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Vogler Family

The earliest entry for this family is found in the Reformed parish of Niederhasli, Switzerland. There are no entries before 1599. Jogli Vogler lived in the village of Oberhasli as early as 163l, the year their son's birth was recorded. The marriage between Ulrich Vogler and Anna Vogle is also recorded in Neiderhasli.

First Generation

Children of Jogli Voger and Agly Marthaler
Ulrich Vogler (1631-?) m. Anna Vogel

Second Generation

Children of Ulrich Vogler and Anna Vogel
Rudolf Vogler (1657-1735) m. Anna Marie Strauss, widow

Rudolf left Switzerland and moved about one hundred miles north to the town of Godelsheim (present-day Baden-Wuerttemberg). No records are found for him until he marries the widow Anna Marie Strauss in 1695. The register also shows he was a widower and native of Switzerland.

Third Generation

Children of Rudolf Vogler and Anna Marie Strauss
Anna Barbara Vogler (1696-?) m. a man of Chur in the Grisons Canton of eastern Switzerland
Hans Georg Vogler (1698-?) m. 1) Catharina (?-1735), 2) Anna Maria Klingslin
Hans Rudolph Vogler (1701-died in early childhood)
Maria Margaretha Vogler (1704-died in early childhood)
Anna Catharina Vogler (1708-died in early childhood)

(All of the children were born in Gondelsheim)

Fourth Generation

Children of Hans Georg Vogler and 1) Catharina
Phillipp Christoph Vogler (1723, Gondelsheim-1790, NC) m. 1) Anna Catharina Seitz (1732-1770),
2) Barbara Fiscus (1737-1780), 3) Christina Margaretha Born (Widow Sehnert)
Maria Catharina Vogler (1724-?)
Johann Rudolph Vogler (1725-?)
Johann George Vogler (1728-?)
Phillip Jacob Vogler (1730-?)
Johann Michael Vogler (1732-1740)


Children of Hans Georg Vogler and 2) Anna Maria Klingslin
Maria Margaretha Vogler (1738-?) m. ? Osswald, moved to northern Yugoslavia

During the winter of 1741/42, 19 year old Philipp Christoph Vogler and his father, Hans George Vogler, left the other members of the family, including Hans Georg's daughter and his second wife, Anna Maria for North America. They arrived in October, 1742 aboard the ship Lydia, along with about 50 other passengers at Broad Bay, Maine (present-day Waldoboro).

Fifth Generation

Children of Phillipp Christoph Vogler and 1) Anna Catharina Seitz
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1748)
John Vogler, Sr (1750-1832) m. 1) Catherine Lang/Long (1750-1780),
d/o Johann Heinrich Lang and Anna Catherine Becker
2) Ruth Perkins (1754-1826) Lorenz Vogler (1752-1779) m. Elizabeth Greter (1759-1804)
(after Lorenz's death Elizabeth Greter Vogler married George Fisher)
Phillip Martin Vogler (1754-1800) m. Johanna Elizabeth Moll (1754-1836)
(widow of Christian Friedrich Steinmann)
Samuel Vogler (1757-1843) m. Ann Marie (Mary) Krum (1766-1842)
George Michael Vogler (1759-1795) m. 1) Anna Maria Kuntzel (1761-1792), 2) Elizabeth Beroth (1772-1840)

Anna Catharina Barbara Vogler (1761-1842) m. 1) Jeremiah Elrod (1755-?), 2) Philip Carl Schott (1775-1845).
(Jeremiah Elrod reportedly abandoned his wife and children about 1804. Elrod family information suggests that he went to Tennessee, married again, and died there in 1841.)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1763)
Alexander Christoph Vogler (1765-1827) m. Anna Johanna Stauber (1774-1870)
Marie Margaretha Vogler (1767-1817) m. 1) Phillip Transou (1761-1795), 2) Jacob Heinrich Landmann (1750-1823)
Elizabeth Vogler (1770-1855) m. Fredrick Hine (1769-1847)


Children of Phillipp Christoph Vogler and 2) Barbara Fiscus
Johann Frederick Vogler (b. & d. 1773)
David Vogler (1775-1777)

Christoph Vogler House, 1797, Salem
Courtesy of City-County Planning Board of Winston Salem, NC

"November 5, 1770, news was received that more families (some came down the year before) from Broad Bay had reached Carolina, and that Br. George Soelle was with them; he arrived December 6th. David Rominger's wife and the Vogler family came on the 12th, except Mrs. Vogler, who had died in Cross Creek, (NC)."

