oliver Long (1874-1937). Did he marry Dora Hunter?


Children of John Henry Long and Mary Sprinkle
Martha E. Long (1867-1950) m. Solomon Fletcher Doub (1874-1919)
Eliza Jane Long (1871-1956) m. James Alvin Whitman (1866-1946)
Jasper H. Long (1873-1946) m. Mary E. Vogler (1878-1929), d/o Eugene Vogler and Eliza Jane Hunter, granddaughter of Joseph Vogler and Sarah Ann Hunter
Ada Long (1880-1970) m. Thomas Jasper Sapp (1869-1955)
Charley Long (1882-1889)
Thomas Eugene Long (1885-1962) m. Addie Waldraven (1897-1980), d/o John Reuben Waldraven and Laura Alice Cline
James Benjamin Long (1887-1940) m. Mamie Tate (1889-1980)


Children of Thomas Wesley Long and Sallie Doub
Sylvanus N. Long (1875-1927) m. Etta Joyner (1876-1962), d/o David Wiley Joyner and Mattie Myers


Children of Thomas Wesley Long and Nancy Elizabeth Jane Holder
Mary S. Long (1882-1889)
Jesse Lindsay Long (1883-1961) m. Laura Boyer (1887-1966), d/o Thomas Boyer and Cordelia Harper
Grady Holt Long (1890-1946) m. Ethel Holder (1889-1978), d/o John Martin Holder and Mary C. Hauser

Were there other children?


Children of Lewis Gaston Long and Cornelia Faircloth
Lilly Long (ca. 1878-?)
Eda Long (1880-?)
Dora L. Long (1883-1897)
Ernest Gaston Long (1885-1986) m. Alice Hendrix (1888-1959)
Newman H. Long (b. & d. 1888)


Children of Henry T. Long and Rosilia Doub
Dora A. Long (1875-1957) m. Paul Samuel Fulk (1877-1959), s/o Augustus Fulk and Legusta Hauser
O.U. Long (1880?)


Children of Albert Long and Elizabeth Randleman
Luther Long (ca. 1873-?)
Julius Long (ca. 1878-?)

These children from the 1880 census; were there others born later?


Children of Junius Long and Anna Selena Scott
Wiley O. Long (1877-1895)
Louella Long (1898-1963) m. Charles Frederick Hauser (1872-1959), s/o Wiley Benton Hauser and Parmelia Moser
Nora (Lenora May) Long (1882-1957) m. John Ferdy Hunter (1877-1945)
Ammon Ralph Long (1885-1963) m. Mamie Watts (1888-1971), d/o Richard Watts and Alice Long


Children of Milton Cicero Long and Lucy Jane Doub
Ader V. Long (1879-?)
Benson A Long (1883-1969)
Alfred S. Long (1887-1977)
Minnie B. Long (1890-1988) m. Julius Dillon
Arnold G. Long (1893-1967)
Coy Cicero Long (1895-1965) m. Eulala Viola Long (1898-1990)

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Frost, Earle W., A Genealogical Brochure of the Long and Doub Families of North Carolina and their Midwestern Descendants

Forsyth County, NC cemetery records

Stokes and Forsyth Co. census records and marriage bonds

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