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Vest Family

First Generation

William Vest (ca. 1735-1812) was the first of this family to come to Stokes Co. NC. He was the son of John Vest b. 1715 in Powhatan Co. VA, and grandson of John Vest Sr. of Chesterfield Co. VA. He married Lucretia Alford, daughter of Salvator Alford of Bedford Co. VA.

Second Generation

Children of William Vest and Lucretia Alford
Samuel Vest (1757-?)
William Vest
Charles Vest (1763?-1828) m. Sarah Briggs, d/o Thomas and Elizabeth Briggs
Isham Vest (1763-1814) m. 1) Fanny Briggs, 2) Nancy Page or Pledge
John Vest (1765?-1833) m. Elizabeth Ray, d/o George and Mary Ray
Mary Vest m. Phillip Sutherland
Polly Vest m. Jacob Misena
Jane Vest m. Thomas Bennett
Elizabeth (Betsy) Vest m. John Sizemore

Third Generation

Children of Charles Vest and Sarah Briggs
Fannie Vest m. William Childress
Charles Vest (1783-1860) m. Catharina Vogler (1788-1875)
Elizabeth Vest (1787-1869) m. Robert Hill (1786-1844)
William Vest (1788-aft. 1850) m. Nancy Phandora Ogburn (1796-1890)


Children of Isham Vest and Nancy Page / Pledge
Francis P. Vest (1802-1860), died in Tennessee
Luvitha Vest (1808-1894) m. 1) Thomas Apperson (1790-1854), 2) Thomas Sprinkle (1793-1866)
Elizabeth Vest (ca. 1806-1870) m. Thomas Henderson Poindexter 1825, Surry Co.
Nancy Vest (ca. 1811-?) m. John Kirk
Isham Vest (ca. 1813-?) no further information
Mariah Vest (ca. 1815-?) no furthern information


Children of John Vest and Elizabeth Ray
George Vest
William Vest
Elizabeth Vest m. Proctor B. Flynt
John Pleasant Vest (1815-1888) m. Lucy Ann Davis (1820-1895)

(George and William are mentioned in John's will, John Pleasant is identified from Moravian records. There are probably other children as well)

Fourth Generation

Children of Charles Vest and Catharina Vogler
Lewis Vest (ca. 1811-1866) m. Nancy Nelson
Anna Vest (1817-1891) m. John Croom
Johnson Vest (1819-1896) m. Delila Cook (1822-1890)
Samuel Vest
Jack Vest
Lucy Vest - did she marry Alexander Hauser in 1841, marriage bond as Susanna Vest?


Children of William Vest and Nancy Phandora Ogburn
Louisa Vest (1818-1897) m. Isaac N. Krieger (1816-1892),
s/o Friedrich Krieger and Mary Margaretha Pfaff
Sarah W. Vest (1819-1875) m. Timothy Krieger
s/o Johannes Krieger and Maria Elizabeth Spainhour
Nancy Paulina Vest (1821-1865) m. Nathaniel Seth Anderson (1811-1868)
Charles Ogburn Vest (1823-1906) m. Sarah Hall (1826-1904)
Martha E. Vest (1825-1906) m. John H. Speas (1824-1880)
James W. Vest (1828-1882) m. Julia Long (1841-1922)
John Benjamin Vest (1830-1912) m. Amanda Matilda Schaub (1844-1928)
Alexander Vest (1832-1864) m. Susannah Charlotte Helsabeck (1838-1904)
Lewis Martin Vest (1834-1909) m. Mary Jane Schaub (1840-1919)
Wesley Nathaniel Vest (1837-1927) m. Martha Grigg Gordon (1840-1921)
Jane P. Vest (1842-1919) m. Rev. Albert W. Craft (1835-1911), his second wife.


Children of John Pleasant Vest and Lucy Ann Davis
Lenora Jane Vest (1844-1912)
Amelia Elizabeth Vest(1845-1924) m. 1) John Randolph Flynt (1840-1898), 2) Rufus Hailey Ingram
Margaret C. Vest (1846-1929)
Thomas Vest (ca. 1849-?)
Mary Ann Vest (1851-1868)
Caroline D. Vest (ca. 1853-?)
Louisa Victoria Vest (1856-1875)
Sarah Louisa Vest (1858-1950)

Fifth Generation

Children of Lewis Vest and Nancy Nelson
Martha Vest (ca. 1833-?) m. Julius Huff
Ithamer Vest (ca. 1836-?)
Mary Vest (ca. 1838-?) m. ? Hartgrove
Naman Vest (ca. 1840-?)
Melivia? Vest (ca. 1842-?)
James Vest (ca. 1844-?)
Malissa Vest (ca. 1846-?)
Cleopatra Vest (ca. 1849-?)
Charles Vest


Children of Johnson Vest and Delila Cook
Nancy Catherine Vest (abt. 1844-1912) m. Cornelius Mullican (1846-?)
Demarius J. Vest (ca. 1845-?)
William W. Vest (ca. 1846-?) m. Mary Jane Peddicord
Newton W. Vest (1849-1924) m. Paulina Charlotte Butner (1852-1928)
Martha Vest (1850-1873?)
Eliza Jane Vest (1852-1913) m. George F. Frey (1847-1900)
Charles W. Vest (1855?-1920?)
Mary A. Vest (ca. 1859-?)
John Vest (ca. 1861-?)
Walter Vest (ca. 1869-1925)


Children of Charles Ogburn Vest and Sarah Hall
Harrison Vest (ca. 1861-?)
Mary J. Vest (ca. 1863-?) m. Lewis Speas

In her 1965 book, Annie Mary Vest Russell says that Charles Ogburn Vest and Sarah Hall "had no children but reared Harrison Lewis 'Pete' Brown and his sister, Mary Jane Brown. Mary Jane Brown married Lewis Speas. Years later, their adopted son, Pete Brown, married widow Dawson, the former Martha Ellen Newsome. They had sons: Will, Ernest, and Charlie, and one daughter, Mary, who married Carl Moore."


Children of John Benjamin Vest and Amanda Matilda Schaub
Myrtilla Ada Vest (1868-1953) m. Luther Armenius Strupe (1862-1955)
Samuel Alexander Vest (1870-1944) m. Minnie G. Roberts
John Lewis Vest (1872-1946) did not marry


Children of Alexander Vest and Susannah Charlotte Helsabeck
Eugenia P. Vest (1862-1928) m. James McCoy Tuttle (1863-1936)


Children of Lewis Martin Vest and Mary Jane Schaub
Lenora Josephine Vest (1864-1929) m. Thomas Jefferson Phillips, M.D. (1863-1891)
Ellen Phylena Vest (1868-1945) m. John W. Kapp (1860-1926)
Martha Levinia Vest (1869-1946) m. William E. Poteat (1858-1933), no children
Eliza Jane Vest (1870-1957) did not marry
William Luther Vest (1872-1951) m. Lucy Ann Masten (1878-1950)
Solomon Alexander Vest (1874-1931) m. Emma Bailey (1882-1961)
Luke Martin Vest (1875-1892)
Sarah Cornelia Vest (1877-1953) did not marry
Nancy Phandora Vest (1879-1942) m. Robert Aldine Moore (1878-1949)
Lelia Agnes Vest (1882-?) m. Edgar W. Russell (1857-1933)
Annie Mary Vest (1884-?) m. James Miller Russell (1892-1948)

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Other sources:

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