Sixth Generation

Children of John Vogler, Sr. and 1) Catherine Lang/Long
Phillip Fogler (c1771-bef 1840) m. Mary (Polly) Crooms (1776-1854) (lived in Maine)
John Fogler Jr. (1774-1845) m. Ann Hilt (1785-1872) (lived in Maine)
Henry Fogler (c1773-1858) m. Mary Vinal (1775-1863) (lived in Maine)
Catherine Fogler (1777-1845) m. John Storer (1772-1832)
Sally Fogler (c1778-1841) m. Abel Fish (1772-1855)
Charles Fogler/Folger (1780-1857) m. Bertha Parker (1786-1871), d/o Ebenezer Parker and Dorcas Monroe (moved to Mass.)


Children of John Vogler, Sr. and 2) Ruth Perkins
George Fogler (1784-1865) m. Catherine Bornheimer (1794-1876)
Zenas Fogler, Sr. (1791-1877) m. Mary Bornheimer (1801-1875)
Ruth Fogler (1793-1832) m. Joseph Overlock (1793-1860)


Children of Lorenz Vogler and Elizabeth Greter
Philip Martin Vogler (1779-1848) m. 1) Elizabeth Foltz (1783-1817); 2) Maria Davis (1791-1832),
3) Elizabeth (Betsy) Hamilton Peddycord (1786-1869), widow of William Peddycord

Jacob Greter's will (1784) left 12 pounds to his grandson Peter Vogler to be paid when he became of age. We think this must actually be Philip Martin, since Lorenz and Elizabeth married in September 1778 and Lorenz died in April 1779. Philip Martin wasn't born until June 1779, so there is no room for another child.


Children of Phillip Martin Vogler and Johanna Elizabeth Moll Steinmann
Anna Johanna Vogler (1781-1782)
Catherine Elizabeth Vogler (1783-1849) m.Petrus (Peter) Leinbach (1780-1854)
Christian Vogler (1786-1787)
Maria Magdalena Vogler (1790-1863) m. Jacob Rothhaas (1795-1864)


Children of Samuel Vogler and Ann Marie (Mary) Krum
Catharina Vogler (1788-1875) m. Charles Vest, Jr.
Elizabeth Vogler (1790-1810)
John Vogler (1792-1812)
Samuel G. Vogler, Jr. (1794-1866) m. Mary Reed (1801-1844)
Peter Vogler (1796-1880) m. 1) Sarah (Sally) Reed (1795-1831); 2) Leah Croft (1796-1869)
Jacob Vogler (1799-1868) m.1) Anna Blackburn (1814-1840); 2) Phebe Shelton (1810-?) (m. 1840)
George Vogler (1801-1860/69) m. Elizabeth Blackburn (abt. 1806-1884)
Solomon Vogler (1804-1893) m. Rachel Matilda Ridings (1812-1869)
Anna Maria Vogler (1808-1892) m. Jacob Stultz
Joseph Vogler (1810-1883) m. 1) ? Ridings (?-bef. 1842); 2) Sarah Ann (Sally) Hunter (1817-1890)


Children of George Michael Vogler and 1) Anna Maria Kuntzel
Catharina Vogler (1782-1837) m. Johannes Rank (1773-1850)
John (Johannes) Vogler (1783-1881) m. Christina Spach (1792-1863)
Salome Vogler (1786-1851) m. Christian Nissen (1780-1853)
Johann George Vogler (1788-1865) m. 1) Christina Utzman (1777-1815); 2) Mary Utzman (1783-1850);
3) Henrietta Windfield Love (1817-1905/6)
Elizabeth Vogler (1791-1859) m. Carl (Charles) Ried (1783-1867)

