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Luper Family

First Generation

On-line sources name Daniel Looper or Luper and wife Sarah, and list up to eight children for them. See for example Wanda Schuler's WorldConnect page

Among these children is
John Looper (1775-1810) m. Susannah Barker (?-1835), d/o Burrell Barker and Millie Gunn

Second Generation

Child of John Looper and Susannah Barker
James B. Luper (ca. 1797-bef. 1870) m. 1) Martha Carlton (1802-1854); 2) Elizabeth J. Harper (abt. 1820-aft. 1870) who are her parents?

Third Generation

Children of James B. Luper and Martha Carlton
Lindsay Calvin Luper (1817-1892) m. 1) Mary Hauser (1826-1864); 2) Sarah Martha Summers (1831-aft. 1878), d/o Benjamin and Mary Summers
Sally Luper (1827-?)
Bethania D. Luper (1829-1911) m. Willis Lawrence (1811-1889)
James C. Luper (1834-aft. 1910) m. Fellicia/Phillicia Conrad (abt. 1839-aft. 1880), d/o William Conrad and Nancy Klein/Cline
Martha Luper (1837-aft. 1850) m. Franklin Engle
Nancy Jane Luper (1839-aft. 1850) m. Robert Tate
Theophilus Luper (1841-aft. 1850), father of a child with Charity Conrad

Lindsay Calvin Luper and his wife, Sarah Martha, were confirmed in the Shiloh Lutheran Church, October 13, 1878, Lewisville, NC

In an earlier incarnation of this page, we named Lindsay's first wife as Mary Ann Paulina Hauser, daughter of Martin Hauser and Susannah Chitty. We now know that Mary Ann Paulina Hauser moved to Indiana with her parents, married Daniel Bruner there in 1844, and died in Kansas in 1891, whereas Lindsay Luper's wife Mary died in 1864 and is buried at Concord Methodist in Lewisville NC. Death records for James, William and John Luper all name their mother as Mary Hauser.

Update, February 7, 2016: Thanks to Ann Holladay, we now know that Mary was the daughter of Thomas Hauser and Polly Moreland. Ann found estate records for Thomas Hauser in Yadkin Co. NC that name Mary's spouse as "Lindsay Looper".

Fourth Generation

Children of Lindsay Calvin Luper and Mary Hauser
Fannie Luper (1858) (not at home in 1870)
James Thomas Luper (1858-1946) m. 1) Lavinia Croom (1857-1881), d/o John M. Croom and Anna Vest; 2) Rebecca Catherine Conrad (1867-1957)
William Theophilus Luper (1860-1932) m. Ellen Victoria Todd (1871-1963)
John Alexander Luper (1861-1935) m. Minerva Ellen Vogler (1862-1937)
Virginia Luper (1863-?) (not at home in 1870)


Children of James C. Luper and Phillicia Conrad
Irvin Luper (abt. 1858-aft. 1860)
Julius Luper (abt. 1859-aft. 1860)
Augustus T. Luper (abt. 1862-aft. 1880) John T. Luper (abt. 1863-aft. 1880) Laura B. Luper (abt. 1864-aft.-1880)
Martha N. Luper (abt. 1865-aft. 1880)
James C. Luper, Jr. (abt. 1868--aft. 1880)
Leonie F. Luper (abt. abt. 1860-aft. 1880)
Minnie U. Luper (abt. 1871-aft. 1880)
Mary L. Luper (abt. 1872-aft. 1880)
George W. Luper (abt. abt 1874-aft. 1880)
Charlie Luper (abt. 1876-aft. 1880)
Fannie J. Luper (abt 1878-aft. 1880)

James Luper married Fellicia Conrad Nov. 1856 in Forsyth County, NC. The 1860 US Federal Census, Forsyth Co., NC names James Luper's wife as Paulina. James and Phillicia Looper and children are included in the 1880 US Federal Census, Johnston Co., IN

Fifth Generation

Children of James Thomas Luper and Rebecca Catherine Conrad
John Henry Luper (1888-1971) m. Mattie M. Boose (?-1964)
Bertha I. Luper (1890-1981) m. Harvey Saylor (1890-1973)
Lindsey J. Luper (1890-aft. 1900)
Emanuel R. Luper (1892-1962) m. Susie/Sudie Hanes (1899-1984), d/o David James Hanes and Letha Eaton
Ethel Luper (1895-1982) m. Walter Ogburn (1885-1972)
Fred H. Luper (1896-1985) m. Mary K. Mock
Elcer R. Luper (1899-1968) m. Maggie M. McKinney
Addie Luper (1900-1986) m. E. L. Boose
Sudie Luper (1902-1997) m. Lorie S. Shields
Julia Luper (ca. 1906-1996) m. L. N. Wood
Thomas C. Luper (1908-1998)

Previously we listed Henry and John H. as two different children. In the 1900 census, Henry is present, listed as born December 1887, but no child John. The Social Security Death Index gives John's birth as December 1888, which is consistent with the marriage of James Thomas Luper and Catherine Conrad in January 1888.


Children of William Theophilus Luper and Ellen Victoria Todd
Stella May Luper (1889-1890)
Avery David Luper (1891-1966) m. Susie Elizabeth Rothrock (1891-1975)


Children of John Alexander Luper and Minerva Ellen Vogler
Flossie Luper (abt. 1888-1966) m. V. S. Conrad

Sixth Generation

Children of Avery David Luper and Susie Elizabeth Rothrock
Mildred Clarice Luper (1913-2000) m. Henry C.Brewer
Hazel Lucida Luper (1915-1982) m. Benjamin Franklin Pinnix (1906-1974)
Ophelia Victoria Luper (1917-1979) m. Claude William Todd (1913-1990), s/o Thomas Elis Todd and Rosa Livengood
Willis Avery Luper (1920-1970) m. Cora "Louise" Smith, d/o Alec D. Smith and Pattie Canter
Stella Dorothy Luper (1921-?) m. Francis Aldridge
David Gray Luper (1926-1986) m. Dorothy Luck

Photo of Luper, Todd and Rothrock family.
Photo of Avery D. Luper (1891-1966).
Photo of Ellen Victoria Luper and Stella May Luper.
Todd Family.
David Todd, Jr. (1841-1935).
Photo of Todd and Luper Family.
Photo of Todd Family 1930s.


Thanks to Scott Todd for his help in putting this page together and the fantastic photos of his family. Scott's e-mail address is:

Other sources include the usual Forsyth County, NC and Indiana census, NC cemetery, marriage records, death records, etc.

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