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Kastner Family

First Generation

Johann Anton Kastner (1743-1817) was the son of Balthasar and Augustina Kastner, who were among the early settlers in Broad Bay, Maine. His first wife was Gottliebe Isel (ca. 1746-1773), with whom he came to NC in 1769. His second wife was Maria Spach (1756-1777). In October 1778 he married Jacobina Schneider, daughter of Melchior Schneider and Jacobina Doerfler, also settlers who had come to NC from Broad Bay, Maine. Jacobina died in 1782, and he married Catharina Krumm, his fourth wife, the next year.

Johann Anton's sister Sophia Salome Kastner (1734-1816) also came to North Carolina. Her first husband was Johann Georg Lachenauer (sometimes spelled Lagenauer or Lagenour), who died in 1757 in Broad Bay, Maine. She married 2) Johann Friedrich Kuenzel (1737-1802), with whom she came to NC in 1770. Her two Lachenauer sons were probably in the same party.

Second Generation

Children of Anton Kastner and Gottliebe Isel
Johann Anton Kastner (1768-?) probably died in childhood
Heinrich Gottlieb Kastner (1770-?)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1773)

Children of Anton Kastner and Maria Spach
Maria Gottliebe Kastner (1775-?) m. Heinrich Reich. Was he the son of Christoph Reich and Veronica Lehmann?
Christina Kastner (1776-1844) m. Joseph Koerner (1769-1830)

The Moravian diaries reported that Anton and Gottliebe arrived in 1769 with a "little child", who would be Johann Anton. Gottliebe died in childbirth in April, 1773, apparently losing her baby as well. In 1777, following the death of Anton Kastner's second wife, Maria Spach, her parents Adam and Elisabeth Spach took two children into their care, named in the Moravian diaries as Maria Gottliebe and Christina Kastner, and Friedrich Kuenzel and his wife took the son Heinrich Gottlieb Kastner.

Children of Anton Kastner and Jacobina Schneider
Elizabeth Kastner (1779-1844) did not marry
Catharina Barbara Kastner (1781-?)

Children of Anton Kastner and Catharina Krumm
Johanna Kastner (1784-?) m. Johann Schneider (1778-?), moved to Indiana in 1830
Salome Kastner (1786-?) m. Martin Ebert
Justina Kastner (1788-?) m. Philip Kroehn
Sarah Kastner (1790-?) m. Johann Friedrich Kroehn
Frederich Kastner (1792-?)


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