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Motsinger Family

Hans Jacob Motsinger was born in 1679 in Marthalen, Switzerland, married Anna Frauwenfelder in 1698, and and died there in 1739. They had two known sons, Joseph, who married in Switzerland and had two children, and the immigrant Hans Jacob b. 1701, who was a carpenter and who married Magdalena Fissler, daughter of Hans Conrad Fissler and Anna Abend, in 1723. He immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1735 on the ship Mercury, and died (probably) in 1763 in Northampton Co. PA. Church records from Marthalen indicate that Hans Jacob and Magdalena had four sons, three of whom died in 1735 prior to the family's departure for America. We begin our account with the surviving son, Felix Motsinger, who was born in Marthalen in 1727.

First Generation

So far as we know, Felix is the ancestor of all the North Carolina Motsingers. He was baptized at Marthalen in 1727, immigrated with his parents in 1735, and appears on Pennsylvania tax lists in 1762 and 1763 in Heidelberg township, Northampton County. The birthdates of his children suggest that he married probably in the late 1750s in Pennsylvania, but we don't know the name of his first wife. In 1765 he moved to Rowan County NC and purchased land in the Abbotts Creek area (present-day Davidson county). He served with Francis Marion in South Carolina during the Revolution. In 1790 he married Elizabeth, widow of John Long. He died in Rowan County NC on 8 Aug 1791. His will names his sons John, Jacob, and Daniel Motsinger, and daughter Elizabeth Ham, also Elizabeth Long's children Susannah, John, Jacob and Frederick Long.

Children of Felix Motsinger and his first wife
Daniel Motsinger (1760-1845) m. Christena Winkler, d/o Adam and Catharina Winkler
Jacob Motsinger (1761-1851) m. Hannah Brown, d/o Michael Brown (Braun), moved to Washington Co. IN. His son Jacob Jr. (1783-1858) Christina Tesh (1783-1851), d/o Adam Tesh and Rosina Ebert of NC
John M. Motsinger (1762-1811), m. Susannah Long, his step-sister; moved to Wilson Co. TN
Elizabeth Motsinger (1764-?) m. Christian Hamm in 1780. Did she m. 2) John Lachenauer in 1808?
David Motsinger (1766?-?) [not named in his will, and possibly not his son]

Children of Felix Motsinger and Elizabeth
Felix Motsinger (1791-1818? or 1858?), born after his father's death; m. Mary Cramer, d/o Garret Kramer and Charlotte Boenich, in 1813 in Ohio

The widow Elizabeth Long Motsinger left NC with her son Felix and moved to Ohio about 1800. We have conflicting informaion on the death date for Felix. Can anyone help?

Second Generation

Here we follow the descendants of Daniel Motsinger, who remained in North Carolina. Carol Neal has more information on the descendants of the other sons.

Children of Daniel Motsinger and Christena Winkler
Felix Motsinger (1783-1872) m. Christina Lagenour
Mary Magdalena Motsinger (1788-1848) m. John Peter Zink (Sink), s/o Phillip Zink and Elizabeth Sprecher
Adam Motsinger (1790-1861 or 1864?) m. Mary Idol, d/o Jacob J. Idol and Chloe Johnson
Daniel Motsinger (1793-?) m. Amelia Harmon
Jacob Motsinger (1799-1847) m. Martha Idol, Mary's sister; moved to Johnson Co. MO
Abraham Motsinger (1801-?)
Solomon Motsinger (1804-1846) m. Huldah Evans, d/o James Evans, Jr. and Anna Teague
Christena Motsinger (1806-1887) m. Joseph Green (abt. 1802-aft. 1860)
Catharine Motsinger (1808-?)