Children of George Michael Vogler and 2) Elizabeth Beroth
Anna Rosina Vogler (1794-1850) m. Joseph Krause (1792-1855)


Children of Christoph Vogler and Anna Johanna Stauber
Gottlieb Vogler (1798-1854) m. 1) Sarah Maas (abt.1793-1827); 2) Martha Teague (1811-1878) (Who were her parents?)
Friedrich Alexander Vogler (b. & .d. 1800)
Anna Maria Vogler (1801-1880) m. Christian Hege (1797-1873)
Nathaniel Vogler (1804-1872) m. Anna Maria Fishel (1803-1889)
Timothy Vogler (1806-1896) m. Charlotte Hamilton (1811-1900)
Paulina Elizabeth Vogler (1812-1893) did not marry
Regina Amalia Vogler (1815-1830) did not marry


Children of Marie Margaretha Vogler and 2) Jacob Heinrich Landmann
Maria Magdalena Landmann (1802-?) m. Dr. Christian David Keehln (1793-1859)

Seventh Generation

Children of Philip Martin Vogler and Elizabeth Foltz
Jesse Vogler, Rev. (1806-1865) m. Mary Ann Miksch (1811-1901)
Wilhelm (William) Vogler (1809-1842) m. Johanna Louisa Essex (1809-1896)
Miles Philip Vogler, Rev. (1810-1854) m. Sophia Dorothea Ruede (1809-1889)
Caritas Charlotte Vogler (1814-1893) m. George Taylor Vawter (1817-?)
Elizabeth Vogler (1817-1856)

Children of Philip Martin Vogler and Maria Davis
Lydia Vogler (1819-1902) m. Charles W. Fuller (1794-1883)
Regina Vogler (1821-1888) m. William Fishel (1821-1879), moved to Bartholomew Co. IN before 1860
Martin Vogler (b. & d. 1823)
Beatus Vogler (b. & d. 1824)
Margaret (Peggy) Vogler (1826-1905) m. Edward B. Fishel (1820-?)


Children of Samuel G. Vogler and Mary Reed
Richard A. Vogler (1825-1826)
John D. Vogler (abt. 1827-abt.1865) m. Mary L. Lashmit
James Emanuel Vogler (1834-1908) m. Elizabeth Irene Standford
Lucinda M. Vogler (abt. 1837-?)


Children of Peter Vogler and Sarah (Sally) Reed
Martha (Patsy Susan) Vogler (1820-?) m. John Hartman (1818)
Jensey Paulina (Climey) Vogler (1821-1856) m. Thomas Ketner (1813-1883)
Sarah Caroline Vogler (1824-1909) m. Walter Graham Bullard (1815-1897)
Louisa Caroline Vogler (1826-?) m. John Brandon
Mary Charlotta (Polly) Vogler (1827-1894) m. Robert C. Leinback (1831-1863)
Nancy Catherine Vogler (1828-1892) m. Joshua Wade Norman (1819-1891)
Jonathan Lafayette Vogler (1830-1862) m. Louisa E. Hartman (1834-1917)
Augustus (Gus) Christopher Vogler (1831-1865) m. Epsey/Elisa Blackburn


Children of Jacob Vogler and 1) Anna Blackburn
Jacob Vogler, Jr. (1833)
Phillip T. Vogler (1834-1836)
Timothy W. Vogler (1836-1837)

Children of Jacob Vogler and 2) Phebe Shelton
Rachel M. Vogler (1842) m. John Standiford (1866)
Amos Vogler (1844-1846)
Gideon Vogler (1847-1848)


