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Descendants of Martin Hauser Jr.

Fourth Generation

Children of Abraham Hauser and Magdalena Strub
Susanna Maria Hauser (1787-1864) m. Thomas Holland (1786-1869), moved to Bartholomew Co. IN
Abraham Hauser (1789-bef. 1849), moved to Bartholomew Co. IN; m. 1) Anna Elizabeth Loesch, 2) Malinda Hinkson
Jacob Hauser (1793-?) m. Nancy Sims in Indiana
Timotheus Hauser (1795-?) m. Sarah Greter, also moved to Indiana
Martin Hauser (1799-?) m. 1) Susanna Chitty (1802-?), 2) Eliza Burkett, widow of Benjamin Charles Spaugh
Anna Elizabeth Hauser (1805-1827) m. Jacob Christmann


Children of Martin Hauser and Leah Billeter
Joseph Martin Hauser (1791-aft. 1850) m. Mary Ward
Susanna Mary Hauser (1793-?) m. Joseph Hauser (1789-1850), son of Jacob Hauser and Eleonore Margaretha Fiscus
Moses Hauser (1795-1870) m. Nancy Randleman
Samuel Hauser
Elijah Hauser
Martin Hauser m. Christina Miller
William Clarke Hauser (1812-1880) m. Eliza M. Renshaw; lived Jefferson Co. GA
Rachel Hauser (1805-1869) m. John Miller (1805-1847), moved to Indiana
Leah Hauser (1807-bef. 1881) m. Andrew Thomason (1804-bef. 1867)

Thanks to Darrell Oakford for help with this family.

Fifth Generation

Children of Timotheus Hauser and Sarah Greter
Maria Magdalena Hauser (1818-?) m. Nathaniel O. Heinman
Jacob Ephraim Hauser (1821-?)
Nathaniel Timotheus Hauser (1822-1905) m. Evaline Barton (1828-1886) in Indiana
William A.W. Hauser (ca. 1826-?) m. Louisa Wochler in Indiana
Elijah Hauser (ca. 1828-?)


Children of Martin Hauser and Susanna Chitty
Edwin Theodor Hauser
Susanna Elisabeth Hauser
Mary Ann Paulina Hauser (1826-1891) m. Daniel Bruner
[error corrected 6/27/05; she was not the wife of Lindsay Luper]
Sophia Theresa Hauser (1826-1897) m. Lewis Alexander Levering (1826-1895), lived Salem IL
Malvina Louisa Hauser m. John Gottlieb Luther
Anna Matilda Hauser
Emeline Charity Hauser
Amos Comenius Hauser died in childhood
Margaret Hauser died in childhood
Anna Emmiline Hauser

Martin Hauser was a Moravian minister. He moved to Indiana with Susanna and their four oldest children in 1829, where he was pastor for the congregation at Hope. The NC Moravian records indicate that he made numerous trips back and forth to Salem in the 1830s and 1840s, and he brought his daughters Sophia and Malvina to attend school in 1840. In 1847 he became the pastor of the Moravian congregation in New Salem, IL. In that year he also brought daughters Anna and Emeline to Salem for school. After Susanna's death, he married Eliza Burkett Spaugh, widow of Benjamin Charles Spaugh.


Children of Joseph Martin Hauser and Mary Ward
James M. Hauser (1815-1896) m. Caroline B. Lumbkins (1818-1911), lived Davie Co. NC
Wiley C. Hauser (ca. 1819-?) m. Elizabeth Chapman, lived Yadkin Co. NC
Mary Ann Hauser (1821-1905) m. 1) Amos Jarvis (1816-1845) 2) Benjamin F. Bowles


Children of Moses Hauser and Nancy Randleman
Rebecca Hauser (1817-?)
Sarah Hauser (1819-1893) m. William Henry Speas (1817-1900)
Susan E. Hauser (1821-1858) m. Wilson Hauser, son of Joseph Hauser and Susan Hauser
John R. Hauser (1823-?) m. Julia A. Davis (1829-1910)
Polly W. Hauser (1826-?)
Maria Hauser (1828-?)
name unknown (b. & d. 1830)
Moses Edwin Hauser (1832-?) m. 1) Elizabeth Ann North (1836-1866), 2) Susan Lakey (1834-1901). Did he also marry Martha Ann Cline?
Henrietta Hauser (1835-1891) m. Peter Binkley (1829-1908)

Sixth Generation

Children of James M. Hauser and Caroline Lumbkins
Mary E. Hauser (ca. 1844-?)
Joseph Hauser (ca. 1847-?) doesn't appear in 1860 census with his parents
Ira Taswell Hauser (1849-?) m. Mollie Brunt (d. before 1900)
Frances P. Hauser (ca. 1851-?)
John Wesley Hauser (1853-1919) m. 1) Mary Alice Athen (1857-1914), 2) Nell Henning
Georganna Hauser (ca. 1856-?)