Third Generation

Children of Felix Motsinger and Christina Lagenour
Joseph M. Motsinger (1810-1895) m. 1) Phebe Louisa Teague, 2) Lucy Lavina Crews (1834-1895)
Julian (Juliana?) Motsinger (1813-?)
Mary M. Motsinger (1814-1861) did not marry
Joshua J. Motsinger (1822-1824)
Louvina Motsinger (1823-?)
Sarah K. Motsinger (1831-1847)
Christina Motsinger (1832-?)
Catherine Motsinger (1836-?)
Joshua G. Motsinger (1837-1865) m. Elizabeth Smith, d/o John Smith and Elizabeth Gibbins


Children of Adam Motsinger and Mary Idol
Pleasant Hamilton Motsinger (1817-1897) m. Phebe M. Ledford in 1846, moved to Missouri
David Pinkey Motsinger (1819-1897) m. Nancy Jane Teague
Martha Mary Motsinger (1822-1882) m. Austin Raper
Adam Motsinger (1824-1825)
Andrew Jackson Motsinger (1826-1901) m. 1) Mary Ann Beckerdite (1832-1884), d/o Hugh Beckerdite and Charity Rothrock; 2) Sarah Haseltine Mendenhall
Abraham Harrison Motsinger (1829-1905) m. Sarah Welch, d/o William Welch Jr. and Elizabeth Raper
Jacob L. Motsinger (1831-?)
Mary Motsinger (1835-1896)
Moses M. Motsinger (1835-?)


Children of Daniel Motsinger and Amelia Harmon
Catherine Motsinger (1820-?)
*Valentine Motsinger (1826-1898) m. 1) Eliza Martin (1831-1886), d/o James Martin and Nancy Woods; 2) Abigail Osborn Idol, d/o Branson and Sarah Osborn of Deep River NC
Jacob Motsinger (1828-1906) m. Edith Green

*Previously we identified Valentine's wife as Eliza WEAVIL, d/o John Weavil and Anna Younts, but noted that the Davidson County marriage bond 4 Oct 1847 is for Valentine Motsinger and Eliza MARTIN. Estate settlement papers for James Martin confirm that he was Eliza's father.

The death certificate for Nancy Malinda Martin Holder, Eliza's sister, names her parents as James Martin and Nancy Matthews, who were from Guilford County. We believe that this is not the same couple as James Martin and Nancy Woods who married in Rowan County in 1811.


Children of Solomon Motsinger and Huldah Evans
Christena L. Motsinger m. Napoleon Bonaparte Orrell (1830-1904)
Moses Madison Motsinger (1834-1912) m. Mary Jane Hedgecock, d/o Joshua Hedgecock and Gizzeal Collett
James W. Motsinger (1837-?)

Solomon and Huldah married in 1828. Were there other children?


Children of Christina Motsinger and Joseph Green
Belinda Green (ca. 1833-aft. 1850)
Solomon Green (ca. 1836-aft. 1850)
Daniel M. Green (ca. 1839-aft. 1850)
Robert L. Green (ca. 1839-aft. 1860)
Henry H. Green (ca. 1841-1860)
Mary E. Green (ca. 1844-aft. 1860)
Christena Abigail Green (1847-1917) m. Romulus B. Tesh (1840-1919)
Adam Green (abt. 1850-aft. 1860)

Fourth Generation

Children of Joseph Motsinger and Phebe Louisa Teague
Charles Wesley Motsinger (1837-1864)
Pleasant Noah Motsinger (1840-1919) m. Charity Ann Bodenhamer (abt. 1845-aft. 1880)
Phebe Louisa Motsinger (1844-?)

Children of Joseph Motsinger and Lucy Lavina Crews
Mary Elizabeth Motsinger (1864-1929) m. John Martin Veach


Children of Joshua G. Motsinger and Elizabeth Smith
John Louis Motsinger (1861-1941) m. 1) Mary Elizabeth Dean, 2) Ora Bell


Children of Andrew Jackson Motsinger and Mary A. Beckerdite
Andrew Sherman Motsinger (1865-1928) m. Dora Ellen Bodenhamer
Damascus Maskey Motsinger
John Harrison Motsinger (1863-1931)
Christina Jane Motsinger (1862-?)
Haseltine Motsinger
Martha Bell Motsinger (1874-?)