Children of George Vogler and Elizabeth Blackburn
John Emory Vogler (1830-1864) m. Sarah Elizabeth Binkley (1836-1910)
Matthew D. Vogler (1833-1865) m. Nancy Holder (1833?-1914), d/o Jacob Holder
Zelpha "Gilpha" L. Vogler (1836) m. Edgar A. Harper
Paulina E. Vogler (1841-1884) m. John Liphus Harper (1840-1911)
Martha I. Vogler (1844-1923) (did not marry)
Regina L. Vogler (1846-1907) m. John L. Harper


Children of Solomon Vogler and Rachel Matilda Ridings
Elisha M.H. Vogler (1830-1863) m. Jane Elizabeth (Jensey) Boyer (1833-1901)
Mary A.E. Vogler (1834-?) m. Hanson (Harrison) Spach (1830-?)
Susan Lurn Vogler (1837-1902) m. 1) George Washington Spach (1844-1874), 2) Jonas Spach, her sister's widower
Dicie Malinda Vogler (1829-1921)
Solomon Frank Vogler (1841-1862) (died during Civil War) did not marry
Nancy M. Vogler (1843-before 1880) m. Jonas R. Spach
Selina Vogler (1846-1904) m. Isaac J. Tackett, Jr.
Jacob Conrad Vogler (1851-1863) Ida C. Vogler (1853-1926) m. Calvin H. Griffin (1856-1931)


Children of Joseph Vogler and his first wife
John Constantine Vogler (1832-1909) m. 1) Martha Hunter (1823-1890);
2) Mary Louzana Culler (1872-1942)
Alsa Malinda Vogler (1836-1927)
Phebe Lucinda Vogler (1839-1922) m. 1) Levi Harrell; 2) *Israel Sidney Speas (1834-1910)

Phebe's husband was previously listed on this page as Thomas Sidney Speas. [Error corrected June, 2008.]

Children of Joseph Vogler and Sarah Ann Hunter
Mary Anna Vogler (1845-1902)
Samuel Vogler (1846-?)
William Winston Vogler (1848-1916) m. Julia L. Long (1849-1902)
Lafayette V. Vogler (1850-1922) m. Mary Louzanna Culler (1872-1942)
Eugene Caswell Vogler (1853-1928) m. Elizabeth Jane Hunter (1850-1896).
2) Sarah Martha Allen (1872-1944)
Sarah Ellen Vogler (1855-?) m. Henry Erastus Spainhour
Martha Milender Vogler (1857-?)
Ellis Egbert Vogler (1860-?)


Children of John Vogler and Christina Spach
Lisette Maria Vogler (1820-1903) m. Francis Levin Fries (1812-1863)
Louisa Lauretta Vogler (1822-1854) m. Edwin Timoleon Senseman (1818-1866); he m. 2) Sarah Lueders (1823-1875)
Elias Alexander Vogler (1825-1876) m. Emma Antoinette Reich (1828-1883)


Children of Gottlieb Vogler and Sarah Maas
Lucia Lorette Vogler (1823-ca. 1855) m. Dennis O. McCarthy
Charlotte Emeline Vogler (1825-1902) m. Johann Levin Belo (1823-1899)
Hannah Catharina Vogler (1826-1876)

Children of Gottlieb Vogler and Martha Teague
John Permania Vogler (1835-1863)
Susan Vogler (abt. 1832-?) m. Thomas Calvin Riddle
Lucinda Elizabeth Vogler (1838-1849)
William Franklin Vogler (1843-1901) m. Mary Elizabeth Berrier (1841-1908)
Sarah Jane Vogler (1849-1930) m. Nathan Reece


Children of Nathaniel Vogler and Anna Maria Fishel
Henry Sylvester Vogler (1828-1857)
Laura Caroline Vogler (1829-1894) m. John William Beck (1802-1891)
Julius Rowland Vogler (1830-1886)
Alexander Christopher Vogler (1832-1903) m. Antoinette Susanna Hauser (1839-1906)
Mortimer Nathaniel Vogler (1833-1904) m. Martha A. Fogler (1842-1910)
Maria Elizabeth Vogler (1835-1910)
Martha Virginia Vogler (1836-1907) m. James Edward Peterson (1827-1906)
Regina Amelia Vogler (1840-1938)
William Theodore Vogler (1843-1926) m. Johanna Catherine Mock (1844-1924)


