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Lachenauer Family

First Generation

John George Lachenauer was born 1730 in Durlach, Baden, Germany and died December 25, 1757 in Broad Bay, Maine. He married Sophia Salome Kastner (1734-1816) on February 1, 1751. She was the daughter of Johann Balthasar Kastner and Augustina.

This name appears in several spellings: Lachenauer, Lagenauer, Lagenour, etc.

Second Generation

Children of John George Lachenauer and Sophia Salome Kastner
Jacob Fredrich Lachenauer, (1751-1843) m. 1) Juliana Rominger (1757-1805); 2) Elisabeth Clewell (1753-1833), d/o George Craft Clewell and Anna Maria Kuechle
Augustina Lachenauer (ca. 1753-?)
George Fredrich Lachenauer (1756-1834) m. 1) Christina Hoehns/Hanes (1756-1818), 2) Catharina Crumm

Third Generation

Children of Jacob Fredrich Lachenauer and 1) Juliana Rominger
Augustina Lachenauer
John George Lachenauer (1778-1851) m. Anna Catherine Ranke (1783-1848)
Philip Lachenauer (1781-1808) m. Anna Maria (Polly) Clauss (1784-?)
Johannes Lachenauer (1783-1785)
Johanna Lachenauer (b. & d. 1785)
Johann Friedrich Lachenauer (1787-1788)
Sophia Salome Lachenauer (1791-1792)
*Christina Lachenauer m. Felix Motsinger (1783-1872)
Thomas Lachenauer (b. & d. 1797)

*Harryman, in The Romingers Roam states that Christina is Jacob's daughter, and says that she is the twin of Christian, who died in infancy. However, Friedland Moravian graveyard records identify Christian as the son of George rather than Jacob. Since George also had a daughter Salome Christina, we suspect that Felix Motsinger's wife probably is Jacob's daughter, and not Christian's twin. Can anyone confirm this?

Update, February 23, 2008: Jacob Freidrich Lachenour is Christina's father as per his Moravian memoir. It states "he went to live with his daughter Christena Motsinger in his old age when he had dropsy." Thanks to Anne Roberts Samsel for the confirmation. Anne's e-mail is:


Children of George Fredrich Lachenauer and Christina Hoehns/Hanes
Elizabeth Lachenauer (1782-1861) m. 1) Jacob Rothrock (1770-1807),
2),   Johann Samuel Reid (1782-1849)
Catherine Lachenauer (1783-1848) m. John Clouse (1782-1855)
John Lachenauer (1786-1789)
George Lachenauer (b. & d. 1790)
Anna Maria Lachenauer (b. & d. 1791)
Christian Lachenauer (b. & d. 1792)
Jacob Lachenauer (b. & d. 1793)
Salome Christine Lachenauer (1794-1833) m. Philip Schneider (1788-1872)
Philip Lachenauer (1796-1869) m. Phebe Davis (1801-1865)
Thomas Lachenauer (1798-1816)

Fourth Generation

Children of John George Lachenauer and Anna Catherine Ranke
Elizabeth Lagenauer (1806-aft. 1880) m. Moses Swaim (1802-1843)
Salome Lagenauer (1809-1883?) m. John Swaim
Maria Lagenauer (maybe 1812-1876?) m. Levi Swaim (1799-1843)
Anna Catherina Lagenauer (1817-1912) m. Silas Swaim (1814-1891)


Probable child of Philip Lachenauer (s/o Jacob) and Mary Clauss
Philip Lachenauer (1808-1878) m. Caroline Matilda Schuster


Children of Philip Lachenauer (s/o George) and Phebe Davis
John David Lachenauer (1823-1891) m. Christina Watkins (abt. 1843-aft. 1870) (moved to Yolo County, CA)
Samuel Herbert Lachenauer (1825-1895) m. Lecetta/Lizetta Fisher (1826-aft. 1900), d/o Sarah Hamilton and George Fisher (moved to CA)
Lewis Case Lachenauer (1826-1893) m. Mary A.E. (Bettie) Nissen (1843-1933) (no issue)
Thomas Franklin Lachenauer (1827-aft. 1870) m. Belle Burton (abt. 1855-aft. 1870 (moved to Hope, IN, then Yolo County, CA)
George Sanford Lachenauer (1829-1855)
unnamed daughter (b. & d. 1830)
Andrew Lafayette Lachenauer (1831-1883) m. Eliza D. Ledford (m. 1852, notice in People's Press)
unnamed son (b. & d. 1833)
Nancy E. Lachenauer (1836-1920) m. Rev. William Turner (1846-1889)

People's Press, 1853 - "Shaving and Hair Dressing.__ Having had considerable experience in this line of business, he also offers his services in the tonsorial art. The sick and the aged will be attended to at their dwellings. He will be in Salem on Saturday, the 2d of April, and attend regularly threreafter every Wednesday and Saturday for the convenience of his customers. Thankful for past favors, he hopes by strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of the same. P. Lachenour. March 15, 1853."

Lewisville, NC received its name from Lewis Case Lachenauer. Lewis donated land for the development in the central area of town. His home was constructed in the late 1850s and still stands on Shallowford Road, just across from the entrance to Lewisville Elementary School. For more information on Lewisville history, go to Lewisville History

Fifth Generation

Children of John David Lachenauer and Christina Watkins
Laura E. Langenour (abt. 1863-aft. 1870)
Phillip T. Langenour (abt. 1867-aft. 1870)
Henry W. Langenour (abt. 1870)


Children of Samuel Herbert Lachenauer and Lecetta/Lizetta Fisher
Sarah A. Langenour (ca.1847-aft. 1880) m. Walter S. Huston (lived in Woodland, Yolo, CA)
John H. Langenour (ca.1849-aft. 1900) m. Ella (abt. 1860-aft. 1900)
George F. Langenour (ca.1853-aft. 1880) m. Jane
Margaret Ella Langenour (ca.1855-aft.1880)
Charles Rufus Langenour (ca.1857-aft. 1880)
Daniel Langenour (ca.1858- bef. 1860)
Ida E. Langenour (1860)
Lillie Lee Langenour (abt. 1861-aft. 1900)
Bertha J. Langenour (abt. 1865-aft. 1900)
Nannie C. Langenour (abt. 1868-aft. 1900)

Samuel Herbert Lachenauer lived in Lewisville, NC until 1866 when he emigrated to California, taking with him his wife, father-in-law, eight children and two negro men "Ab" and "Ellick." Physically he was a very large man, weighing about 350 pounds. He devoted most of his life to farming, first in Yolo County, then Colusa County, CA. He moved to College City in 1874 where he died in 1895.


Children of Thomas Franklin Lachenauer and Belle Burton Bettie Langenour (abt. 1866-aft. 1870)
Lucy Langenour (abt. 1868-aft. 1870)
Phoebe Langenour (abt. 1869-aft. 1870)


Children of Andrew Lafayette Lachenauer and Eliza D. Ledford
Philip Fletcher Lachenauer


Reid Snyder has done a lot of research on the Swaims and Laugenauers. Reid's e-mail address is:

Many thanks to Shirley Michael for providing this information! Shirley's email address is:

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

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