Children of Abraham Harrison Motsinger and Sarah Welch
Cicero F. Motsinger (1857-1864)
unnamed daughter (b. & d. 1862)
William Jasper Motsinger (spelled Montsinger) m. Eveline Jane Gossett


Children of Jacob Motsinger and Edith Green
Charles Motsinger (1875-?) m. Mary Jane Clodfelter


Children of Valentine Motsinger and Eliza Martin
Louisa Motsinger (ca. 1848-?) m. Elijah Robbins
Frank Henry Motsinger (1850-1924) m. Susan Dulcenia Smith (1851-1928), d/o John F. Smith and Catherine Weavil
Matilda Catherine Motsinger (ca. 1852-?) m. John Wesley Weavil (ca. 1856-1882)
Albert L. Motsinger (1853-1938) m. Maria Lucretia Smith (1853-1918), d/o Jacob Smith and Anna Phillips
Laura Jane Motsinger (ca. 1856-?) m. Yancy Cicero Weavil (1850-1937)
George Motsinger (ca. 1857-?) m. Polly Ann Weavil, d/o John and Katie Weavil
Ellen Motsinger (ca. 1859-?)
Phebe Motsinger (ca. 1861-?)
Mandora Motsinger (ca. 1864-?) m. James Disher
Nancy C. Motsinger (ca. 1866-?) m. Michael Curtis (Fred?) Disher (1861-1920), s/o Ephraim Disher and Sarah Evans; he m. 2) Emma R. Tesh in October 1888
Grant Motsinger (ca. 1868-bef. 1888) m. Katie Williard in March 1887, d/o Robert or Roberson Williard and Phebe Weavil
*(Daniel) Anderson Motsinger (1870-?)
Charlie Motsinger (ca. 1872-?)

*In the 1870 census, a child Daniel appears, age 1 month, born in May 1870. He is absent in 1880, but his place is taken by Anderson, age 11. James Martin's estate papers name a grandson Anderson Motsinger, but no Daniel.

"Bettie" Motsinger d/o Valentine and Eliza married Robert Disher in January 1881. Since no child Bettie or Elizabeth appears in the census records for Valentine and Eliza, this must be either Ellen/Ella or Phebe, who are age 10 and 9 respectively in the 1870 census. Neither appears with Valentine and Eliza in 1880.


Children of Moses Madison Motsinger and Mary Jane Hedgecock
Glendora Motsinger (1875-1957) m. John Sullivan, lived Guilford Co. NC
Lee Motsinger (1873-?) m. Mattie Payne

Fifth Generation

Children of Pleasant Noah Motsinger and Charity Ann Bodenhamer
Joseph B. Motsinger (1879-1962) m. Ada Hedrick


Children of John Louis Motsinger and Mary Elizabeth Dean
Lewis Addison Motsinger (1888-1966)

Children of John Louis Motsinger and Ora Bell
John Joshua Motsinger (1913-1914)


Children of Andrew Sherman Motsinger and Dora Ellen Bodenhamer
Chester Lee Motsinger (1890-1948)
Mary Hattie Motsinger (1894-?)
Andrew Clarence Motsinger (1894-1963)
Joissie Anna Motsinger (1900-?)
Dora Alice Motsinger (b. 1904)
Catherine Waneta Motsinger (b. 1908)
Dorothy Motsinger (1916-1968) m. Walter Bryan Wall


Children of William Jasper Motsinger/Montsinger and Eveline Jane Gossett
Vernon Montsinger
Vincent Montsinger
Homer Montsinger
Arthur Welch Montsinger
Ethel Montsinger
Eva Montsinger


Children of Frank Henry Motsinger and Susan Dulcenia Smith
Sarah Alice Motsinger (1887-1889)
Andrew Raymond Motsinger (1870-1946)
Clementine Motsinger (1871-1943)
Effie May Motsinger (1882-1975) m. Caleb Alfred Livengood
Arthur Carlton Motsinger (1884-1969) m. Laura Antoinette Schultz (d. 1974)


Thanks to Carol Neal for a very comprehensive history of this family!

A few additional dates were obtained from the Forsyth County cemetery records books, and from census records.

This page was created on April 29, 2001 and revised on March 22, 2004.

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