Children of Timothy Vogler and Charlotte Hamilton
Maria Lavinia Vogler (1833-1896) m. Julius Edward Mickey (1832-1938)
Mary Jane Vogler (1838-1921) m. Alexander Hamilton Horton (1832-1889)

Eighth Generation

Children of Rev. Miles Philip Vogler and Sophia Dorothea Ruede
Miles P. Vogler (b. & d. 1843)
Mary Elizabeth Vogler (1844-1866)
Anna Sophia Vogler (1846-1925) m. Julius Augustus Leinbach (1834-1930)
William Herman Vogler, Rev. (1847-1927) m. 1) Laura Kampman (1850-1884); 2) Wellemtje Houtman (1863--1941)
Sarah Amelia Vogler (1849-1934)
Martha Louisa Vogler (1850-1893)
Emma Caroline Vogler (1852-1854)


Children of Jonathan Lafayette Vogler and Louisa E. Hartman
Nancy Mary Vogler (1855-1856)
Martha Jane Vogler (1857-1862)
Charles C. Vogler (1858-1885) m. Lydia Orrell (1869)
Enoch Eugene Vogler (1860-1928) m. Sallie Bell Sheek (1867-1916)


Children of Augustus Vogler and Elisa Blackburn
Sarah J. Vogler (1858-1931) m. George W. Harper
Lewis Monroe Vogler (1859-1901) m. Flora J. Harper
William Francis Vogler (1861-1916) m. Lillie Catherine Jarvis


Children of Matthew D. Vogler and Nancy Holder
Lucinda Jane Vogler (1861-1917) m. James E. Daniely (1869)
Minerva E. Vogler (1862-1937) m. John A. Luper (1861-1935)
Emory Lindsay Vogler (1866-1936) m. Ida Mary Crowder (1870-1947)
Edward Monroe Vogler (1867-1943) m. Mary Jane Hege (1871-1938)


Children of John L. Harper and Reginia Vogler
Walter George Harper (1880-1961) m. Mamie Warner (1877-1958)
William Lewis Harper (1885-1972) m. Claudia Elizabeth Warner (1888-1949)


Children of Elias Alexander Vogler and Emma Antoinette Reich
John Alexander Vogler (1848-?) m. Mollie Rose
Charles William Vogler (1852-1899) m. Elizabeth B. Brown (1862-?)
Ella Louise Vogler (1857-?) m. Jesse Carter
Adelaide Eugenia Vogler (1863-1881) did not marry
Mary Alice Vogler (1865-1948) m. Jesse Lagenauer

Ninth Generation

Children of William Francis Vogler and Lillie Catherine Jarvis
William Lindsay Vogler (1916-1980) m. Rilla Elizabeth Garwood


Children of Enoch Eugene Vogler and Sallie Bell Sheek
Della Vogler (1888-1950) m. Luther Harrison Crouse (1882-1969)
Stella Augusta Vogler (1890-1929) m. William P. Cornatzer (1891-1964)
Luna Vogler (1892-?) m. Maurice Hartman
Emma E. Vogler (1894-1920) m. Lewis Edward Hartman (1894-1975)
Charles Richmond Vogler (1896-1979) m. Josephine Hartman (1898-1961)
Eugene Alexander (X) Vogler (1899-1988) m. Fallie Cornatzer (1905-1978)
John L. Vogler (1901-1943) m. Alpha Shermer (1908-1997)
Gladys V. Vogler (1905) m. Irvin Hampton (Red) Jones (1900-1964)
William Frank Vogler (1907-1952) m. Mary Lethia Myers (1912)
Thomas Watkins (Jack) Vogler (1909-1993) m. Lillie (Bark) Byerly Taylor (1914)

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Descendants of Philipp Christoph Vogler, Books I & II, Edited by Charles M. Vogler

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes

Jarvis Family History

Old Broad Bay Family History Association

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