Children of Wiley C. Hauser and Elizabeth Chapman
Sarah Hauser (ca. 1842-?)
Mary Hauser (ca. 1846-?)
William T. Hauser (ca. 1848-?)
Martha E. Hauser (ca. 1852-?)
Monroe Hauser (ca. 1854-?). Did he marry Plutina Copeland?
John Hauser (ca. 1858-?)


Children of John R. Hauser and Julia Davis
Frances S. Hauser (ca. 1849-?) m. James H. Doss 1873, s/o William and Matilda Doss
Martha M. (Mattie) Hauser (ca. 1852-?) m. Tom Hunt
[error corrected 2/7/03]
John Thomas Hauser (1855-1919) m. Nancy S.K. Hauser (1848-1908), daughter of Wilson and Susan Hauser
Julia A. Hauser (ca. 1855-?)
Sylvanus D. Hauser (ca. 1857-?)
Gideon Tobias Hauser (ca. 1862-1922) m. Sally Parks (d. 1938)
Robert Sidney Hauser (1863-1946) m. Lou Betty Parks (1868-1944)

The child Julia appears in the 1860-1880 census but is not listed in Kenneth Hauser's book. The book lists Dee Hauser with no other information. We are assuming this is the same child as Sylvanus D. age 3 in 1860 and Samuel age 13 in 1870. In 1880 this family is living in Yadkin County NC.


Children of Moses Edwin Hauser and Elizabeth Ann North
William Gustan Hauser (1856-?) m. Rebecca Strickland
Henry Moses Hauser (1858-1935) m. Phebie Ellen, surname unknown (1872-1945)
John Wesley Hauser (1861-1919) m. Martha A. Whitman (1861-1923), d/o James M. Whitman and Mary Elizabeth Long
Sarah Henrietta Hauser (1864-1937) m. Robert Hunter (1864-1952)

Children of Moses Edwin Hauser and Susan Lakey
Mariah Jane Hauser (ca. 1868-?) m. Daniel Seaton Lehman
Mary Frances Hauser (1869-1902) m. Oliver Calvin Spainhour (1859-1923)
Peter Edward Hauser (1871-1936) m. 1) Sallie Whitaker, 2) Ida Cornelia Tate
updated May 2, 2012
Rebecca Parmelia Hauser (1873-1926) m. John Luther Preston Mickey (1871-1942)

Seventh Generation

Children of Ira Taswell Hauser and Mollie Brunt
Della Luna Hauser (1878-?)
Herbert Hauser (1883-?)
Ernest Haley Hauser (1886-?) m. Nettie Adeline Groce
Bettie Hauser (1888-?)


Children of John Wesley Hauser and Mary Alice Athen
Joseph Martin Hauser (1876-?) m. Lettie Martin
Mary Alma Hauser (1878-1948) m. Alexander Shutt (1854-1940)


Children of Robert Sidney Hauser and Lou Betty Parks
William Arthur Hauser (1891-1929) m. Sadie Allen (1893-1960), d/o Vance Allen and Victoria Sink
Benjamin Hauser
Mattie Lois Hauser (1896-?)
Melvin A. Hauser (1900-1966)
Chloie Hauser (1903-?)
Rufus Sidney Hauser (1905-1972)
Lou Della Hauser
Goldie Opal Hauser (1912-1913)


Children of William Gustan Hauser and Rebecca Strickland
John Wesley Hauser m. 1) Ada Keser, 2) Jeanie Edwards
*Jeanie (Martha L.?) Hauser (1882-1962) m. Marion L. Anderson (1881-1947)
Nettie Hauser
Myrtie Hauser
Charlotte Hauser m. Tom H. Scott

*Jeanie in Hauser family materials, but buried as Martha L., wife of Marion L. Anderson


Forsyth and Davie County NC census and cemetery records

Thanks especially to Mark Arslan for the later generations on this page.

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